AWD #194: Occupational Hazards
Occupational Hazards
Summary: A marine, a knuckledragger and two doctors walk into sickbay.
Date: 19/Jul/2013
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Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Sickbay
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
AWD #194

Mahasti is cleaning one of the exam beds, using the built in steps on the base to really scrub the surface looking disgusted. This isn't her job perse but it doesn't hurt anything when she gets on her anal retentive scrubbing sprees in the sickbay. She seems to be keeping an eye on things while cleaning, throwing the bleach wipe in the garbage before grabbing the paper cover to pull down the bed before letting go and hopping down to pull it through a securing bar on the base. "There we go, good as new!" she chirps, taking her gloves off to toss them in the rubbish before scurrying to properly wash her hands and forearms.

"No, that's fine. I'm going to stop by sickbay to briefly check on things if you want to go onto the recovery ward. I'll let you know when the call comes through to escort her but it may be a while yet. Something about paperwork." Lleufer's baritone comes drifting towards the entrance to the sickbay as he stops for a moment to finish speaking. Another man also in MP uniform nods and says, "Yes, Sergeant." before walking off. Lleu faintly wrinkles his nose at the smell of bleach as he walks in and smiles at who ever is at the desk, "Even'n. All quiet?" A little idle chit chat on his round.

One of the problems that with getting the go ahead to do a full check on the fire suppresent systems in little used places in the vacinity of the bays is that sometimes, you come across something that has slowly developed an issue over time. In this particular case it's a fire extinguisher bracket strap thats worn through the cylander to the point that it exploded when moved. Not in a firely sense mind, but in a tube of metal being propelled forwards rapidly as the pressurised gas within it escapes sense. Fortunately, Toby hadn't been right infront of it when it went or things might have been nasty, instead he was off to one side and so as he enters sickbay it's just with a cut across his hand from a shrapnel fragment. It's bleeding though, and he's been sent up with strict orders to get it checked out before he can get back to work.

Mahasti blinks a bit at the sudden flurry "Shackleton, are you alright?" she comments "Hello Sir, Sergeant." she sort of shifts over to Toby, who is limping "Sergeant, if you need anything, I'll get you after this injured deck hand." she gestures, pausing "Toby can you take a seat by my desk and I'll get some gloves and you can tell me what happened. Alright?" she sort of pulls her gloves on, moving to gather a basic assortment of things needed to tend to Toby.

Lleufer eyes Toby in coming and steps out of the way when Mahasti comes up, "Deck… hand, seems appropriate. Get into another scuffle?" A nod is given to Mahasti, "No, don't need a thing, Doctor. Finishing my rounds and about to get off shift. Couldn't remember the last time I'd stuck my head into the sickbay, really." The smell sometimes is reason enough to avoid it. Curious, he looks over Toby's hand from his new position, out of the way.

Keeping his left hand elevated (the one that's bleeding) Toby is about to explain the situation to the nurse on duty when he hears Mahasti and turns towards the Doctor instead. "I'm fine," he replies in that way that could mean anything from 'i'm fine' to 'I'm about to die but please don't make a fuss', "it looks worse than it is I promise." Given Lleufer a nod in thanks as the marine gets out of the way he takes a seat as directed and gives a quick quirt of a smile at the pun before shaking his head at the question. "Disagreement with a piece of high pressure shrapnel."
Mahasti pages: give me some deets here : is the bleeding severe enough to require a tourniquette or just enough to look terrible

Mahasti nods to Lleu, "Once I start working, you can keep talking but I'm not going to respond until I am done." she offers, politely "Ahh a classic. Alright well lets clean it up and see if I can dig it out for you." she first looks over the bleeding before gathering a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol, carefully sterilizing the filthy hand and getting a better look at the wound, "Everything alright otherwise Toby?" she asks, taking a pair of tweezers to begin very delicate work, digging into injury "It looks a lot worse than it is. I've seen a lot worse." she offers, reassuringly. She pulls the shrapnel very carefully from the hand, setting the shrapnel and the forecepts down and gathering another alcohol swab to daub the injury, pressing her thumbs down on the injury for a moment. Despite having small hands, they can exert more pressure than most would expect. "I'm gonna see if this stops the bleeding, if not, I'm going to give you as few stitches as possible, alright?" she asks towards Toby, trying to keep him in the loop as to what she is doing.

