Commander Wesley Bancroft
Bancroft1.jpg Bancroft,
Wesley A.
CMDR Marines
Station Picon Resistance
Position Commander, Allied
Resistance Forces
Age Sex
54 Male
Hair Eyes
Brown Green


Commander Bancroft is the overall commander of all resistance forces on the Colonies. He runs his Command Post off of Picon and is responsible for an Area of Operation (AO) of approximately six million square miles, in addition to coordinating the other unit commanders on Picon and other planets. He holds under him, in his AO, close to eight million Marines, Naval, and civilian resistance personnel. His specific area of responsibility accounts for roughly 1/7th of the populated land mass on Picon.

In OOC terms, Bancroft's AO is the size of Russia and is patrolled by the entire population of New York City Metropolitan Area.

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