AWD #045: Old Wounds
Old Wounds
Summary: Ceres' left hand becomes a problem.
Date: 20/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area.
AWD #45

The hand is a clear pain in the backend as its curled up and cramped into position as she presses it to her chest. She tries not to move it, wincing as she grits her teeth. The continued cramp is nervewracking and she heads right for the front desk. "I need to see a Doctor about my hand again." SHe doesn't go into into details, in fact she just holds the frigid claw right htere.

"Good. Cause someone tried to panic ya, I'd beat the shit out of them and then use my other hand to…" Augie at least calms down a little when they enter sick bay. "I didn't bust that shit up this time." he says, glaring at the orderly.

Rising from the stool upon which she'd been sitting, Dr. Nadir removes her reading glasses and tucks them into the breast pocket of her lab coat as she surveys the new arrivals. "Muscle spasms?" she asks of Ceres before eyeing Augie, "Not your fault, I trust?" she wonders in a dry tone of voice and waves Ceres toward the first empty table.

"No, not his fault this time. I have been experiencing cramping and tension since I was released and its gotten worse. I can't get rid of the cramping..' She explains and offers that curled up hand to the doctor to look at. There is a look to Samtara, one of anxious waiting that has her shifting on her feet.

"Same shit happened when my shoulder was healing. All those muscles and tendons are frakkin up the works.. not that I need to tell ya that, doc.." Augie says. It's a strange change. While he's there and close to Ceres, he's not his usual loud and obnoxious self. He actually seems to have a heart as he places a comforting hand on the pilot's shoulder and leans over to kiss her on the crown of her head. "Ya ain't allowed to use this to postpone the wedding." he teases her gently.

"You've tried muscle exercises, used heat and massage to keep the worst of the spasms at bay?" Dr. Nadir replies as she takes the offered hand and turns it slightly left then right again. "I want to get some meds on board," she says, "you'll need a combination of magnesium, potassium, a booster of iron and a some pain meds to back it up. But," and this is said as she lifts her eyes from the hand she's examining, "I want to get a scan of your hand as well, this kind of cramping could be indicative of a deeper issue."

"I have used heat and have worked the hand over as best I can. I have been flexing and exercising even when not using it. I don't know what I am doing wrong but its just seized up and won't stop." She admits and looks down at the appendage before Augie speaks. "No…no I will be there even if I do not have a hand." She swallows, obviously dealing with the pain in silence.

Augie slips his hand into Ceres' good one, and falls completely silent. No snark. No cursing. Concern finds his eyes and he lets her squeeze his hand as tight as she wants as he looks towards the doctor with a clear look in her eyes. 'help her. Please?'.

"I think amputation is a radical step that is not, at this time, warranted. Now, if you had some sort of massive infection with gangrene spreading up your arm and a fever high enough to fry eggs, we might have to talk amputation. But not now," Dr. Nadir replies before glancing up from Ceres to the gorilla Ceres is engaged to, that is, to Augie. "Don't worry, your bride will still have two hands to work with, even if one isn't up to doing fast draw drills. Come," she nods toward the bed again, "take a seat. Are you experiencing any tingling, numbness, anything other than the pain and muscle spasms? Walk me through all the salients."

Following after Samtara to take a seat on one of the beds, Ceres keeps hold of Augustus which now means he is included in everything. Resting her cramped hand on her leg, the pilot considers. "Some numbness shooting up and down my arm, a little tingling. But the numbness is beginning to hurt, like an ache. But its the cramping and spasms that are the worst." She adjusts how she sits and scoots back on the bed so her toes are brushing the floor. "No matter how much I have been working it, its just gotten progressively worse."

He doesn't even rise to the obvious bait. Augustus remains quiet, letting the doctor concentrate on Ceres. There's the anctient Picon secret of keeping Augustus Garrido quiet, make him face something he actually has to care about.

Nadir waves one of the nurses over to start the usual work up, vitals - temp - blood pressure - the usual ABC's while Nadir gets the requisite meds pulled from the storage and sets up the appropriate doses before returning to where Ceres is now seated. "For the time being I'm going to recommend that you cease exercises and limit only to the application of heat - I'll get you some gel packs - and massage," now her eyes lift toward Augie. "Which drafts you into volunteer service at odd hours of the day. You'll need to step in when her hand starts cramping if you can't get her here to have one of us do it instead. It goes without saying that you can't be doing any weapons drills with your right hand for the time being, but here I am - saying it anyway."