Aye, the jarhead might not be as much a lughead as some of his branch. Lleufer lifts a brow at Toby, "Anything I need to go check out? Anyone else involved?" The MP is quick to ask. "No problem, Doc." The Marine remains at least long enough to hear Toby's answer to his questions but is staying out of the way to give them room.

"Haven't noticed anything else," Toby answers honestly, glancing down at himself to re-confirm that there don't appears to be any other scratches or cuts anywhere. Putting his forearm flat on Mahasti's desk to make it easier to keep it still he nods silently to her assessment and then glances over to the MP, "well, there's several hundred extinguisher mountings that are going to need checking and potentially replacing, but that's likely going to be my job rather than yours." He grimaces briefly as the metal sliver is dug out, then again as the alcohol swab is replied, but he's playing the big, hard Tauran well so that's the only outward indication he gives of discomfort as he finsihes replying to Lleufer, "Chief said he'd look into it."

In the military, any arm of it, there's no such thing as to much paperwork. In fact, the Navy - all aspects of it - lives breathes and dies by paperwork. Not just from papercuts. Now, Nadir is pretty level headed most of the time. Something about requisition forms, however, absolutely tries her patience. If she were the sort of person to punch things, which she typically isn't, the wall in her office would be pock marked by now. It isn't, per se, at least, that's only because there isn't any cork board covering the wall. Yet. Making a sound that is somewhere near a growl, Nadir emerges from her office, a sheaf of papers tucked under one arm, empty cup of coffee in the other, and eyes the sickbay - at large - with a steady blink before making her way to where Mahasti is working. "Gentlemen," she says by way of greeting, a general nod really to Toby and.. name she cannot place, with the markings of a sergeant, a blink and polite nod aimed to the Sergeant. "Occupational hazard?" she wonders.

Mahasti eyes Lleufer "You don't generally get shrapnel wounds from fist fighting, you get knuckle abrasions." she half chides through a pleasant smile "If it was a knife fight, it would be slashes." she murmurs, as if an expert in the field of 'needless injuries'. She smiles "Shackleton will be fine, I promise." she hums a bit "So what brings you over to the sick bay?" she asks, keeping pressure on the injury for now. "Hello Dr. Nadir." she pauses "On a non work note - I apologize if my waking up screaming last night and the night before woke you from slumber." she murmurs, looking a little pink at the ears.

"Ah mechanical issue, not intentional. Got it." Lleu lightly clasps his hands behind his back and now he has his answer. "You seem to be in good hands so I'll continue my rounds." No need for him to loiter about when the doc is busy and has work to do, nothing here that requires his on duty attention. So Lleufer turns and starts to walk out to rejoin his patrol mate who was checking the recovery ward. And right into Samtara he about bumps, side stepping quickly. But it's a close thing! "Pardon me, ma'am … er, Doctor, sir." Damned Aerilons still calling women 'ma'am' when the rest of the military universe doesn't.
Mahasti's speaking to him? She's finished? The MP glances back, "Fist fights don't but fragments can come from lots of causes, some of which are intentional." Lleu offers by way of answer.

Toby had turned back to follow Mahasti's progress with his hand, but as he hears Samtara's familiar voice he turns his head towards the other doctor and gives her a brief nod in greeting. "Captain," he offers with a nod of greeting, then to the MP, "yeah, not intentional, don't worry." He's about to say more when his attention is drawn back to his hand as the pressure shifts slightly and he draws a short, sharp breath in over his teeth as an alternative to turning the air blue. "Frak me," he mutters, glancing at the retreived red fragment, "still, could have been worse."

