AWD #123: One Tin Soldier
One Tin Soldier
Summary: Log Summary
Date: 09/05/2013
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Ward Room, Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
The Ward Room's centerpiece is a finely crafted oak table built into a rectangle with sweeping curves towards each corner, matching chairs lining it like a ring. The far end of the room are the flags of each of the Twelve Colonies, the Colonial flag at the left end and the Fleet's flag at the right to flank. At the other end is a countertop built into the wall that has fresh coffee brewed in a pot, and another for ice water, when Command Staff is present.
09/05/2005 (AWD #123)

The hatch to the wardroom is slightly open, and a lone figure is sitting at the head of the long table. Before him are a stack of folders to his right. On his left is one folder that looks like the others. Between those is a large pad for taking notes, and beyond the pad is a cup of steaming coffee. Toward the other end of the room, is a small serving table. Currently, there are two pots of coffee waiting. One has a rectangle of paper with a capital P on it. The other has no marking. While he waits for the others to arrive, Morgan is leafing through the folder on his left.

Coffee. Chase can smell it through the slightly opened door when she approaches it. Stepping inside, she looks between the lone figure seated at the head of the table and the coffee pot. Dilemma.. With her usual smirk firmly in place, she approaches the table instead and snaps out a salute. "Sir."

Petra nudges the hatch open after ducking his head, the obligatory clipboard he never seems to be without tucked under one arm. With a murmured, "Morning, Lieutenant, Corporal…" He catches the sight of the coffee in the corner, and smirks. In a more amused voice, he heads for the lovely black elixir of life and adds, "You know, when this is all over, maybe I should open a coffee shop and market this."

Stepping in right after Chase and Petra, Fischer's expression is carefully neutral so far. "Sirs," he offers with a salute to both Morgan and Petra, and then another nod to Chase. That done, he heads to pour himself some of the coffee, keeping quiet for the moment.

Elias enters the wardroom and, seeing everyone else present, he heads straight for a seat to sit. All present get a nod in greeting as he settles in and leafs through the papers atop his own clipboard, quickly revewing things before the meeting begins. Clipboard full of papers — it's all the rage in Tactical.

As soon as the hatch starts to move to admit the others, Morgan closes the folder and looks toward the aparterre. He returns Chase's salute, although he reminds her, "Wer'e indoors." Then he gestures toward the pots. When Petra arrives, however, he stands in deference and nods. He re-settles in his chair while he the others serve themselves. "Colonel," he greets. "Thank you for agreeing to come." Then he nods to Chase and Fischer. "We have business, and because it's something that you brought to my attention, sir, I hoped that you could be here to answer any questions that my people have." He picks up two of the folders on his right and gestures with them. "Corporals, please take seats once you have your rocket fuel." He offers a folder to each of them.

Dropping her salute, Chase doesn't go for the coffee, but her gaze flickers over it just before she nods to Petra, her expression not altering from the constant smirk. "Colonel, Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Fischer." Dropping into a chair, she laces her fingers together, appearing ready to get to business.

Petra steps back to the table with newly acquired mug of coffee, settling it and clipboard down on the table next to Elias, before sinking into the associated chair a bit heavily, while nodding at Morgan, "Absolutely, Lieutenant. Between Elias and myself, we can probably answer anything that might come up." For the moment at least, he sits back in the chair and folds his arms over his chest, resisting the urge to immediately dig into his own paperwork. It won't last long.

Fischer nods as he listens, looking between the others present. Placing his own cup next to the mug, he pours one more, before he brings both mugs back. Handing one over to Chase, offering her a momentary smile, before he places himself in the next chair. Taking the offered folder, he starts looking through it now.

The suggestion that he and Petra can answer anything the Marines might come up with causes Elias to look up sharply at the TACCO, but he doesn't say anything to dispute the Lt. Colonel, just mmms in a very non-comittal way. He spends a second to survey the assembled Marines, then focuses his attention on folder provided by Lieutenant Morgan.

Morgan glances around the room to ensure that everyone is settled. Then he opens his own folder and begins, "As you will see, we have three major missions on the board." He looks particularly at Chase before he continues. "First, we need to secure a high ranking member of the resistance and return him here, if possible. He is Major Flynn. Corporal Chase will be in charge of that mission. Please take a moment to review the material that I have provided. If you have any questions, now is the best time to ask."

Coffee shop? Chase glances at Petra again and cracks a partial smile. "Call it Java the Hut." Okay, back to business. Flipping open the folder, she looks up when Fischer joins, bringing her coffee, she almost groans in response. "There is a God. Fischer be thy name." Folder aside, but still opened, she lifts the cup to drink the hot liquid. Ahhh. Putting the cup aside, she lifts the folder again, then looks between the two tacticians before finally looking to Morgan when he talks, especially when he addresses her in particular. With a nod, she looks back to the folder, expressly to the pages that relate to hers in particular. "Give me a few to read over it and I'll see if I have any questions." All business now.

