AWD #215: Old News and Fresh Fruit
Old News and Fresh Fruit
Summary: Downtime in Viper country. ECOs bearing berry gifts. Reasons to get out more…or perhaps less.
Date: 09/08/2013 (OOC Date)
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Viper Squadron — Deck 2 — Battlestar Orion
The berthings for the Orion's Air Wing are the same as what one would find on any other Mercury-class Battlestar, though they are distinctly different from the rest of the bunks on the ship. These bunks are separated not into sections of sixty, but by squadron. That means that there is a little more room to move around with only twenty to twenty-five pilots in one bunkhouse. Some officers have brought a small rug to sit in front of their bunks, but the tables and chairs are standard military issue. At the rear is a small couch that was probably new when the ship left anchorage and seems to have been kept carefully clean. The crest of the Lucky Strikes has been painted onto the wall behind the couch, as well.
AWD #215

It's getting on into the later hours of the day, as shift's go on a battlestar. Though it's still early enough that the berths are as sparsely populated as they ever get. Of those who aren't on duty, many are taking dinner in the mess, or spending some downtime in more entertaining parts of the ship. Phin, however, is spending the evening in. He's scored a spot on the couch and is reading a Virgon magazine dated a couple months before the Cylon attacks. It's probably lost its currency, but it's occupying him well enough.

Up and about is not the typical way to find Taylor, but lo and behold here comes the rare occasion of actually walking. He enters the barracks, shutting the hatch behind him tightly. He's dressed in his flight suit, the jacket pulled down and tied around his waist, and in his gloved hands are a set of photos and papers which he flips through, tongue tucked between his teeth. As the hatch shuts, he slides into a bench at the table, setting the papers down and continuing to look at them. He's so absorbed in them he doesn't even glance around the room, missing Phin and anyone else entirely.

Phin doesn't miss the new entrant to the berths, and looks up from his reading long enough to offer Taylor a lazy, "Hey." The papers get mild curiosity from him, and he cranes his neck up a little to see if he can get a better look at them. Without actually standing, so chances are he still can't particularly. "Anything good?"

Taylor jumps slightly, having not known anyone was around. He looks about somewhat comically as he finally settles on Phin and he finally looks relieved. "Gods… I didn't know -who- was talking." He laughs shortly at himself, then glances back down at the pictures, a small frown, and mutters loud enough to be heard. "No.. just same photos, reports from the belt.." He looks back up, the magazine catching his eye. He nods towards it slightly. "Whatcha got there?"

Phin looks a little abashed for startling the ensign, though his mouth quirks like he's trying not to smirk. He mostly succeeds. "Sorry. I didn't meant to spook you. I mean, this place is never really empty. If I ever want, like, the illusion of privacy, I usually have to close the curtain in my bunk and turn my headphones up for awhile." As for the magazine, he shrugs. "Copy of Hyper I picked up Boskirk. When we were docked in anchorage over Virgon. Some of it's sort of hilarious now. There's this puff interview with President Adar. Talks about his music playlist and how he prefers boxers to briefs. Not so much about how he'd be cool with collaborating with the Cylons."

Taylor lays his papers down, turning his body to full face Phin, and quirks an eyebrow. "What kind of magazine puts the president's underwear in their article…" He shakes his head with a small smirk. "What do you mean collaborating with the Cylons, though? I thought there was nothing from Caprica yet… or did I miss it?" He perks up slightly as he says it, perhaps some glimmer of hope coming through,.

"It's got all kinds of stuff," Phin says. "It used to have really awesome music coverage, but since this Caprican company bought it, it's not as cool anymore. Still kind of interesting for pop culture stuff sometimes, though." When Taylor speaks of Caprica, he gets a funny look. And Phin's manner turns a little hesitant. "Have you read the reports that've come back from Caprica? A lot of it should be in the archives." He shrugs uncomfortably. "I mean, it was just lightly nuked, so they seem to think there are lots of people left. But they also say it surrendered pretty quick to the Cylons. I guess Adar's still alive and, like, a Cylon puppet now. Talking about how humans should, like, surrender and cooperate." A touch of anger creeps into his voice. He doesn't care for that idea.

