MD #194: Not Speaking
Not Speaking
Summary: Toby and Emily have a brief encounter.
Date: 19/10/2017 (OOC Date)
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Emily Toby 
Naval Enlisted Berthings
Housing a couple thousand naval personnel is never easy, but the fleet has managed for many decades. The enlisted barracks are divided up into sixty-bunk berthings and spread out across Deck Three. Each bunk has a small blue privacy curtain to keep out the light and prying eyes, but at least each individual has their own space. The drawers beneath each bunk and the lockers provide additional storage space. Between each stack of bunks is a single table that comprises a single section, each barracks holding five sections that are divided by thin bulkheads.
MD #194

Nobody knows where Emily has been sleeping and most didn't care. She would come back to the bunkhouse to get clothes and shower at hours when almost nobody was awake. People only knew because sometimes people would her hear at her locker and glimpse. Someone had mentioned that she'd been sleeping in a storage locker but nobody could confirm that and there's hundreds across the ship. It wasn't worth the effort anyway. And then there was the galley explosion. Five killed, twenty wounded. Emily wasn't counted because she wasn't official crew. At first. Petty Officer Teryn had made sure Emily was in her PPE gear and all dressed, giving her instructions when the gas main blew out the wall beside Teryn and killed several with her. The royal had done her best, though. She was shit at firefighting and when someone said they needed to run into the fire to get people who were trapped, after the new PO in charge ordered them out, se and five others ran in while others kept the hoses on them. It wasn't far, but it was far enough for the lot of them to get an ass-chewing for something that stupid — they just needed to wait a few more minutes. They all came back with someone, though. Maybe it was brave. Definitely stupid. Heroism generally means an understanding of the danger so it doesn't fit there. But Emily then spent two days tending wounded in the galley.

Someone finally told her to go back to her bunk and sleep. Several people are probably surprised when she pulls back the curtain from her bunk and looks out, back up at them. There's still the telltale burns around her eyes but her hair hides most of the headwound. She's in a workout shirt and shorts and she slides her legs out of the bunk to look around at other people without saying a word. Girl doesn't look hurt or defenseless so much as tired. And the MP at the end of the block isn't watching her, but is watching the others.

While it's true that some of the unpleasantness aimed at Emily has decreased since the attack, a mix of bothher actions and people haveing better things to do, the presense of an MP onduty in thenaval berthings is not something thats appreciated by many. And that many includes Toby, who's tired, in pain, mourning his team, and now has to put up with an MP just standing there by his bunk. All told: he's grumpy, and it shows clear enough both in his bearing, and in the several foot of space around him that no one else is braving to enter as he makes his way in from a shower. The marine gets a flat look, not her fault, but still… Emily, well, once she's spotted, she gets one too, then he just turns to his own bunk and starts sorting what he needs for the day.

Emily watches people moving and some glance at her with similar looks. Why couldn't she just make things easy and not have the MP? The girl watches people and their looks and slowly rises from her bunk to stretch her arms and back. She groans while the MP keeps her eyes on Toby. At least THIS MP seems more friendly to Emily, which may not be great for everyone else. When the nigh-recruit see's Toby look at her there's a long sigh. "I did not ask for the escort. They are ordered by.." She glances around, then to her locker. "Someone else. I was also told your attempts to join the Marines were not successful because you are unkind to people, that you have made yourself the enemy."

Toby is now ignoring the MP, it's just easier that way, means he has to expend less mental energy being nice to people he just wishes would go the frak away. "Yeah? Well tell who ever ordered them to escort you that they're alienating the entire berthing and that they might want to consider that in future. And no, that's not why I was turned down, sure, I broke Ynyr's nose while he tried to pull me off one of his sergeants who'd just bragged abou…" Then he remembers his promise to Lleu, to not shake Emily's fragile trust in the fleet and stops. "You know what, frak it," he turns his back on her and focuses on his gear, "I'm not supposed to be talking to you."

Emily isn't showering before her shift it seems. She quickly changes, as fast as she possibly can which just looks weird in mixed berths without an emergency bell. "I will be sure to pass that along. Note, the big bully with a rattler's tongue doesn't like me." She doesn't change out of her workout shirt, just puts her duty green blouse over it. "I did not ask for it, but it was ordered because of people like you. You have-.." There's anger building and she stops. The locker is shut after she gets her boots, then she looks back to Toby. Anger, frustration, it all seems to start boiling. Toby knows the look of someone who wants to punch him. She has to know she would lose but she doesn't seem to care. Kinda like a Tauran standing against the Fleet. She wants to hit him so badly if only just for the satisfaction of landing one shot. But she takes a loooooong breath and releases it, then straightens her posture. "Very well, then." Suddenly her whole bearing takes on a royal sensibility again.

