MD #223: One Shot Wonder
MD #223: One Shot Wonder
Summary: Marines invade a bar, a cage fight briefly ensues. Something about mites and pillows as well.
Date: Fri 17/Nov/2017 (OOC Date)
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Fights and Hookahs -Stalk - "Mother" Ship
The bouncer at the door paints the sides of patrons' forefinger and middle finger with a flourescent marker. The interior seems to be flooded with an ever present haze. Scents of fruity and heartier unflavored shisha waft through the cool air over low circular tables surrounded by pillows upon pillows. Waiters move through these, taking bets from flourescent hand signals and delivering drinks or food. The tables are lit in pools of soft violet and sodium yellow lamplight. In the center is the main affair. Most often the ring is configured as a cage with bright lights beating down on it, but occasionally it is presented as a pit. Anyone can sign up to fight. The most popular match type is submission or KO.
Mon 04/Jun/2049 (IC Date)

Invading a bar, any bar, is more or less a marine tradition, at least it is to Renee's way of thinking. Dressed in faded khakis, worn sneakers and a t-shirt thats lists several very important questions, Renee walks past the bouncer after he paints her finger with the fluorescent market. The urge to flip off the room, at large, afterward is pretty strong but she manages to refrain from doing so… somehow. She pauses a few steps away from the door, taking a measured set of steps to carry her to the left of the door and surveys the room from that position, hands resting on her hips. "Well, it's a bar. And there's probably booze. And.. why are there pillows every damn where?" she wonders in a low voice with a glance over her shoulder to Liza then back around the room. "This IS a bar, right?"

Happily sprawled in a pile of pillows, her boots off to one side, Miri calls out, "Because they're amazing, dumbshit!" She adjusts he skirt of her sundress and waves them over. She has a cup in one hand, and with her other, she picks up a hookah whip, blowing some creditable smoke rings.

There's Palermo asking why there are pillows all over the damn place in here. Lleufer is seated in among piles of some of those damn pillows though he's not been smoking from the hookah that's there, yet. Instead, he picks up one of the pillows and gives it a good hard fling through the bar to see if he can hit Palermo upside the head with it! "They're for lounging! Come flop, Sergeant." Ynyr's in a single tank that leaves his scarred and tatted muscular arms bare, loose fatigue pants and combat boots. Only, he's taken off his boots and set them aside. There's a glass of something he's been drinking but it's mostly empty. Oooh, Miri's here too, so the Gunny picks up another pillow to throw at /her/ too!

"So that when the Marines start a fight, they have something soft to land on?" Adeliza suggests sweetly with a smile for her cousin. She's standing on a the right side of Diaz so that she can hear her with her good left ear, and it's somewhat of a blessing to have the noise only be half as loud. She's wearing white button down blouse with her jeans and canvas sneakers, with a purple tank top under the half buttoned blouse. "So, should we join Zahav?" she asks, nodding her head towards the woman.

Shaking her head at Miri, a slow smile tugging at her lips as she starts to nudge her sneakers off, Renee looks up just in time to get whacked in the face with a pillow thrown by Lleu. The startled sound she makes it followed, immediately, by a laugh and she leans down to pick up the pillow and hurls it back across the room at Lleu. "Of course, you know, this means war," she calls out and elbows Liza before walking forward, carrying her sneakers in her off hand. "There had better be booze," said as she drops down onto a pile of pillows near Lleu and Miri.

Miri ducks the pillow, but it hits her hookah, hot coals spilling everywhere. She takes a cushion and tries to smother the embers. "The frak, Ynyr? You need glasses, old man?" There's no bite behind her words, and an attendant comes over to give her a fresh hookah.

Adeliza pauses, grinning at Renee as she gets elbowed, but hanging back just that moment that the pillow hitting Renee doesn't bounce off onto her. Her eyes grow a little wide as Miri's coals spill, and she follows where it came from to give Lleu that wide eyed look, but they don't start a fire, so she relaxes. The pilw of pillows is inviting, and she looks around to try and figure where she wants to sit. She picks up a pillow from the floor, and hugs it as she waits for the others to take their seat so she can choose the best one to hear everyone.

"There's booze, if you have something to trade'm for it." The Gunny is so helpful. Lleu leans over to snatch the pillow back that didn't hit Miri, pulling it back. Only, while he's sprawled to lean over he sees the mess he made that Miri works to keep under control, "Oops. Sorry about that." Yep, he's been drinking. "Who's old? I bet I can throw you down for a pin easy as flip'n flapjacks, Miri. Wanna try me?" He waggles his brows at Zahav and is not entirely sober, but he is in good humor. Hey, at least he isn't throwing more pillows yet. Might knock over somebody's drink! Maybe his own. "Whatcha smoke'n?"