Petra chuckles at Chase, then considers for a moment and glances over the Marines first, then allows himself a faint look of amusement at the sudden look he gets from Elias, before finally speaking, "There's a small update to that information. Thanks to Lts Gray, Kingsbury, Yates, Vashti, and Kane, we have established contact with the Blackjack group and a recon fleet, who will hopefully be joining us here at Piraeus this week. This means we will definitely be working out the plans for an assault campaign to retake Picon, so before we start spreading that information around Spree's command post, we definitely need to deal with Flynn, just in case he's an agent and not a defector like Knox, Ceres, and Naomi."

"You knew that from before, right?" Fischer offers quietly to Chase, a bit lightly. Nodding a little at what's being said, he pauses for a few moments at the mention of retaking Picon. Taking a sip from his coffee, he listens quietly now, reading through the different pages at the moment.

With a nod of understanding to Morgan, Elias looks down to shuffle papers and review the 'Major Flynn' situation. After making sure his own report is in included in there, he settles back to wait for the questions that will likely follow the Marines looking it over as well. The banter between Chase and Fischer gets a weak smile from Elias, but Petra's reminder of the new priority for dealing with Flynn quickly quashes it. "Major Flynn is confirmed to be a 'One', is that correct?" he asks, directed at both Petra and Morgan.

"That is my understanding," Morgan confirms to Elias. Then he looks at Chase for a long moment and repeats, "The objective here is to return him alive if possible, corporal. However, if he proves to be hostile, you will eliminate the threat. Do you understand?"

Chase only gives Fischer another smirk at his comment. Another skinjob. Right. "Frak." The epithet only a murmur. "I'll recognize him then, we shot the last one we came across that tried to keep a pilot hostage." After a brief pause, she lifts warm, honey colored eyes to Morgan, then Petra. "You want him captured then, and returned here if possible, yes, sir. If unable, I'm to end him." Everything inside her rebels against the idea of bringing another one here after the grisly scene of the mess hall slaughter, she'd much rather he be dead.. but it's not her call. "You wouldn't prefer to question him on Picon?" That's as close as she's going to get in questioning authority.

Petra nods very slightly at Elias, then Morgan, "Commander Spree took one look at the picture I showed her and you could see the horror on her face. Its him. The only real question at this point is: Is he a defector and just chose to stay silent and help us as he is, or is he an agent working towards some other agenda. Dara was hit pretty damned hard, and Flynn was stationed there before the war." To Chase's question, he shakes his head, "Here. On Picon, he knows if he dies, he downloads. He has no incentive to tell us the truth, and if he dies there, he'll be able to inform the Collective that we outed him. Grab him, get him back here immediately so he doesn't have time to try to kill himself."

"I wonder if Sgt. Knox or Dr. Tamsin might not be helpful in bringing Flynn in alive?" Elias suggests to Chase, in a 'thinking out loud' sort of tone. Then he adds as an aside to Petra. "It might be a good idea to have Sgt. Knox off the ship for a while in any case … or least to keep a low profile around the Blackjack people, sir. They had to deal with a pair of Sixes."

Fischer listens carefully for the moment, nodding a little bit now. "Get him fully restrained straight away, or possibly even knocked unconscious?" he offers, after a few brief moments of pause now.

Morgan nods at each comment or recommendation. "If he's an enemy among us, we don't want him to have an escape route, and Picon would be just that. We want him here, even if he is friendly, so that we can ascertain more about his … friendliness. Dr. Nadir should be able to provide you with sedatives." Then he nods to Elias and makes a note on his pad. "Knox could be quite useful. I wouldn't recommend sending Dr. Tamsin, however. Even if we can trust her, she is a civilian and therefore a potential hazard if things come to a fight. Beside that, she is helping Dr. Nadir with other investigations and I doubt that the doctor can spare her." He glances to Fischer, then to Petra, and finally to Chase. "Capture if possible, kill if necessary," he summarizes.

Sound reasoning for the Marine and she gives a quick nod. "Yes Sir." It does make sense, and One's are pretty ruthless, from Chase's personal experience. "Knox is welcome, Tamsin would be more of a liability. I need someone who can handle their self in those conditions and wouldn't need a guard on her." Nodding to Morgan, "That was my next question. Sedatives. Got it."