"That's alright, I find the adrenaline rush is a good way to clear my head and it helps if I bang my skull on the top of the rack as addition to the adrenaline rush tends to get my brain working rather abruptly," Nadir replies with a trace of a grin. "I'm considering your wake-up alerts to be tests of my adrenaline system," she says in a quiet voice as she eyes Shackleton. "So we can presume that the fire extinguishers have not been weaponized and are not - at present - buzzing around the hangar deck with some militant intent to take over the world and coat everything in foam that smells nasty?" she wonders in a rather dry tone of voice with a suggestion of a wink of amusement at Toby before she nods at the MP. "It's alright. Doctor, Doc, Medic, Captain, even Ma'am works most of the time, it's not the word it's the intent that matters, Sergeant," she offers in return.

Mahasti as a proper Leonese woman with lessons in etiquette has a preference for Ma'am as well, so she doesn't fuss about it. "Life is too short and too precious right now to get upset over small things. Do not worry so much about offending me, Sergeant." she offers Lleu-ward, clearly not having a problem with the address. She watches Toby "Do you want an ibuprofen or a cup of tea?" she removes her thumbs from the cotton, checking the bleed "Lets just slap a bandage on it - if it starts bleeding again we'll stitch it up. As little bodily invasion as necessary." she half suggests. "I had a nightmare about getting stabbed with a syringe full of Tetradotoxin, so I woke up feeling paralyzed and started screaming, twice in a row. Also my trip to the sickbay this morning was unnecessary, as I explained, no less than sixteen times to six people, it was from drinking too much and simply being hungover." she mumbles, looking embarassed again, taking a palm bandage to carefully apply to Toby's hand. "You want me to change it for you tomorrow, or can I just give you bandages and trust you to wash your hands with antibacterial soap and change the bandaids as needed?"

"Well, that /would/ make my day a heck of a lot more interesting, and everyone else's until we got to the overly tedious paperwork, afterwards." Lleufer quips with dry humor to Sam's fire extinguisher scenerio. He smiles a little that both gals didn't mind his old fashioned slip. It's the sort of thing that might get his ass chewed out soundly by someone else. A glance to see if his patrol buddy is back yet and he is, but the other Marine is talking to someone as well. He checks his chronometer before Lleu raises his baritone slightly, "Shift end coming up. We'll need to get back to the hub to be relieved shortly." The other Marine acknowledges and checks his watch. Still have a few minutes.
Mahasti's odd comments draw his attention back. Lleufer says, "Tetradotoxin? Hung over?" There must be a story behind such things.

"Was down in one of the storage areas," Toby notes to Sam, "thankfully not the ordinance store though." Then he nods once "nope, just the toasters you need to worry about, the extinquishers are still on our side in this." Given it's Mahasti that's doing the treatig he turns back to her as she starts asking questions again, "is that an either-or question, or can I reapeat once more that I'm fine and decline both?" Watching as she get the bandage he only half hears her comments about her dream, figuring they're meant for Sam anyway. "I reckon I can be trusted not to kill myself with a plaster," he replies, smiling faintly, "just peel off the back and stick right?" Then to Lleufer "that time already? Figured I'd have a couple of hours still to go yet."

"Considering the context of the nightmare, that's a good reason to wake up screaming," Nadir says quietly with a sidelong look at Mahasti, a thoughtful expression on her face. She draws in a breath to voice another question, and it's there on her face, the curiosity, but she pauses instead then shifts her attention toward Toby. "He's a mechanic," Nadir reminds in a mild tone of voice, "he's rather obligated to go back out and get his hands as dirty as possible as swiftly as possible," she reminds and fixes a look at Toby. "Failure to keep your hands clean can result in secondary infections resulting from - but not limited to - debris, solvent, cleaning solutions, grease, and anything else, least of all foam and other such foreign contaminates getting into the wound. The result could then be infection, fever, tissue Necrosis, etcetera," and rather calmly offers Toby a packet of the sort of gloves that are used constantly in the sickbay to Toby, a pointed look to be fair, but it's a calm one all the same. "There are no frequent flier discounts for visiting the Sickbay, Crewman Shackleton, there are easier ways to socialize with the good doctor here." Utterly straight faced as she says this before shifting her focus toward the Sergeant. "Paperwork makes the universe continue to tick forward at it's expected pace," though there's at touch of asperity in her tone of voice, her left hand tightening on the paperwork tucked against her side, tightening just enough to dimple the paper noticeably. And yes, it would be interesting, if not moderately entertaining, wagers could be placed on which extinguisher could fly the furthest and do the most damage," she suggests as once again her attention shifts back to Toby. "If you could manage to kill yourself with a peel and stick bandage.. that might be worthy of a write up in a post-op journal."

