AWD #574: Not Expendable
AWD #574: Not Expendable
Summary: A trio of marines speak with the CMO. The CMO lectures a bit and argues, most vehemently, that none of the marines - or ANY of their personnel - are expendable.
Date: 16 Jan/2017 (OOC Date)
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CMO's Office - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Durable gray, industrial weave, carpeting covers the floor from wall to wall in this small, utilitarian and ruthlessly organized office. The left and right walls are covered in white boards with metal filing cabinets stacked side by side beneath each board, the tops of which serve as additional space along with room for a coffee maker and cleaning supplies. A pair of uncomfortable looking chairs take up the floor space to either side of the door and a heavy desk with a worn looking chair made equally of battered looking metal consume the rest of the space not occupied by shelves. Above the desk is a printed poster listing the periodic table of elements alongside a wall mounted lightbox for inspecting x-rays and other images.
Thu 03/Aug/2006

As it is more often than not, the door to Sam's office stands open and, also equally as usual, the scent of fresh brewing coffee drifts out of her office. Both white boards are now covered in precise, and exhaustingly detailed, flow charts relating to the technology and science that their guests have provided. Taped to the walls along both sides of the boards are print outs that have carefully redacted names and service numbers, only a patient number that is identifiable to medical staff but to non medical personnel it's just a random string of numbers and letters. Seated on the edge of the desk, which is something Sam just flat out doesn't typically do, but with a cup of coffee in hand and a dry-erase marker tucked behind one ear, she is studying the flow charts and the data sheets tacked up.

Someone arrives outside of the hatch to her office. Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr is in his MP uniform. He knocks very lightly on the hatch frame, "Doctor Nadir?" Lleu studies Samtara to try and judge whether or not she's actually had /any/ sleep since he and Angelis introduced Doctor Jimenez to her. "You said to come back by but you've been kind of busy. Is … this a good time, or should I try back later?" Ynyr doesn't quite step in, keeping his baritone low and relaxed.

It takes a moment for Sam to pull her thoughts away from both of the flow charts and the various data points on display, and another moment to blink - once or twice - at the Sergeant before she gives a quiet, "ahh" of sound and beckons him into her office with a wave of one hand. "Come on in, Sergeant. Would you care for a cup of coffee? And this is a good time, as much as any time is a good or bad one, to be fair. Something about perspective and relative comparisons to other subjective assessments."

"Relative comparisons and subjective assessments, right." Lleu quirks the good right side of his mouth with amusement, "Sure, I'd love a cup, Major." Ynyr takes up a position to lean his butt against her desk and wait, not eager to take a seat just yet. His uniform looks clean, at least. "Mostly, I wanted to stop by and check on you. See how you are taking all of this. I know it must be something between a freakout … and maybe … a little kid's glee at piles of presants on Saturnalia?" The Marine MP watches for Sam's reaction very closely, if she hasn't turned her face too far away for him to try and get a read on it, or the tension of her body language may have to do. "I bet you … might have been a little pissed that they did anything at all to us, before it could be checked out. I am sorry about that. We were in kind of a tight spot and … sometimes, you don't have much choice but to take a leap of faith. Either they are trustworthy, or they aren't. But, we need allies in this war badly, don't we?"

Setting aside her own cup of coffee, or rather - starting to - Sam frowns down at the empty mug. "Vexing," and drops down the inch or two to the floor and crosses to refill her cup and pours a fresh one for Leu and hands it over. Untampered. Coffee. Just coffee. "One of the leading definitions of insanity, Sergeant, is the process of doing the same thing over and over, in precisely the same manner, and expecting a different result. Being pissed by what does or does not happen the field is an absolute waste of time. Was it unwise? yes. Was it a potential hazard for everyone? Yes. Did it potentially put everyone on this ship and on planet at risk, if they had genuine ill intentions? Yes. That said," and she returns to her seat, once more studying the white boards and data so carefully organized, "a leap of faith is precisely that. A leap of faith. Every once in a while the universe runs the long odds on mathematical probabilities and nets us a unexpected equation. We in the science and math business call that hope, Sergeant."

Samtara gets a lifted brow out of Ynyr, then he smiles a little accepting the cup of coffee after her 'hope' comment. A slow deep breath, "I knew it was unwise, but we were put through their Decon as soon as we disembarked. At gunpoint, so it was pretty clear what arguing with them was going to go. And there was a lot of them and only a few of us, so … yeah. All we could do was hope, once we were already in the thick of it with no way to return home otherwise." Cuatiously he tastes the hot coffee. "So, how's the progress? What do you think?" Keep it simple.

