ALT #430: Obs Deck Dramatics
Obs Deck Dramatics
Summary: Former actors. Taurans. Pilots. Marines. Oh, my!
Date: 12/03/2014 (OOC Date)
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Observation Deck — Deck 2 — Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.
Sun Mar 12 18:30:23 2006

Early evening and there's at least a fair crowd enjoying the Obs Deck. In one of the corners, a bit out of the way, Jason's seated, hidden behind a book as he's reading now. Simply leaning back in the seat, he turns a page, a bit slowly.

Phin makes his way onto the Obs Deck, joining the crowd. There's a worn look about the Viper pilot. As much tired as anything else, and he could use a shave. Maybe the cup of coffee he's carrying - in a ceramic mug with the 'Argentum Bay Silverstars' logo on it - is going to help with that. He takes it over to a corner chair, and is in the process of sitting down before he notices Jason, and his book. He offers the Raptor pilot a quick "Hey" but doesn't interrupt him beyond that.

Time to explore the Orion! Something to do at least. Kaya has been roaming around passing a few blocked off hatches and bypassing the fitness center for now.. she was already intimate with that area. Mess hall gets studiously avoided.. and here she comes upon the Observation Deck, stepping through the hatch to have a look around. She's dressed in fatigues because she liked how they looked better than the off duties. Blonde hair is pulled back in the requisite bun. Poking her head inside, she notices a few other people inside but not too many. Looked like a nice quiet place to spend a few minutes. Her boots make little sound as she crosses the floor, straight to the window, to look down at the planet below.

Toby has managed to miss the shuttle down to Pireas, and of course the next one won't be leaving until after most of the minoan market will have given up for the day. Damn, blast, and various stronger expletives. With his plans for the evening shot he's been to gym, punched a heavy bag a lot, showered, and is now killing time before hitting his bunk for the night. As such he finds himself at the observation deck, not far behind Kaya infact. Phin gets a nod in greeting, Jason a vague grunt but he himself is heading for the view.

Hearing Phin's greeting, Jason lowers the book to offer a grin and a nod in return to the Viper pilot. Which means he spots Kaya as she enters, studying her for a while, frowning momentarily now. He knows her from somewhere, doesn't he? Looking a bit thoughtful as he tries to remember where that was from now.

Dray walks into the Obs deck with a pad in his hand. His eyes scan the pad and then glance up at all those gathered him. He seems to look down at the pad after looking at each persons face as if trying to locate someone. He's a large beefy MP. His demeanor one of business as it would seem the man is not here for off duty hours but indeed here for offical business.

"That any good?" Phin asks Jason, with a gesture to his book. He also gives the cover a look, to see if he can get an idea of what it's about from the title and front. He follows the Raptor pilot's gaze to Kaya, who he also studies with some interest. Maybe because he vaguely recognizes her. Maybe just because, girl. He also spots Toby, offering the deckie a "Hey, Shackleton." And Dray, who he doesn't greet, but the sight of an MP with a pad does make him sit up a notch straighter.

As the greetings go round, Kaya glances at those greeted by the others, not knowing any of the names.. the MP gets a second look when he comes in because he's an MP and because he's just so.. large. She sorta just steps to the side, allowing him the main space in the room, unerringly stepping closer to Jason. "Oh, excuse me." Then she gets a good look at him and narrows her eyes slightly.

"Hey Lieutenant," Toby replies to Phin, also following the general glaze towards Kaya before the arrival of the MP distracts him. Raising an eyebrow faintly at the man's obviously 'on duty' stance he then takes a quick glance around everyone else who's enjoying the view then calls over in his thick tauran accent, "they ain't here. Try the marine sections of the enlisted berthings, and then probably down at CISDR on planet." There's perhaps a hint in his tone that suggests he feels he's not going to be taken seriously, an underlying sense of bitterness, frustration, or both, and he eyes the MP almost warily once he's done.

"Not bad, not bad," Jason replies to Phin, a bit absently, before he blinks a few times as he comes to realize something. As Kaya ends up stepping closer to him, he finaly seems to have figured out who she is, and one hand moves out in an attempt to lightly ruffle her hair. "Kaya?" Name spoken rather quietly now.

Dray looks up from his pad towards the man who seems to be speaking towards him. A light nod is given as those he was seeking were not here and so he will need to find them later. He did not wish to send a message to meet them, not yet. Sometimes the best information comes when they least expect to be asked. The large man looks back down at his pad before shutting it off and tucking it away. Slowly he scans the room as he notices the social interactions going on here in the Obs deck.