Mahasti reaches over to take a few bandages, a small bottle of hand sanitizer, and a few alcohol swabs "Yeah. Wash, then just swipe the area with the single use swab, make sure it doesn't look gross, stick the new bandage on and put your work gloves back on. I'd really like you to use the gloves until its closed good, okay?" she asks with a smile "Do you want me to suggest you get a little rest for the day or no? Because I can't force you to turn in a slip of paper and take five and you know your own limits better than I do." she offers respectfully towards Toby, likely under the impression that he knows what he's doing. She watches Lleu for a moment "My mother's birthday is today. I drank an entire 750ml bottle of sparkling pear wine because nobody would share it with me and I didn't want to waste it. Needless to say, my body cannot handle that much alcohol and I ended up heaving in the head. A jar head decided I must be sick and carried me in to the sick bay - against my wishes and I got to finish heaving in the bathroom here. Which is lovely. I love retching infront of my coworkers." she comments, the sarcasm is as strong as her accent for the last portion of her commentary. "If you want, Dr. Nadir, I'd be more than happy to fill out the every day requisitions for you so that you can just sign off on them. Redundancy is sort of pointless when we talk daily." she pauses "I'll privately explain the nightmare to you later, since you know, you get to suffer sleeping directly above me and all." she offers to Samtara with a grin. "Although I realized, I'm probably the only person who has never bashed their head on the bunks here."

"I'd rather you just set the forms on fire," Nadir murmurs, not quiet en sotto voice but close to it. It does qualify as a quiet aside but it's paired with a grin.

Lleufer doesn't get any explanation of Tetradotoxin but he grins a little at the rest, "Heck, I'd have shared it with you if you had asked, Doc, assuming I was off duty. Not sure I've ever had pear wine." Marines rarely if ever pass up offers of booze. Toby gains a nod, "Almost shift change, aye. About thirty minutes so I should finish up and check in." A glance to the gals, "If you'll excuse me, I'll remove myself and perhaps see some of you in mess later."

Toby has obviously been spending too much time around the docs, for Sam's list of potential infection sources, then effects causes him to simply nod his head in understanding. "I understand Captain, really, I do." He doesn't think his record is too bad on that account, given this is his first visit bar the physical when he came aboard, but at the offer of gloves he shakes his head once, using his good hand to reach onto a pocket in his coveralls and pull out the pair of black gloves that he habitually wears. "Already covered," he replies before sticing them back in his pocket again. Shaking his head again at the offer of a sicknote he explains, "we're going to have to go recheck ever damn bracket to make sure they aren't damaging any of the other cylanders. It'll mostly be visual inspections so I shouldn't strain it, but an expert pair of eyes is an expert par of eyes and the sooner we get on top of this the safer it is for everyone." That and he'd never hear the end of it if he took a day or so off due to a scratch. "If you ever find yourself needing to make that wager," he then offers back to Samtara, "come find me, "i'll show you which are the highest pressue ones and which have the most noxious stuff inside," a pause, "for a share of your winnings of course." The MP gets a nod in thanks for the time confirmation and then he turns back to Mahasti, "nearly done Doc?"

Mahasti smiles at Lleu "You went on duty shortly before I opened it." she comments with a chuckle. She smiles at Toby "Had a feeling you wouldn't want it. If you want an ibuprofen or acetaphetamine tablet though I can give you one its not gonna lag your brain or anything." she offers, calmly "Be safe Sergeant lew-lew." yeah she can't say that name at all. She stumbles with Lleufer almost as bad as with Rhonwen's unnatural last name. She pats Toby's wrist, letting go of him entirely and cleaning up her desk, dropping the shrapnel and the towel in the rubbish, the forceps go in the disenfectant, and the gloves in the rubbish. "Goodluck, if you want, and you are worried, we can spare a couple nurses to standby down there for you.