Sam turns one of those long looks at Leu, the sort that is surprise edged with speculation and respect, all in one look. "They processed the entire team through decon as soon as you disembarked?" Respect and frank admiration AND approval in that single query. "I like them more and more," she moves off her perch again to add another note to the flow chart on one of the white boards and returns, yet again. "Dr. Jimenez is brilliant. Their science, their technology, their medicine? Brilliant. Their medical devices? Generations, and I don't mean that in an abstract way, generations ahead of what we have. We're . . mud plaster casts and praying to vengeful deities in comparison to their medical abilities. Their mandate?" she exhales a single breath of sound. "Enviable. Brilliant. Fierce. Not to be messed with."

"Yes. They were in hazmat like suits as we got off of the Raptor, in their hangar and well armed, waiting for us. But, they were mostly polite and motioned us to the Decon tent they'd set up. After drawing our blood, a few minutes later they had some gas masks they wanted us to breath from and the retinal lazer so we suddenly could understand them. They told us the gas was an innoculation, taylored to each one of us by our blood samples, to protect them from our diseases, but also to protect us from theirs. Only once we'd cooperated and inhaled the innoculation gas, could they welcome us and talk. They assured us no harm would come of the gas, and none has that we can tell." Lleufer listens to her and gives a faint nod, "I have been very impressed with them. We got to train side by side with their people. With their weapons, their gear, in VR simulations that were as real as actually being there right down to the angony of being shot, the smell of blood. It was amazing, Sam. They … may not be very tolerant though of … some things we do or believe in, so be warned. They have their reasons, for survival. But they aren't omipotent either. They /run/ from their machine enemies and evacuate their people, rather than stay and fight. Maybe that is the only choice they have, but they aren't -so- far beyound us that they can take back any of their worlds, so they flee. They aren't perfect, and we need to remember that. Even as they wow us."

Lleufer shrugs and adds low, "On the other hand, take their tech away and … we don't know how well they could function." He sips his coffee.

"Quarantine protocols, hazmat suits, all of it? That's the only REAL way to safely process the intake of any new arrivals, not just there but here, were it possible," Sam notes with a mild shake of her head. "We've been playing a dangerous game of two-step shuffle with our luck. So far so good isn't really the way to run any military operation, let alone a medical one." She moves her shoulders, then, in a shrug that is acceptance of what IS. "You are ready to trust them, after spending how much relative time in their company?" she makes it a question, a voiced question, not a blind assumption. "What sort of things?" is asked next before she gives a wry glimpse of a smile. "Take away our technology and weapons and communication, how well would we function?"
From afar, Angelis is posing out… will be slipping on over to you in about 10 :P

"I agree, a Decon proceedure of our own would be wise. But, it's not like … we've ever run into other humans or aliens before, that weren't already part of the Colonies. There's been no precident. Still, it could be wise to set something up like it every time anyone new comes aboard from somewhere we haven't /recently/ had contact with. I wouldn't put it past the Cylons to use biological warfare on us, especially if we -really- start making some serious ground against them. Unless of course they manage to find the other Machines and alley with them. That'd be a game changer we really need to prepare for. I think it's only a matter of time. They had access to our records on Libran, Doc. And I know Intel isn't interested in what a dumb Marine like me has to think, but you could put those things into their ears if they aren't already thinking about it on their own. Major Elias Gray's very sharp, but even he can't cover everything at once." Lleufer shrugs, "If you take ours away, we'd still manage better than they could, I think. But I don't know. If their comp systems were compromised, it'd bring them down to our level pretty fast, wouldn't it?"

Another sip of his coffee, "Anyway, all of that is over my pay grade, Doc." Ynyr thinks about Samtara's questions. "I had a very good, strong impression of them being honorable in a way that Marines can really understand. Not that I'm claiming we fully understand them, but … I get the sense that they don't mean us harm. Our survival helps add to all of humanity, so helping us can also help them. So, I trust them in that I think they do want to share and help us, if they can. If we continue to be worthy of their help, in their estimation. You know I've put in for … volunteered to be a guinea pig, to test some of what they are offering us. I think Command needs to know. I feel, with my injuries, I'm kind of expendable. So let me test it. If it's as good as they claim, we really need this stuff and it'll bring us closer to understanding them. And if they aren't being fully truthful with us and it turns out not to be good? Then the sooner Command knows, the better. Right?"

"You may have a better avenue of success transitioning that data up the marine pipeline to your Major Amos than fielding it toward Major Gray from my avenue of approach," Sam remarks as she studies the surface of the coffee in the mug that she's holding. "I don't suppose I'll ever understand why the metal cylons were constructed in such a limiting fashion. Bipedal motion. Forward facing optical receptors. So many other, and smarter, variations to have explored; I suppose the bipedal forward facing frontward eyes made us less afraid of them, when they initially rolled off the production line." She gives a small twist of a smile, "That little marketing plan worked out so bloody well."

