MD #216: Oh Captian why Captain
MD #216: Oh Captain, why Captain?
Summary: Ben abuses a towel, and inexplicable decisions made by Captain and Command are discussed.
Date: 10/11/2017 (OOC Date)
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Air Wing Shared Berthings
The berthings for the ship's Air Wing are the same that one would find on any other Mercury-class Battlestar, though they are distinctly different from the rest of the bunks on the ship. These bunks are separated not into sections of sixty, but meant to house a squadron of twenty to twenty five souls. Unlike other Mercury-class Battlestars, pilots from all frames and ECOs are intermixed. Some officers have brought a small rug to sit in front of their bunks. At the rear is a small couch that was probably new when the ship left anchorage and seems to have been kept carefully clean.
Curtains in this bunkhouse bear the squadron colors of Ghosts and Strikes, unlike the rest on the ship. As a legacy squadrons of The Sixty, those racks belonging to the Ghosts have blue curtains with a top-hatted gray skull centered on a pair of crossed missiles, and those belonging to the Strikes gold-backed curtains with a green clover centered over a pair of crossed 30mm cannons.
MD #216

Ben comes through the hatch, dressed in shorts, running shoes and no shirt. He has a towel around his neck hanging over his shoulders. He is covered in sweat and breathing is deep. He marches right up to his bunk and tosses the towel on the bunk hard. He pulls a deep breath and seems upset for some reason. Hands go to his hips and he stares at the towel a moment in silence.

Fresh from her turn at CAP, Diaz is carrying her flight suit and helmet with her as she returns to her rack. A detour through the head long enough to shower off the sweat and the accompanying yuk of being sealed in an airtight suit and flying tin can for hours had made her rather pungent and a bit of water and soap goes a long way. The Ten's hair is still standing on end, having been rucked up with a towel to get most of the water out, and she nods to Ben as she heads for her rack. "You alright, Ben?"

Up on her bunk, Inez rolls stomach down and looks over the edge. "Man. What did the poor towel do, now?" she asks, shifting and putting her fists under chin to look at him. Her hair hangs in that tangle of washed hair that's almost dry and yet to be brushed, and she's in off duty tanks.

Ben turns to the voice in a turn of his upper body only, feet still planted firmly on the deck. He sighs, "I'll be alright." He turns back to that towel on his bunk and grabs it like he's grabbing someones throat with one hand. He squeezes it and holds it out before him, "Those ass munch'n Mother grunts is what's wrong." He turns to look Inez, "You were there. It's going to get the Captain court marsheled." The towel gets tossed across the room. Being damp from his sweat, it sails across the room to the floor near the showers. "It just … pisses me off."

Hanging up her flight suit in her locker and stowing her helmet above it on the shelf, Adura threads her fingers through her hair to smooth it down somewhat and takes a seat on the empty bunk below hers as Ben explains why he's mad. "Wait. What happened?" she shoots a worried look up to Inez then blinks, "You.." she waves one hand toward her hair then gestures at Inez's. "Standing on end," she adds with a wry grin before looking back at Ben.

Inez gives a little wince/twist of her lips at Ben's announcement. "I was hoping they'd just… demote her and keep it quiet as a worst case scenario," she says quietly. At the mention of her messy hair, she gives a shrug. She's not due for any duty yet, and, this is more important. "Couple of smelly drunks make remarks and gestures towards Captain Wescott, indicating they believed the Lieutenant had been a loose piece that slept around, and maybe something about wishing they'd had a piece. The Captain incapacitated both of them in short order." She pauses, her eyes focused through the floor as she thinks. "I think she really might have killed that one guy if we hadn't hauled her off."

Ben shakes his head, "He rolled over and started throwing up because the other guy was throwing up next to him. At least that is what I saw on our way out." He pulls off his shoes, no socks. Then pulls his shorts off and just leaves them there as he walks to the showers. "I hated making a report to the Master Of Arms, but rules is rules." He bends down and picks up his towel, only to hang it just outside the shower door. Stepping in, he turns on the water and steps under it to let it wash over his body. He grumbles, but it's not words.

"Oh," Adura breathes this single word as she stares blindly at the empty bunk across from the one she's sitting on. "Well. Yes. I can see why that would set her off in such a manner." The Viper pilot scrubs both hands over her face then sighs, "Almost killing and actually killing are actually major distinctions, though. It wasn't as though she planned to go get in a fight, after all. It happens."

Inez watches Ben go, her mouth pulled down and she lets out a sigh. "Yeah… I think Ben got socked by her, and she gave me a good bruise when I carried her away." She looks down to the floor again. "I don't like using my strength against my own crewmates, but… I really think she would have, Diaz. You should have seen the blood spattered on her… his blood. I had to carry her away." Her voice is quiet, and slightly chilled.

Ben can barely hear them talking as the water rushes over his head. He puts a hand on the wall and leans into the rush over his body. "She was yelling that she was going to kill him. You did right pulling her away. Rowan wouldn't of been able to hold her. I barely felt the strike and it wasn't on my report. She was mad. Seeing red mad. I'm not going to fault her for that." He sighs and stands up strait. Taking the soap, he lathers to get clean.