"Hmm, that pear wine would've gone well with the raspberry jam and biscuits that I brought back from the surface," Nadir remarks quietly to Mahasti, reaching out briefly to rest one hand on Mahasti's shoulder before she reaches for the cup - empty cup - of coffee she's carrying around," while doing a brief moment of mental math to calculate Mahasti's weight, factor in alcohol consumption, rate of consumption and muses, "I'd have thrown up even the memory of food," is confessed. "This is why people don't buy alcohol, only rent it. And briefly, at that," is added. "And I may take you up on that offer, as I may throw things if I get back one more requisition form. I know I'm a trifle OCD about details but even the gods and goddesses of requisition hell and or heaven cannot match the fickle nature of the sergeant in charge of requisitions," she says, almost a growl again of annoyance. "and no, i do that at least once a week. I forget still that I'm.. well, I forget where I am," she leaves it at that. A look is settled on the Sergeant, "That all depends on what the mess is passing off as food today," she replies, a touch of suspicion in her tone of voice. "And you know, get permission from the deck chief and I'll be glad to come place wagers AND… take your advice on which ones to bet on," is added with a tilt of her head in a nod toward Toby. "Sergeant lew-lew?" is wondered, fixing a look at the Sergeant again, one eyebrow arched subtly upward. Silent question time, for the bonus round!

"Eh … Lew-lew? Just Leu is fine, Doc Hasti." Leufer winks. Stupid Welsh names - dead language and all that anyway. The MP rolls his eyes in comical fashion at the Captain repeating what Mahasti said. "And that is my cue to get my arse out of here, Tob. See ye around." Women mangling his name is a bad omen! The Jarhead in his crisp duty uniform goes over to collect the other Marine so they can finish their patrol and get back to the hub on time. It pays to be punctual!

Toby is too busy glancing over to Lleufer as Mahasti christens him with his new name to notice her disposing of the shrapnel. When he does look back, as she speaks to him again, he notices it's missing and there's a faint flash of disapointment on his features before he mentally flicks back to the more important things than trophy collecting. "I'm sure we can cope without taking up their valuable time," he offers, almost diplomatically, "I have a good idea what I'm looking for now, this one just cuaght me by surprise because it was the first." With Lleufer gets a faintly raised eyebrow as he mangles his name, but with the MP leaving he figures it's not worth calling him back over, besides, thats as sure fire way as any to make sure it sticks, so instead he turns to Sam. "If you want a sure-fire win you need to go for the massive CO2 ones we have incase of an engine room fire. They're huge, but then if they're going off then you really want to be elsewhere as they'll kill you just as dead as quickly as they put the flames out." Then, after a quick glance to Mahasti, "an' speaking of permission from the Chief, any feelings on the idea of join deck and medical drills? CPO Rutlii has said she'll okay it from our end."

Mahasti eyes Sam "I drank it over three hours." she mumbles at Sam. She blues "Ma-ha-sti." she corrects, uncomfortably, as if he had changed her name to something weird. She looks at Toby and catches the disappointment, she snaps a glove on and fishes it out of the rubbish without another word, taking a small zipper bag to drop it into before handing it to him "I'm sorry. Here's your shrapnel back." she offers, voice soft. Without using her ungloved hand she manages to get the glove off and flung into the rubbish. It is a special skill she's aquired from being a busy woman and a very bored doctor in Picon's scenic Penrose Harbor. "Toby, I order you not to die." she jokes, cheerfully "I like you too much as a friend to ever allow it."

