AWD #308: Not Quiet What We Dreamed Off
Not Quiet What We Dreamed Off
Summary: Gloria and Skyler meet in CIC, it's not exactly where either's childhood dreams would have them.
Date: 25/04/2016
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Gloria Skyler 
Combat Information Center - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the ship. This CIC is designed in a circular formation, the original Admiral apparently a fan of the classical set-up. Dead center are a set of large monitors suspended from the ceiling with DRADIS readings as well as other vital shipboard information. Under this is a small map table outlining current plots and positions. The table has a built-in phone as well as smaller displays relating to critical damage reports. Both port and starboard watch stations are set at all times, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose — Helm, Weapons, Communications, Electronic Warfare, Damage Control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls. This area is heavily guarded by armed Marines at all hours of the day and night.
AWD #308

The first few days of a new posting are always odd, and this is no exception for Gloria. The systems might be basically the same as the other ships she's served on, but it's the unfamiliar setting and people that just make it faintly uncomfortable at first. Still, she's starting to settle a bit and seems entirely fine as she walks into CIC to start her shift on the DRADIS array.

Most of Skyler's time has been spent lurking the edges of the map room when there's not More Important Things going on. The woman doesn't descend fully into the CIC very often, due to the crutch she's still hobbling along on. Today, however, or at least the moment… either she needs one of the terminals or the Map Room is currently in use by Bigger and More Important Persons. With a crutch propped against the wall, she's at a terminal by the rear wall. There's a stack of files at hand and a clipboard jockeying for space with the keyboard right in front of her. If nothing else, the LTJG looks… frazzled.

As it turns out, Gloria's target terminal is right next to Skylers and while she waits for her oppo to be free to handover she can't help but eye the Lieutenant a moment. "You alright sir?" she asks, "I probably have time to grab you a coffee or something if you want."

Coffee. Skyler's hands pause over the keyboard and she looks quite tempted. It's not as easy a thing for her right now, not while she's in the damned leg brace. It's with an apologetic glance that she finally looks over to Gloria. "That would actually be fantastic, thank you." And if nothing else, it gives her an excuse to lean back and take a deep breath. Intel. Not quite like piloting a Raptor, no.

"Milk and sugar?" Gloria asks, waiting only long enough to get an answer before disappearing briefly. Upon her return she has three mugs, one for her oppo, one for herself, and the third she sets down infront of Skyler. "There you go Lieutenant. Busy shift?"

"Just sugar," Skyler answers, closing her eyes as she takes the moment to melt a bit into the chair. An arm is draped across her face when Gloria returns, but the mug set down stirs her from it. "Thank you," she offers again, reaching for the warmth of the ceramic. "I guess. I'm just still getting used to it all. Bit of-" she wiggles her fingers a bit at the screen before it. "Information overload."

"Not a problem sir," Gloria replies with a faint smile, eyeing the folders and such as they're mentioned. "Looks like it, I'd ask if it's anything interesting but I learnt long ago that anything interesting is generally classified well above my level." Lifting her gaze to look around the room she asks, "its been quiet out there at least I hope? My last shift was just the CAP and shuttle raptors."

"You have about the right of it," Skyler replies, snorting faintly. "Until a week ago, it was above my level." But being shifted to Intel changes a number of things. The woman takes a long sip once the coffee has sufficiently cooled before setting the mug aside and shuffling through some of the folders. "Quiet, yes, and hopefully a good thing at that." She looks over to the other woman. "I honestly never came up this way much before. Are you new or did we just always miss one another?"

Gloria enjoys her coffee for a few moments as Skyler answers, then smiles faintly at the question. "New transfer, Subic Point, arrived a few days ago." Then, tilting her head towards the terminal she's waiting for, "Countermeasures."

"Good. So I don't look like a total sod," Skyler mutters absently, finally pulling free one file. The woman shifts slightly in her seat, extending the brace-covered leg at a new angle. "Skyler Almaeda." The LTJG pins are obvious enough, so she doesn't go into rank specifics. "Recent transfer to Intel."

Gloria winces in sympathy at the leg in it's brace then asks, "now to the ship as well?" She's guessing not from the previous few remarks, but it's less than fully clear. Then, her oppo is done and the conversation pauses briefly for one of the quickest handovers ever, and she sits down and plugs in. Still, with nothing going on on her screen she turns back to Skyler, "enjoying it bar the overload?"

There's a small shake of Skyler's head. "Been aboard for a few months now. When the Orion liberated Picon, I was brought up fairly early on to tend to some injuries. They decided they might as well keep me." Though she's talking, the woman is also reviewing the file before her, flipping pages. A report, it seems. "Mmmm… I guess I am. I like a challenge. I just don't want to disappoint."

Gloria nods slowly as she sets up the terminal just so. "Understandable. I taught myself basic electronics as a kid because I was bored at school, but was always worried I'd mess it up. Used to wish for more of a challenge on duty too, but then, well, war arrived and now I'm grateful for every quiet day really."

"Can't say I got here because of childhood dreams," Skyler admits, managing to smirk a bit. "More that I got in a heap of trouble and the Academy was the way out." Bratty Virgon. She closes the file, pulls the keyboard close, and taps out a few things. "Quiet days are good, though. I know they won't last forever, but they're nice while we have them. Have you made it down to Piraeus yet?"

"Childhood dreams would have had me out there," Gloria replies, pointing out to where the shuttle raptor is coming into view, "but sometimes it just doesn't work out." Her own accent is non-descript, and while there's bit of a few places, there seems to be no overarching accent to speak of. As for Piraeus she nods a couple of times, "Subic Point is part of Task Force Blackjack, so I've been in orbit a while now, just newly transfer across to Orion."

"I should know that." Skyler admits, regarding Subic Point. The woman looks a bit embarrassed as she looks over the keyboard her hands have paused on and all the files. "I think my mind is just in a bit of a panic over all of the new information. That's good, though. Piraeus is a good place if you want some peace… and Charlie's is good if you don't."

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