ALT #337: On Refugees and Parties
On Refugees and Parties
Summary: Two pilots, a scientist and a deckie discuss the latest events
Date: 09/Dec/2013
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Sheridan - Piraeus
Despite the number of civilians, it is impossible to forget that this is a military mission given the surroundings. At all hours there are Marine patrols moving in and out of the area and there are tracked anti-aircraft guns at several locations inside the fenced town, guns pointed high into the sky. With power flowing freely from the reactor, the lights illuminate the gates and main area all night and during the day if the clouds become thick. Pathways and roads lead all over the town and to various locations within. A tall sign has been erected to point in the direction of some of the sites with one arrow pointing vertical that reads, HOME: Classified
AWD #337

It's late afternoon, possibly early evening, depending on how you choose to measure such things. The sun is still up in the sky, but it's definitely starting to set now and it'll be dark in maybe an hour or so. The usual hustle and bustle of Sheridan is, well, it's usual self, possibly more so what with the arrival of the Minoans as well, but for now it would appear to be some sort of meal time or such, for the actual foot traffic in the streets is fairly minimal.

One of those who is out abd about though is Toby, dressed in his civies and sporting a largely empty looking rucksack on his back he heads down what passes for the main street towards the living complex, quite possibly, given the looks of him, in search of a shower.

Phin is also dressed in civvies. Save for a sturdy green coat that looks straight out of Fleet surplus. He's wandering down the main drag in no particular hurry, and with only a vague sense of a destination. Though he pauses when he sees Toby, raising an arm to offer a wave. "Crewman. Hey. Afternoon."

Toby had been deep in his own thoughts, but the sound of the familiar voice drags his attention back to the present as he glances around to try and spot the pilot. It's obvious he hadn't been paying attention, for he looks the wrong way first, but then corrects himself and gives Phin a quick nod in greeting, "Lieutenant." There's a momentary pause while he ponders something, then he shifts his pack a little and ambles over, "they not keeping you busy enough up there eh?" he asks conversationally, a quick upnod to indicate the Orion as he says so, then, eyeing the other mans clothing, "or are you on some sort of top secret under cover spy trip? Cos if you are, I'd lose the jacket if I were you."

Phin chuckles. "I don't have many decent civilian clothes for winter. Besides, I am what I am. Like somebody somewhere probably said. I got back from a sortie yesterday in one piece, figured I'd take advantage of a few hours leave. I haven't really had the chance to come down since before they moved the Minoans here." He takes a long look around. "Definitely busier."

Toby can't really talk, as he has what appear to be fleet issue boots on, but he shakes his head in mock disaproval anyway. Moving on though he follows Phin's look and nods slowly, "yeah, there's still a lot of work to do before the cold really sets in too." THe pair or both in civies and stood talking in the middle of what passes for a main street in the late afternoon/early evening. "You heading to Charlie's then?" he asks, or just enjoying the fresh air?"

"I'll probably swing by Charlie's on the way back," Phin says. "I was going to walk to the temple and back first. The road's a nicer hike in the summer, but it still feels good to be outside after weeks on the battlestar, y'know?" He's walking into Sheridan from the direction of the air field, though he's dressed own in civvies (save a green Fleet surplus coat). So chances are he's not working. "Yeah, from what I hear the construction work is pretty massive. You need some help with anything?"

Lt. Quorra West from the Sciences Department emerges from the CIDSR building wearing her duty blues with a messenger bag thrown over her shoulder. Recognizing Phin she diverts her path in his direction and lifts a hand in greeting as she approaches. "Lt. McBride. Good to see you." She offers a polite smile and a nod to the unfamiliar Toby.

Toby glances down the road Phin mentions for a moment, then nods a slow nod of understanding. It's not the road he's come from but he knows which it is. At the question though he turns back to the pilot and offers a slightly wry smile, "oh, I'd say we coulduse a hand with just about everything. It's neigh on three thousand people and not enough buildings, tents or other accomodations. Reckon we might need to start supply runs to Picon, see if there are any hospitals or such still standing we can raid for blankets to help stave off the cold just for starters. Building materials would be useful, as well as spare bodies for the grunt work of levelling ground, throwing up what shelters we can, sorting even basic levels of santiation." All the fun things. He breaks of as Quorra appears, although she's only vaguely familair as a face about the place so he just gives her a polite nod in acknowledgement as she approaches and greets Phin.

Phin turns at the sound of his surname and rank. A polite smile and inclination of his head are given to Quorra. "Lieutenant West. Good afternoon. I scored a few hours leave, figured I'd use it to get some fresh air." To Toby, he nods. "They got the building of the temple organized pretty well this year. I mean, it was just one building, but everybody pitched in. Don't see any reason the crew wouldn't be willing to do it again."

