AWD #012: Observations at Twenty Twenty-Three
Observations at Twenty-Two Twenty-Three
Summary: Lazy night on the Obs Deck. Paperwork! Trashy novels! Questionable grooming choices! And so on.
Date: 17/01/2013 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: Not a Mohawk for the haircut. Umm…maybe others but I can't think of them.
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Observation Deck — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.

With a stack of charts balanced alongside her on one of the couches, Dr. Nadir is making notes in a brisk manner, the tip of the ball point pen working swiftly over the paper clipped to the chart she's currently working on. The view, spectacular though it is, doesn't appear to draw much of the doctor's attention though the other chairs and couches are populated by those who are taking advantage of the view.

Soon enough the doctor, and any others enjoying the view, are joined by the dog platoon's sergeant. Hands holding a deck of cards and shuffling them a bit, being in his off duty clothes and tries to pass by as casually as possible, with a few words here and there if anyone speaks to him. Stone finds his place to sit close to where the doctor is and puts the cards away as he look over to enjoy the view as well before looking to the doctor. "Doctor." He offers with a small hint of a smile and a nod. Studying her with his eyes. Any off details, as does he with her charts. Eyes always moving. "What are you working on?"

Phin is among those enjoying the view, a little ways off from Samtara. He's stretched out on one of the couches, pair of earbuds in, looking out at the stars. And the planet below. Faint sound comes through them, so he cranes his neck up to look over toward Stone as the Marine enters.

Dr. Nadir finishes the sentence she's writing as she answers the Gunnery Sergeant's question: "Post-op notes," she explains, the pen pausing above the paper as she unravels part of the procedure from memory then jots down the necessary details in sparse, terse, surgical short hand. "Not enough hours in the day, but it still has to be done." It's only when she reaches the end of the next sentence, glancing up at the Marine as she finishes writing in the top chart and closes it to reach for the next one down.

Stone ahs and nods. "Well, that is true. I am sure that it looks quite professional then." His tone a bit in between casually playful and just common factly spoken words. Letting his eyes continue their scan. Even small things as a hair not being in place, if that would be the case. Not that he would pay it too long of a look, but it is still counted down. "I do hope that you have tried to relax as well." Seeing as he is off duty and trying to relax himself.

Ygraine arrives from the Fore Corridor.

Phin pops his earbuds out, rubbing at his eyes and sitting up straighter when the Marine has paused to talk to the doctor. Like something just came to mind. He's not far from them, so he doesn't have to do much more than twist some over the edge of his sofa to face them. "Excuse me…sirs?" It's a guess. He's also in off-duties, so it's hard to tell what rank he should be sporting. "Either of you know what time it is?" Phin's lounging on a sofa with a decent view of the window, not near where Samtara is working on some papers. She's just been approached by Stone.

Dr. Nadir turns her wrist and glances at the face of the watch that's riding the inside of her wrist, "2022," she replies promptly, "and a few seconds," added because it's important to be precise. "not enough to qualify as being nearly 2023, though it is now, to be fair," she qualifies with a wry touch of a smile. She glances back at Stone as she adds, "It doesn't matter, technically, where I get the charting done so much that it gets done. You were asking that, my apologies." There's a brief pause, she seems to consider his remark, which isn't exactly a question, but nods. "I suppose. You?"

Ygraine comes into the obs deck, casting her eyes here and there in search of someone…whom she inevitably spots. When she sees Phin, her big blue eyes go impossibly wider, and there's a soft, "Nooooooooo." She pitterpats over to Phin, clambering onto the couch, and sort of semi-onto him, but not with amorous intentions. Her hands are going to his head. "Phinny, what did you do?!" she asks in dismay that is near melodrama. And then the lip wobbling begins.

