AWD #098: Obs Deck Observations
Obs Deck Observations
Summary: Nothing specific, everything in general
Date: 15/April/2013 (OOC Date)
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Observation Deck
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AWD #98

The Observation deck is empty this time of day. Since he's in here by himself, Nicodemus has lowered the light levels, so that the light of the stars, nearby ships and planet are the only illumination. Sitting on the floor in the corner, he is gently fingerpicking a soft, quiet old Picon song on an acoustic guitar that has clearly seen better days. He's not singing, just playing.

Scene set: Romance. When Maia walks in and notices the dim lights, at first she thinks she somehow came to the wrong place, but no, it's the Observation Deck. When she steps further in through the hatch, she hears the soft music and squints her eyes, looking around for the source. When she notices Bats sitting in the corner, playing, she walks over near him and sits nearby on the floor, leaning back against the armored glass and just listens while he plays, a content smile on her face.

<FS3> Nicodemus rolls Guitar: Great Success.

Nicodemus tilts his head a bit, looking at her. He stares at her a minute, then looks down at his fingers, continuing to play for a bit more. After a couple minutes, he stops and returns his gaze to her. "Sorry, I'm not really very good…" Which isn't really true at all this evening.

The stars are shining brightly through the window and Maia is sitting on the floor near Nico. She's leaning against the window as he plays the guitar. She doesn't interrupt his playing until he finishes and she grins her approval. "I think you're doing good. The only thing I can play is legos." Bending her knees, she wraps her arms around her legs and rests her chin on her knees. "So, what's up?"

Petra ducks his head a bit to step through the hatch, sliding his hands into his pockets as he starts heading for the front observation windows. The dim light at the music are enough to make the man slow down and cast another look around the deck again. This time spying Maia and Nicodemus, he hesitates a moment, then chooses to just keep quiet and continue on towards the front.

Nicodemus shrugs, and he fusses with the tuning on the guitar as he talks. "Same thing that's up for everyone, I guess." He looks down at the strings he's plucking into tune, pursing his lips as he asks Maia, without looking her way, "You here to lecture me about my brother?" It's not aggressive, it's just a simple question.

Not surprised at the line of questioning, Maia laughs and flicks her gaze to him again. "Not this time, Nic. I didn't even know you were in here. Sometimes I just come in to look at the stars. I like it better from Piraeus, but they're so close from here. I won't lecture you about your brother anymore, you're both grown ups, I think you can handle your own issues." Her lips curve up into a smile but her attention turns towards the door when she sees Petra enter. For a moment, she only watches him until he notices them and she unfolds her legs and rises from the floor, senior officer and all. "Sir," offering him a warm smile. "How are you?"

Petra glances back over at the two when the 's' word is mentioned, offering a faint smile, but leaves his hands in his pockets, "Evening. Don't let me interrupt. I just needed a moment of more quiet than there is down the hall or upstairs for a moment." He pauses for a second, then asks, "Was that you playing then, Ensign? You're pretty good."

Nicodemus starts to rise as well, but Petra's casualness is quickly accepted and he flops back onto his butt on the floor. "You're not interrupting, sir." He smirks, "We're just kickin' it." With a chuckle, he adds, "And you're right. There ain't hardly any frakkin' place on this boat to get five minutes to yourself." Finally, he shrugs at the compliment, "Thank you, sir."

"You're not interrupting, really." Maia turns to face the window tucking her hands in her back pockets. "I just got here, heard Nic here playing so stopped to listen." For a moment, she just stands there looking out the window before she turns and walks the few paces towards the furniture and has a seat on the end of one of the sofas. "He does play good, I didn't recognize the song though. What was it, Nic?"

Petra continues on the rest of the way to the huge windows, where he turns around to lean his back against the wall, hands still in his pockets. The way he slouches, its probably easy to forget he's actually in charge of anything at the moment. He slowly nods in agreement with both people, "We just gave a lot of stuff to Marines and Deck and Air Wing, and I started the construction down on Piraeus, so unfortunately its probably just going to get noisier for a while." He trails off there, canting his head a little crooked to hear the name of the piece Nicodemus might have been playing.

