Commander Carolyn Spree
Spree1.jpg Spree,
Carolyn B.
CMDR Marines
Station Picon, Site ANVIL
Position Overall Commander,
Resistance Operations
Age Sex
43 Female
Hair Eyes
Blonde Green


ANVIL is a regional command site upheld by Lieutenant Colonel Carolyn Spree, Marines, and is run out of a set of connected mineshafts with 29 exits all over the mountain ranges. The landing site is at the base of the valley, to hide from DRADIS, and the aircraft are parked beneath an overhang covered in rocks. It holds under itself the 18th, 21st, 39th Mountain, and 44th Marine Divisions. Roughly 10,000 Marines and civilians per Division, as all are understrength — most had ~20,000 troops originally. They handle an area of roughly 500,000 square miles of dense forests and Panavia Mountains to the west and southern end and Yardale Plains to the east and north sides.

The abandoned cities of Joshua (orig. pop. 3.1 million), Bolide (orig. pop. 1.4 million) and Layton Peaks (orig. pop. 2.3 million) are within this area and are interspersed with several small towns and villages. These towns and villages can be assumed 'safe' (radiologically) for occupation by human forces, but they are largely abandoned and subject to random Cylon patrol. The homes and structures are heavily strafed, burned, razed, collapsed, or sprayed with small arms fire. The larger cities are mostly bombed out and can be traveled-through without serious health problems unless people touch a lot of metal, drink the water, or eat canned foods. Anti-rad meds will negate these factors and the meds are generally available to pilots and ground teams.

Spree inherited another 500,000 square miles and 70,000 troops on AWD #22. 46th, 87th Mountain, 88th Mountain, 112th, 141st, 201st Divisions reporting. The totals are roughly equivalent to an area four times the size of Texas being fought-for by the whole population of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Recent Events

Carolyn Spree, formerly a Lieutenant Colonel, was one of three Colonels left on Picon and was 2nd in line for command of the planet’s overall defenses. Her last duty station was with an MEU on the Rosslyn Ridge. She has recently been promoted and elevated to the position of overall commander of all resistance operations on the Twelve Colonies.

Service Record & Medals

Highly decorated Marine.

Recent Logs

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