"If you gentlemen are discussing building projects to accommodate the influx of refugees, I'm looking to head some up myself." Quorra looks at Toby and pauses her discourse long enough to introduce herself: "Lt. Dr. Quorra West, Engineering Geology, Sciences." Then she speeds right along with vibrant enthusiasm, "Exact location for new construction, production of groundwater, and sewage system are at the top of my list since those things most directly involve my expertise."

"Any and all such help'd be appreciated," Toby offers to Phin with a quick nod, "if you know who to kick to get it moving then I'd owe you one if you put the boot in." Then, as an after thought, "gently of course." Then as Quorra basically volunteers herself there and then he turns his attention towards her. "You're going to want to get in quick then Lieutenant, tents are going up where ever there is flat and clear land as I'm sure you can imagine." Then, realising he hasn't returned the introduction he sticks out his hand, although there is a brief pause as he spots the grime and sweat and wipes the worst of it off on his trousers before offering it again. "Toby Shackleton, Crewman," a faintly wry smile, "for now atleast."

"Uh, for the temple I just helped carry stuff, mainly. And dig some holes," Phin says. "So…I can totally do that again." He makes no claim to greater expertise, though.

Quorra smiles crookedly when Toby pauses to wipe off his hand. "It's alright," she grins, "I'm a geologist. I play with dirt and rocks, getting my hands dirty is part of the appeal of my job." She gives his hand a firm shake. "Good to meet you."

The sciences officer looks between the two men and says then, "I'm working over-time already on all this, trying to accommodate 3,000 new inhabitants on next to zero notice isn't easy, I'm doing what I can to get caught up though. And yes, help of any kind will be welcome. I'll be rolling my own sleeves up and helping with load-bearing, hole-digging, you name it, pretty soon I'm sure."

Toby smiles back to Phin then tilts his head in Quorra's direction, "looks like we found out who to kick." Then to the geologist, "you speak Tauran Lieutenant? I've been doing some grunt work as required but a lot of the Minoans don't speak Sandard" or won't perhaps, "if you find yourself in need of a translater I'm more than willing." Then back to Phin, "fetch and carry is good Lieutentant, never underestimate the power of it. We'll just need to make sure any other officers that volunteer know that actual work is involved, rather than just pushing paper, or yelling at enlisted."

Phin nods to Quorra. "Put the word out when you need, like, manual labor. You'd probably get some volunteers from the Wing. I can make sure my superiors are cool with it but…can't imagine why they wouldn't be." He cracks an almsot-smirk at Toby's last and says merely, "I'll spread that part around." He's dressed down in civvies, save a green Fleet surplus coat for warmth, and is paused on the main drag chatting with Toby and Quorra.

The scent of cheap fumarella and the crunch of boots in the thin layer of crisp snow likely presage Bennett's arrival from the makeshift tarmac. She's dressed in her flight suit, and looks positively freezing given her suit's minimal insulation. There's a knit tuke pulled over her head in lieu of her helmet, and a lit smoke held precariously between her gloved fingers as she approaches the group of crew from Orion.

Quorra is in her duty blues with a messenger bag over her shoulder with all the appearances of having come from a meeting. "I know Major Franklin has providing for the refugees on her priorities list," she replies to Phin, "it came up in a meeting recently. I'm sure she'll look favorably upon air wing participation so long as it doesn't interfere with the Wing's existing top demands." The geologist turns at the sound of boot-crunching and smiles. "Captain St. Clair."

Toby smiles back to Phin as the pilot gives his reply then glances towards the landing zone as the sound of footsteps approaches. Spotting Bennett heading their way he moves a half step or so to create room for her in the gathering then offers a brief nod and a "Captain," in greeting. The only think looking fleet issue he's wearing is his boots, but then one should never scrimp on decent footware, the rest is decidedly civilian looking. "Let me know if you need me for anything," he offers to the geologist, having had no response to his question about translations. But hey, there's a senior officer arrived and they can be distracting things.

Phin's nose twitches at the smell of smoke, and he turns his head to spot Bennett. "Butch. Hey. They got you on taxi runs today?" To Quorra, he nods. His help's been offered when able, and he leaves it at that.

Bennett studies first the unfamiliar face in the bunch, and raises a brow slightly when the woman addresses her by name. Not that her rank isn't visible when in flight gear. She offers an easy smile though, after a beat, blue eyes sliding to Phin and Toby nearby. "Hello Shackleton. Doll. Are all y'all freezing your asses off yet?" she enquires conversationally, somehow managing not to make the question sound crass. To Quorra, "I am sorry, but.. have we met?" Her tuke is pulled down a notch to cover her ears, dark hair spilling out from under it, and around her shoulders. It's messy, but then it's probably been crammed into a helmet for several hours. Phin's query merely gets a grin in the affirmative.

"I organized the pyramid courts dance party," replies Quorra cheerfully. "Lt. Dr. Quorra West, sciences, engineering geologist." A beat. "You were one of the finalists for the limbo contest, a highlight of the evening." The naval officer smiles and then blinks as if in memory recall. "Mr. Shackleton, forgive me. I did catch what you said and no, I do not speak a single word of Tauron so your services as an interpreter would be very much appreciated indeed!"