Nicodemus smirks, "It's a um… heh…" He rolls his eyes a little, "It's this thrasher metal song Colt used to play all the time back home when we were kids…" His brow raises a bit as he glances to the other two, "I used to hate it, he'd play the damned thing full blast whenever he was home." He shakes his head a little, smiling at the nostalgia. "Now it's kind of stuck in my head. I fingerpick it though. Play it slow. It sounds like real music that way… heh."

On the couch, Maia faces the window, her attention mostly on the stars until Petra talks. "Sounds good, looking forward to getting more done. Was a crazy trip flying the Raptor in to get Holtz and Ceres, but we managed it. Ygraine is the best ECO any bus driver could ask for." There's a quick wink to the Colonel, "I really don't mind it getting noisier as long as I sometimes find these quiet moments in between to sustain me." At the response from Nic, well that surprises her and she bites her lip to keep from smiling too big. "Nothing like going home, sometimes Nic. Even if it's with memories and music."

Petra grins a little at Nicodemus' answer, "I probably shouldn't agree with you TOO eagerly there. I have an 'old man' rep I'm really really trying to avoid fueling as it is, but gods yes." With that said, he closes his eyes and rests his head back against the 'glass' for a moment, appaarently just basking in the company and relative absence of dull roar.

Nicodemus chews on his lip a moment, and then stares down at his guitar, just kind of talking. "I guess so," he responds to Maia. "I miss Picon. We haven't heard from my sister or my mom. Not sure if they made it." He sighs, clearly having more there left unsaid, and then he begins plucking the strings once more, playing a different song, but keeping it soft and quiet.

Maia glances at Petra when he mentions the old man rep, "Do you? Guess I've not heard that one." Rising again she walks over to Nic and squats down in front of him. "You know, there are still survivors there, that prison camp wasn't all there was. I don't know if your family is there, but it's far too soon to give up hope, you know?" Having heard his story before she offers an encouraging smile. "Just don't give up, yeah?"

Petra rumbles softly, "The situation on Picon will hopefully be significantly improving very soon. Keep your hopes up, Ensign. We haven't lost it yet." He does finally open his eyes, shifting his gaze to quietly watch Maia's back in silence for a few seconds longer, after she sits back down.

Nicodemus nods, "I know," and sighs again, still playing softly. "This whole thing with Colt just makes it all so damned complicated." He shakes his head, and then looks at Petra. "Have you heard anything regarding the tribunal?"

"I hope so, sir." Ack, Maia doesn't know what else to call Petra. A little restless, she stands and shrugs. "I would tell you Stone loves you and would like to make things right, but you'd think I was lecturing you.." Giving him a gentle smile. "I think music was a safer topic."

Petra perks his attention up when the tribunal is asked about, glancing at Nicodemus for a moment before glancing off at the wall behind the Ensign. There's a faint bit of wry amusement that touches his face at the 'safer topic' comment, but then he refocuses on the two, "What did you want to know, Ensign? We're sending the three over to Picon this week, then each meets with a Tribunal, preferrably a new council for each one of them. First they have to prove they aren't a threat to the colonies, which, considering most people on Picon already have their minds made up on that subject, means this is going to happen really quickly. If there was a chance in Hades of them passing that, they could apply for Citizenship, and in the case of Cooper and Redux, could apply to reinstate themselves into the military. But it wont get that far."

Nicodemus makes a little scowly face, "I can't believe it's gotten as far as it has. Machines shouldn't get tribunals." He shakes his head, and returns his focus to his quiet guitar playing.

"Why will it not get that far?" Maia turns now to face Petra, a frown marring her brow. "Are you saying they won't be getting a fair hearing? I spoke to Knox the other day, asked if there was anything I could do to speak on his behalf, but then there was the incidence of me pulling the gun… so I think anything I would say would unfortunately be more detrimental to him than benefit him in any way." Giving Nic a quick look, her expression turns neutral, but she bites her tongue not to say something in return, wanting to keep her wings by keeping the peace.

Petra closes his eyes at Nicodemus' comment, "And you know they're machines, is that it, Ensign? Prove to me right now you aren't a Cylon. List one single thing you can show me right now, that Cooper Knox or Ceres Garrido cannot, that proves you are not a machine. Please." He opens his eyes then a focuses his eyes on Nicodemus, both brows raised. Almost as an afterthought, he murmurs to Maia, "Because almost all of Picon already has their mind made up like the Ensign here. They aren't concerned with the facts. Just their rage at what the Cylons have done."

