PWD #09: Nuke It From Orbit; It's The Only Way To Be Sure
Nuke It From Orbit; It's The Only Way To Be Sure
Summary: Khrysos goes over the geological and radiological data from Site 994A-3.
Date: 27/12/2012 (OOC)
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PWD #09


RADM Jameson, CDR Faulkner, MAJ Petra, CPT St. Clair, CPT Lin, ENS Vashti

Do not disseminate the information contained within this report to any other individual without the expressed verbal or written consent of CIC or Fleet Sciences.

Report Title

Analysis of preliminary data obtained from drill site 994A-3. Authored by Dr. Khrysos Pindar, PhD Geol & KblTF

Geologic Data

The valley surrounding drill site 994A-3 is a river valley approximately 12 to 14 kilometers wide (8 to 9 miles) and up to 32 kilometers in length (20 miles). The valley contains normal layers of topsoil, regolith from the nearby mountain peaks, and some ferrous plate and thick granite. Topsoil readings show slightly elevated levels of radiation, abnormal but well within human tolerances. The water table is completely irradiated and radiation sickness will onset 24 hours after consumption.

Geological data suggests an earthquake in the vicinity of site 994A-3, anywhere from five hundred (500) to eight hundred (800) years ago. This likely preceded the Unknown as there is a considerable heavy granite layer, thirty (30) to sixty (60) centimeters in thickness (one to two feet, approximately). Conjecture: This granite layer was deposited on top of the Unknown, preventing much of the radiation from traveling upward.

Radiation Readings

During an investigation mission, up to 18 grays (1800 rads) was measured by on-board Raptor LAMPS (Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System). One engineer was dosed with lethal levels of radiation and would surely have died if not for first-responders and medical treatment.

There is no natural cause for radiation of this magnitude on Piraeus. Isotope readings suggest Plutonium and Uranium isotopes consistent with high-yield weapons-grade nuclear explosions. Also detected are high amounts of fast neutrinos in the "gamma" range. Conjecture: The site was struck with high-yield nuclear and neutron bombardment, quite possibly from orbit.

Drill Bit Failure

Based on the available information on the standard drill bits used on Piraeus for colonization purposes, the tensile and shearing strengths of these drill bits was vastly exceeded upon striking the unknown that sits beneath the surface. The alloys used in modern Navy shipbuilding techniques are stronger than the average iron and steel alloyed drill bits present on Piraeus. Conjecture: Whatever lies beneath the surface is likely of sophisticated technological origin.

Threat to Sheridan

Sheridan is not in any danger from radiation poisoning, as its water table is considerably higher than site 994A-3 and its main replenishment source is mountain snow melt.


There is no clear explanation for the unknown that lies beneath site 994A-3. There is a strong probability, however, of the following events:

  • A large facility or spacecraft was placed or forced down onto Piraeus;
  • This facility or spacecraft was attacked with high-yield nuclear and neutron weapons, most likely from orbit;
  • An earthquake, possibly resulting from the orbital assault, deposited high amounts of granite and regolith atop the unknown.

Based on the geological data that suggests when the earthquake took place, it is quite possible that whatever lies below site 994A-3 is of significant historical importance to the collective history of the 12 Colonies.

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