Stone looks over to Phin with a raised brow, hearing the doctor ansr him and a small smirk showing on his own lips. "Indeed, somewhere near 2023, now, should be rather correct." Eyes shifting over towards the doctor than. "Ah, well that is right I suppose." Nodding his agreement at that and hearing another voice and he does glance over but only briefly before turning to the doctor to answer her last words. "Ah, all well. I have my cards." He says and does pat the deck that he had put away moments ago. Then he does look to the interaction between the other two. Even noting that wobbling of the lip. "I take it you know each other." He says to them before looking to the doc. "Although there is always the need to be ready I suppose." Going back into his previous conversation and a small grin showing.

"Twenty twenty-three?" Phin frowns. "Must have fallen asleep for awhile. Uh, thanks, sir. I…" But whatever he's going to say is forestalled by Ygraine's entrance. And semi-jumping of him. "Whoa." He starts to reply but, after a second, flashes a crooked smirk at her. Blue eyes brightening. "Phinny? I should be insulted, sweetheart." He tries to sound all smooth and confident. And like her wobbling lip doesn't bother him at all. A look at Stone. "Sort of. She's a friend of my doofus little brother."

Dr. Nadir lifts her head slightly to track the path of the young woman who possesses a touch of melodramatic flair as she joins the young man who'd inquired after the time. "Precision is important," she muses again aloud, that faint touch of a smile again tugging at her lips. "Friends. Phinny?" she makes the name, or nick name, a bit of a question, humor evident in her tone of voice.

"Yes." He says to Phin's first words. "I suppose that you did. Happens to most, at some point." He says in a light tone. Letting the two talk a bit as he listens to Sam. Nodding. "I guess, at least attention is important." When finally Phin does address him again, he nods. "I understand. Well, you both seem close. So I do take it that you have known each other for a while." Though there is a grin at Nadir's question. "Perhaps everyone calls him Phinny?" He says in an attempt at a tease. ""

Ygraine mugs him a look, like really? and then pinches him right on the tattoo. "Gotta do better than that to fool me." she scolds him, still more or less seated on him with casual familiarity. She apparently doesn't have much in the way of personal boundaries, at least with some people. "I call him Phinny. His callsign's Dolly." She reaches out and pokes his ribs. "How could you do this to your hair? Girls like to have hair to hang onto you know, that's part of the allure. Did Bear talk you into this? Of course he did. Pfft."

"Yes." He says to Phin's first words. "I suppose that you did. Happens to most, at some point." He says in a light tone. Letting the two talk a bit as he listens to Sam. Nodding. "I guess, at least attention is important." When finally Phin does address him again, he nods. "I understand. Well, you both seem close. So I do take it that you have known each other for a while." Though there is a grin at Nadir's question. "Perhaps everyone calls him Phinny?" He says in an attempt at a tease. Then just listening to Ygraine with a grin, though of course having to say something. "Well, Dolly does sound cute for a pilot." He says with a grin and a shrug. Shaking his head a bit at the familiarity between the two. "Hey, that hair is alright." Coming from someeone with rather short hair himself.

Phin's face falls, and turns rather red when she pinches the very visible script tatt on his right forearm. "Oh. Uh. Yeah. We have matching ones? Phin didn't tell you?" But he has stopped actually trying. He smirks. "It fooled you for a second? Admit it?" He's not very hopeful. He doesn't seem to mind the lack of personal boundaries, from her at least. "And I don't think it looks that bad. It's still not quite as short as his, and I can kind of gel it into spikes. Chicks dig spikes?" It's not said with a ton of confidence. The Marine's observation about his callsign's cuteness makes him snort. "My name's Phin, you see. Doll-Phin. Like the fish." If he keeps telling enough people this, eventually he'll run into someone who believes it. "I've got a brother in the CMC unit aboard ship. We figured we should match."

"Ah, identical genome structure," Dr. Nadir says with a slow shake of her head, studying Phin for a thoughtful moment. "All manner of intriguing studies have involved twins over the years, you must get asked all kinds of stupid questions," she adds as she closes the lid on the chart she's working on, absently clicking the pen she's holding in her left hand before tucking it into the pocket at her side. "And I'm sure they do. Long hair on a man tends to look a trifle.. well, stupid. But that's my take."