Petra mms softly at Elias, "I have to inform them up front that we have a six and an eleven working for us. I've already seen the problems its caused on this crew by not being transparent about that detail. When Colonel Galloway shows up, we're going to hand him a copy of our intel on Picon and the Cylons…along with Jameson's 'request' that they join us. Just the same, yes, I'm going to be asking Knox and Tamsin to keep their distance when any of their crew happens to be here. You mentioned they had sixes killing a lot of their crew, so there's going to be hard feelings there, regardless." With Fischer, Petra simply nods, "However you can do it. Don't underestimate his strength. If anything? Talk to Knox and get him to try out any physical restraint ideas you have. If Cooper can break out? Flynn can break out."

Elias nods to the TACCO's comments about their resident skinjobs. "Just wanted to be certain you were aware, sir." Then he turns back to Chase, clarifying one other bit of information. "There's also the matter of Flynn's troops, Corporal. Rumor has it that he's very well-respected among his resistance people. Based on the situation I suspect you'll need them to get you to his CP. If they know you're coming for him …" He leave the implications to everyone's imaginations.

Fischer nods a bit as he listens, glancing over at Chase for a few moments, then back to the others. He doesn't have much to add at the moment, just listening thoughtfully to what's being said.

"If necessary, sir, I'll assign Knox to duty on the planet while our guests are here," Morgan volunteers. "He could work with Sergeant Stone on surveying our tentative site for the marine training area." Back to Chase, he urges, "I'd highly recommend taking one of Dr. Nadir's PJs, or a nurse if she has one with any combat experience, so that someone can monitor Flynn while he's under sedation. Shoot to incapacitate if possible and return the major here. That is your first option."

Having been reading over the information in the folder, Chase places it on the table and points to the map included. "The CP? The Cylon base." Pointing them both out. "Since a couple days after they practically leveled it, the Cylons have been trying to push them out, but the resistance has held firm under the leadership of Flynn. Why wouldn't he just allow the Cylons in if he was playing both sides? Either he's legit or he has something much bigger planned." Either way it was a volatile situation when it came to infiltrating and nabbing Flynn, as Elias was pointing out. "Or.." Eyes narrow and she looks back at Petra. "Or they're ported already, like in your announcement, those dataport things. Maybe not the whole group, but those surrounding the One. Son of a…" Just barely, she manages to censor herself. "No sweat." Sitting up straighter, she gives a concise nod to Morgan on his last suggestion, closing her folder. "We got this."

Petra ughs softly and shakes his head at Chase, "I don't even want to think that an entire city or Marine group has been…converted like that. Just get him. We'll find out what he knows. Spree doesnt want him in her command, whether he's a defector or not, so it doesn't matter if he IS on our side? He's out of there. If he IS trying to help us, he can plead his case before a tribunal just like the rest did, and if he remains in the Marines? Im sure the Lieutenant here can find a use for someone with a Major's tactical experience."

Elias's expression darkens when Chase and Petra discuss the notion of a whole city's population being 'converted' by the Cylons, but he withholds comment on that topic himself. Instead he decides to flip ahead to to he next topic's documents in his folder, reading intently.

Fischer grimaces, "That would be bad, yes." Offered a bit quietly, before he looks between the others again. "And maybe he hasn't gotten them in yet, because he want a bigger prize?" A brief shrug as he listens once more. "I'm sure it's in the best hands, Sir," he offers to Morgan.

Morgan nods to Chase when she offers the assurance after snapping her folder closed. "I expected nothing less, Corporal," he remarks. "As for whether the major has 'converts,' that raises a raft of other questions but we'll deal with that when we have some answers." He looks to Petra and ventures, "With the colonel's permission, Dr. Nadir should brief members of the team on what to check on the casualties if this comes to a fight." Then he glances around the room while he turns the page. "If there are no other questions, we'll turn to the other two missions. As you will see, one is an assault on a Cylon antiaircraft position, and the other is a mission to rebuild a landing pad under extreme conditions. Someone else will be leading those missions, but you should be prepared to deploy to them if necessary."

Not willing to go further on that thinking either, Chase nods solemnly. "Just covering my bases, coming up with worst case scenarios, in case it comes to that, then I won't be surprised." Her tone lacks any inflections now and she picks up the folder again, flipping past the pages she'd just questioned to find the ones Morgan was referencing now. At the vote of confidence from Fischer, she offers him a quick glance, her expression confident. It seems Chase, like Elias, is ready to continue, so when the new information comes, she's already looking at the pages. "I'm in."

Petra nods slowly at Morgan's words, "Of course. Just let me know if you need anything from me." He pauses for a moment as Morgan moves onward, and nods, "The scientists at Pallas are going to be running out of supplies very soon, so that needs to happen quickly. As for the AA assault, yes, this is the Sabre site at the Boneyard. This will be the opening salvo in our bid to retake Picon. The first stage will be a ground assault to take out that Sabre site - as soon as it's down, our own air cover can come in to assist the landing. We need to take the area with as little collateral damage as possible. Hundreds of vipers, predators, and raptors, as well as several civilian liners are on the ground there, and a large Tylium storage station."