Just looking for a place for some quiet reprieve, Vadim had choosen the observation deck for his spot to get some work done and then get some relaxation in. Seems to be his thing that never goes straight back to his barracks after, always preferring to find someplace else to be until he hits the sack. Tonight, it's here. With book and a folder carried with him, he's goes about his business looking for a couch with a coffee table to set his things down.

Nicodemus stops playing, looking up at Petra. "I'm not on trial, sir. The question of if they are cylons or not has already be answered, so your point is kind of moot."

With a concise nod to Petra, Maia doesn't say anything further to him or to Nic. Instead she looks out the window in a part where neither one of them are and looks out it at the stars. When had things gotten so out of hand? As Vadim enters, she can see his reflection in the glass. "Hi Captain," Her lips quirk in a smile as she turns around and faces him. "No more unwieldy problems, sir?" Again, she has that whole tongue-in-cheek manner, that teasing tone, wishing to just lighten the mood in the room.

Petra shakes his head slightly, "Thats not your assertation, Ensign. They are Cylons like I am a Colonial. Not all Cylons are machines. Not all Colonials are Virgonese. Cooper and Ceres are clones, and that's something entirely different. They've also been on our side since before the war began. They warned us the war was coming. So the crimes of the rest of the Cylon army, you cannot hang around their necks because that is where they originally came from. That would be like holding me responsible for my brother going postal and killing a school of kids, even though he was born after I left home, and had never met him." He rolls a shoulder, "I dont know if you see the difference here, but you seem to have already decided based on your assumptions." He glances over at Vadim and offers the man a faint smile, but no other words.

Vadim seems to always have some kind of situational awareness about him, so there's a good chance he's taken enough time to at least look at who's out and about. "Lieutenant." the soft-spoken man returns, sitting down on a nearby couch and opening his folder. "Thankfully, no. Been blessfully quiet." Just random reports he hadn't gotten around to looking to. A nod is offered to Petra. "Sir." His cigarettes and lighter are produced. The topic in particular seems to intrigue him for a moment, but being an outside observer, not about to inject his opinion in something he's not apart of.

Nicodemus lifts his brow a bit at Petra, "Sir, your assuming they aren't still playing us. Let me ask you this then. If I lied about where I was from on my Academy application, would I have clearance to be here on Orion?"

Without an invitation, Maia walks over and sits on the couch, the opposite end as he does. "Quiet is good, I've never realized how beneficial it would be to become all reclusive too. You know you keep coming out like this, people'll call it an epidemic." Even as she teases the Captain, her attention remains on the conversation between the Colonel and the Viper pilot. "There's a difference, but we in the Air Wing have been ordered to keep the peace or be grounded, so I won't say anything other than everyone deserves a chance to let their record speak for themselves, Nic. Reserving judgment sometimes lets you realize everything isn't as cut and dried as it seems."

Petra smiles a little more at Nicodemus' question, "That would be for a court martial to decide. And I would certainly hope the presiding officers at your court martial didn't show up at the court martial with their minds already made up. I would want them to hear WHY you lied and what about. Wouldn't you?" He glances at Maia and purses his lips for a moment, then straightens up, and starts for the hatch without another word said.

"You say that like I'm purposely being reclusive. Just to give the rest of the squadron something to gossip about." Vadim notes wryly, scratching his nose idly before lighting his cigarette. "An epidemic? What are you people saying about me anyways? Last time I checked I wasn't carrying the plauge." As he continues to listen, the intial drag taken, his eyes are slightly lidded. "Ah, I see the hot topic of the week is making the rounds already."

"You're a self professed recluse, Captain. Can't argue the facts." With another mischievous grin, Maia laughs softly. "An epidemic. Meaning exposure may cause like symptoms, so the first thing to look out for is a backed up latrine. The second is sudden appearances in public places." As soon as Petra looks at her, she looks up, meeting his gaze. When he purses his lips and starts for the hatch, she looks confused, watching him go.

Nicodemus nods, and lets Petra go without any more words. He looks over at Maia and the Captain, and pushes to his feet. "I should go, too," he mumbles and heads for the door himself.