"So.. I should NOT be looking up a personnel file on someone named 'Lew-lew'?" Nadir wonders in a voice that is rich with amusement, aiming said look of amusement at the Marine to whom said look of amusement belongs. She gets further amusement out of his advance-in-another-direction tactic, also known as 'retreat to the safety of other Marines' before she casts a look back at Toby. "I'm all for it, the joint deck and medical drill. And I'll remember that, about the massive CO2 ones, I'd rather not have one strapped to my back with the promise I'll be able to fly if I jump out of a perfectly good raptor and try to use it as a jet pack," she adds with another brief flash of a grin before she nods back to Mahasti. "Three hours? Not bad."

Toby offers Mahasti a silent nod of thanks and squirrels the bag away in a pocket withouth further ado. "I've managed so far," he offers, in relation to not dying, "although it's been close a few times I'll admit." Like when Tauron was nuked out of existance for instance, but he's not naming examples it seems. Sam gets a nod as she states her opinion on the drills before he adds, "thanks Captain, here's hoping they're informative but that we never have to use what we learn."

Mahasti ponders "Well I know I can get in my gear and to the deck in under four minutes starting from bare scrubs, so I think running timing drills will help too. I'm afraid of being caught with my pants down in that regard." she admits she reaches over to barehandedly grip Toby's uninjured hand and squeeze gently "To never having to use them." she raises her hand then releases Toby. It is likely a quirky Leonese deal sealer she's picked up. "It never hurts to learn." she offers to Toby with a smile, turning to wash her hands off and makesure they are clean.

"Coffee, Dr. Nasreen?" Nadir wonders as she drops the (for the moment) completed requisition form on the desk near the door - to be shuttled off - and heads back toward her office. "I'm out of coffee in the tin, I'm going to raid the mess and see if I can wheedle another tin from the staff. Are either of you hungry?" is wondered.

Toby looks momentarilly confused as Mahasti takes his hand, but then just goes with it until hse releases him again. "If we didn't have so much other work to do I'd say we should be drilling neigh on constantly," he offers, pushing himself back to his feet now it seems that the repair wor is done, "but then I guess we'd all get drill fatigue and they'd stop being of use. If any of you lot here want a refresher on BA kit use or whatever though then just let me know. I know we drill with them reasonably often but there's the potential for it to be useful for you too." Heading for the hatchway he pauses long enough to turn to Sam and shake his head, "not yet Doc, an' I should probably go show the Chief I'm not dead yet anyway." Raising his bandaged hand in parting he nods back to Mahasti, "thanks Doc, I'll come back if it starts to look worse."

Mahasti pauses a bit "Oh! Oh oh oh no no I have something better than a tin of mess coffee!" she cackles, digging in her desk to remove something, looking around suspiciously before producing a silver bag inside of a zip bag. "Special occassions, lock this in your office for me?" she grins "I traded two indecent magazines for it. Leonese roast. A marine couldn't figure out how to prepare it. we'll have to find a grinder though." she looks delighted by this trade. She watches Toby "You know what your body is saying. Take it easy, try to stay clean..and all the other advice you are going to ignore." she offers with a grin "I could eat. I could definitly go for hot coffee. I've found the stash of magazines I was given by a marine on Picon have done me a lot of favors on board." she admits, grinning lopsidedly. Yep, the doc is trading uninteresting smut for coffee, wine, and candy.

Sometimes Sam hates to ask but.. "BA kit?" rubbing at the back of her neck with one hand while wearing that look that implies 'caffeine intake has dropped to dangerously low levels, please refuel immediately' in her eyes. The ziploc that Mahasti hands over is given a look of decided appreciation, "Oooh. a good dark roast?" she wonders, practically coveting it on the spot. "No cream. No sugar. Just a spoon full of honey to stir around," she says in a low voice before giving herself a subtle mental shake. "I'll lock it up and keep it safe, but I think I reserve the right to sniff at the ziploc every once in a while," said with a bit of laughter.

Toby pauses halfway through the hatch and turns back to Sam, "Breathing Aparatus. You know, the O2 tank and face mask kit we use when firefighting or searching smoke filled areas. If you're interested, let me know, I always figure the more who know how to use it the better." That done he ducks out, heading back to the hanger bay to prove to all and sundry that he is still alive and kicking.

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