Ygraine reaches out and brushes her hand over the blunt ends of Phin's now standing up hair. It does have a certain appeal. "There's no wrong haircut for you." she tells him. "Which does not make this any less a travesty, but you're gorgeous no matter what and you totally know it." she makes another pfft at his lack of confidence, shifts around so that he's a much better situated as a body pillow. "Hi." she says to the other pair, and then, "Oh, no no. Not long. Long is stupid, like a grocery store romance novel cover." Which she never ever reads. Ever. "But you know, just long enough to grab, or run your fingers through. That's nice."

"Dolly, Phin then? Still sounds like a cute dolphin in such case." Stone tells him. Nodding a bit and thinks do seem to make sense now, since he did think that he had him in his platoon. He wasn't fully wrong. "Your brother is in my platoon." He explains. Studying the doctor and her pen as she speaks. Perhaps even counting the times she clicks it. "I suppose that could be true, I've never had long hair so I wouldn't know." He grins at the compliment to Phin from his friend. "Ah, well. I suppose that is less in the way." He shrugs a bit, perhaps just wanting to say something. "As long as it isn't hindering anything then I find it dealable."

Phin leans comfortably against Ygraine, slouching down on the couch. "It didn't look stupid!" he defends himself to Samtara. "And it wasn't 'long.' Just…longer. It was totally within the letter of the Navy grooming standard. I checked." If perhaps not the spirit of said standard. He idly runs a hand over the top of his shorter locks, crooking a grin at the ECO. "Even if I look like a meathead? Thanks, Yggs." His grin widens when Samtara mentions identical genomes. "Everything but our finger prints, sir." He holds up an open palm. "And, well. Ink and stuff, but we weren't born with that." A nod to Stone. "Right. Sergeant McBride, heavy weapons in Dog."

They make quite the pair, the pilot and the DCO. Beauty and the beast. Though if anyone else called Ceres beast, Augie'd slug them. Cough. Anyway, with her left hand still bandaged and his right arm back in bandages, they at least have bookend injuries so they can link their non-injured hands together as they walk into the observation center, though Augustus seems to be leading them. He tries again to peer over the pilot's shoulder to see what she's looking at. "You've been lookin at that since ya agreed to go out with me tonight. What's so interestin?"

"So not 'Dolly' like that cart used when moving boxes and such," Dr. Nadir asks, clarifying the nick name so that it makes some sort of sense to her. "Though its the same word, syntax and sound wise," she muses, another click of the pen, even though she'd tucked it into her pocket, then consciously takes her hand away from the pen so as to stop messing with it. "We're discussing the length of hair, which seems to me to be a odd conversation, yet the root of the topic is somewhat logical. Hmm. I never seem to have conversations like this in sick bay."

Dressed down out of her fatigues into sweats and tanks, Ceres doesn't look up from her book, making that walk to the obs deck unnaturally long and interesting. But someone they got her, likely because of her seeing eye bulldog who is leading. His question is lost on her as she keeps the book cradled in the crook of her elbow, open so that she can peer through it. "Hmmmm?" Okay, so she did hear him but only vaguely. "I am sorry, I was at an interesting part..what did you ask?"

"You do look like a meathead, but an adorable one." Ygraine assures the viper pilot. "Hi, Redux! Hey Augie!" Ygraine is cuddled up with Phin. It seems friendly affection rather than amorous, and she notes to Nadir with seeming solmenity, "We have awesome conversations like this all the time in Air Wing land."

Phin can't help but chuckle a little at Samtara. "Root of the topic?" It's not a big laugh, but he appreciates a random pun. "That works, too. I could be a rolling cart. They're useful." Another chuckle, this one snorted, at Ygraine. "We don't just talk about hair. Some entirely serious, intellectual conversation happen." He does not get specific about what they are. Ceres and Augie's entrance saves him from having to grasp for an example, anyhow. He leans up, just a little. "Yo, Redux. El-Tee."