"Did I profess as much?" Vadim doesn't seem to really remember whether he really did or not. "I guess maybe I did." he notes after a moment of silence. There's a slight headshake. "I didn't know it was so evident enough that it's being associated there might be something wrong with me. I suppose I should cart my hide down to the med deck and make sure I'm not coming down with something, eh?" The observation of the discussion continues, up until Petra to call it a night an excuses himself. "Suppose we're gonna hear about this matter for awhile." Then Nicodemus leaves, and somehow the room gets pretty quiet suddenly. Like the silence is almost tangible. The Captain takes a longer drag from his smoke, watching the pair leaves before leaning back. "Well. That wasn't awkward at all."

"See you later, Nic." Maia calls after him, watching him follow Petra out before looking back at the Captain. "You don't, I'm sorry. I was just messing around with you. No one says anything about you, really." Giving him another half smile, she can't resist teasing him further. "You think I would tell you if they did?" Stifling a yawn, she lays her head back on the couch. "Awkward is just about what everything is these days." The two are sitting on a couch, one at one end, the other at the opposite. Maia is in her off duties and has kicked back a little, legs extended.

"Well, nothing that you're not going to repeat to me, right, Lieutenant?" Vadim remarks and nods, now his turn to poke fun. "It's okay, I don't blame you. If I was poking fun at one of my captains, I wouldn't be too eager to let them know about it, right?" The smoke is ashed into a nearby tray. "The way I figure it, I'm fairly easy to forget about and there's like more entertaining COs to gossip about." On the other matter, he shakes his head. "Oh, it's going to be an issue for awhile yet. No matter what anyone thinks, you can bet that there's going to be some that're always going to be wary about who you can and can't trust. And personally, I don't know if there's ever really been a good answer for something like this."

Kelsey wanders into the Obs Deck in her flightsuit, the arms tied around her hips. She looks like a kid with a really expensive costume. Her hair is still matted from helmet hair and she takes a quick look around. Spotting Maia on the couch, she pops up a smirk and walks on over. "Howdy, el-tee." A nod to Vadim. "Captain." She plants her hands on her hips and nudges her foot to Maia's. "So I was lookin around at some maps of Piraeus and I found this pretty cool canyon system about nine thousand miles southeast of Sheridan. I was going to take a Predator out there tomorrow and peek around. Interested?" she offers with a quirked brow and daring inflection. C'mon. You know you want to!

Ygraine likewise makes her way in, having just come from her own sim time. "Squire!" she says, almost immediately after the canyon question is posed. "Ya got a minute? I got a question for ya."

"Something like that, Captain." Offering a wink, glad when he pokes fun back at her. "Oh, I wouldn't say you're easy to forget about at all, sir." Too happy to let the awkward moment from before bring her down, she shrugs it off. "It'll be an issue probably as long as they're here. I have no issue with the two, well mostly Knox. He's proven himself." As soon as Kels arrives, she grins over in her direction. "Hey Kels." Then she hears. Oh whoa. Sitting up, Maia is suddenly wide awake. No more yawns for her! "A Pred?" Eyes light up. "Really?! Yes! Gods yes!" She loves to fly. When Yggy follows her in, she leans forward, "Hey Milkshake, how's things?"

"Heh, Lieutenant, when you've been in the service as long as I have, you start to notice trends. And it's one particular trend that I've taken note of since I was in the Academy." Vadim smiles, voice is, as always soft and quiet." And like he, he's content to shrug off the matter as well. "It will be. No matter what, it's likely that they'll have to do double the work just to get by." Beat. "Because we can be assholes like that." The appearence of Ygraine and Kelsey has him going quiet, smoking silently while Maima has her girl talk.

One of ya gonna run the sensor board on that?" Yggy asks, and then, "Listen, ya mentioned your gramma is gonna be takin' care of Melissa down on Piraeus. D'ya know if they're settin' up any kinda caregivers system? Does your gramma know anyone willin' t'be a caretaker in exchange for a stipend? Holtz has me askin' around. We gotta get Ally settled."