Now that she's seated, and still looking around the room with that mildly suspicious look on her face as she nudges the edge of the table with the tip of one finger. "It's very . ." another slow look around the back and eye the cage. "Is that a cage for fights?" there it is, that's the tone, the more marine than logical tone of voice. "What are people trading in exchange for drinks?" is wondered as she continues to eye that cage. Speculation clear in her expression, "Gunny, it's not that you're old. It's that your long in the tooth, that's all. Antiquated. Well seasoned."

"Well, yeah, you probably could because you're a frakking moose and I don't do groin shots with friends," Miri shoots back. She settles back down on her pillows. "Classic apple in my hookah. Call me old-fashioned, but it reminds me of summer nights back home. Open-air cafes, dominoes, clouds of apple-scented tobacco… it's something that hasn't existed in a long time. Gods, now I feel old."

Clara skulks into the lounge, if it can be called that, and idly searches the hazily-lit faces for those she recognises. She'd heard a few marines had made their way down here, though naturally she's late to the party. She's dressed in a blue floral kimono-style dress, cinched at the waist with a black tie and falling several inches above the knee. Combat boots on her feet, as per usual, and she's worked a couple of braids into her hair and tied them back.

Lleufer eyes Palermo as he leans over still looming somewhat into Miri's space. "You make me sound like … jerky." Then he looks back to Miri, "Hey, I wouldn't groin shot friends either. That's crude." He rolls over onto his back and looks up at the ceiling, "Trade anything you want - if they'll take it. Or you can trade for chits in the Bazzar and use'm like money here." Way too comfy, so Lleu makes himself sit up lest he get sleepy before he's finished drinking. Where's his glass? He finds it and picks it up to knock off the last of his whiskey. An upnod to Adeliza, "How you do'n, Lieutenant? Is Palermo there offer'n to enter the cage and fight for drinks? I betcha they'd take that entertainment in trade." Miri called /him/ a moose! But, there's a bottle so Lleufer refills his own drink with more amber goodness. Then of all things, his baritone starts to sing a line or two from an old, old tune about an Isle of Apples - for Miri, no doubt.

"Oh, Renee would never do /thaaat/," Adeliza drawls with a chuckle, and then, with Lleu leaning over Miri, and Pal finding her own seat. She toes off her sneakers and settles down, leaning back against the pillows, shifting back and forth and making a nest. "Hey, Ynyr. Alright. Doc Stone put some nanites or something in my ear, so I'm afraid most fun like that is out for me for a couple weeks."

"She put mites in your ear? You let her put bugs in your ear? Why would you do that?" Renee wonders in a tone of voice that -almost- manages to sound convincing even as she turns a grin toward Lleu as he starts to sing. She waves at Clara with one hand and snags more pillows from the nearby table and stacks them behind her to lean back against and rests both hands over her stomach. "I'd fight, absolutely," said in a tone of voice that is both excited and agreeable at the same time, though says it quietly to not interrupt Lleu's singing.

Clara spots someone waving at her, and waggles her fingers in return. One of the bouncers stops to paint two of them with a fluorescent marker, and moves on while the Three drifts closer to the fighting cage. Her expression is rapt as she observes one of the combatants driving his fist into the other's cheek hard enough to spray the bars with blood and spittle.

"I /told/ ya, beanpole," Adeliza says to Renee. "They're like invisible robot thingies that are supposed to fix my ear so that I can hear again." She glances at the cage, then turns her back to it, looking elsewhere in the bar, hoping for a server to bring her alcohol. Her ear catches on Ynyr's singing, and she suddenlty has to blink rapidly a few times, taking a deep breath which she lets out slowly with a little shake.

"You guys can fight. I'm here tonight for the hookah." Miri settles back and listens to Lleufer's song, eyes drifting shut while she listens to the song. "Tiiiiiny robots," she singsongs, mostly for her own amusement.

Lleufer is sitting up with one arm draped over his bent knee as he finishes those few lines from the old song. He flicks the fingers of his hand holding his glass at the Sergeant, "I'll fight you, Palermo. If you aren't afraid to get into a cage with me. Give these people a fine show, you and me! Are you game? Get us a round of two of free drinks if we please'm. We can even place a bet on it ourselves, if we like. What do you say?"

There's a blink or two at the part about … mites in Adeliza's ear. That gets Lleufer to look at her funny.

"You let the doctor put invisible tiny robot mites in your ear? So. . they're invisible bugs? How do you know she put anything in your ear if they're invisible? She could've like dosed you with saline, like they do with hydroponics," Renee counters in that same skeptical tone of voice before she tips her head slightly to the side and eyes the Gunny, a fine gleam of speculation adding to the ever so faint gleam of impish amusement in her eyes. "Well now, that could be fun. Plus," and she squints subtly in Miri's direction, "we do have our medic here to patch you up when we're done."

"Renee, don't go volunteering me for shit!" Miri calls out, threatening.

Liza blinks a couple more times, and rubs at her nose with the back of her hand. "Huh?"she looks at Renee, then shakes her head. "Nanites, not mites. Nanites. Arpay ones." Then she shrugs. "We'll see. If I'm unlucky enough to be able to hear your jokes in both ears in two weeks, then it wasn't saline she hit me with."