"Ya know, this is turning into a one-sided affair." Augie teases Ceres as she fially pays attention to his question. "'ey, Shakes." he offers to Ygraine as he tries to find their own couch to settle in on. And of course, he repeats the question. "I asked what yer readin', darlin'." he points out to her. A nod to Phin and a peer. "Ya get into a fight with the intakes of a Viper and lose yer mop?" he asks the Viper jockey as he finally finds a place to claim.

"Meathead," Dr. Nadir wonders, "is that in the same category as Jarhead?" she asks, glancing from Phin to Ygraine and back around to Stone again. "Jargon slang and terminology ought to have their own hand book," she notes even as she angles a glance and a nod towards Augie and = if she guesses correctly - the woman that Phin calls 'Redux', but she could be wrong.

Ygraine shifts so that she puts her arm around Phin, only so she can put her fingers in his hair and start giving him a scalp massage. "Don't pick on him." she chides Augie. "I think he looks awesome." Because only she's allowed to pick on him. Yeah, right.

Augie broke through the mental wall that she had for her book and now Ceres gazes to the others as she clsoes the book. "Hello!" SHe seems in a good mood. That bandaged left hand helps to carefully guide the closed book up under her arms. "What is this about 'heads'?" She asks and then slips down onto the couch with Phin and Ygraine, pulling Augie down to join as well. A bit crammed.

"Hi Doctor Sammy." Augie offers as he's pulled down onto the couch and makes sure to sit first so he can pull Ceres closer to his lap. Why? Because his wounded arm reaches around and tries to snag the book from the crook of Ceres' arm, and try to get a peek at a passage so he can answer that damn question she won't answer.

Looking back and forth between all of those arriving and he seems to have lost focus on things and it is perhaps easiest to noticed by the fact that he isn't speaking much. Greeting those that arrive with bow of his head. Then he does shrug at the meathead/jarhead. "I do think that they could fill the same category. Then again, I am uncertain how correct it is." He tells them with a bit of a shrug before sighing and rising to his feet. "I do apologize to you all. But I think my head is a bit clouded. Though I do think that your pressing of that pen was rather mesmerising." He tells the doctor with a small smirk. "Around ninety six clicks?" He asks in a rhetorical question before he bows and will try to take his leave. Grinning a bit at Ceres and Augie.

Phin gives Ygraine a quick wink. "See?" He rolls his head back so he's sort of facing it toward Augie. "Looks good." He adds, "Been meaning to do it for awhile. My brother and I figured it'd be fun to match again. I've just got to remember to wear sleeves." Whatever that means. He scoots a little as Augie and Ceres join the sofa. Not that there's much room to scoot. To Samtara he replies, "Marines'd probably be offended if I called myself a Jarhead. I know what you mean. I used to try and write down all the acronyms. Still can't keep all of them straight."

DCO lap, thats what she gets when Ceres tries to find some wiggle room for herself. Though his sudden arm movement causes her to gasp and she tries to save the book. Her injured hand is no good. "Hey!" Is her quick quip. She tries to drag it back towards her before he can read it. She frowns some, "Not fair Augustus!"

"Actually it was about hair, or the lack thereof, or - more accurately - about the length of hair that Phin," Dr. Nadir gestures with one hand toward Phin, "is now, and also not, sporting," she explains. "Hair cut apparently to match his twin, though there's also something about ink - I presume to mean tattoos - and by sleeves, he either means long or he's going to get tattoo sleeves. Is that within the Navy regs?" she wonders before glancing at Stone then finds the pen in her left hand again before she nods at Stone, "Yeah, probably so, ninety six sounds about right, you counted?" she inquires of the marine before her attention shifts back towards Augie. "Ahh, Mister Stitches, how's the arm? Pull any of them yet?" is wondered.