Fischer nods a little as he has already moved to the next part of the folder, pausing a little as he looks to his coffee cup. "Anyone need a refill?" he asks, getting to his feet very briefly, before he nods a bit at the mention of the Sabre site. "What kind of ground defenses are we speaking about, sir?"

Elias lifts his gaze to chime in about the anti-aircraft position. "Ensign Wescott is coordinating for Air, in regards to the Saber site." He seems a tad amused at that, for some reason. "At the moment we're working on a decent threat assessment. But my guess is that the final mission will come down to a Marine ground team with a laser designator, lasing the target for the Predators." He shakes his head at Fischer's offer of coffee, then looks back down to his papers, flicking through another page of the folder.

As if the offer of coffee was a reminder, Morgan reaches for his own cup and lifts it take a sip when he turns another page in his own folder. "As the colonel stressed, we should prepare to head for Pallas as soon as possible, but I want everyone to go through HALO training first. Corporal Kalum has experience in that area, and has offered his assistance to train anyone who needs a refresher." Then he glances to Petra and adds, "We probably should have a practice jump over Piraeus as well."

Chase whistles softly at the sheer amount of equipment they may be able to liberate. Looking between Elias and Petra and Morgan as all the information is revealed. Doing the same as Morgan, she hurriedly finishes the rapidly cooling coffee and nods with a grateful look. "Yes, please. Thanks, Fischer." Glancing back at the folder, she frowns. "We doing these in this order here?"

Petra nods at Elias' words, leaving him to do most of the talking in answer to Fischer's question, though he adds, "If we need to, we can have Air Wing run another high level recon flight over the area to take pictures. SO if the Marines need a better look at something? Let Major Straton and Ensign Wescott know and they'll get it taken care of." To Morgan, he simply nods, "Lieutenant, right now you're my dependable contact with Marine Command. You need it? Do it. I'll back you up. And if Kreskas or Beckett suddenly steps up and gives you some kind of hell for making decisions without them? Send them to me." The last sentence delivered in a tone of voice that implies the conversation is not going to go well for whoever gets sent to him.

Fischer nods a bit at Chase's words, taking her coffee cup with him as he moves to refill the cups. Smiling a bit at the mention of HALO training, he nods a bit. "Always good to get that refreshed, anyway," he offers, before he returns to his seat, with the coffee cups.

"Ground defences at the Saber site are unknown, but you shouldn't have to get too close to designate for the Predators." Elias says to Fischer as the man returns to the table."As for the Boneyard overall … that will likely be more than our Marine company to tackle alone. We'll need Commander Spree's help there I think." Then he shifts to the Pallas info as well, looking over the notes.

"Aye, colonel," Morgan answers in a sharp, equally decisive tone. Then he looks at Chase and enumerates on his fingers, "Flynn comes first. Colonel Spree wants him out of the picture. She probably knows something that we don't about him, and that likely means that he's trouble. Next comes Pallas, which will give her time to prepare for taking the boneyard. In between those, you can count on some smaller missions to appropriate ammo, armor, and other needed supplies from other non-friendly sources sources."

Arching a brow at the tone from the Colonel, Chase feels a moment of pity for anyone who has to get sent to him. Just the passing of information is taken and she picks up a pencil and jots a few notes on the margin of the paper. "Thanks, Fish." Continuing to write about the meeting in general. When she's directly spoken to again, she lifts her chin and looks back at Morgan. "Right. Yes, sir."

Petra starts to say something more when there's a thump on the hatch, then without waiting, it opens. Lt. Abbenshire pops her head in and pans the room before fixating on Petra, "Sir. Admiral requests that you, and I quote 'get your ass in here'. I think he's happy about the dreadnaught, if that helps." Petra lifts one brow, then gathers up his clipboard and smirks, looking at Elias, "Guess you're on your own here, sorry," then nods to Morgan and Chase and Fischer, "Good luck, and let us know what you need to make this all happen."

After smiling ruefully and shaking his head at Petra's sudden exit, Morgan looks at Chase, and then Fischer. Finally, he nods to Elias and concludes, "Lieutenant, I need all of the intel that you can get on Flynn, his followers, and his CP." Then he glances at the two marines, and adds, "We need to move on this quickly, Corporal Boca. If you see knox before I do, brief him on it. If he has further questions, tell him to talk to me. If neither of you has further questions, you're dismissed." He stands from the table and closes his own folder before tucking it, along with the notepad, under his arm. He waits for the others to leave the room before he drains his cup of coffee and exits as well, closing the hatch behind him.

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