PWD #28: Chocolate And Career
Observations, part 2
Summary: A JTACCO and PJ find a new subject: Chocolate and Career.
Date: 07/12/2012
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Afton Petra 
Observation Deck
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.
December 7, 2004 (PWD #28)

Squirreled into one of the couches, wrapped in blankets with a book, Afton shifts and sighs, stretching out one leg at a time as she reads, paging through slowly. At best she's distracted, distracted from a distraction and rubs a hand to her head. A grunt and a sigh again, she arches her back, stretching out fully as she uses the arm of the couch to help pop her back, straining her hands far over her head before she rolls to her side and partially to her front so that her arm drapes over the couch and her chin rests on the arm. ALl the movements sends those green prayer beads slipping free and hitting the flooring with a soft sound.
She mutters beneath her breath and buries her face for a moment before lazily lifting her head and considering getting up for them. The floor is lava apparently as she starts to lean out over the arm to try to pluck them from the floor.

Its late in the 'evening' as it were, and Petra must have just gotten off duty, or was given a short break from watch as he's stil; in duty uniform when he makes his way into the Observation Deck. His boots almost immediately slow down once he's inside the sanctuary, so he can reach up and rub at his face with both hands. Its not until he hears the faint tinkle of prayer beads hitting the deck that he looks Afton's way, spocking one brow as he finally sees the woman for the first time. Flashing a small, friendly smile, he keeps his voice down as he slowly drifts towards the windows, "Petty Officer. I hope I wasn't disturbing. Was just taking a small walk to get the noise out of my ears."

Fingers flail for a moment, brushing against them and with a exerted push of her feet off the cushions, she manages to grab them and then slide back down into her little nest of warmth and lazy. Afton blinks, looking up at she hears her rank. "Oh…Major." She offers him a bright smile. She works the beads about her wrist and then considers him. "Not at all..obs deck is public domain..not to worry." She yawns and moves her feet so that the other half of the couch is free. "Long shift?" she asks curiously, studying him for a moment before marking her page and closing he book.

Petra eyes her nest for a moment, the smile warming a little when she makes room for him to sit down. He hesitates for a second as if he might not accept, then finally does step over to sit down heavily into the end, leaning a little on the arm as he does so, "It felt like it, but then it's probably because of the time off, Kinda feel a little lazy by the time you have to start working again." he closes his eyes and leans back for a moment, resting his head on the top of the couch, "I caught our mutual friend the Sergeant last night down on P and talked to him. I know I told you I'd wait to hear from you, but it was kinda perfect, noone around to catch wind of it and all."

Shifting a bit when he finally sits, she reveals that she has two blankets and even goes so far as to try to untangle herself from one, hopping about and lifting her hips to try to get the damned thing out from around her to offer to him. Nothing like a preused toasty blanket of his own to cuddle into. The end is flapped at him to take and tug, "'ere". Her Gemenon accent is on near full blast tonight.
"So I heard…he said it was scrubbed, to my great relief. Whatever you said to him, he respects the hell out of you. Not surprising though, sir." Afton says and then resettles herself.

Petra can't really stifle the grin when he's offered the blanket, and leans just a little closer to tug his vest open and reveal he has an extra layer of warmth on under his uniform, "I think the old man likes the coolers on extra in CIC. However…" he does reach out to steal an end of the offered blanket to tangle his hands up in, "Forgot my gloves, thank you," flipping the rest of it towards her lap. The comment about the trip getting scrubbed has him 'hmmm'ing softly, "Doesn't mean we can't do it. We talked for a little while, and I think maybe he knows if he needs something and his brass aren't answering him, he can let me know. I'm supposed to keep everything running smoothly for the Commander and Admiral, after all."

Amusement crinkles the corner of her eyes and Afton can not help but admire the intuitiveness. "Well done sir, well done. The admiral does seem like he would stomach the colder temps." The PJ still grins when he takes the corner to warm his hand and she nods. Approved. In fact she glances back towards the windows as he speaks, settling back into her little nest of comfort and warmth. Her gaze is somewhat there, but she can't help but stare off. "Yeah…I think he likes you. He just needs to take his ideas to someone who can approve them…not just do them. Though I suspect he's not one to just sit around and wait…maybe he had too much of that his last assignment so he's quick to the punch these days." She seems thoughtful but finally breaks her gaze from the fore and draws a long breath, her smile returning. "Thanks though, for listening to me. Where do I put in for a compliment to the head honchos on your behalf?"