There is one last nod to the doctor from Stone before he will take his leave. "I did indeed." Nodding to anyone else as well. Then he and his cards will vanish for now.

Augie has this thing called height. He stretches out his arm where Ceres can't grab it and flips the book open at the bookmark, and peers at the words, as he reads them allowed, "'Well done.' He quietly growled in her ear. He straddled the bench beside her and as his sultry heat left her back she began to think whatever trance she had been in was over now. Maybe she'd had him under her spell because the way she had played seemed like magic. Slowly she turned to face him and she saw a new emotion dancing behind his eyes. Perhaps excitment? She didn't have time to wonder long as he pulled her toward him interlocking their legs and captured her lips. It was the same warmth she had felt on her neck but now it spead out from her lips to the rest of her tingling body."

He pauses for a moment, looking at the woman in his lap. "No wonder we ain't frakkin and ya just want to cuddle, yer already spent up on this mess!" he teases her and continues, "His long fingers that she had admired for months carefully slid up the back of her satin blouse and pressed her ever closer to him. He kissed her hard and teased her tongue until she could feel all the bottled up emotions she had fought with all this time wash over her like a boiling wave. He gave and she took then recipricated in turn touching and tasting each other until they had to take a moment to breath. Forehead to forehead with their lips only an inch apart they sat breathing hard in the calm before the storm. Elaina's mind was racing there was so much she wanted to say, so much she wanted to do."

He just finds himself staring at Ceres. His calm, cool, collected girfriend.. reads this stuff. "Aphrodite's tits, Ducks, where's the frakkin' pictures in this thing?" A toothy grin towards Samtara. "Naw, not today.." he says, still looking between book and girlfriend.

Ceres doesn't struggle too much to capture her book, not at all, not until Augie starts to read it out loud. "NO!" She calls out and tries to grab it and fails, whiffing her hand through the air to try to drag it away. "Oh Gods…" her cheeks starts to darken at a furious rate as she stares at the book, him and then the floor. OTHER PEOPLE! The Captain clears her throat and tries again when he makes a comment, growling. "Augustus Garrido!" She hisses at him and then he continues! If her eyes could bug out even more, they would. In fact Redux looks about fit to be tied. The comment about pictures finally brings a comment, "Its meant for people who can read…." Which he obviously can do. She takes her good hand balls it into a fist to slug him moderately in the stomach.

"I mean long sleeves," Phin replies to Samtara. "I'm…not sure how tattoo sleeves would work. Might look interesting, though…" Then he trails off, for Augie's dramatic reading. He doesn't start snickering until a third of the way through, which took some restraint. "Do girls seriously get off on that stuff?" he asks Ygraine, through sniggering.

Ygraine continues to rub Phin's scalp, even if he is completely unappreciative because he's a goober! And also, she shrugs. "Hey, some girls dig the language and trying to imagine it all when they're flicking the bean. How is it any worse than you wacking off to a girl in the bottom half of a bikini and combat boots in a skin mag?"

"Not today?" Dr. Nadir asks, torn between amusement and.. more amusement, actually. "Hm, the set that run along the curve of your elbow?" is asked in return, starting to straighten the stack of charts as she speaks.

Augie starts laughing long and hard, using his good arm to keep Ceres moderatedly in check, at least until she gutchecks him and he oofs, the book tumbling from his hand and falls into Ygraine's lap. He gives Ceres a devil may care smile and kisses her cheek, a quick murmur to her as Samtara isn't really ignored — just avoided. No no, the stitches were tended to, really!

The book lands elsewhere and Ceres lets out a sigh as she gives Ygraine a pleading look, her hand extending. She shoots Dolly a narrowing of her eyes. "Really Augustus.." She murmurs faintly and then shifts on his lap as she tries to get comfortable and restore some dignity. Whatever he whispers causes her to go still and she says out loud, "Wouldn't you like to know." SHe intones and then looks to the book that now is Ygraine's property. "Keep it.." She says and then adds, "Its a good read. "

"There are pictures?" Phin defends skin mags. Sort of. "It's more…visual." He at least laughs again, partially at the ridiculousness of the distinction. He has no complaints about getting a scalp massage, eyes half-closing lazily. Though they do shift down to the book when it lands nearby, eyeing it with raised eyebrows. The cover in particular.

