AWD #034: Of Raptors and Refugees
Of Raptors and Refugees
Summary: In seeking out a quiet spot for paperwork, Petra and Rozzen find a moment to touch base on plans and preparations for upcoming missions.
Date: 10/02/2013 (OOC Date)
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Petra Rozzen 
Ward Room
The Ward Room's centerpiece is a finely crafted oak table built into a rectangle with sweeping curves towards each corner, matching chairs lining it like a ring. The far end of the room are the flags of each of the Twelve Colonies, the Colonial flag at the left end and the Fleet's flag at the right to flank. At the other end is a countertop built into the wall that has fresh coffee brewed in a pot, and another for ice water, when Command Staff is present.
AWD #34

It's a little past an afternoon change of shift in the CIC, and the day is far enough along but not quite close enough to its end for the coffee pot to be seeing much use at present. It sits neatly on the counter, flanked by upside-down mugs. In contrast, the carafe of water has been partially drained and there's a glass missing from the ranks at its side. It sits on the table not far from Moira's right hand, though far enough off not to threaten the papers she has spread out before her. Apparently she didn't make it very far after getting off her rotation.

Petra tugs on the hatch after a long moment or three more, not realizing anyone is actually in here until he steps through and turns to close the hatch behind him. Finally spying Rozzen, he blinks, "Oh. Crap, my apologies, I just assumed the room was empty. If you need the quiet, I can find somewhere else to get the papers finished…"

Rozzen looks up quickly, her pen dipping in her fingers from where she held it upright over a page. Dark eyes start their scan over Petra a moment before a polite smile shapes upon her mouth. "No need, sir. Unless you need the quiet?" She rocks a little straighter in her chair with the question, taking the interruption as an opportunity to roll a kink out of her shoulder. "I actually had something I'd hoped to run by you when we got a moment," anyway, she mentions.

Petra errs and pushes the hatch closed after a second thought, "No, I'm fine, but what's on your mind?" He slowly gravitates over to a nearby chair and sets his clipboard down on the table, dropping heavily into the seat and leaning back into it lightly, "I'm planning on making the monthly Sitrep announcement tomorrow, so I suppose I can cover that as well."

There's a sort of rueful empathy in the way Moira's expression slants as Petra drops so heavily to his chair. As she waits for him to settle, her first note is a hum of interest for the announcement he mentions. But first, what's on her mind. "I was able to speak to Ensign McBride, who Major Sheperd pointed my way the other day," she shares as she settles her pen down at the edge of a stack of papers. "He's working on a proposal to scout past the Armistice Line, and was hoping to get some input on likely coordinates. I was near the line myself on my last assignment, and have some ideas where to pull data from, but was wondering if you have any suggestions where to look." Her fingers press at the edges of the already neat papers. "Perhaps related to the mission out to the Reese."

Petra perks one brow up at the suggestion, "Cross the Armistice Line and go after the Cylons? Well, anything we have will be 40 years out of date. When the War ended, we kept to our side of it and didn't cross it, to scout or otherwise. Unless we can get some information directly from a Cylon, I don't know if I know where to start with that. I mean, that's an interesting idea, but we cant just jump out there and start rooting around, you know?"

A small nod meets that first question. Moira's fingers leave off their neatening and fold into her lap instead as she rocks her chair a little more towards Petra's with the press of a toe. "Well, we could just jump out there and start rooting around," she notes rather dryly. But even more interestingly, betrayed by the slight shift of her weight forward and a loft of her brows: "Is there a Cylon who might give us more direct information?"

Petra folds his arms across his chest and seems to relax a little more in his chair the longer he's away from the noise of CIC, "There IS the one Cylon, but I don't think he knows any of those details. We can ask him, but I'm not entirely sure I would want to base any military action solely on information he provides. Now…Petty Officer Rutlii is working on reconstructing the Centurions the boarding party destroyed on the refinery ship. If she finds a way to hack into whatever those things have as a hard drive, perhaps they have information like supply stations stored that we could use. Now…Dolly doesn't know about our little friend. What was his plan for this information?"

It's with a particularly sharp version of her attentiveness that Moira listens to his thoughts on that one Cylon. There's little expression upon her face as she absorbs them, just small ticks at the edges of her features as she turns her eyes pensively upward to consider the implications of that and Sera's reconstruction efforts. The question of Phin's intentions brings her gaze slanting back to Petra. One of her shoulders rocks upward in a slight shrug. "He seems interested in the possibility of bringing the fight to the Cylons, where they're building and resupplying their forces. Which, logically, is at a location beyond the Armistice Line. It's an interest I suppose I share," she notes with a twist turning up one edge of her mouth. "Though I think that there may be more immediate value in pursuing the question of whether the Cylons are downloading into the prisoners, and to both ends, in gaining more information about the construction on Scorpia we've heard about."

Petra nods slowly, "Until we have good information on a place to start hunting, though, we might want to wait until we have a few more resources. We COULD spare a light cruiser, load them down with some extra fuel, and send them off on a couple weeks exploration to see what they find, and then return with the information, but that's still blindly stabbing at a starmap, and that's assuming the Cylons are using a planetary system as a base. They could have constructed outposts in deadspace and be using those." He pauses for a moment, nodding along slowly with her words, "We need to be sending raptors to Picon to bring back people, in the hopes of finding the King's Bay, and I think we need to send another scout or two to Aquaria, and Scorpia. Would you agree?"