Taylor looks at the other Viper jock, deadpan. "Dolly, I didn't even know there was another battlegroup we'd linked up with." He sighs, shaking his head again, this time at himself as he hangs it slightly. "Adar was an idiot. Or is, if he's still alive. I doubt being nuked has changed that much any way. The teacher's strike? Idiotic." The young pilot shrugs, looking back up. "But what can you do? At least he's there, doing whatever he does best, and we're here, doing what we do best. Least that much is still right in the universe."

Phin shrugs. "I didn't vote for the guy. He was still supposed to be our commander-in-chief, though. I guess he's calling anybody who's fighting the Cylons traitors. Seems like it's the other way around to me but…" Another shrug. "Anyway. Command out here isn't listening to that, thank gods. You're from Caprica, right?" He doesn't sound sure.

Taylor nods, smiling slightly as he sems to sink into memory. "Yeah.. little suburb of Caprica City. Quiet place. Don't hear enough about the planet.. I guess the tinnies probably got a lot of patrols around it. Too risky."

"Plus the whole capitulation thing," Phin says. "From what I can tell Command figures the best spots to try and retake are ones with bigger resistance movements. Guess that's why we're going to hit back at Picon first. The commander on the ground there, Spree, seems really organized. They probably think that's their best chance to get a colony back from the toasters." As for Caprica, he nods. "Nice. I've never been. Always wanted to visit the place. It's supposed to be, like, center of the worlds and stuff." *re*

Taylor shrugs in agreement. "Plus access to the systems as Fleet Headquarters wouldn't be a bad touch. Maybe Scorpio after that, see what we can salvage from the shipyards. Strategic concerns over political, long as we don't have politicians in charge." He shrugs again, this time at the second comment. "So they say. Where are you from?"

"Maybe…" Phin mutters soft, about Scorpia. He clears his throat. "Scorpia" is his reply. "I guess the shipyards were pretty wrecked, but there might be stuff left that people could salvage. Supposedly there's a resistance there." He looks down at his hands. "I try not to think about it too much, honestly. It's better off than some places. There are planets that were totally glassed. Or broken, like Virgon. There are higher priorities, though. I have to believe Command'll get to it when it's due." He says these things like he's repeated them to himself a hundred times and memorized the propriety of them.

Score one for the FNG, bringing up the sour point. Taylor nods solemnly. "True, yeah.. but hey we're still here. Speaking of, any word on a next op? Even maybe back out to the asteroids? I mean, CAP is nice and all…" He shifts slightly, looking uncomfortable with his next words. "But I just… I dunno.. nothing feels right after those last two runs out there.."

"Toast had some ideas he brought to Storm, and Butch's ideas to maybe get some Raptor support out there seem worth trying," Phin says. "I'm figure it'll be off soon. You figure out anything new when you were going over the pictures and stuff from it? There's got to be something out there the Cylons are interested in, but I can't figure what it'd be."

Taylor turns back to the pictures, picking them up and frowning. "No. I've been pouring over everything I can get my hands on.. photos, reports, historical records.. everything. I can't find a clue."

"Guess it'll get figured out one way or another," Phin says. "Maybe we can find it the next time we get out there." He sits up a little straighter on the couch. In less of a lounged position, at least. "So, how're you liking flying with Storm?"

Taylor scratches his chin. "Just maybe.. I can't get the whole thing off my mind.." He sighs, placing the photos and papers back on the table and smiling grimly. "Well.. how would -you- like being assigned to squadron leader in essentially your first week? I feel like the stick is gonna rattle right off the deck of my cockpit sometimes, but at least I haven't goosed up yet."

Phin shrugs. "I mean, I was his wingman since the Cylon attacks, basically. Not that he was squad leader then, but he's always been super-senior. Kept me alive, so, I've got to say I recommend it. He's a good guy, once you get past the whole grim-faced Tauron thing. Really good gunner. I've tried to figure out how to shoot like him, but I can never manage to copy it. We've got kind of different styles when it comes to handling the birds."