"Are you looking for something, Ensign?" Phin asks Dray. Polite, theoretically helpful even, but also very curious. An MP on duty roaming around will prompt that. "Either of you." The latter to Kaya, with a slight grin, and glance at Jason. "Friend of yours?"

"Hey!" Kaya jumps back at the ruffling.. she'd had plenty of that all her life. Hearing her name though brings a smile. "You recognize me?" Though she has not a clue who he is right yet. "Yes, Kaya Kent." Her ego going up a notch, thinking she's found a former fan of her work. The MP gets another brief look until the pilot talks. "Um, I don't think so.."

Toby seems, if anything, faintly surprised that that worked, or seems to have at least. Perhaps the marines are finally getting of their arses and hauling in the skinjobs. The idea seems to lift his mood somewhat and he turns back to the pilots, and the woman with a faint smile on his face, although Jason's hair ruffling does cause his eyebrow to rise once more. "Looks like it Lieutenant," he replies in an amused tone, then the group are given a faint shrug when Kaya seems to deny it. "He give you any trouble just smack him one," he offers only half-jokingly, then his eyes flick to the MP and he adds, "or, you know, report him for it."

As Phin speaks to him, Dray shakes his head softly, "I am looking for someones but they are not here so I shall try tomorrow during on duties hours." He seems to be pushing himself to even work a little in his off time. But for now, the man stands by the door. He's the new kid on the block and he's not to great at normal social behavior with the way he was raised. His accent does reveal he's tauran. His eyes shift over to the woman who he does not know.

A brief pause and a grin as he listens, before Jason nods at Kaya's words. "I recognize you." A brief grin as he looks over at Phin, before he looks back to Kaya. "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Kent. I really loved your work in 'Winter's Day'. Yours, and that guy who played your brother there. What was his name again?" It's spoken rather lightly, as the grin widens a bit more now.

Phin has mostly sanded off the edges of any accent he has, but he sounds vaguely of Scorpia, if one is listening for that kind of thing. To Dray, he nods. Slowly, like he's putting some pieces together in his mind. And maybe thinking Toby wasn't so wrong before. When Jason speaks to Kaya get gives her a second look, like he's trying to place her now. "You're an actress? Cool. So was Supes, here. I mean, when he was younger."

Still preening from being recognized, Kaya doesn't realize yet she's walking into a verbal trap and about to be effectively captured. "Oh did you?" Glancing around to the pilot and the MP and the Crewman to make sure all of the others had heard too, her smile is a little on the cocky side as she answers back. "I was much younger then, my more recent work was on daytime television and a couple of later movies. I also modeled for Foridden Fantasies. Lingerie and high fashion." Oh yeah, she's loving this. "As for Winter's Day, the guy was child actor Jason Springthorpe. He was a big star at the time, too." Phin gets another look, "Supes?" She looks at the other pilot. "You were an actor?"

Noting the accent, and that FNG unease, Toby slips briefly into Tauran, saying shortly, «like I said, marine enlisted berthings are likely your best bet. Hasn't been out an about much since the bombings but you might want to wait til more of your lot are out an about on duty I guess. They ain't too keen on looking beyond the uniform to see what's really wearing it.» Offering the MP a sort of supportive nod he then flicks his eyes back towards the other three as the word 'lingerie' is spoken, and gives Kaya another, more appraising look. Pyramid star, lingerie model. Pyramid star, lingerie model. The conclusion is an easy one, there are far better things to be doing with his evenings than killing time looking at the planet through the glass.

Jason smiles as he hears that, nodding a little as he hears that. "I used to be, yes. Like my father and my sister too." A brief pause, before he adds, "Some would ay I was a big star at the time too." Repeating her words there, with another wide grin.

"So you are looking for the skinjobs?" Phin asks Dray. Not that he speaks any Tauran but, when Toby goes on again, he assumes it's something Cylon-related. He also gives Kaya yet another second look when she talks about being a lingerie model. Because, obviously. But he tries not to leer, and he grins when she mentions 'Jason Springthorpe.' Like he's trying not to chuckle. "Why the frak did you leave acting for the Fleet, man?" He's sort of joking. Sort of.