"Oh, you mean I have to be at her beck and call every time she needs a massage and I have to give her personal attention. Oh damn. Whatever will I do?" Augustus asks, a grin creasing his features for the first time since they got in her. He knows the instructions, he got them himself several years ago when his shoulder got torn up.

Sitting still and having to take her hand out of his for all the vitals, Ceres is calm, patient despite that nervousness crawling beneath her skin. She sits up straight in Samtara comes back with the orders and listens intently. "Come here if I can make it…" SHe repeats and then glances up at Augustus. "I will let my squadron leader know the requirements and stick to desk work for now." She nods in understanding and chews on the inside of her mouth. "IS there a good chance this could just clear up?" She asks finally, a faint hopeful rise to her voice.

"Oh the agony, right?" Nadir remarks, dry humor in her voice again, to accompany the glance sent toward Augie before her attention settles back on Ceres. She moves to the side as the nurse sets up the IV to get the medication on board, starting with the pain meds and working down the line as Nadir considers the question that Ceres asks. "There are two professions, Captain, in which lies are not part of the job. Medical staff - save for psychiatrists, I think - and people who handle wildlife for a living. Now, if I see a man who's supposed to be handling, oh, tiger or something like that, running flat out, I'm not going to ask questions. I'm going to keep up. I'm a surgeon, and that means I tell you the truth even if you don't like it. So," and she's drawn a stool over to sit beside the bed that the captain is seated upon, "no, I don't think this will just clear up. If it was just muscle spasms, if your muscles were healing at a normal pace and these were just growing pains - stretching pains - that would be one thing. The numbness is another facet all together. It's been more than a month since you damaged your hand the first time, the second injury on top of the first only compounded the issue."

Augustus frowns, his grip tightening slightly on Ceres' good hand, but not enough to hurt as he looks up at the Doctor. "She don't want to be a desk jockey for the rest of her life. Is there any options that we can consider at this point that will allow her to fly still?" he asks, and looks towards Ceres. "What all is on the right side that needs that hand as compared to the left?" he asks her. "Can you see about revsering the controls if there aren't as many?" he's reaching for her.

"I understand, sir." Ceres intones to Samtara, not looking happy to hear, but accepting it in a resigned sort of fashion. She doesn't resist the IV or anything else that is to come, she just tries to focus on the instruction. "I just started doing more heavy sim training, I think that is likely what is causing all this. The exercise I was doing was not enough but…" She glances up at Augustus and she frowns. "I need both hands" She intones and then lets out a breath as she glances down to the cramped hand, fingers flexing a little but it causes her a great deal of pain and she stills herself.

"I'm not going to sign any piece of paper that consigns her to desk duty for the rest of her life," Nadir replies, looking from Ceres to Augie and back, but focusing mainly on the captain. "You're a Pilot, and I"d guess that being consigned to a desk for the rest of your life would be one of the lower levels of hell. Now, the Lieutenant has a good idea," she adds, "I don't see why you can't re-rig the controls to favor your right hand over your left, but I'm left handed myself so I'd find that headache worthy but.. it's entirely feasible if you can get it re-wired. I need you to lay off the sim training, Captain. Muscle exercises only. You're a trained pilot, and I don't imagine that you're a slouch behind the stick or what ever it is that you guys call it. You need both hands, yes, but your mind isn't damaged, nor are your instincts. Doors open and close all the time, sometimes when one closes you have to kick it back open. I'm not giving you false hope, but I'm sure as hell not telling you to cut the hand off and sit in some sort of mouring phase for a few weeks then decide to use what's left of your life like some sort of story from a bad drinking song."

Augie gives Ceres a gentle nudge with his hip. "It's dejavu all over again." he teases her and sends Samtara a little smile.

"Let us see what we can come to with your treatments before I go asking the chief to change around a bird for me, yeah? This isn't fatal and not final ..yet. So I will follow instructions to the 't' and see about working through the cramps if possible. I would like to see if I don't need to have special treatment to stay out there with the rest of them." Her eyes flicker from AUgustus to Samtara. "Just tell me what to do and I will do it, sir." Conviction rests heavy in her voice and the pilot looks ready to walk through Hades to get what she wants.

"And until we have a final verdict, I won't hit any more pilots, deal?" Augustus asks Ceres with a little grin as the large DCO looks at least a little relieved that all of his earlier bluseter was not wasted.

