PWD #36: Observation
Summary: A JTACCO and PJ talk about the recent Reese Recon and assumptions.
Date: 30/11/2012
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Afton Petra 
Observation Deck
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.
November 30, 2004 (PWD #36)

Petra has just, no really, JUST gotten back on board the ship. The Ensign that was with them on the Raptor sort of vanished rather quickly, leaving Petra sort of having to hunt the man down to ask a few questions, before he goes upstairs to talk to the Old Man about What The Holy Hell Just Happened - hich has led him to the Observation Deck, on the offhand chance that the man came up here to chill out for a moment. His sort-of-fast walk slows down once he actually steps into the room, something flickering across his face as he eyes the front glass, seeing something else there in his mind.

Dressed in her tanks, Afton is actually posted near the glass looking out, her arms crossed and that messy braid trailing down her back. There are a few others taking part of the deck. Her hand lifts to brush at her shoulder, warming it with the press of her palm. The movement caught just out of the corner of her eye has her turning to take note of the somewhat hurried look of the newest arrival. Her head tilts and after a moment she offers him a smile. "You missed it, I believe the ship just came back in from the recon run." She offers.

There's a moment of hesitation from Petra at the greeting, his attention and gaze drawn over to Afton, looking her over for an extra second or two, before he finally seems to relax. Taking in a slow, deep breath and letting it go, he starts for the glass, vaguely in her direction, "No…I didn't miss it. I was on it. You didn't see an Ensign run in here just a few moments ahead of me, did you?"

That tidbit of information causes her attention to sharpen on Petra, head tilting some. "No, no one but you since the recon returned, sir.." Afton follows his movement with her eyes and she clears her throat. "Might I ask what you saw?" She queries lightly, her arms remaining crossed against her middle as she shifts on her feet. "I am hoping some signs of life." A smile curls just the edge of her lips. Her attention drifts back out towards the ship, floating not but thirsty kilometers away.

Petra shifts his gaze to look out the glass again, off at the drifting flak frigate, and doesn't immediately answer the question posed. Maybe he's mentally editing himself, but when he reaches out for the railing, a soft sigh escapes him, "We couldn't raise them. No signs of activity. But we did see…" He chews on his lower lip, turning around to look at the floor around him, then back up to the glass, "Apparently something happened on their Observation Deck. We couldn't see very well, but it looked like someone had shot themselves."

Petra becomes her focus, all the little changes in his stance, the pauses. But it is his words that bring a reaction; a tightening around her eyes and a tension to her jaw. Fingers curl, tightening upon her arms. "It /looked/ or it was certain?" SHe wets her lips, now stepping closer to the glass to get a better look at the drifting hunk of metal. Wetting her lips, "It's going to get busy.." That observation is said mostly for herself as she seems to be calculating, mulling over his news.

Petra shakes his head slowly, "Can't be certain. Couldn't take a closer look, and we had to get back to the Orion. Until we can get the Marines to board and take a closer look, wont know if it was an isolated suicide, or if there was an armed mutiny on board." he scowls a little when mentioning the mutiny…something that hasn't been reported on a ship of the line in, well, ever? "It..yes. Might get busy. I'm sorry, I know I've run into you before, but you're in Medical, right?" Finally, he turns to face her more directly, tilting his head to look Afton over.

"A mutiny…but with no answer. Someone should be alive still," Afton says back, rubbing at her neck. A nod of her head is given, " a roundabout way." Finally she turns to him and reaches out her hand in greeting, "Petty Officer Second Class Afton St. James, pararescue. As you say, the marines will be heading over and I will likely be with them." She offers a faint smile. The handshake is firm, brief and quickly over. "I suppose I likely should head back to my bunk and start getting ready." Her gaze flickers back to the sip outside.

Petra nods slowly at the greeting, taking the offered hand to grasp for a moment, "Major Marcus Petra, Tactical. I was hoping to find the Ensign and ask him a few questions first, but I am on my way to speak to the Admiral and find out from the CIC what we should be doing. The raptor I was on had no combat crew or weapons, so landing under those circumstances was not advisable. I'm sure the Admiral will be addressing the crew soon, though. Don't let me keep you if you were about to head back to your bunk."

"Probably better you didn't have anything on that bird to give you reason to land. One bird with full passengers would never be enough for a frigate that size. I still do not like that there is complete radio silence." Afton works her fingers back down her arm, as if dispelling a cool shiver along her skin. "You aren't keeping me, I tend to be a prepper and it doesn't always help. Better to wait to hear what is expected than to assume. It's a pleasure to meet you, sir. Though perhaps it would have been better under different circumstances." That full smile comes out now, spreading across her features.

Petra muses that point for a moment, a faint smile touching his face as he nods, "Perhaps so. I have a feeling that…better circumstances are going to be a while coming, after today, but I'll keep my hopes up. I think I'm due to go down to Medical this week and get my arm stuck with vaccines anyway, so if you spend any time with that medical team, Im sure I'll run into you again soon. Otherwise, if you head over with the Marines before then, just be careful. We don't know anything right now, and I don't like not knowing anything."

"Oh yes, I tend to spend a lot of time in medical. It's like a second home already." Afton taps a finger to her arm to indicate shots. "Don't be late for those." A solemn nod is given, "We are agreed there. I like to be as informed as I can be to a situation, but then sometimes that is the reason we are sent in to begin with, the lack of knowledge." She rolls her shoulders, unsettling that braid before she gives another look towards the frigate. "I am sure we will know soon either way. Besides, I am /always/ careful, sir."

Petra lingers there for a moment longer, glancing back out towards the Reese as well to mirror her own look. Finally, he nods once and murmurs, "A good plan then. I will be very unhappy if I do not get a chance to share a cup of coffee at some later time, Petty Officer." He smiles briefly at that, then turns to head back off of the Observation Deck, back the way he came in.

"I will hold you to that, sir." Afton replies easily, trying to lighten the mood with events unfolding as they are. She nods her head to him and remains where she is, giving the frigate another long assessing look as he makes his departure of the observation deck. It is only after a few long moments that she turns to watch him go, a thoughtful expression on her face before she draws a long breath and then takes her own leave.

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