Dray was the only guy not giving the young actress attention cause he's never seen a movie in his life! He continues to stand there a moment. As Toby addresses him in Tauran, a brief nod is given as he takes in the information a moment. He then speaks back. He then speaks back to him in Tauran, «"I will take that into advisement."» Once done, he drops the Tauran speak while his arms shift to cross over his chest. He was listening to those around him as such always brings information, some useful, some not. A shift of his head towards Phin as he is spoken too, "Why? Do you know where I can find them?" He says almost accusingly.

Hearing the other language, Kaya looks with interest between the two speaking it, distracted momentarily by them, curious as to what they speak of. Of course, her ego is healthy, so it crosses her mind they may be talking about her, but then immediately dismisses it as they sound to serious, so she looks back towards the others. She eyes Jason after the words the pilot says, looking suspicious. "You're him, aren't you?" The question is mostly rhetorical by now, but it remains spoken with that little lilt at the end that makes it a query.

Toby pulls his eyes briefly from Kaya to nod back to Dray, then hifts position slightly to lean against the toughened glass of the window. He's just turning back to appraise a bit more when the MP's replies to Phin and he can not help but turn back to the man with an expression that suggests he may well be questioning the others intelligence. Still, Phin is big enough and ugly enough to look after himself so he laves it to the pilot to answer.

"Should I be hurt that you didn't recognize me, while I recognized you right away?" Jason says this rather lightly, before he offers a grin and a nod. "Unless I have changed identity today, I'm him, yes."

"What? No," Phin replies to Dray, frowning at the accusatory tone of that. "But like Shackleton said. Marine berths would be the logical place to look for Sergeant Knox, the CIDSR facilities for Doctor Tamsin. If Command doesn't have them under lock-down somewhere." He shrugs. "I mean, with the explosion in the sims, and what happened to the Mallfut, it'd make sense." The exchange between Jason and Kaya is much less fraught, so he directs his attention back to that. "Wow. So you guys worked together? When you were kids, I mean."

There was not much of a reply from the large man who stands tall and large. His arms remain folded over his chest as he merely listens. Only when he nods, does the man turn his attention away from Phin, just barely acknowledging what he said before looking back at the blond woman who seems to have most everyones attention but his own. He still had much to learn but he was a fast learner. The man was silent for the most part for now, taking things a bit serious. Dray was on duty even when off duty it seems.

The exchange between the three now captures Kaya's attention and holds it ever so briefly. "Why not try the mess hall? Everyone has to eat?" Just her two cubits or whatever. A brief flash of a smile is given before she turns back to Jason and Phin. "You're so much older now Jason. And you've been out of the spotlight so very long. You can't blame me can you?" Her grin transfers to the pilot. "We were in Winter's Day. He was my older brother. I still remember those lines."

Jason chuckles. "That's true. I got out of the spotlight very early." Not saying too much about that. "You still look like yourself, though. I mean, grown up to be quite good loking, but still." Nodding a little as he hears Phin's words. "Been a very long time since then, but yes, we worked together." Looking back to Kaya again now, "You'll have to tell us all about how you ended up here," he says.

Toby glances between the MP and Phin for a moment or two, Phin getting a vaguely sympathetic look, the MP a harder one. Eventually though, he states flatly in Tauran, «You really are new aren't you. Lieutenant McBride here was one of those injured in the explosions that your lot seem reluctant to investigate for fear that we were right and you were wrong all along.» Exactly who he is including in that 'we' he doesn't specifiy, but instead continues, «so stop standing around trying to look all impressive and threatening. Either go arrest the fraking skinjobs, or admit that you're never actually going to get to the bottom of it because that would be an embaressment to the Corp and the Brass. And we couldn't possibly have that cnow could we?»

Phin picks something resembling his name out of that exchange between Toby and Dray, which makes him look decidedly wary. But, after a side look at the MP, he says no more on the subject of skinjobs. "Springthorpe's a pilot," he says to Kaya. "I mean, we both are. He flies Raptors, I fly Vipers. But, y'know, it all works together. What're you in for? I mean, what do you do in the Fleet." He adds, "I mean, we don't exactly have a lingerie division. Unfortunately."

That was the wrong thing to say to Dray. If he was a cylon himself, the murderous look he gives the tech was one that most smaller men could come to fear. His arms lower to his side and then he moves, this time he walks over towards Toby. In the language they both speak, he states, «"First of all little man, I was not present during the time that happened. Second, I just recently took on this assignment so you can bet your ass that things are going to start happening real fast now that I am on the job. Third, I strongly suggest you watch that tone with me or you may find yourself picking your teeth up off the floor. I shall do my job how I desire and if that means I have to stand outside the stall while you take a shit, I will if it means bringing those responsible to justice. Am I clear."» Not that he would.

