AWD #172: One Thing After Another
One Thing After Another
Summary: Seeking Information on the Model One Skinjob, Elias arranges for a chat with Naomi
Date: 27/06/2013
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Elias Naomi 
A multi-use office aboard the Orion.
AWD #172

Elias's message to Doctor Tamsin was a politely worded request for an "informal interview on Cylon background information." This 'informal' request has, however, been typed on an official Orion message form, and has probably been logged in triplicate somewhere. At least the meeting is scheduled at Naomi's convenience, and the location in one of the multi-use offices on the lower decks. Neutral ground. Elias himself is there quite a bit early, giving him time to arrange the furniture a bit so he can sit behind the desk, facing the door. Oh, and light a cigarette. Because he must at least get a smoke in before this begins.

"If this were really an informal interview," remarks Naomi cheerily as she turns the corner, "We'd be having a beer at Charlie's." As usual, she's a splash of color, red dress bright against the gunmetal gray of the ship and the uniform greens and blues. "Captain, isn't it now? Congratulations."

Elias's eyes flick upwards as Naomi enters, and he offers a small, apologetic smile as he stands to greet her. "Doctor, thank you for coming." He nods in answer to her congratulations. The Captain's pips are indeed there on his collar. "Thank you. Won't you have a seat?" He starts to sit back down himself. "I didn't know you enjoyed Charlie's. I've never been down to the planet myself. Next time perhaps?"

"Are you buying?" replies the woman with an amiable smile. "I'm a biologist, Captain. Piraeus is full of undiscovered flora and fauna. You should go appreciate it." The dimples appear on her cheeks as she goes to take a seat. "Refreshing, to have a chat without bars, don't you think?"

"We can trade off buying rounds," Elias suggests. He settles back and retrieves his cigarette from the ash tray, where he left it upon standing. One last long drag, and then he stubs it out. The smoke is exhaled off to one side. He muses on the idea of going down to Piraeus for a second, looking doubtful. "I'm not sure when I'll find time to get down to the planet, to be honest … And yes, I'm glad we're meeting under more pleasant circumstances this time. I hear you've been working with Doctor Nadir?"

"Nonsense. Every crewman and officer on Orion gets one day a week for rest and rec. There are regular shuttles on the planet." She wags a finger. "No excuses, Captain." Then she nods. "I am, on the Cylon detection project. It's gotten some progress now that we have an MRI."

Elias's only response on his failure to visit Piraeus is another apologetic smile. He seems much more interested in the Cylon detector. "Ah, good. Anything you're able to share about your progress?" Without his cigarette to occupy his fingers, Elias snatches up a pen and prepares to take notes.

"Our primary focus is on the differences in how the Cylon and human brains work." says Naomi. "Cylons utilize a higher percentage of brain functions than humans do."

Elias mmm-hmmms his understanding, fingers fiddling with his pen without writing anything down as yet. "That sounds promising. But we have to put everyone in the MRI machine?" His expression goes thoughtful, as if he's already trying to solve the logistical problems involved, at least in his head.

"I didn't say that." Naomi says patiently. "Only that it's helping in our research. You're skipping some few steps ahead. The MRI machine is to assist in mapping the human and Cylon brains and being able to view them comparatively.'

Something in Naomi's patient tone seems to amuse Elias, though he doesn't seem offended. "Sorry. I do sometimes get ahead of myself." He clears his throat behind one fist, a brief pause before he changes tacks. "And I'm sure you don't have time to waste listening to my speculations. What I really wanted to ask you about, was Cylons. Specific models of Cylons. What can you tell me about the Model One?"

"It's the nature of your job, isn't it?" replies Naomi amicably. "Model Ones. They're dangerous. They're committed. And they're grand manipulators. They have a need to be in control. I doubt I can tell you something you don't already know about them, Captain. They're not religious zealots like Nines, but they're fanatics in their own way."