Taylor nods, smiling slightly. "Funny how it is sometimes. The littlest things can make the biggest difference in any technique. When I was in Flight School I knew this guy, almost flunked out cause he was so shaky. It was just the way he flew, but found out one day that if he tucked his thumb under his fingers when he gripped the stick, instead of laying it over, it raised his wrist a little bit. One of the best sticks in the class after that." He chuckles, shrugging. "Well at least I don't think I'll screw up too badly anyway. Just aimin' to watch his back long enough to get him back home in one piece, safe enough to run the squadron while we're out there too."

"Yeah, that's the idea, basically," Phin says. "Never leave your wingman. First rule. I haven't gotten much flight time with Medusa yet. When they redid the wing assignments they had to juggle some of the CAP schedules, and we're both still sort of acclimating to that. She seems OK, though, from the times I've been out with her. How long you been out of flight school, anyway?"

Taylor looks thoughtful for a moment, ticking off a couple fingers. "Two.. no, three years now? Yeah, three. Graduated back in 2002. Seems like so long ago now.. and at the same time not at all."

"I've barely been out a year," Phin admits. He's very young for his LT pips. "Orion was my first assignment. Which is still bizarre to think about sometimes. Were you posted anywhere before this?"

Taylor tries to stave off a frown as his eyes inevitably glance at Phin's lieutenant pips for just a moment. "I was on the Artemis for about a year before I landed myself a spot here. Since then I've been quiet, though, since it's been peacetime. At least until right after I busted my knee, at least. Of course."

Phin nods, shrugging maybe a little abashedly when Taylor eyes his rank. "Attrition, man," he says simply. "Yeah. I didn't know what to expect when I came out here. Except eighteen months flying patrol circles around a 'mining mission.' Not like anybody expected this, though"

Taylor shakes his head. "No, I don't think anybody did in there wildest dreams. I mean it's been - what, 30? 40? - years since anyone heard from the Cylons? Then all of a sudden they show up, and we're all the way out here." He shrugs. "Seemed like a good idea at the time, at least. Not a bad way to jumpstart a career. Hasn't quite worked out the way I thought, though."

"I don't know about that. I mean, we're all still alive," Phin says. "That's more of a career than lots of other people've got left. But I guess I had the same idea. I mean, with all the clearances you needed to get on this thing, it obviously wasn't just mining ship support. Seemed like a good way to make some contacts. And, I mean…we're maybe the last battlestar left in existence. So it's still kind of that. Just…differently than I figured on."

Taylor chuckles. A bit morbid, but still a chuckle. "I suppose you're right. War is one way to get advancement, I guess. Just wish it didn't have to cost us so much…" He trails off, looking thoughtful. Then he shrugs again. "But what can you do but keep on?"

Ygraine arrives from the Squadron Berthings.

"I mean, I wouldn't think too much about that kind of thing, if I were you," Phin says. "Not like there aren't plenty of chances right now to show the brass what you've got. More than any of us would like." He's currently seated on the berths couch, chatting with Taylor. There's a Virgon pop culture magazine on his lap that he's ignoring. Taylor has more work-related paperwork spread out on a table. It's a time when the berths are quiet-ish. As quiet as they ever get, at least. Dinner's still being served in the mess and too early to rack out for most regular schedules, so many are still spending their downtime in more exciting quarters of the ship.

Quiet moment…ruined. Maybe? In walks Yggy like she has a perfect right to be in Viper Land. (She does.) She has a box in her hands, some kind of carton, and from the marks on it, it came up from Piraeus. She's also beaming the smile of the wicked, and holding the carton in two hands, she heads over to Phin's bunk and situates herself on it like she has a perfect right to be there. (She does.)

"Yeah, I suppose th-" Taylor's interrupted by the hatch opening and he turns to see to new entrant. A woman, one he has never seen before, and she just plops right down on a bunk. Right in the Viper Pit. He turns back to Phin, a questioning look on his face. She did sit on his bunk afterall.

Phin's eyes go from Taylor, to Ygraine as she tracks in, and follow her to his bunk. "I really should get my quarters mined for security purposes," he says wry. Grinning as he does, though. Her invasion of his personal space isn't surprising or unwelcome. "What's up, Yggs? You stowing your contraband under my mattress now?" It's sort of a joke, though he's definitely curious about her parcel. The look Taylor gives him is met with a laugh.