"No, quite literally," Toby replies, not looking in the slightest bit bothered that she might hit him, "I got told not to talk to you, probably by the same guy who ordered you to be escorted. Turns out whoever you told about our last conversation got some really fanciful fraking ideas in their head before spewing it all to the Brass, so to avoid any futher shitstorms you, and I, are to avoid the frak out of each other."

"Gunnery Sergeant Ynyr told you to not speak to me? Did he order others to not speak to me?" Some of this seems bothersome to her. Other parts, not so much. General annoyance. "I told several people that you had informed me that the fleet had lied to me. Everyone had lied to me and treated me like a child. But considering that was also a lie then I suppose it should come as no surprise that I have a difficult time believing what anyone says in this fleet anymore. So your telling me that Gunny said that to you is also something I do not believe." She sits on her bunk and begins putting her boots on, pulling them up tight. "It suits me well to not have to speak with you. Or see you."

"Yes, Ynyr told me not to speak to you, and no, I haven't a fraking clue if he told anyone else, nor do I care." Toby's annoyed, but his grump doesn't seem ot have noticably worsened since the conversation started. "Okay, first up, if you want to be treated like an adult, act like one, stomping off in a hiss fit is what spolit brats do. Secondly, and take this as a friendly warning, don't ever accuse me of being a liar. I'm not now, and I never have been. Like I said, it's against my faith. This once, I'm going to let you off, becuase you didn't know, but never let it happen again." Okay, now he'smore pissed off. "I said the CMC didn't let it's enemies join them, they don't, or atleast, that's what I was told when I tried. That the fact I'd once faught agaisnt them meant I couldn't get in. Other factors too, but that was a big one that was brought up. So I'm sorry that in trying to help you not get all your hopes set on something that might never happen you got the wrong idea, but shit happens kid." He doens't sound very sorry. "Thirdly, and hopefully finally, go fraking find yourself another bunk if you don't want to see me, cos this one has been mine for over twenty years, and I'm not fraking shifting just becuase you are a moron."

"I am attempting to behave as someone who would fit in but seeing as how I have extremely poor examples of behavior to follow," Emily says, looking at Toby, "then it is difficult for me to behave in any other way. As for your 'allowance' I suppose I should thank you. Thank you, sir, for not beating me up and exerting your power over someone who cannot defend herself and does not know any better. You are so gracious." That's biting sarcasm. "Go ahead, hit me. Get it over with. Prove to me that this fleet really is just a bunch of bullies who despise the little girl and cannot see past their own hatreds. PLEASE. Tell me WHERE I STAND!" She rises from her bunk and looks like she's had enough. That's when the MP comes over and takes her by the arm, whispering to her. Emi doesn't seem terribly moved by it. She's trying to maintain composure and its not working. She's usually rock steady but after the fire.. "Do you believe it would be the first time I'd been beaten by a man for questioning him? One day I'll be able to hit back! And when I do, I will hit hard!" The MP finally gives her arm a tug and begins walking her out as if she were being taken to the brig.

"If you want to fight me," Toby replies, sounding tired of all this shit, "go right the frak ahead. IF you think I'm just going to hit you though then I'm afraid you're going to be sorely disapointed. Yeah, I know, big shock, the dumb Tauran didn't just lash out with his fists, but guess what, anyone who tells you I do has listened to too many rumours and never fraking actually got to know me. If all you want to see is what you expect, then fine, I can't stop you, but try opening your eyes for once, listening for yourself. Standing up for yourself. WHich at least you do seem to be getting the hang of, although perhaps some intermediate sages between stomp off in a tantrum and daring soemone to wipe the floor with you might be advisable." He shakes his head again slowly, but there is no sign of him actually being about to leap to violence. "We're not all like the men you've known. I freely admit I don't like you, and I don't want you bunked near me, but I'm not about to beat you for it, and if you can't believe that, then I pity you."

Emily doesn't respond, she just looks over her shoulder angrily as the MP walks and escorts her out of the berths, boots untied. The mix of anger and exhaustion on her face is probably something most people recognize well. She's never had to benefit of having to go to boot camp, though. Everyone has their limit and Emily may just be over hers, unable to cope any longer. The adjustment of being thrown into the deep end full of potential sharks and she doesn't know how to swim in these waters.

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