AWD #078: Old In My Young Age

Talk in the recovery ward and legos!

Old in my Young Age
Summary: Recovery ward talking between Rhonwen and Maia
Date: 25/March/2013 (OOC Date)
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Maia Rhonwen 
Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
AWD #78

The medbay is busy and Rhonwen never was able to leave last night, instead staff got her sedated and back in bed. She is laying there quietly cheeks flushed red and she looks haggard. IV and tubes are putting fluids into her body and taking fluids out. She is staring up at the celling.

A promise is a promise and Maia got her morning workout out of the way and has now made her way to the recovery room after her shower bearing the promised gifts. Peeking inside, she notices sleeping people and one who looks awake and somewhat bored. And the latter one is definitely the one she has come to see. Giving Ceres, should she be here, a wide berth, the Raptor pilot makes her way to the bedside of the woman she had just met the previous evening. "Good morning, Ma'am." The smile on her face is warm, her blue eyes inquisitive. "I hope you're feeling good today." There's a bag over her shoulder and a book in one hand and a paper napkin wrapped something or other in her other hand

"Maia was it?" Rhonwen asks her as she turns her dull pale green eyes in her direction. "Take a seat. How is your morning and what is the latest scuttlebutt that is bouncing off the bulkhead walls." She moves to adjust the bed and to sit upright more. Her face is etched with pain. "How are you doing? So how do you know Marcus?" She asks her.

At the offer, Maia does have the seat and places the book and the wrapped brownie on the rolling table at the bedside. It's a romance novel, something completely frivolous. She's dressed in her off duties at the moment, so she's got time before any shift she needs to take. "Everyone is still talking mostly about the mess hall massacre, but mostly what happened after with Milk… I mean with Ygraine and Ceres." Using Ygraine's name instead of her callsign. Seeing her adjust and the pain on her face, she rises again, offering her hand. "Need some help, ma'am?" The last question catches her off guard. "Oh, we're just passing acquaintances. Talked to him in the laundry, played a umm.." The bag from her shoulder is removed and she unzips it, opening it wide so the woman can see the contents. Inside are every size and shape of lego imaginable. "It's a hobby of mine and he was just talking about what all he had built."

"It is okay, if you are more to him, I am curious." Her eyes go to the Legos. She is more interested in the Legos than she is in the food. She does look at the book and she smiles. "Thank you for bringing these. I need the distraction; I have been up all night with my thoughts. Tell me about yourself. Where are you from do you have family? Also what do you build with these and how many of them do you have?" Her questions flow from her like water.

"I'm.. really, I'm not more to him. I'm actually.. married. I got married during flight school to another pilot. We were married a year, then we separated. We've been separated for four years, haven't even seen each other in two years, until we met again here. Our divorce is final tomorrow, finally, but I haven't uh… been with him in four years." No, that wasn't awkward at all. Maia was just trying to be reassuring. When Rhonwen shows interest in the legos, she opens the bag wider so that she could take any should she want to. "Few people share my pleasure in these. You are one, it seems and M..Marcus is the other." Not really having used the mans first name till now it doesn't flow so easy off her tongue. "I'm from Leonis originally. And as for the legos," she gives her a bemused smile now at all of the questions. "I build Raptors, castles, boats, animals, just different things. Marcus was telling me about a Galactica he built, so that's why I started calling him that."

The medbay is busy and Rhonwen never was able to leave last night, instead staff got her sedated and back in bed. She is laying there quietly cheeks flushed red and she looks haggard. IV and tubes are putting fluids into her body and taking fluids out. She is staring up at the celling. Maia, is next to her bed. She has a bag opened near Rhonwen and they are talking. On the bedside table there sits a brownie and a Romance novel.

"Good after four years of separation and inconsolable differences it is time to move on for both your sakes. It is a good nickname for him more than you know." The woman gets a slight impish gleam in her dull eyes. "Never give up on your hobbies or lose yourself. Things are going to get more intense and he will need friends. Keep in mind that there is more to us than one first sees. We are complex and nothing is black and white." She tells her. "Even day and night have has shades of grey between." She pauses and for a moment she is distract by the Legos. "It is not the land that makes us but the philosophies, traditions and ideas that have created our civilization." She chuckles. "Would you mind bringing the bag a little closer? I am not at my best today."

Maia does one better, instead of bringing the bag closer, she places it in the chair, dipping her hands in and drawing out handfuls of the little blocks. Carefully, she places them on the rolling table that meals are usually served on, then does the same a second time. While she works, she returns that impish smile with the same bemused one she's been wearing since her arrival. "How is it a better nickname than I know?" There is an undeniable curiosity there. "This," indicating the legos, "is something that I have been doing for quite a long time now, a stress reliever mostly." Nodding at the sage wisdom from the other lady. "What about you? What has brought you here to Orion? How did you get hurt?"

"He is like many lifers, he lives and eats nothing but the military. Galactica suits him well. There is another reason but once I know you better I might share." Rhonwen tells her with a smile. Her fingers move to touch the blocks. "It is a good one. There is nothing better than building things. What else do you do for fun that is? I see you enjoy what I like to call brain sedation, as it is the type of book you can easily put down and walk away from." She begins to move the blocks into color coordinated piles. That is even further divided by size.

"I look forward to getting to know you, and not so I can get to know his secrets, but because you're very interesting." Maia confesses, reaching for a few blocks out of the bag for herself, and taking comfort in the familiar snapping sound they make as she clicks them together. "I like using my hands. I spar a lot, I guess that helps with frustrations. "I used to do extreme sporting. Mostly BASE Jumping. Have you ever heard of that? I've done some gymnastics too. I'm a very active person." Glancing to the book she gets a guilty flush. "I put the book down so often I've not finished it yet. Usually the only time I'm idle is when I'm sleeping."

"It is healthy; just do not forget to find that balance. Loving and losing are part of life. By Athena I sound like some old sage like hippy." Rhonwen laughs. "I am just getting old in my young age." She laughs again. "What about me?" She grows quiet. "I was shot after a cylon attack. I think if I understand correctly the wound went septic. The command staff asked that I be evacuated to here. For more surgery and proper treatment, nothing glamorous." She finishes separating the blocks. "Forgive me I have not slept at all and I am just worn out. I should try and rest just a bit, will you join me again later?" She asks her.

"I do know about the loving.. and the losing." Maia does not elaborate on that further right now, but she does laugh at the play on words, getting old in her young age, then yet again her expression turns serious at the mention of the Cylon attack, shaking her head.. so many hurt. So often. "Oh of course, please, I didn't mean to keep you from your rest, ma'am. Tell you what, I'll leave those blocks here for you to build with, all of them, and then I'll come back later and we can talk more." Rising, she places everything within arms reach of the woman. "Sleep well." Giving the woman a tender expression before doing an about face and heading out, leaving her treasured blocks with Rhonwen.

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