Ygraine lets her booted feet dangle off the edge, the parcel in her lap. "Guess what sad freckles does to some of the guys in the mess?" she asks Phin gleefully, and pops the top off of the little box. Inside, a small collection of very ripe blueberries. "Fresh from Piraeus. I brought 'em to share." Her gaze lifts, turning her freckled face toward Taylor. "But first ya gotta introduce me to the newb."

Taylor glances back to the box, up to the woman - who is still has no idea is some random squatter or a crazy pilot - then back to Phin. He jerks a thumb back towards her, hiding the motion behind his body and mouths 'Who is that?' with a look of incredulity on his face.

"Sweet!" It's both a glad exclamation and probably a description of the blueberries, which Phin heads over to sample directly. He plucks one out and tosses it in the air, with the intention of catching it in his open mouth. He does! He looks far prouder of this achievement than it maybe merits. "You seriously haven't met many of the Raptor crew yet, have you, dude?" he asks Taylor, once he's looking in that direction again. "Uh, Wheels, Milkshake. Milkshake, Wheels. Viper pilot, ECO. We all work together in, like, harmony and stuff." He seems to think this was sufficient to earn him more fruit, so he reaches out to take another berry.

Ygraine beams at Taylor. "Hey, Wheels. You been around a while? Because I totally should have noticed by now. But then, you not knowing the raptor crews, thats a bad sign." There's a tsk, and she baps Phin's hand. He is not unrewarded though, because Ygraine plucks a berry and proceeds to toss it toward Phin's maw. The gesture is enacted as if it's old hat. "Does he need the lecture?" This to Phin, presumably about Wheels.

Taylor turns, starting to stand but thinking better of it just after, so he stays sitting where he is. He looks at Phin with an expression of his entire face eyerolling. "I didn't know about the battlegroup, or Caprica… you're lucky I leave my bunk to fly CAP." He looks back at the strange Raptor ECO. "I've been here a year or two now, I just don't get out much… wait what lecture?" He looks back at Phin, the color beginning to fall from his face as his shy nature kicks back in.

Phin catches the tossed blueberry into his mouth. He sort of has to snap at it to keep from missing it, but at least he doesn't move in a way that makes it bounce off his nose. "And I thought I needed to get out more," he says with a chuckle. "His human name is Jacob Taylor. Frakked up his leg in…Pyramid accident, right? Before the attacks. Hasn't been back on the line long." As for the lecture, he just replies to the ECO, "I thought we all needed it."

"Aha." Yggy nods mock-solemnly, and crooks a finger at Taylor. "C'mere, lil' ensign. Have some blueberries, and I'll tell you the secret that every good Viper pilot should know."

And there goes the color. Taylor's face turns white and he shrinks somewhat, turning to look at Phin, trying to figure out now whether she's a witch or just plain crazy. "Are they poison, Dolly?"

Phin laughs again. "She doesn't go around murdering Viper pilots. Relax, dude. And no. They're good. They're from the planet's surface. Perk of orbiting Piraeus, you get fresh fruit." He snags another one, and leans against the bulkhead near his bunk to observe Ygraine's words of wisdom.

Ygraine cocks her head now at Taylor like he's the resident lunatic here. "Why would I poison my best friend? Or myself?" To that point, she pops some berries into her mouth, chews, swallows. "You're gonna haveta cut out the shrinkin' violet act if ya want t'get anywhere on this boat, sweetie. Maybe I'll just start callin' ya Violet inteada Wheels 'til ya do." Her grin increases. "No, really - come have some. They're good. And my job ain't t'kill ya. My job is coverin' your ass and keepin' Cylon Raiders and th'like from blowin' ya to Tarterus, k?

"Funny. Thought it was our job to cover -your- ass." But Taylor does stand, albeit slowly. He walks forward, eyeing both of them cautiously as he takes a single berry and pops it in his mouth. He chews slowly, tasting the sweet juice and giving the slightest of smiles. "Not bad, for an echo. Thanks."