Petra mms softly, relaxing a little more the longer he sits there and has more time to warm up his hands. His eyes drift closed for the moment, "Well, as long as he does things the right way and shows initiative like that, if /I/ was his CO, I'd be looking to promote him as soon as he was up for it. Anyone in their right mind wants people that will hop to it and not necessarily wait to be told it. And if he'd convinced the Captain to go with him and they got caught? Might not have a chance at making Major for a long time. Thanks for letting me know they were still seriously talking about it. As for the rest…that's okay. Boat's not quite as big as it looks. If I dont cut the mustard and dont keep people's confidence, it'll show and the Admiral and the Commander will notice, and if I do, same thing. I appreciate it though."

"Who in hades came up with that expression?" Afton wanders a little off topic as he says 'cut the mustard'. "How on earth do you cut mustard? And its really not that hard if you think about it." SHe murmurs faintly and then comes back to the present. "Sorry, warm fuzzy blankets tend to make my mind goo and I got lots of places." Her smile warms a bit, "I was just watching out for a friend's back..thats all. Figured they might like to keep it unchewed." She ruffles a hand throuhg her hair, a rare occurence of it being loose and wildly waved as it is want to do when not tamed.

Petra chuckles low and deep in his chest, opening his eyes as he draws the blanket a little more around his arms and shifts his weight on the couch, "You know, I don't think I ever bothered to look…and I majored in history. I should feel ashamed at that, shouldn't I?" From the amusement on his face, he isn't ashamed one iota. He does at least glance over for a second as she plays with her hair, but turns his attention back to the partial view of the planet and starfield outside, "Well, I told him he should thank you for looking out for him. If he understands we've all got each other's back out here, then we'll work together better when we need it. Besides. I vaguely remember being on his end of the totem pole, and I would have appreciated it as well."

"I am pretty sure history lessons do not include mustard..unless you went to a special school." Levity is kept and then even exceeded as she lifts her arm that plays with her hair to peer under at him and laugh, "Oh, were never on that end of the spectrum. You got yourself some shiny ranks that we don't get…its definitely different." She grins and playfull shifts her foot to poke at his hip before sighing and relaxing into the corner of her side of the couch. Her gaze lazily drifts back to gaze outward, a soft smile still curling her lips.

Petra mmms, "You'd be surprised at some of the incredibly strange things they make you study in history. Fortunately my classes were all at the fleet academy, so it was mostly military history, and the only mustard mentioned was that gas they can make out of the seeds.." The mention of officers not having it as hard as enlisted twists his smile into a small smirk, "Upperclassmen can haze just as cruelly as grunts. In my case, I spent the first three years or so in a Comms array. Crew of 12. By the time I got out of there, I didn't want to see ANY of those faces ever again."

"I bet…perhaps you will tell me a few one day." Afton says back and twists her hair back over one shoulder. So used to having it up, it becomes something of an obsession at the moment totame it. Her brows lift at the mention of his time with a crew of twelve and she snorts, "Well I can imagine. All those officers in one room. Has to get a little stuffy and hard to breathe…" She grins a bit more. The Petty Officer is loosening up around the JTACCO, poking a little bit of fun at him even. "So why so bad? I should ask because I have no idea what its like."

Petra turns his head again to look at her in 'oh, you went there, did you?' amusement, drawing one hand out from under the blanket so he can lightly poke at her hip…then quickly returns his hand back to nice waaaaarm blanket, "Ever visited a comms array? Its like a really really large house stuck to a huge nuclear powered generator and several dishes and radio antennas. Something like the Orion? You have some space. Hundreds of people to meet and talk to, not so bad, but just 12 people, and three years, with the only interruption being the trade haulers that use you as a jump waypoint? Phew." He shakes his head, "Knew I needed to get out of Intel at that point."

That poke to her hip earns a smirk and she rubs fingers up into her scalp. She stretches her arm up high over head again before squirreling herself away once more, eyes peering up over a coccon of her blanket. "I don't blame you..that sounds like hell." Smirky PJ. She shakes her head. "It sounds like some reality tv show that grows stale after the third season and people want to just see it end rather than suffer the previews during commercials." Pause. "Well now you reassigned yourself to a cold ass ice world on a battlestar that is running A/C all year. It sounds like you did well for yourself."

Petra laughs at that, scrunching his nose, "But here I have friendly Petty Officers that offer some of their blankets when I forget my gloves, and that's not so bad at all, right? Besides, in a few more months, P is going to start thawing out and even warming up a little. Might even be able to play some Pyramid outside in the sun…" The contented sigh that escapes the Major carries a little wistfulness with it, like it's probably been a while since he could do that, "In the meantime, we have a lot of ass to kick, and I think we'll do just fine."

"Well don't expect the blanket to always be offerd.." She points out in a wry tone, making a motion to it before making a point to lift her foot and snag some of it to tug lightly in a joking gesture before releasing and eyeing him. "Pyramid sir…interesting. I was never any good at it to be honest, but it would be fun to get planetside during more welcoming weather. I think I would just like to go hiking and see the local fauna and flora, a nice day out in the sun." She does also seem to appreciate that thought before she laughs, "Ah yess, kick some ass in medical. I do so love my job, but the days can be long in a battlestar sickbay."