Toby gives Bennett a brief shrug in response, "I've survived worse," then since he appears to be in reasonable humour and is decidely off-duty, "didn't know you cared though, about my arse that is." Now she's mentioned the cold though he instinctively stuffs his hands in his pockets. He's wearing his usual pair of black gloves but they're not helping so much now the climate has been brought to the forefront of his mind. Turning back to Quorra he looks faintly amused at the use of Mister, but simply nods his understanding. "Alright then, things are still a bit up inthe air about when I'll be needed back onboard I think, or no one has told me otherwise yet anyway, so should be around as needed." A quick glance to Phin and he asks, "you said you flew yesterday? You did bring your viper back in one piece right?"

"I scratched the paint a little, but nothing too bad," Phin replies to Toby, half-smile crooking. "Was still flying at the end of it, at least. He chuckles, at memory of the limbo contest. "I don't think I stuck around until the end of that. You made the finals, Butch?"

Bennett's expression brightens again when something Quorra says seems to click. "Oh, yes, that's right. You and your husband.." Limbo party. That part seems to hit her belatedly as Phin mentions it again, and a hint of colour creeps into her already rosy cheeks. "Yes, well, I had had a few drinks by that point, so I.. do not recall much about it." Then Toby's talking about his arse, and she takes a brief look before pulling from her smoke. Since he did draw attention to it.

"I had so much to drink myself that night it's a surprise I *do* remember any of it," Quorra laughs lightly. "You missed the best part!" she informs Phin with a faux pout of disappointment. "For the next Bash then I'm going to insist you're the first man in line, mmmm?" Not to let herself be *too* distracted from business Quorra frowns a tad as she looks back at Toby. "I'm not sure what you mean about 'up in the air when needed back onboard.' Where will I be able to find you? Are you living down here?"

"You scratched, the paint," Toby replies to Phin, expression one of both over exaggerated shock and disapointment, "how could you Lieutenant? I thought I could trust you." He shakes his head slowly then something Bennett says to Quorra catches his attention and he snaps his head round to face the geologist a moment as his brain puts two and two together and comes up with a what he hopes is seven and not four. Catching sight of Bennett's look though he uses that as a quick distraction, stating with a faintly amused expression, "nice to know there's an officer or two who take their duty of care for the lower ranks seriously Captain." Then, back to Quorra, "I'm on leave at the moment Lieutenant so I'm down here for now."

Phin chuckles to Toby. "Sorry." Another soft chuckle to Quorra, though he's not entirely sure whether the limbo line thing was a joke or not. To Bennett, "I'm taking a few hours myself today. Figured I'd walk up the road to the temple and back, maybe stop into Charlie's after."

Toby's remark is met with little more than a wink from St. Clair, and her gaze flits away when Phin brings up the temple— which can barely be made out, up the road from here. "I am back on flight rotation in an hour, else I would join you," she tells the viper jock somewhat absently. Her breath fogs the chill air in between drags off her smoke, and she remarks to Quorra, "Speaking of parties, is it not Saturnalia in a week or so? I wonder if Command has something planned." Her tone suggests she thinks not.

"I'm still on-duty myself, so I reckon I ought to get going." Quorra adjusts the strap of her bag on her shoulder and glances around the small group. "Good seeing everyone. If there's nothing planned by Command for Saturnalia then perhaps we should organize something ourselves, mmm?"

Toby returns Bennett's wink with an ever so slight nod, then shifts attention back to Phin. "You're sorry? Is that it?" He pretends to consider that for a moment, then nods once, "well, I suppose it'll have to do for now, but don't let me catch it happening again all right?" He doesn't know precisely then Saturnalia falls so he keeps out of that particular thread of conversation, giving Quorra a nod in parting as she announces her intetnion to head on instead.

"There was a party last year. I definitely wouldn't mind celebrating again," Phin says. He cinches his coat a little tighter around his shoulders. A mock-solemn nod to Toby. "I'll do my best. Anyway, I better go going. I want to get there and back while there's still a little bit of light. Good luck." In whatever respective task they might have.

"Please give my respects to Sister Arden, if you happen to see her there," Bennett asks with a small smile. She gives her tuke another tug over her ears and pulls once more from the stub of her smoke before dropping it, and grinding it out with the toe of her boot. "I think I am going to keep moving, myself. It makes it easier to stay warm." Her smile turns wry.

Toby glances back towards the temple briefly as Phin states his intention to leave as well, then turns back to give the pilot a nod. "Walk safe," he offers, "and I might see you in Charlie's later I guess." He seemingly has no message for the Priestess though and merely notes the Captain's smile and returns it with an amused sounding, "so I have heard." Tugging his hands out ofhis pockets he adjusts the pack on his back slightly before nodding once more to the two pilots. "And to complete the set, I think I'm best going and hunting out some food, been several long hours since lunch. Good evening Captain, Lieutenant."

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