"Whose ass is in what position depends on the mission, I guess you could say," Phin says. Was that a joke? It's hard to tell. He says it seriously enough, apart from a slight glint in his eye. "Violet's not bad. Maybe better than Wheels, though Storm'll probably make you wear that one for awhile." Head tilts up at the ECO. "Since they jiggered the regular wingman around, this guy's covering Holtz's six now." He sounds maybe a little wistful.

"Electronic Countermeasures is the reason why Raider targetting systems cry like bitches when they can't lock onto those sweet little vipers you like to park in." Ygraine replies to Taylor amicably enough. "And while my bein' an ECO actually has nothin' t;do with bein' able to get these little treats, it's generally a good idea to be appreciative of the people who serve as your initial defense systems. When you're out there, don't forget to thank your ECOs as well as your pilots." Not smarmy, not bitchy, just stating a plain fact. To Phin, "Ya learned a lot flyin' as Storm's wingbuddy, Phinny. Now it's someone else's tearn t'get educated."

Taylor leans back against the table, crossing his arms and just looking at the ECO. His tongue and can be seen firmly clamped between his teeth, mthe literal version of 'biting the tongue' playing out. After a moment he looks at Phin again with a wry smile. "She's feisty. Guess I don't know Raptor crews… we still sure haulin' them out to the Belt with us is a good idea?"

"Like I said to Butch, with the number of Raiders we're running into out there, casualty rates are going to be jacked up if we don't have jamming cover," Phin says. He plucks a few more blueberries, just snacking rather than trying any catching tricks with them. "So…I hope so." To Ygraine, he shrugs. "Yeah, I know. What can I say? I don't like change. We've been over this. Not that I should complain, I guess. I'm flying with Medusa now. She's OK. From what I know. Can't say I know her too well yet."

"Medusa wouldn't be with us if she was subpar." Yggy says reassuringly, "And I got your back, Phinny. Promise." Then, slyly to Taylor, "Oh, Violet. Ya don't know th'half of it when it comes t'me and feisty." Back to Phin, blue eyes now gone big. "Can I keep him?"

Taylor sighs deeply, a low sound that almost sounds like a growl. He shakes his head at Phin. "This can't the the kind of people that watch over us… wait. Don't answer that. I've seen Viper pilots."

Bennett arrives from the Squadron Berthings.

"I don't think I can consent for other dudes," Phin says, smirking. A lot. "But as the spirit moves y'all. Good to see you're back in form, Yggs." To Taylor, he chuckles. "Don't let her scare you. For a combat ECO, you couldn't do much better. And yeah, I know. Calanthia's a solid pilot. It'll just take some getting used to." He's leaning on the wall by his bunk, which Ygraine is sitting in. She's brought a box of blueberries into the berths, and he's snacking liberally from it. Taylor is nearby being traumatized.

"This can't be th'kind of people that watch over ya?" Ygraine's expression goes utterly wide eyed and innocent, nay, clueless, if you will. "Gosh, what exactly is th'kinda people ya think I am, that ya object t'watchin' over ya?" She waits for Taylor to answer her question attentively. She's on top of Phin's bunk, booted legs dangling down and a box of blueberries from Piraeus in her lap.

Taylor looks ponderous for a moment, though a small smile tugs at the corner of his mouth. Could the FNG be having fun for once? He's leaning against the table in front of Ygraine and Phin, arms crossed. "Well," he raises a finger, "let's just say that the looniest person I know is still the one who hung -himself- by his underwear to get out of Flight School. But he's beginning to have competition."

Somewhere on Orion, there is a responsible senior raptor squadron pilot quietly doing paperwork in her bunk and not violating the no food in berthings 'rule'. Bennett, however, is not that pilot. She wanders into viper country barefoot, and in little more than her skivvies and tanks and plenty of ink — a couple of pinup girls feature prominently along one shapely leg — chewing on what looks like licorice. "Someone said something about blueberries in here?" she murmurs by way of greeting, looking to Phin with both brows raised like she expects him to have the answer to that question.