Adura shudders, not just a twitch but a genuine shudder of sympathy. "I accidentally hit one of the marines, the Master at Arms, while sparring, and broke his nose. I didn't mean to," she says with quiet emphasis, "I mean. I didn't mean to hit him that hard. I miscalculated. But I know what you mean. You didn't want to use your strength against her, but you had to. You didn't harm her, you contained her until she could be safely released to.. calm down." She glances toward the head then back to Inez, nodding as Ben's words carry. "He's right. I don't fault her for it either. Unfortunately.. we don't make the decisions about what will happen next."

Ben rinses off and lets the water run over him. A blattent waist of water, not military issue, and he knows it. He just doesn't care at this moment. He looks up, closing his eye's tight, the water spraying over him. Then he shuts it off and stands there dripping. He lowers his head and just breathes a moment in silence.

"I don't blame her," Inez agrees, and looks towards the shower. "I wanted to give that air humping a guy a pop in the nose, too. And I'm not even related to the Lieutenant." She lets her arms slide down the partition between her bunk and the one below, and lands her chin on her mattress. "But…" she doesn't finish the thought. She figures she doesn't need to.

"But.. A single pop and sock would have been enough," the viper pilot says softly. "She needed to control her anger better and not let it control her." Again that slow exhale of breath, shaking her head slowly from side to side. "Easier said than done, by far."

Ben looks to Inez as he walks out of the shower and takes his towel. "It was the comments of the recruitment poster that belittled all of us. We all had a reason to flatten his ass." He stands there and drips, his towel to smelly to use on a clean body. An aim and toss sends the towel to the hamper and he walks to the storage for a fresh on.

Ben adds, "Plus this new mission has me bugged."

"What new mission?" Diaz wonders, looking up and toward Ben, puzzled.

Ben towels his head, body still dripping. He stays near the wet area, not so far out of his head that he'd get the whole deck wet. He looks to Diaz, "The Commander called in a bunch of us pilots to his office. He's a plan to bomb that prison we discovered on that planet we've been getting signals from. Turns out it's a prison and from our photos and intel of the transmition we got while there, right in the middle of the prison is the power station that runs it. The Commander has this idea to snag a large meteor and fly a bunch of Preditors with it to the planet. Instead of a regular bombing run, we are bailing out before the crafts crash into the planet on the power plant. We're going to be practicing bailing out. It's a dangerous plan, but it should work. The pilots get picked up along with the ground personal that have been sending the messages." He shrugs and starts toweling off his body.

Inez shakes her head. "That didn't bother the Captain so much. She could handle the personal attack." She finally brings her gaze back to focus, and it just happens to be on Ben. She closes her eyes and rolls over on her back to look up at the top of her bunk, and listens to Ben answer Diaz's question.

Diaz stares at Ben for a blank moment as he explains the mission. "Wow," is what she comes up with once he's done. "That's… different. And kind of crazy," which - from her tone of voice - doesn't sound like a bad thing to her. "Are marines slated to be part of this op?"

Ben starts to walk back to his bunk, "Not that I know of. Pilots raining crafts on the targe, then flying out. When I flew in there the first time, there were two overly large battleships in orbit around the planet. We send in a strike team, we could lose pilots. The Commander wants to save the pilots, so he thought the loss of a few ships would be worth it." He opens his locker and starts pulling out clothes, but doesn't start dressing just yet.

Ben adds, "I'm on the top of the list to jump."

"So who's picking you up?" Inez asks, propping her hands behind her head.

"Where do we find a asteroid of the right composite though? To heavy and it'll cause more damage than the impact itself, blast radius wise. To large and it's surface area will heat up and cause more collateral damage than just the impact crater. Frozen contents could liquify or become explosive with the heat of friction and explode before it hits the target," Diaz rattles these worries off in a list, rubbing the heels of her hands against the knees of her sweats as she looks up at Inez and nods. "Right. Who's picking you and the rest up?"

Ben says, "The meteor is to mask our approach. Those battleships wont have time to react if they think it's an asteroid coming in. Honestly, not my plan. It's the high command in charge of this. I'm just one of the pilots to volonteer." He pulls on some boxers, with hearts none the less, and jumps on his bunk to face out. "Another ship is going in to land, it's our pick up."

Inez turns her head to look out just as a flash of hearts hops up onto the bunk next to her. She smiles a little to herself, and then gives a shake to her head as she looks back up. "I've heard of some harebrained ideas from command, but this is crazy, even by their standards. Of course you would volunteer. Gotta do something to show me up, since you can't aim worth a damn…" she smirks towards the ceiling at that one.

"I just.. there's.. " Diaz mumbles as she rises to her feet and starts to pace, moving the length of the racks and back several times before she stands, hands resting on her hips. "Surveying nearby asteroid fields for likely candidates is grunt work. I'll volunteer for that," she decides on the spot and starts for the hatch, moving at a jog as she heads out only to halt at the door and look down. "Blast it. Shoes," she back tracks, grabs her sneakers, then shoves her feet inside, forgetting about socks, ties them quick and heads for the hatch again.

Ben looks at Inez and for the first time since he came in, smiles. "I'll be aiming a ship at a power station from space with all the systems shut down. Not trying to outdo you girl, just doing my job." He sticks his tongue out at her and is too tired to pull out his straw and show her how he aims. Laying back, he looks up at the ceiling and sighs. "Maybe this mission will keep my mind off the Captain." He sighs again, "Maybe."

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