"Why did you get out early? You had all the makings of an adult star to be." Kaya asks, though she studies him a moment and shakes her head. "Or we could maybe talk about it another time." Stuff happens, Kaya knew it as well as anyone else. "How I ended up here? Spree made me come." Her smile is lopsided and she laughs, but it was true. The Tauron language kind of just drifts around her, though since she has no idea what is being said, she mostly tunes it out. Phin though, he speaks her language. "Pilots? So you are the jock and he's the bus driver?" Deeply amused though at the thought of a lingerie division. "Marine, sir." Snapping into a well practiced salute, but the mischief on her face gives away her lack of seriousness. Then the tone changes and even in another language, she can tell it was serious. She backs up nearer Phin and Jason and looks towards the other two with wariness. "Are they going to fight?" she whispers to the two pilots.

"Things happened that killed my enthusiasm for it," Jason replies, with a bit of a sigh, before he grins, "Hey, someone needs to make sure the…" Pausing for a brief moments as he hears she tells she's one of the Marines. "Someone needs to make sure you guys get to and from your destinations, right?" Looking to the two Taurans for a few moments, he grimaces. "Possibly. Those guys take that seriously," he says, a bit quietly.

Oddly, the word 'lingerie' from Phin's lips doesn't quite attract Toby's attention the way it did from Kaya's and the pilot only gets a brief moment of his attention before it returns to the MP who is now moving toward him. He's not exactly small himself, and while he doesn't move from the spot he does turn to face the oncoming marine, very much squaring up as he does so. «You're new, I get that. No shame in it,» he starts, «just let me point out that both myself and the Lieutenant have told you where you're likely to find the culprits, so either go do your job as you're so keen to tell us you will, or drop the fraking act. It isn't big, it isn't clever and it certainly isn't impressing the women.» His locked eye contact by this point and doesn't shift it as he adds, «and if you need a few pointers on how to shit, I suggest talking to medical. They're very discreet for all you embaressing little problems I'm told. Not that it surpises me mind, I mean usually you guys just open your mouth and out it comes, needing to use the head must be such a novel experience for you.»

The salute makes Phin grin again, but he waves it off from Kaya. "No need for that. We're off duty, and you're definitely not getting orders from me. Good to have more groundpounders aboard, though. No shortage of work for you guys." The exchange in Tauran is still something he can't quite tune out, though. Even if he doesn't know the language, he recognizes the tones. "Uh…is everything cool, guys?" he asks Toby and Dray.

"I guess they do." Kaya agrees with Jason immediately. "Things like.. war." Her smile has a wry twist to it. "Hey every Marine needs a good pilot to deliver them from evil." After dropping the salute then Kaya offers her name to the pilot. "I'm Kaya Kent then, if you're not wanting to be saluted. Do I call you Viper pilot?" she teases. As he addresses the Taurans, Kaya turns towards them wearing a curious look.. wishing she knew the language by now.

"Ah, I knew I forgot something. Kaya, meet Lieutenant Phin McBride, or Dolly, as he's known. Dolly, meet Kaya Kent." Jason offers a grin between the two of them. "Dolly here's saved my life quite a few times out there." Not paying too much attention to the two guys with their dispute now.

"Everything is fine," Toby replies bluntly, not breaking his stare at the MP as he doe so. He too would not object to settling this the old fashioned way but he's not going to be first one to throw without significantly more provocation. He's ready to react though, muscles tense and fists balling. «It'd take more than you to make nervous,» he retorts, «to use the imagary you seem so familiar with already, I've had shits more intimidating than you.» Then, switching back to colonial standard for the benfit of the others, "so go back over what we said to you and think about it for a moment. Stop trying to prove you're a big man with you little golden pins and remember that we were giving you our informed judgements about where you might find said cylons. Perhaps, and I know this might be a difficult concept to grasp, but perhaps the fact that we said the same place could mean that that's a good place for you to look, not that we're somehow colluding against you to scupper your investigation."