At the second half of Leu's words, Sam turns sidelong to stare at the marine and bluntly says, "You are barking mad. Out of your mind. Round the bend. What's the other phrase?" she huffs out a breath, "Frakked? Yes. We'll use that. Frakked in the head if you think, for even one genuine minute, that you are expendable. None of you are expendable. Not a single one. There are not expendable soldiers or personnel or throw away troops. Every single one of you is unique. irreplaceable. A treasure. Every. Single. One. Of. You." She reaches out and smacks Leu's shoulder, not lightly, a brief moment of a breach of personal space, for emphatic reason. "You. Are. Not. Expendable. How dare you even suggest that I or Command would view you in such light? And how dare you even think that I would allow you to be used in such a manner?"

Angelis has been to the gym and to the mess and now she's finally making her way back to Sickbay to see if the Doctor's in and available. She's already got a cup of coffee in hand, no doubt from the Mess hall, so probably not as good as Doctor Nadir's stuff, but still. It's coffee. She knocks on the door of the office, tentatively considering the doctor is busy yelling at Lleu, a wide eyed look on her face as she looks between the MP and Samtara, "Uh…. bad time?" Tabi asks a bit hesitantly.

Lleufer grimaces, "I don't think Major Ommanney really wants to listen to my hairbrain theories, Sam. We used to be close and work together a lot but … after Santos Ridge? He's hardly spoken a word to me. So, not likely. I'm apt to have more luck trying to talk to Elias directly and I /know/ he seriously doesn't like me. Never has." Especially not after Lleu punched him in the face way back when. Ehem.

Ynyr shifts from Sam's desk to take a seat and get himself comfortable after she smacks him in the arm. Lleu shrugs, "I'm serious. Compared to the 5.5 million of us left, -one- or two Marines are very expendable if we don't have any other way to find out. Command needs to know shit, they send us in. It's our job, Sam. You know that. And let's be honest here. I'm a liabilty, barely functional enough to get put back on active duty at all. If we weren't so desperate in this war, they -would- have put my ass out on medical and I'd no longer be in the service at all."

The Marine Sergent sets his coffee aside, unfinished, "But if this works? If it's real? I can be fixed. Whole, like an all new Marine. And better. Because if the eyes and ears also work? We could be frakking awesome, Sam. Way better, and we NEED this. We -can't- afford not to try it."

"That stuff is awful, get yourself some fresh coffee," Sam replies instantly to Angelis, glaring at Leu as he speaks and waiting him out. "There's even cream and sugar still if you want to add it. It's not real cream, of course, it's non-dairy cream substitute which is really reconstituted soybean juice mixed with other additives to make a cream like compound that is then shelf stable and can be used in liquid or powdered form," ever so helpful there, is the doctor as she glares - continues to glare - at Leu. "And this is absolutely not a bad time," she adds before she offers a nod to Angelis, whom she is absolutely not yelling at.

"You think I would sign off on ANY medical procedure that I wasn't absolutely, one hundred percent, confident would improve your quality of life? You think I would agree and actually PERFORM any medical procedure that is, at best, any sort of leap of blind faith initiative that could make your condition worse? You think I'd ever allow that to happen to any of the personnel under my care?" She smacks Leu in the shoulder again, though it was obviously a tough decision to smack him the shoulder instead of upside the head. "What they're offering, you - - you MARINE - - is HOPE. Is the real and genuine opportunity to repair the damage, not just a make-shift sort of ad hoc dummy it up with glue and staples repair but GENUINE restorative medicine. Who, for the love of LOGIC, do you think would be doing the surgery?" she demands, genuine indignance in her tone of voice. "Doctor Jimenez made it clear that she did not complete the procedure for the specific reason that to do so would be a genuine breach of respect in ADVANCE of having actually met any of the rest of us in the first place. You," she is exasperated to the point of being speechless. "Are not expendable," her expression is fierce as she looks from one marine to another, "neither of you are."

Angelis sort of hovers in the door way, sipping on her coffee as she listens to Lleu. Having missed most of the conversation, she shifts slightly from one foot to the other, gathering that the conversation is likely about the transplants and stuff. Her gaze scans the interior of the office, eyes landing on the whiteboard's detailed flow charts. Tabi visibly winces at the complexity of it all and looks away quickly, her brain exploding after just five seconds of trying to decipher whatever's written up there. She's quiet, obviously thinking about stuff. She looks down at her coffee that Samtara sniffs at, and shrugs, "It's coffee enough for me, I'll get some fresh in a moment, thanks Doc." She gives the irate woman a quick smile, her gaze flitting back and forth between Lleu and Sam. "Ah… No ma'am…" Not expendable. At least, she agrees, even if her brain thinks otherwise. She doesn't want to get yelled at. "I ah… was just wondering about… well… I guess some of what you're talking about here. The implants and stuff." Tabi takes another sip of coffee and props herself against the doorframe, doing her best not to actually look at that damned whiteboard.