Learning what he can about Cylons has become virtually his only job, so Elias simply dips his head in response to that point. He makes one quick note as Naomi talks, a nearly indecipherable scribble that might be 'control'. "Can you think of a situation where a One would be willing to switch sides? As you and Sergeant Knox have?"

Naomi cocks her head. "Could I think of a circumstance? No, not really. The Ones are very devoted and do not tend to feature a great deal of lack of consensus. I actually can't recall when they've ever lacked consensus over anything except perhaps minutea. Imagine a circumstance? I'd like to. But it's highly unlikely."

Elias listens intently, but with a certain guardedness to his expression now. He taps his pen on his notepad for a second as he considers. "As I recall, both you and Sergeant Knox were given false memories, so that you were initially unaware that you were not human. Is there any reason a One couldn't receive this same conditioning? Other than their desire to remain in control?"

Naomi actually titters a little at that. "You're thinking of Ceres. I'm not altogether sure if my brother was a sleeper or not, but I never was, Captain. Which I've stated multiple times, in multiple interviews, and in testimony at my hearing."

Elias's brows lift questioningly at Naomi's laugh, but he just mmms carefully and glances down at his pad. "Sorry, my mistake." His pen scratches the name 'Cpt Garrido' on his pad. "/Is/ there any reason a One could not be given false memories, that you know of?"

"Couldn't be? Not particularly. Likely to be? Equally unlikely. Ones tend to be commanders." she says. "I highly doubt that Ones inserted into Colonial society are ever Sleepers. I doubt they'd permit it."

"So …" Elias muses. "If a One was in command of a very successful Colonial resistance group, the safe bet is that he was just doing it to further some goal of his own." This sounds more like a conclusion than a question, but he still looks to Naomi for confirmation.

"Oh, I would say the likelihood of that would be quite high." she says with a sigh. "Is this going somewhere, Captain? I'm a bit lost as to the point of playing Let's Pretend."

Elias nods at the first bit, then smiles wanly at the second. "Don't you enjoy a good hypothetical scenario, Doctor? Like, suppose we had a One in custody, captured under the circumstances I've already described. What would you suggest we do with him?"

"Attempt to extract what information you can out of him, which likely won't be much, and then kill him while orbiting Piraeus so he doesn't resurrect." she says promptly. "Of course I enjoy hypotheses. I'm a scientist. But there's wonder in that, and discovery. This is just baiting and teasing. Can I see him?"

"I'm not sure," Elias replies, though he seems a bit distracted as he thinks this over. "But … probably." He sighs and refocuses on Naomi. "I'd like to have both you and Sergeant Knox close at hand, if any interrogation does occur. Do you think your sudden appearance, in the middle of questioning, might help unsettle him?"

"Perhaps." she says slowly. "Sometimes Ones have a sort of…fatherly response to Elevens, in the same capacity that Sixes are like brothers. I expect he might be disappointed and betrayed, but that would not stop him from taking what he might perceive as his own weak response and using it as a tool."

"Do you mean he might try and use it to convince us he was 'unsettled', to get us to lower our guard?" Elias asks, trying to make sure he understands exactly where she's going with that. "Is there any collective Cylon connection that you could make use of? Or is that strictly within the members of each model?"

"I think Ones are self-serving control freaks with delusions of grandeur who will use any form of perceived emotional connection or response, within themselves or others, to turn situations to their advantage." Naomi says wearily. "I'm sorry Captain, could we continue another time? If you have more questions, that is. I find this topic intensely wearying."

Elias's brows arch again, noting Naomi's tone. He seems somewhat disappointed, but doesn't protest. "Of course, Doctor. This is entirely voluntary. I appreciate your time, and the information."

"Next time you want to discuss the hypothetical motivations of a One, try offering me a drink first, and maybe ask a direct question or two." she says a little wryly as she rises. "We're both truth-seekers Captain, except my way is a much more direct approach. And I don't generally have to ply my information sources with alcohol. I think I have the better bargain."

Elias stands to say his farewells. "On that, Doctor, you and I are in complete agreement. And since you insist on a drink, I'll see what I can scrounge up. Have a good evening."

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