"Ooh, thanks!" Yggy says unabashedly to Ceres. "Do you want me to read you sections for educational purposes?" Yggy teases Phin, and then notes belatedly, "Oh hey, what was the name of that marine who just walked out? He had him some guns on him. I think I might need to corner him and do terrible, terrible things." Beaming smile.

"Guys just don't wanna think when their pumping the shotgun." Augustus says neutrally as he smirks at Ceres, "Yeah, I would like ta know." he says with a chuckle as he settles back down with Ceres, giving her back her slightly bruised ego. But Ygraine's comment brings yet another chuckle.

Dr. Nadir looks amused as she scoops up the charts and tucks them in a neat stack against her side. "Your skin, Lieutenant, and your scar tissue. Healing is as much the responsibility of the patient as the medical personnel offering it." Charts balanced with one hand Dr. Nadir gives a nod - in general - to those piled onto the couch. "Enjoy the remainder of your day, everyone," she offers before taking her bearings and heads out of the room.

Samtara leaves, heading toward the Fore Corridor [FC].

"Good day, Doctor." Ceres says and then gives Augie a look. "Well you can just keep guessing what I do with that book, but given I was walking next to you, I think that might make it difficult to do anything of that sort." She smikrs over at Ygraine and laughs as Dolly now is offered some time learning from the pages of the novel.

"Stone? I think?" As to the name of the departed Marine. Phin doesn't sound at all sure, but it sounds like it could be right. "Said he was Bear's platoon sergeant. I think that's right." As for the book, he snorts. "Like I need education. It's probably just thesaurus overload and a lot of descriptions of ripping lace, anyway." Though he can't help but sound sort of curious. "Might be good for a laugh some night."

Augie does think about it for a moment, then realization hits, and his cheeks tinge for a moment. "Right." he murmurs, and then glances up. "A Gunny Sergeant, met him a few days back. I think the frat rules still exist fer rank there, Yggy."

"Stone. Good to know." says Yggy, grinning her predator grin. Then, innocently to Augie, "Doesn't count if I'm on top." She's joking, right? "Besides, I'd be happy if he just walked around shirtless a lot."

Ceres coughs and can not help but look pleased at Augie's discomfort. Score for her. She beams and considers that before she glances over at Yggy. THat brings a sharp laugh and the Captain tsks. "Careful Ensign, but yes, there are a few men around here that should not wear the DCAG. And Dolly here." She grins at the two youngens. "Got a rather nice looking young man there already cuddling with you. Take a good thing while you go it." Redux, Dolly's new wingmate.

Phin snorts, and just dissolves into chuckles. "That'll be an awesome defense at the review board, Yggs." He clears his throat and affects a high-pitched voice that doesn't really sound like her at all. "'Officers, I was totally maintaining my superior position at all times.'" Ceres gets a crooked grin. "What can I say? I work out."

Ygraine pats Phin's belly. She's awfully handsy with him, while talking about banging an enlisted. "Oh naw, Redux. We're just friends. I offered to frak him during Academy, but he has hangups about ruining our friendship. Men are emotional." Cue eyeroll.

"Maybe I should start talkin about gals I want to see around shirtless." Augie comments with a smirk as he curls in with Ceres a little more, settling his hands over her stomach. He doesn't comment on the whole frakking offer thing. Not his place.

The back of her hand lifts to press to her mouth as she bites her lip and gives Dolly another look. A nod is offered him in understanding. "Don't want to lose that one, he's good. Friends is likely best." Is that a fond look. Maybe! Redux however shifts as Augie does and glances to him, a quirk of her brow as she reads his body language. There is an amused smile that slowly spreads as she takes a moment to press her cheek to his temple and pats one of his hands. "Ah well…perhaps you could get that Gunny to go swimming with you."