Kelsey turns at the callsign and she flashes a thumbs up to Ygraine. "Sure, Shakes. What's up?" Looking back to Maia quickly, the Ensign nods. "Dang right, lady! I was about to kick out the bird request for the morning and thought I'd see if you wanted me to stick in two. I was going to run with just some guns for sightseeing." She then lifts her gaze to Vadim. "How bout you, sir? Wanna make it three? Just a quick check-out. See what the area is like?" Looking back to Yggy, Kels shrugs. "Pick your poison if you want to backseat. At least two to choose from. As for Melissa?" Squire chews her lip as she looks out the glass. "I dunno. Lissa is a little young for school yet and my gramma is handling her for now. That's about all I know. But Ally is about ten, right? You could just put her to work helpin out rather than being cared for. But I imagine you're probably looking for something like a school, right?"

"I've been in since I finished flight school and I'm twenty seven now, so yeah I guess not as long as you, but I've served quite a bit of time. Nothing like it." Maia lifts a brow, giving him a playfully dubious look. "Yeah?… Well if you say so, Captain." There's a solemn nod given at the mention of the Cylons having to work twice as hard before she's looking back at Kels and Yggy. "Well count me in, I'd like to go for sure, any chance I can get to fly a Pred. Well anything really, but a Pred is so fun." Looking between them at the mention of child care, she smiles, "Next time you see Mels give her a hug from Aunt Maia."

"Oh no, ya ain't puttin' th'choice on me." says Ygraine cheerfully, and shakes her head. "Ally can't stay on the battlestar. She needs ya know, a place t'sleep, regular meals, supervision. Even if she's workin'. Storm needs her to have a place t'call home while he's up here."

Vadim doesn't have any kids. Was never married either, but it's not like anyone really knows that much about him. But he does give off the impression he's been a confirmed bachelor for the majority of his life. So with all this girl talking going on, he's content to let them go about it, sifting through papers idly. The other book that he had brought with him isn't so much of a book as it is a sketch pad, or at least but the look of the cover. "Hrm?" he blinks, smoke wafting infront of his face at Kelsey's question. "I'd have to look at my duty schedual. But…I haven't really had the chance in a long while to get out and get in some flying time. Never thought I'd go from being a pilot to more of an administrator. Can't say I've enjoyed being put behind a desk." Funny about that, does anyone in the squadron even know his callsign? Has even been out in a Raptor since he's been assigned to the Orion?

Kelsey nods to Maia. "You got it el-tee. I'll pen us in and submit the paperwork. Plan for skids up around thirteen hundred. I've got the morning penned in for gun camera footage from my last mission." To Ygraine, "Well, my grams and Mels are living at the CIDSR barracks in Sheridan. I could see about my grams lookin after Ally if you want, but no promises they'll get along." Vadim gets a chuckle. "Bah! Forget the paperwork. Its boring." So says the Deckie-cum-pilot. "Poop rolls downhill onto me anyway and I get stuck with like everyone's junk they don't want to do. But you gotta go out and have fun in the sun, right?"

Girl Talk, by way of discussing the care of children, as opposed to say, mani-pedis and sipping cosmos while discussing the latest Caprican fashions (plaid is the new black, y'all. Yggy's magazines say so.). "I just need a point of contact so we can find someone willing to be her guardian." Milkshake says, "And y'know, make sure she can at least tolerate whoever's havin' t'take care of her. She can't stay on the battlestar forever."

Maia gladly mentally rearranges her workout and study schedule the next day and nods to Kelsey. "Okay, Kels, I'll be there, suited and booted. You should come Captain, if it's really been that long since you've been out you're missing out. It'd be fun." When the talk comes back to the guardianship of the kids she just listens in on that and inputs nothing.

"Wish it was that easy, really. Like making sure the rest of you have filed your reports properly, because who gets to read them?" Vadim comments, then jutting a thumb at himself. "This guy. But…" There's a pause while he takes a introspective drag from his coffin nail, considering what's on his plate. "We'll see." Oh more talking on kids. Like Maia, the soft-spoken Catpain doesn't seem to have much to add in terms of that, so he continues to scribbles in the paperwork he had been working over.