The nurse that was setting up the IV has already administered the medication's that Dr. Nadir ordered and has withdrawn the needle and given Ceres a bright bandaid to cover the spot. "That's the spirit," she replies with a slow nod and a small glimpse of a smile. "I'm going to set you up with a imaging scan, Captain, I want a clean look at the inside of your hand before we do anything else. And if you could keep this bull in a china shop that you're engaged to from damaging anyone else while he's out and about, that would be most appreciated. I've plenty of work to do," she cuts a look toward Augie that's equally amused, "he doesn't need to be upping the ante."

"Whatever you need to do, sir." Ceres glances back and looks at Augustus, "WE have already spoken." She murmurs and then goes quiet. There is a glance to the bright colored bandaid. Fingers press to it and then she is glancing up between them. "He just doesn't know his own strength." Not in the slightest but she offers him a fond smile. "I think he just beats people up so that he can keep his reputation but he's really a big huge softy."

"Lies and deciet. I am the destroyer of hearts and the breaker of all things fragile." Augustus says with a small snort as he lets out a breath and smiles back down towards Ceres. "Yes, dear, we already talked."

<FS3> Samtara rolls Medicine: Success.

"We're going to send you with three separate bottles of horse pills," Dr. Nadir says as she rises to her feet. "They're going to taste gross, and leave a nasty after-taste if you don't wash them down with water and something to eat right away. Don't take them with coffee or juice or booze. But every twelve hours you're going to take the pills," the bottles are handed over by the nurse to Nadir who - after checking the labels and doses - hands them toward Ceres. "I can offer you pain meds as well, but I warn you that it'll ground you from flight duty if I do so. So this is me giving you the option."

"Every twelve hours, no coffee, no booze, no juice. Water and food. Copy that, sir." She then hesitates and shakes her head. "No pain meds, please. I will be fine." She admits and offers a faint smile. "Its already feeling leaps and bounds better." Ceres takes the bottles but offers a few to Augustus. "So when should I take the first one…what with the IV medication I just had?" SHe asks. "I won't be on flight duty, not til I know what is up with my hand." She admits and remains seated there and waits for further instructions. "When shoudl I come back."

Augie takes the bottles dutifully and slips them in his pocket to protect them until he gets her back to barracks and settled in. The DCO just falls back to quiet and studies the hand of hers, as if he stares at it long enough it will behave for her.

"The meds I gave you via IV are the same that you have here," Nadir explains. "You're going to start the clock for your doses when you have your next meal, which -" with a glance up at the large clock mounted on the wall nearby, "should be within the next hour or so. It doesn't have to be precise but keep it as close as you can. And I need to do some research for you before we do anything else. Lacking access to a live up-link and the ability to consult with specialists that handle this sort of injury," now Nadir shrugs, "I'm going to do this the old fashioned way, Crack open some books, read for a while and get the best data I can before any decisions are made. I'll get you in for imaging say tomorrow evening if you have nothing else on deck?"

"Okay, in an hour." Ceres is repeating most of it and then slowly slides from the bed to stand. The old fashioned way gets mentioned and the Captain crooks a smile. "Thank you, sir. For the trouble you are taking for me. I appreciate it. Whatever you can find out…is great." Letting out a heavy breath, that left hand is lifted to rest at her stomach and stay out of the way in hopes it doesn't get bumped or disturbed at this point. "THank you again, sir. I will be back tomorrow evening for that imaging. I am sure I can find them time."

"Is there a brace or a sling or something she can use for her wrist?" Augustus suggests as he helps Ceres to his feet and studies her for a moment.

"A brace would actually immobilize her wrist, which is the last thing we want to do at this point in time. She needs to use her hand, she needs to keep free range of motion and movement. By immobilizing the wrist, the hand, the muscles will be even more sore, more stiff, and everything else is going to be all that much more difficult. I hate to say that for now, just giving yourself time, air, and more time, is the key. But it's all I can give you for the time being," Nadir replies with a slow shake of her head. "I'll see you tomorrow, and will have more data to work with when we do speak again."

"I will put him to work massaging," Ceres jests, a faint smile on her lips but it doesn't linger overly long for the moment. In fact she glances up at him before shifting her hand to his and taking it. "Tomorrow than, sir. Thank you." She steps away from the bed and with Augie at her side, makes her way out of the sickbay to reinsert herself into the normal flow of the ship plus three bottles of pills.

Augie offers a small nod and then a breath. "Thank ya, doc." he offers genuinely as he feels his hand taken and he's tugged out into traffic with her.

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