Rozzen shadows his nod. "We don't exactly have an advantage in a scattershot search," she agrees with Petra's assessment. "We don't have a lot of computing power to churn through plotting and probability calculations, nor the ships or men to spare. Especially without knowing more about what sort of system requirements they need to do their assembly. If they're even using a system. My inclination would be to send a raptor team at first with the orders to do a scan and report back for further analysis of the updated data, instead of hanging a team out there as an exposed target. And I would rather assign raptors to those missions, I think," she defers to his plans with a brief splay of fingers. "Particularly to Picon and Scorpia, given the black hole that Aquaria's apparently acting like."

Petra mmms softly and nods, "I would like to send ONE raptor back to Aquaria to take a closer look. Hell, I'll even go on it if I need to. Something bothers me about that situation and I want to take a closer look. But I agree with everything else you said. I take it Major Shepard will sign off on whatever you and Dolly develop? If we are sending a Raptor rather than a Cruiser, then I have no problems with that at all…"

There's a break in her composure, perhaps it's worry or surprise or a combination of both, when Petra speaks of going to Aquaria. "I would love to know what's going on there," she'll murmur as a cautious note in favor of that particular mission. As for what Zachery will do, she can only spread her hands. "It seems he is inclined to support Dolly's idea," she uses the pilot's callsign a little awkwardly and mostly in echo of Petra. "But I haven't spoken further with the Major since we saw him on Piraeus. I'll be sure to mention to Ensign McBride that designing his initial mission proposal around a Raptor would be a good idea. I believe he was already planning to approach Raptor pilots regarding it," she recalls now that it's come up.

Petra nods slowly in agreement, "I might need your help impressing upon him the need to go back to Picon on a regular basis. We're sort of ignoring them at the moment and I'd rather not be doing that. Which leads me to another item I was hoping to talk to you about. I need you and Wake to come up with some ideas of how we can keep track of the refugees we're going to be getting in. Like a catalog or database, something easily added to for when we get a busload of people in at once, that sort of thing. See what I mean?"

"Certainly, sir," Moira readily agrees to his first request. What follows has her head tipping as she considers the issue, dark eyes shifting between the upward turn of abstracted thought and her focus upon Petra. "I think I follow," she says with a long nod. "It'd be good to have something on the Raptors, so the record can be started before they offload. Pictures…" But she stops herself before she descends too far into the weeds of details. "I'll work with Wake and see what we can come up with. I know it sounds as if he already has some ideas; we've been meaning to meet to go over them, but." Another quirk of her mouth is a silent acknowledgement of the pressures they've all been under.

Petra mms, "I understand. Cat Herding should be a listed skill for anyone working in CIC. I know I dumped a lot on you both. I'm trying to get this looked at BEFORE we start getting the influx, so any time you two CAN work on it, let me know what you come up with. We'll have much less to scramble over if we have this in place before the exodus starts."

Cat Herding. It pulls a breath of a laugh from Moira's lungs and sets a crinkle at the corners of her eyes. "The less catch up we set ourselves up for playing, the better," she notes along with her nodding agreement. "I'll make it a priority," she promises. "And I know, as much as you pass along, its only a portion of the avalanche that you're surely dealing with," is added as she allows a softer curve onto her lips. Speaking of. She sets a palm up on top of her papers. "Some of which I'm distracting you from right now. So. A Raptor for the Armistice Line mission proposal. Forward motion regarding Picon, Aquaria, and Scorpia will also require Raptors. And, we need a plan for the incoming refugees before they get here." The lift of her eyebrows is a silent query whether that's a decent summary.

Petra grins at the laugh and nods, "That is. Also, just as a heads up, I'm going to be making the monthly situation report announcement here in a day or two, and in it I'm going to tell everyone about the skin-job type Cylon models. That cat is already waaaay out of the bag, so we need to do some rumor control before we start seeing wild accusations flying. So just a heads up so you and Wake aren't surprised by it."

Up Moira's eyebrows climb into the shadow of her swept bangs. Not that they stay there long. "It's not the sort of thing that could be kept buried for long," she supposes easily enough. "Thank you, sir." For the heads up. She slides her things together, lifting one stack on top of another. "We'll have to be even more on our toes regarding bar fights," she tries to put a light, if still wry, spin on the accusations that are likely to manifest. "Maybe having those intake protocols in place will help." She can hope. She gathers her things into her arms. "I think some lunch may be in order before tackling the next project." What, it's only a few hours beyond a sane time for lunch, right?

Petra sits up a little when she begins gathering up her papers, and nods, "Lunch is whenever the hell you can grab it, around here. Thank you, Moira, for attacking all of this head on and helping out Dolly and everyone else. I'm paying attention, and the Admiral knows how much you and the Lieutenant have been doing lately. I just want to make sure you know the enthusiasm is appreciated. Have a good lunch, hmm?"

Rozzen pauses with her papers clutched to her chest as she perches at the edge of her chair. Her smile may be slight but it only serves to make it all the more earnest as she fixes it upon Petra. "Challenges are for rising to," she notes, and perhaps there's a touch of vulnerability beneath the conviction of her softly spoken words. "Thank you, sir." For all of what he's said. "Good luck with your papers," she'll bid in return as she rises smoothly to her feet to leave him to the relative peace of the Ward Room.

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