"We all share a Head, El-Tee. Kind of loses its glamour after awhile. Mostly." Phin laughs some more while Ygraine is handsing his belly. Because…that tickles. "I was…hey!" He recovers, somewhat. "It would've gotten weird." A half-grin at Ceres, for that. "It never doesn't get weird. If I'd frakked this up, who'd defend my hair to people?"

Augie grunts as he realizes that Ceres is giving him hell now. The large DCO shufts again and twines his fingers with hers. "It only gets weird if ya want it to. Sometimes ya try fer no strings.. and ya end up with a whole mess of them. Just depends on how it plays out. Sometime ya think ya want no strings.. and you end up with strings, and find yerself even happier."

"See? Men are silly." Yggy nods solemnly at this.

"Hair…" Ceres can't help but let out a clipped laugh. "Right….oh goodness. Strings again.." They failed that..horribly. Both of them. "I have him one, then he wanted two and now we …well I lost count." She admits and then looks at the two younger pilots. A soft sigh, "Now he follows me around like a puppy dog." She's really enjoying giving him hell obviously.

"I don't think I'd be good at the whole strings thing," Phin says. "Like I told you awhile ago, El-Tee. I never did learn to play the guitar." To Ygraine, he snorts. "Your face is silly," he retorts, super-maturely, reaching a hand over to try and beep her nose.

"Ya just have to tell me to stop if ya want me to stop followin ya, Ceres." Augie responds and grins over at Phin. "Yeah, well, sometimes ya just find a song ya like and you just want to keep playin it, you know? Until you make it perfect."

"No, your face." Ygraine replies, going cross-eyed as she watches the incoming bop to her nose. Watching Augie and Ceres, she mugs a stage whisper at Phin. "This is old people lurv!"

"Yes, its old people lurv, which means these two old people are going to take a walk. Enjoy that book and share it with each other." A wink is offered before she rises from Augie's lap. "AUgustus, would you walk me to the mess hall so I can get some prunes." Redux' humor is overflowing today. Strange yet likely due to pain meds. "Behave yourselves, Ensigns." She warns in jest before she reaches out with her good hand for the el-Tee.

Phin laughs, though he doesn't indulge in any teasing of Ceres and Augie, himself. "I do my best, Redux. I'll see you later. I'd still like you to take a look at my gun cam tapes if you've got the time."

"Sure, I need to get some fiber anyway." Augie says, accepting Ceres' hand to get to his feet, as he settles back with her. "Just make sure ya don't keep a tally, Phin. Gals don't like bein reminded of their past when they finally get their shit together." And with that, he's off the couch, and nods to Phin. "I'll make sure to give her some time to see those."

Ygraine sticks her tongue out at Augie, clearly deeming it the appropriate response to his commentary. "Cheers, Redux." she says, doing a little salute.

Ceres leaves, heading toward the Fore Corridor [FC].
Augie leaves, heading toward the Fore Corridor [FC].

Phin tilts his head back briefly to watch Augie and Ceres go, before slumping it back comfortably against Ygraine's shoulder. He yawns, but does not seem in any terrible hurry to get up. "Seems like she's doing better. Redux, I mean."

"Yeah. Looks like Augie's good for her." Ygraine comments. "He gave me a fighting lesson the other day. Was real good about it, except the part where he almost gave me a concussion. Big goober." She chuckles, and obviously didn't get injured, so she must be okay.

"Yeah, he seems like a cool guy," Phin says. "Under all the gruff but…I get that. Guy came up near the Shipyards. Don't build 'em easy. Anyway. Good for her. She seemed pretty messed up after Talkshow bought it."

"How are you?" she asks suddenly. She knows he lost his mother, presumably - even if he doesn't talk about her all that much. And the question is open-ended enough that he can interpret it however he likes.