Petra nods slowly and ponderously, "Before I looked at the Fleet Academy, I was actually hoping I could make the Red Devils, but, well, not QUITE the perfect specimen of the perfect male in order to make a team…that much became obvious in middle school. Still have fun with a good game, and its an easy way to keep the occassional bite of cake off the waist, right?" The comment about long days in a battlestar sickbay earns a grin again, "Oh just wait. When it warms up and people start getting adventurous, you're going to start getting the 'interesting' stories. Injuries people don't want to explain, or in PLACES they dont want to explain. I might have to find a way to bribe you to hear about them."

"Really?" Impressed? Perhaps. Afton just grins over at him. "From Pyramid team to military intel…what a jump. I will admit I don't think half thse pyramid players have enough brains to make a whole one after the hits they take. Good thing you decided what you did before we lost ya to the brutish tactics." She grins a bit more and then sighs. "Yeah…I have stories /already/. Seems our few days of r and r ended with some blatant showings of 'stupid'. I hope its not catching, though it does at least make life interesting." She glances over at him. "Have /you/ stopped by med lately?"

Petra hehs at the mention of stupidity already flourishing, "You can have the best crew in the world, and yet, you put them all on leave and SOMEONE will grab a beer and yell, "Hey guys, watch what I can do!!" Oh, but then she turns the spotlight on him, and he hesitates, "Ah…not yet? I got my shots when we were here last?" Uh oh, wasn't EVERYONE supposed to cycle through Medical? "I haven't done anything stupid other than scrape my knee on the bottom of the pool after we had that talk."

Afton shoots him an incredulous look. "I should revoke your blanket rights for not following regs…especially regs I enforce. I would suggest you pay a visit, sir. New round of faces coming in means new shots." She explains and lofts a brow. She has that strict matronly attitude for a moment longer before it melts away. "So how did you manage to scrape your knee on the bottom of the pool. I have to ask." SHe shifts, stretching out her legs and invading his area for a brief second.

Petra winces a little at the look. Oh, he knew this was coming the minute he remembered after the Orion finished the last jump. He sighs and closes his eyes for a moment, taking on a chastized tone to his voice, "Yes ma'am. I'll come in tomorrow and get needles stuck in my ass." Musta had a real Nurse Bula Ballbreaker the last time he went in. The question about his knee has him unconsciously shifting his hands and the blanket down to lightly rub over his knee, perhaps bringing the itchy feeling of the healing wound to mind, "I was diving and going deep and coming back up by flipping around and pushing off of the bottom and I got a little too close one one dive. The thing's just a big slab of concrete. Shoulda been more careful is all."

"Well if you come in during my shift, I think you won'thave to wince." She grins faintly at his reaction, shaking her head. "Its for your own good." But she lets it to rest and Afton settles her head on her hand, leaning it on the arm of the couch. Watching him still, she follows the movement and then hesitates. "Have you had it looked at?" Its a serious question. "Or is it just a light surface wound?" Becuase this is what she does. It causes her to sit up a bit and even look like she might start prodding him, but she keeps herself in check.

Petra murmurs in a softer voice, "I know. I'm sure all the Medical folks are nice about it. I promise, I'll come in tomorrow." The questions about the scape have him glancing curiously at her and shaking his head, "Its…fine. Nothing worse than I ever did to myself on the Pyramid court, just scraped some skin off of my knee and left it all bloody. I put a bandage on it before I went to sleep and took a painkiller, and today it's just sore. Guess I'll leave off the running for one day today." With that said, he goes back to smiling just a little, as if to disarm the concern.

Nodding her head as he wards her off the wound, Afton falls back into lazy mode and falls into the corner of her couch, sighing. "Very well." She does however note the change in demeanor and waves her hand at him, "Its my automatic response to most things involving injuries. Just realize its my default and I am not likely to pounce you unless its serious." She beams over at him and then pulls up a bar of virgon chocolate that was secretly hidden away. Its been broken into and breaking off a chunk of the dark sweetness, she offers it to him.

Petra smiles a little more warmly, "I know. If it hadn't started knitting up by the time I got up, I would have come in for it, but it's healing. I'm not quite THAT old yet." He winks at the teasing, then eyes the chocolate with a soft, "Ooo, you ARE a bad influence, aren't you? Thank you." Reaching out to carefully take the bit of chocolate off of her hand, he sniffs at it for a moment before popping it in his mouth and mumbling with his mouth full, "This smells a lot like the stuff I could buy in Hadrian…"

Still beaming over at him, Afton nods her head. "Its from Virgon….good stuff. I have two more bars after his one. Lost one in that damned triad game.." She sighs faintly. "Remind me. If you catch me trying to play, that I never should. Ever. I would lose everything. If the chief hadn't taken pity on me, I likely would have nothing to show for it." She bites off a little corner for herself, feasting on the cure all that is chocolate. She extends the bar to him so he can take another morsel. "WHere are you from?"