"That's…well." Phin doesn't seem to know how seriously to take Taylor's flight school hanging story. He just reaches back a hand to massage his neck, then eats more fruit. He's chewing when Bennett asks him about the berries, so he's as good a person to ask as any. He gestures a thumb to Ygraine. He can't help but check out her tatts, and his eyes do linger on the pinup girls. His own ink isn't nearly that interesting, though his arms are bare in his tank, so they're visible such as they are.

"Why?" asks Ygraine, with that same seemingly naive interest. "I mean, what exactly makes me close t'bein' as crazy as that guy who hung himself? Was it th'offerin' ya some blueberries? Or sayin' that ya might wanta give th'ECOs th'respect they deserve? I just wanna understand where you're comin' from." She smiles at him. Then, "Hey, Butch! Yeah, come get some." She gestures invitingly to her lap. Where the blueberries are! She reaches out to ruffle Phin's hair affectionately before turning her attention to Taylor. "So. Back t'exactly why ya think I'm near t'the looniest person ya know."

Somehow Taylor has wondered far from his bunk. He seems to ntice that now as he straightens up with the captain entering the Viper berthings, albeit near as naked as one can be. He may start to be called violet, but his face is turning a certain deep shade of crimson as he lowers his eyes and his head, the ECO's talk all but forgotten. "Evening, Cap'n."

Bennett glances between Taylor and Ygraine like she's wondering what, precisely, she walked into. But for the time being, she does not ask; there are blueberries to mooch. Sauntering on up to where the ECO is perched, she delicately plucks a berry from the box, and inhales the scent for a moment before popping it into her mouth. "Mmmm. Where did you get these?" She's either unaware of poor Taylor's face turning beet red, or simply isn't bothered by it. Maybe that's just how raptors roll. "Hey there, Ensign." She favours the younger pilot with a dazzling smile. "What's this about respect? Milkshake, are you terrorising the poor jocks?"

"It's probably good for him in the long run, sir," Phin says wry to Bennett, now that he's swallowed. "The berries're from Piraeus. I guess it'd be the season for them now, at least in the bit of planet by Sheridan." A look to Taylor, "Let me guess, you haven't been down to the planet in your time here, either? You really should take a shuttle down. I's awesome to get some real sun and walk on grass now and again."

"There's a few cooks in mess who don't like seein' me sad." And Yggy is not afraid to take advantage of that. She snorts. "Hardly. He's been standin' here insultin' raptor teams and sidemouthin' t'Phinny that he thinks I'm crazy, but he doesn't have th'balls t'explain himself." She idly checks her nails. "Mentionin' t'him that I'm a superior officer wouldn't have been fair, right? Especially since it ain't by all that much. And then ya know, he wouldn't run his mouth. Still tryin' t'understand how it is exactly I'm a lunatic. I'm th'best frakkin' ECO on th'ship." Yes, she is that confident. Arrogant. Whatever. "But if ya really want me to terrorize him…?"

Taylor looks up from the floor and stares at the freckled ECO. The kind of stare that says 'have you looked in the mirror and seen how loony you are' in all the best ways.. comically. Without taking his eyes of Ygraine, he seems to be stuck on her at her arrogance, he says, "No.. haven't of course. Probably would lose my mind down there too."

Bennett goes for a handful of berries this time, and takes up a perch on someone's bunk, one leg folding casually over the other as she eats them one at a time. "It was a question, Vashti, not a request," she points out with a smile. Blue eyes slip back to Taylor, regarding the ensign curiously while she chews. "Is this your first posting?" To Phin she mouths, 'delicious'. Probably referring to the blueberries.

"OK…" Phin doesn't seem to know what to make of Taylor's comment about his mind and the planet, but it's not something he follows up on just now. He shifts a look between the ensign and Ygraine. "Do what you gotta do, Yggs. For what it's worth, I'm pretty assured of your sanity. Lots more than some, at least." He nods to Bennett in agreement, about the berries. And takes a few more from the box, scarfing them.