"I'm…" Phin starts with a glib answer that he doesn't actually finish. Open-ended or not, he can't pretend he doesn't know what she means. "…I don't know. I keep thinking about stuff from home. I don't really know what to do with any of it yet. There's plenty to keep us all busy, at least. And, I mean, it's frakked for everybody right now." Which he sort of seems to regret saying after he's said it. "How're you?"

"Hopeful." she admits. "Which is probably stupid of me, but I guess I'm built for stupid. I know we won't go to Leonis tomorrow, or even next week. Maybe not even in a month. But I'm hopeful." There's a pause. "Don't be mad?" Like she thinks he would be angry at her for the possibility that some of her family is alive.

Bennett arrives from the Fore Corridor.

Phin smiles at that. "You're not stupid, Yggs. You just see the best side in…everything." He clearly does not understand this, but he sounds like he envies it a little. The last part of that just makes him look puzzled. "What would I be mad about? I'm used to the whole Miss Sunshine thing by now, I promise."

Ygraine and Phin are curled up on a couch together, snuggled up like a pair of puppies. Of course, anyone knowing the pair of them are a) pretty tight, and b) pretty platonic. So no making out on the obs deck! "I don't know. I feel like…if I talk about them being alive, and so many other people don't have that hope, it's like I'm being greedy." she admits to him, frowning a little bit.

Bennett slips onto the observation deck quietly, as she is wont to do. She's in her fatigues and an old hooded sweatshirt which reads in faded lettering across the front: THE BLUE TREE PUB. Spotting the pair entwined together, she pauses a moment to brush at her eyes with her sleeve, takes a steadying breath, and continues toward the window. "Evening, you two," is offered softly in passing. "Don't you both have first shift in the morning?" She really probably has no clue when Phin's next shift is.

Siska arrives from the Fore Corridor.

"Now you're being an idiot," Phin says, mussing with her hair playfully. More seriously. "I hope your mom and your brothers and everybody's OK. I meant what I said. They're really good people. They were always way nicer to me than I expected. If anybody deserves it…I mean, most people on this ship, their families are just gone, but I've still got my brother. Which is pretty lucky, if you think about it. Anyway. We'll look for them when we go back to Leonis." Not that he has any idea if they're going back, but he manages to sound confident about it. Bennett's voice makes him roll his head up a notch, though he doesn't move much. "Oh. Hey, Butch." As for his shift. "I'm just on Alert Five tomorrow but…yeah. Today was quiet, at least." He speculates not about tomorrow.

Ygraine lets out a laugh, "Yeah, yeah. I know it may take awhile. It's okay. They can hold out." She looks over at Bennett. "Do you have early AM tomorrow?" she asks with a grin. She's curled up on a couch with Phin, but does let out a yawn. "Hokay. Maybe I should get some rack time."

Bennett produces a smoke — one of her esoteric cloves, naturally — from a pack in her fatigues and proceeds to light it while Phin speaks. Her lips curve into a smile around the cancer stick. "Oh, for some of us, I guess." The smile looks weary, and she promptly sinks into a couch nearby with a long, soft sigh. Her legs are crossed loosely at the ankles. "Sweet dreams," she murmurs toward the imminently departing Ygraine, fingers wiggled in a 'good night'.

"Yeah. Right. They can hold out." Phin's words lack the conviction of Ygraine's, but he at least sounds like he hopes it's true. He uncurls himself from Ygraine into a sitting position, then properly stands. "Yeah. About time. They would probably brig my ass if I fell asleep in my Viper. Later, sir." The latter to the smoking Major.

Siska got in a few moments before the ECO and pilot arrived, but dozed off. A file he was reading lies on the floor just in front the couch he currently nests in.

Bennett shifts her head slightly to bid Phin a farewell, too, and an anemic little smile that just might be borne of insomnia. "Night, doll," she teases him gently, taking another pull of her smoke. And spotting the magazine on the floor. Hmmm. She cranes her neck slightly to try to get a glimpse of the title.

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