"Uh, you can call me Phin. Or Lieutenant McBride. Or…Dolly, yeah." He shrugs. "That's my callsign. It's a flyboy thing." As if that would make it anymore dignified as a nick-name. He waves off Jason's last. "Not like you saved mine, man. Literally. I had to eject in an asteroid field once, and it was Supes' Raptor that retrieved me." Then the argument between the Taurans moves back to Standard. He winces. That isn't good. With a breath, he stands up. Trying to look vaguely authoritative. He's far less imposing than Dray, but he makes a stab at appearing vaguely officer-y. "Guys, chill. If you've got a beef, take it to the ropes in the fitness center. Shackleton, that's out of line. I'm sure the Ensign's just doing his job."

A slight smile forms on his face to the mans words. He was not one to like provacation get the better of him. Dray lets his eyes stare into the mans before he says in standard, "I have nothing to prove to anyone. I was merely standing and enjoying my off time for once after I noticed the personal I was looking for was not here. So as I know I'm most likely the bigger dick in this room, I will point out that for a moment, you let your emotions get the better of you. You show lack of control. On the battlefield, the first to fall for doing something foolish will be your type. Good evening to you." With that, Dray turns and heads out of the Obs deck, most likely to blow off some steam shooting something at the range or beating up a practice dummy. Everyone else for the moment is ignored.

Reassured by the words of Toby, Kaya smiles and offers a nod in return, though after the intro, she looks back to the Viper pilot. "It's great to meet you, Lieutenant Phin 'Dolly' McBride." Kaya settles on the whole thing, adding one last one at the end. "Flyboy." Hearing the banter between the two, she looks impressed, forgetting to even talk about herself now. "I think that's great! Why do they call you Supes, Jason?" As the bigger MP moves for the door, she winces a little. "Take care, Ensign." She calls after him.. not rude by any means.

Blinking momentarily as he hears the question, Jason hesitates for a few moments. "Why they call me…" Trailing off, as he looks around, briefly. "Well, you see… Someone started calling me 'Superstar'… And it just stuck, I guess…" Spoken a bit quietly, before he pauses as he hears Toby's words, "That sounds a bit troubling…"

Phin stares at Dray, but he certainly isn't going to stop the MP from going. He sinks back into his chair once the Marine walks away. His brows go up when that whole threaten with brig time is mentioned. He tries to maintain some outward pretense of neutrality, but he can't help but roll his eyes. Still, he says, "We should probably be happy the MPs investigating this are being hardcore about it." And he leaves it at that.

The tensions seem to ease once the MP heads out and Kaya visibly relaxes. "Confrontations like that aren't my thing.." Shaking her head, she looks at Jason. "I thought there was going to be a fight." Crossing her arms over her chest, she smiles. "Superstar. I like it, it suits you." Looking back to Phin, she nods somewhat hesitantly. "Yeah.. I agree."

Toby shrugs briefly at Jason then throws in a "marines, what else do you expect?" Quite evidently he missed Kaya's remarks about her own position onboard for none of that same animosity is directed towards her. Phin gets a slow nod and an "I suppose. Although thats the second FNG ensign who has made insinuations about how I might be involved. A third tries it and I likely will end up in the bridge, although it'll be for breaking their face rather than anything else." That said he checks the time quickly before pushing himself upright once more, "I have the joy of earlies this week so I'll catch you round Lieutenant," a nod to Phin, then straight to Jason, "Lieutenant, .. " before Kaya gets a nod, as he utterly missed her name as well.

Phin's eyes drift to the window, to the view of the planet, but he seems restless now. It's not long before he turns away and stands again. "Maybe I'll hit the fitness center for awhile. Before I rack out. It was nice to meet you, Kaya. Err, Corporal Kent. Later, Supes. Shackleton."

"You think so?" Jason replies to Kaya, offering her a brief smile, before he nods at both Toby and Phin, and then sighs, "I should get going as well. Got early CAP in the morning, so I should get some sleep." Another smile to Kaya, before he adds, "We'll have to sit down and talk soon."

There's no offense when Toby mentions expecting that behavior from the Marines, but she does offer a smile and a quietly spoken, "I think we're all fighting for the same team." She nods to him as he moves to leave, and then when the pilot mentions following as well, she hurriedly inputs, "Kaya is just fine, please. I'm not one for formality, much as I like getting recognized now and then. Keeps me in my place, you know?" Laughing softy. "Otherwise my ego might get to big to carry around with me." Then Jason is leaving as well and it's Kaya.. going solo. "Sure, Jason. Sounds fun. See you all later then."

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