Ygraine shrugs, watching Taylor. "I can't tell if he's frakkin' with me or genuinely an idiot. Either way, Violet, we'll have plenty of time for me t'find out." Now she does smile at him, and it's all wolfish and teeth, and too wide and maybe there is a little crazy there, who knows? Then to Bennett, her grin suddenly becoming more of a genuinely cheery, playful thing, "Aw, sometimes ya suck all th'fun outta life, Butch. Only not really." Phin's declaration of her sanity earns him another blueberry tossed his way before she shoves a few in her mouth as well. They are rapidly disappearing.

Taylor barks a small laugh, finally mustering up something and returning the teeth-filled hunting smile. "We'll see, I guess." He's shaken out of his gaze by the senior pilot speaking to him. Back to being abashed, with remember brass present. "Uh, no sir." He scuffs at the deck lightly, looking in Bennett's general vicinity. "I was on the Artemis for about a year and a half or so.. been posted here for about the same time. Was a lot quieter up until a few months ago, of course.. and the Artmeis was very quiet."

Bennett mms thoughtfully, and watches Taylor with none of the hesitation the ensign seems to have. Another blueberry disappears into her mouth. "Artemis," she repeats softly. "Fancy ship." Ygraine is blown a kiss for her 'sucking the fun out of life' comment, then her attention returns to Taylor. "Did she even run a full complement of raptors? I have met a good number of viper sticks who haven't really worked much with buses before. I know we tend to cramp your style." She's smiling when she says it, so there are likely no hard feelings there.

"Hey, I respect my Raptor crew," Phin says readily, before trying to snag some of the last blueberries. He knows his audience. When Taylor speaks of the Artemis, he shrugs. "Everywhere was quiet a year ago. I remember when I first got stationed out here and going through a simulation with Talkshow and Redux, and they were telling me what a boring tour it was…" The memory makes him smile, until he thinks about it for a minute. Then his expression turns somber and he trails off.

"Of course you do." Ygraine says matter-of-factly. She seems content to eat blueberries now silently, watching the exchange between Taylor and Bennett.

Taylor rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. "I think… half squadron? Thereabouts. Or maybe that's just all I knew. The CO was more focused on Vipers, pretty much got as little Raptor crwing as he could get away with, so the stories went. I know we didn't deal with them much there, though. Kinda they kept to themselves and we kept to ours unless we had to."

"Well," murmurs Saint Clair, swallowing the last of her handful of blueberries, "I am certain that will change for you, on Orion. We have much to do, and cannot do it without one another." She unfolds herself reluctantly from the bunk she'd appropriated, and pins the ensign with a brief, tired smile. "Anyway, I'm going to hit my rack. Good night, y'all." She slips seamlessly into that hicksy drawl, then back again like it had never happened. "And thanks for the blueberries, Vashti." Ygraine's shoulder is touched in passing, and she heads for the hatch with a yawn.

"Sure, boss." Yggy calls out in response to the departing raptor pilot. Then, "Last call for blueberries, boys."

"Really?" Phin frowns at Taylor's description of that. "Seems like it'd make coordinating in the air kind of a bitch. Anyway, yeah. It's different here, usually. The Pallas mission got pretty crazy in places, but we all supported each other. Tried to, at least. Night, sir." That to Bennett. Mention of her rack seems to put him in mind of his own, and he hefts himself up the ladder to sit in his bunk. Not that he pushes Ygraine out. He just sits next to her, legs dangling over the side. Puts him in better position to snag some of the remaining berries.

"Honestly? I prefer it this way. Never did understand that method." With the mention of bed he stifles a small yawn, then leans forward slightly to pluck one last berry from the box. "Night, Cap'n." He begins to wander off in the direction of his own bunk, raising a lazy hand to Ygraine. "And you too, loony little one."

Bennett leaves, heading toward the Squadron Berthings [SB].

Ygraine snorts at that. "Arthur calls me little. I'm almost six feet tall." she remarks, but it's just a throw away line, and instead she picks up a berry and makes as if she's going to mash it into Phin's face before scarfing her own and then with a lick of her thumb, makes to get off Dolly's bunk.

Phin swings his legs up when Ygraine exits his personal space. "Thanks for the berries, Yggs," he says as he stretches out.

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