Another drink knocked back and then Lleufer sets his glass down and gets his ass up. He leaves his boots and as he steps over, he grins to Adeliza, "Don't worry, they work great. They used surgery and nanites to fit my arm and leg," He taps his left arm and then his left leg with a slap of his palm, "As well as my head with Arpay nanites." Lleu gestures to the bullet wound scar in his skull, "Made me good as new. Pissed'm out, after." An upnod to Palermo, "Let's do it then. Never been in their cage but first time for everything."

Sharing a sidelong ever so faintly lopsided grin with Liza, "You didn't even take the bait on the word hydroponic," she teases as she eye rolls at Miri and grins before pushing herself to her feet and swatting Leu in the shoulder with a pillow. "Lets do this, old man," and ambles toward the cage to watch the last of the current fight winding up.

"No, I didn't," Adeliza admits, seeming distracted. She pushes herself back to her feet, and pushes her feet into her sneakers again, the heels folding down under her feet. "I think- I'll go find something to drink." She wanders off in the direction of the bar.

Lleufer climbs up into the cage when it's their turn. It takes a couple of minutes for them to arrange it with the ring master, but once they are cleared to enter, Ynyr goes on in and starts warming up. He's gotten his hands taped and well, as he wasn't planning on this fun tonight, he didn't bring his mouth guard. So he gestures to his face, "Let's not knock each other's teeth out if we can help it. But if we do, pick'm up and we'll take'm to Doc Stone and she can put'm back in for us." Lots of moving around to loosen up and when the ring master calls them to get ready, Lleu gives a nod and comes to the center to face off against Pal to get started.

People all over the hookha bar are shouting, flipping florescent marked fingers to place their bets, and generally getting geared up to enjoy another fight.

"I really don't think that works, Gunny, the whole tooth thing I mean," Renee replies as she finishes taping up her hands and wrists. She remembers to take her earrings out as well and tucks them down deep into one pocket as she moves around as well, warming up and eyeing the full scope of the cage and the watching room. "Sorta like being on the wrong side of the bars at a zoo, gunny," she mutters and turns to face Lleu square on, shifting her weight forward to the balls of her feet and curling her hands in a defensive stance. "Do me a favor, don't hit me to hard in the head, I'm mule headed but it's not actually encased in granite, much as I wish."

"Duly noted." But her chest is fair game then, right? Ynyr is not entirely steady on his feet but he's good at hand to hand, or so the rumors go. He rubs an eye with a hand just as the ring master calls them to start, then he heads in. They circle once and Lleufer makes a feint with a jab, testing her. But it's Palermo who comes in fast to make the first real strike! Almost simutaneously they hit one another quite soundly with very solid hits! Lleu slams Palermo in her chest but whatever she throws that manages to get through his guard? He never knows what hits him! So much for asking /him/ not to hit /her/ in the head, right? The next thing Ynyr knows, he's flat on his back on the matt and he doesn't look to be gett'n back up real fast.

The crowd in the hookha bar goes wild! There's shouting, yelling at Lleufer to get his ass up, what kind of show is this? Others are angry, having bet on him. What's he doing up there, tak'n a nap?! Damn Orion Marines. Boy, the Gunny's not going to live this down any time soon.

Renee pivots sharply to the side, rolling her right shoulder back and slugging with a swift jab to Lleu's chin, connecting almost blindly as the single hit knocked the wind from her and sends her dancing - heavily - back a few steps. It's with several blinks of flat out surprise that has her staring at the Gunny when she realizes that he's flat out on the mat after the only exchange. "Damn, gunny," she wheezes out and lifts one hand to signal a pause and retakes those steps to take a knee beside the gunny, patting the side of his face with one taped hand. "Gunny? You ok?"

She may have jabbed for his jaw but it's more his eye socket she got, the outter edge of it by his temple. Lleu's no small fella and he's solid muscle and bone but he hit the mat hard enough she could feel the thud like felling a tree. He stirs and mumbles, "I'm a married fella, I can't be … do'n that." Wtf? After a second or two the ring master comes over to help the Gunny up. Ynyr seems to get his wits back and shakes it off, "I'm fine." A hand lifts to touch his brow, "Damn, Pal. You pack a whallup. I want a rematch, later." He slaps her on the shoulder, "Let's clear the cage and I'll pour ye a drink." Not the steadiest man ever, but he departs on his own two feet. "Damn, women are always kick'n my ass. The Gods are laughing at me."

At the Gunny's remarks, Renee blinks then leans slightly back and eyes the Gunny somewhat warily, "Gunny, you're old enough to be my dad," she reminds as she helps the ring master get Ynyr up on his feet. "Not that that's a bad thing, Gunny, but ah…" and leaves it at that as she follows the Gunny out of the cage, shaking her head subtly as she does so.

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