Kels nods a few times to Ygraine. "Sure. I can see if my grams can look after her for now. But my grams was a CAG. She'll delegate. Ally is going to be put to work helping out with Melissa and anyone else who needs it. If that's not Ally's speed, I'm afraid it might not be a good match. I'll let my grams know, though. Talk to Kurt, though." The young pilot shrugs to Vadim, smiling. "Well, I'll put in for three birds, just in case. If we only need two, no problem. I'm going to run out and get the work orders in, though." She uses both hands to salute around alternatively. "Sir. Sir. Sir. Laters!" She turns primly and swaggers on her way out.

"I will. Thanks, Squire." she calls after the departing woman, and then pffts at Vadim. "I always get my paperwork done. Nice t'meet ya by th'way sir, I'm Milkshake. Jig Lieutenant Ygraine Vashti, ECO."

"I always file my reports properly," Maia sniffs, though her eyes are dancing with laughter. "So you get to read all my reports? Good, good. I'll make sure to draw hearts all over the next one." Watch Phoenix get it. That'd suck. As Kels leaves, she grins. "See ya tomorrow, Squire." Watching her go then looking at Ygraine. "Best ECO there ever was, I kid you not. She's saved our collective asses more than once."

"I'm sure you both do, but I've only just recently stepped up doing more work in a administrative function. Not sure if I really like it or not. Used to doing paperwork, but I never really handled reports." Vadim states, rubbing his face over the stapled bundle of papers he happens to be holding. "And if you start drawing hearts on yours, expect to get grades on them." he regards to Maia Glancing at Ygraine, he nods. "I've read your file Lieutenant. Heard good things, though I don't think we've really had a chance to speak since I've been here. Captain Vadim Ioselovich."

"Callsign, sir? If ya don't mind my askin'." Ygraine has a drawl, but rather than being from Aerilon, she has the accent of backwoods of Leonis.

"I wouldn't draw hearts on my papers, Captain." Maia chuckles, looking at Ygraine then the Vadim. "You'll know when I'm serious, I won't just draw hearts, I'll bring you flowers too." With a smirk, she leans forward, resting her elbows on her knees, interested in hearing the callsign too.

"Along with one of those notes with the question 'do you like me? yes or no' accompanied with two boxes, right? Because that's obviously the only to way to do it." Vadim says, flicking the papers and then apparently seeming to sign off on them. They're tossed back into the folder he had brought in before picking up his sketpad, now flipping through pages until he gets to a blank one. He's a decent artist if anyone cares to look. "Callsign? Do I even have one anymore?" Now he looks amused. "I haven't been asked for that in a long damn while. But, if people are getting the idea that they're going to drag me outside is a good thing, then I guess you're all going to have to know, aren't you?" Another drag. "It's Crapshoot." A glance at Maia. "And yes, Kane, the irony of that isn't lost on me."

"Crapshoot. Bad day in th'head sometime?" asks Ygraine with a grin. "So ya gonna be seein' more action, then? I'm surprised they'd stick ya behind a desk. But if you're comin' over t'the Gentlemen Ghosts? No worries, sir. You'll be back in the pilot seat."

"Oh yes, Captain, but if there is chocolate involved and a home cooked meal it'd be instant devotion." Maia can't help it, she grins at the thought of the note. When he goes on, she hears his callsign.. and at first she stares at him in disbelief. When he only confirms it, the irony of it, she tries, oh she tries so hard not to laugh, but she can't hold it in and she laughs so hard, she doubles over, holding her stomach. "No, way.." she says when she can finally breathe again. It's obvious she's trying to maintain without breaking into laughter again, she presses her lips together and goes for a solemn nod. "One day you'll have to tell me how you got it." Looking at Ygraine she almost laughs again at her choice of words.

Vadim seemed to be expected that sort of reaction, gesturing with his hand for Maia to get it out of her system. "I knew the moment people started finding out about that, the connection would be made. So laugh it up, Lieutenant. But, yes way. The origin of the name came, like most do, out of flight school and a mistake on my part that involved an outhouse. Maybe at some point I'll regale a few of you to the story, but it was never something I ever lived down. I'm actually quite pleased. Been on the Orion since the beginning and managed to avoid giving out my callsign up until this point. That's a new record." The burning butt of the smoke is rubbed out in the ashtray. "And I'll have you know, I'm a hell of a cook." Fair enough, he doesn't ever seem to eat in the mess hall.