Petra takes his time melting and mooshing the chocolate around in his mouth, with a smile on his face that belies how few times he allows himself to do this. He almost misses the bar being offered the second time, murmuring a slurred thank you through chocolate-obstructed vocal cords. When he finally swallows, he explains, "Grew up in Hadrian, right next to the air base. My father was a Viper pilot in the Cylon war, until he got hit and barely made it back to his Battlestar in time. Lost his leg from the knee down and earned an honorable release. Grew up listening to him relive all of his stories about dogfighting with Cylon flying disks."

Admiring his savoring of the chocolate, she stops devouring her own in favor of trying it as well. Working her piece around in her mouth, she listens, setting the chocolate down between them. Her gaze flickers over towards him and she lifts a brow, "Really? That is something to be proud of, your father fighting in the first war. So why the frak are you in cee - eye - cee and not on the flight deck? All those inspiring stories and you traded in that chance for a desk." But its not demeaning, not whast she says. That green gaze settles on him in a curious fashion.

Petra unfocuses his eyes for a moment, his gaze pointing out at the starfield but not really SEEING it as she asks that question. The piece of chocolate he was holding is lifted to his mouth, "There was this little chocolatier down at the corner from home, that made new bars on Thursday afternoons. If I got out of practice on time, I could make it there with enough time to convince the owner to sell me one ahead of time, before they had gotten hard cold. Broke off a piece for myself and gave the rest to my mother, and she'd let me get away with staying up waaaay past my curfew for the next night or two." The chocolate finally gets popped into his mouth, "You gotta let it get soft and silky to taste it all, if its the real thing."

Another small pause, and he finally explains, "Wasn't quite as fast in dogfighting as my friends in the games we played. But when you started talking about naval tactics and strategy? I was hooked. I think I had enough miniatures in my room to replay all 12 years of the Cylon war without reusing anything." Then a wry smirk, "Might be why I didn't date much, now that I think of it."

That last earns a laugh from Afton and a sigh. She muses in silence for a time before she moves her legs so she can stretch them out and not bump into him or invade his area. "I see, well to each his own, I suppose. I mean, I guess I can't scrutinize your original interests…its like throwing stones. How we ended up here is rather interesting, but I believe we all end up where we are supposed to be for a reason. I suppose we will find that reason out eventually." She turns those beads about on her wrist before regarding the Major. "So despite the bad com array stationing, you enjoy what you do for the most part."

Petra mmhmms softly, closing his eyes as he savors the second piece of chocolate, "Actually, once I got my JG bars and got off of the Array, they assigned me to Seventh Fleet Anchorage, and I put in for and got a transfer to Tactical instead. Intelligence was good work, but I could see where that was going, and a desk at a base or on planet was so much NOT what I wanted. I wanted to be on a Battlestar. Mapping out the patrol routes, orchestrating the fleet movements to outmaneuver the enemy, and when we weren't at war, keeping the place running like a well-oiled machine. I don't know that I really envy the Admiral or the Commander. I'm not so much the 'likes to give orders' kind of guy. I just like to see it WORK. And I enjoy the hell out of it when it does."

"Good, I hate to see anyone dispondent in their position. Makes them dangerous…they make mistakes then." But then Afton is gazing back out the viewport, her head on her hand as she leans into the arm of the couch. "Sounds like you were made for this position, and to think, you are only a Junior. Seems strange to me sir…" But something seems to forumlating at the back of her head apparently because she is pushing up and dragging her own blanket with her. "I need to actually crash on my bunk and not here on the obs deck where the crew can see." She winds the fleece up and eyes the one she gave him and motions for him to keep it. "Have the chocolate too. Enjoy your time of relaxation."

Petra rolls his shoulder and smiles, refocusing his gaze to look at his face, "Things come in time. If TACCO doesnt do his job or moves on, then maybe I have a promotion coming. If not, I'm still doing what I like right now, so nothing to stress over, and the Admiral and the Commander are good people to report to." He sits up a little when she makes as if to leave, and offers a warmer, friendlier smile, "Thank you, for the chocolate and the blanket. Maybe I'll catch up with you tomorrow at Medical. If I don't…be safe, Petty Officer."

Slipping her feet into sandals, Afton nods her head, gathering up her book. "Time will tell, but its easy to see you are going places, sir." The PJ presses her items in her arms to her chest and she smiles a bit more. "You are quite welcome. Now you will have to come to medical, to drop that blanket off." She observes and then, with a sly wink, she slips for the exit. "See you soon, sir." The parting is called back over her shoulder before she disappears.

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