"Have ya had a chance t'make it down t'Piraeus, sir?" Ygraine is talking to Vadim, but shoots Maia a grin. "Even with our food stores, th'fresh stuff we can get sometimes is a pleasure t'cook with."

Maia clears her throat to try and disguise a laugh as he explains a little and mentions the outhouse, but then she ends up sounding almost like a farm animal by trying to hold back the laughter, almost howling. "Oh Gods, you're killing me, Captain." Finally, she gets control of herself, again, especially when he mentions being a hell of a cook. "Yeah?" Eyes glittering she issues a challenge. "Prove it." Glancing at Ygraine, she says in a mock aside. "Maybe I can get us some cookies or something."

Vadim shakes his head. "Can't say that I have. I don't get out much." The next bout of laughing from Maia seems almost expected. "Truth be told, I've hardly been on ground anywhere since flight school. Just a lot bouncing around ships and stations for the majority." He's been sketching idly in his drawing a bit now. "You'll realize that I'm a rather boring person." He shrugs at Maia, then. "Depends on what you want Some things are hard to come by. But if you want me to prove, maybe I can arrange that."

Dark circles surround Rhonwen's eyes indicating she is tired. Her long hair has been pulled back in a very neat braid and there seems to be more silver and grey in her hair these days then there is black. She is dressed in her sharp uniform. Her pale green eyes scan the area. In one hand she carries a coffee mug which she lifts to her lips so she can take a sip. For the moment she is quiet as she watches and listens to the flow of conversation around her. Taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out she goes to find a place to sit.

Ygraine rises to her feet. "Well, in any case, welcome t'the wing. We're known for a fine appreciation of baked goods, so if your're ever inclined, feel free." She shoots him and Maia a grin, offers a polite, "Sir." to Rhonwen, and slips out.

"I bet you really miss flying," Maia says quietly in a solemn moment, sympathizing as only a fellow pilot can. When he picks up his sketch book, she glances at it. "What are you drawing?" Looking back at him now, she smiles, one that actually isn't teasing this time. "You really don't have to prove anything to me, I trust your word. But I wouldn't say no to good food." She falls silent then, about the time Rhonwen comes in. "Hiya Sir, how's the new JAG?" When Ygraine leaves, she waves, "See you later!"

The mechanical pencil suddenly taps softly against the side of his tablet. "Maybe." Vadim offers after a moment of consideration. "At times, I consider if I'm just getting too old for pilot's chair, maybe my best years are behind me. But I figure if that was the case, I wouldn't be here on this ship. And now being shoved to take up a vacuum in leadership, heh, well, it wasn't something I was really expecting." Whatever else he has to say on the matter is summed up in a shrug, looking back down at his pad. "Nothing impressive. Honestly? I was drawing the cat I used to have as a kid." Another nod. "I'll keep that mind. Leave how generous I feel up to how the squad performs." Nearby movement has him looking away momentarily. A nod, "Captain."

"Is anyone ever too old to pilot a plane?" After a few moments, Maia considers, then decides to just ask. "If you don't mind me asking, sir, how old are you?" Beat. "Wait, my question usually is worded like this. If you didn't know your true age, how old would you be?" Leaning over just a little she tries to look at the book, but she's at the other end so it's not so simple. "What was your cats name?" Leaning back to a proper sitting position, she just regards him in silence, but what he says at the last brings a smile to her face. "We always perform good."

"No, but maybe there's point where youth isn't so much the 'youth' and more 'seasoned'." Vadim replies simply. "And then you start wondering when age is going to catch up to how you function in a pilot's chair." He smiles, waving a hand in dismissal, amused by his own words. "I'm overreacting, really. I guess it's just realization that might find myself being a bit more useful than a paper-pusher. I may be thirty-seven, Lieutenant, but feel double that sometimes. Especially standing pilots that seem a bit more energized than I ever was." Eye cant downward to the page. "Mulder. An overweight useless ball of fur. But…he was a big lover." A low laugh follows. "I didn't have much after my parents passed away, but as a teenager, I had him." A nod as the tab is closed and he gathers his things. "Well, it's late, and I should probably get some reading in before passing out. If you still want me to go out on the flight, Kane, let me know. Other than that, have yourself a good night."

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