He realized Angelis has arrived, and then Samtara goes back to her tirade of yelling at him and hitting his shoulder, Lleufer blatantly -waggles- his brows at his fellow Marine, "The Major is hitting on me. Again." Now let's watch Nadir get livid. "If she'd stop knocking herself against my arm I could drink the coffee without spilling it everywhere." Bad Sam.

After a quiet breath, Lleufer looks back to Doctor Nadir. "I already know all of that, Sam." He is apparently not afraid to be on a first name basis with the CMO. At least while there aren't any other high ranking officers standing in who might give him dirty looks. "I know you wouldn't, and Doctor Jimenez came for just those reasons, which we also already knew before she spoke to you." Ynyr folds his arms over his chest, "So, it's in your ballpark to decide. And once you hee and haw over it a while, you will do it the reasons you stated. And even if it scares the hell out of me a little bit, I'm going to go through with it, for the reasons we just went over." So, there.

Another knock at the open door. Knox is in his cammies and he's looking at Lleu and Angelis. He's wearing his Staff Sergeant face. He darkens the doorway, taboo'ing a bit by standing in it. Likely on purpose. He watches for several seconds before looking over to Samtara, "Is there a problem I need to be aware of, Doctor?"

Angelis is bounced out of the way as Knox comes looming in. Considering she was just leaning against the doorframe. Her coffee spills over her hand, but luckily it isn't piping hot, so it's more just an inconvenience as the sweet caffienated liquid soaks into the sleeve of her jacket. "Maaan… I just washed this uniform." She mumbles under her breath, sliding further into the room, giving the Staff Sergeant a brief, dark look. It's his fault she spilled her coffee, after all. "Sorry Doc…" 'Cause now there's splatters of coffee on the floor, dripping off her fingers as she looks around for stuff to clean up with…

Making an obvious and genuine attempt to rein her temper back in, which isn't a typical thing she has to put any sort of effort into, Sam does what Sam needs to do when confronted with something this vexing. She holds up one hand, and begins counting upward in prime numbers until she reaches a level point again, a process that takes a solid minute. Counting to ten? No. Much much higher than that. Meanwhile, Knox arrives, but she's busy counting, so she doesn't greet him until she reaches that level point and can do so in a professional manner.

"I still advise against reconstituted soy bean juice, it's just abnormal," are her first words, and aimed at Angelis, before she moves a prudent measure of distance away from Leu - so as to avoid the instinct to smack him again. "Sergeant, care for a cup of coffee?" is ventured aloud before she gives a measured shake of her head. "Nothing that can't be moderated with a bit of logic in a linear approach." It's back around to Leu, again, who is safely out of reach - however brief that may be - "Hitting you is not the same thing as hitting on you. I'm very certain of that," which is not exactly said in a cordial voice but it's close. Near. Almost. General ballpark. Stadium. Ampitheatre. Zip code. Relative postal district. "You really should apologize." She finally decides that this is the correct avenue. "I won't stand for you considering yourself or any other marine expendable. It's inaccurate and insulting. Insulting across multiple species lines, actually."

Lleufer rolls his eyes at Samtara, if not Knox looking /so/ dour, "It was a joke, Sam. I'd say you need to loosen up, but I know you can't help being wound up so tight. I -can- remember you being … less uptight at Santos Ridge, under pounding gun fire while a poor woman's legs were trapped and you had to amputate them, because Knox here couldn't rip the damn seat out. -Yes- I can actually rememeber that fragment." He reaches over and picks up his coffee, "Hey Coop. Come on in. There's coffee." -If- Samtara doesn't object. Ynyr looks back to her, "Sure, I apologize. Now will you please come down from your frothing rant and just chill out for a minute? Please?"

Coop looks right back at Angelis with her dark look. "Your uniform will survive, Lance Corporal. Sorry to startle." He then looks back to Samtara and shakes his head. "No, thank you, Doctor. I've had my fill for the day." As he listens, his gaze begins to narrow and focus on Lleufer. He just stares at the other NCO. "Ynyr. You and I will talk later." He's still looking at Lleu as he speaks to Sam, "Please, continue, Doctor. I suspect the discussion you're having is why I came down here in the first place." Only then does he look back to Samtara with a slight tilt of his head. "I wanted to give the Senior NCO position after hearing your opinions on viability."

Setting her now almost empty cup down near the coffee machine, Tabi helps herself to some of Samtara's cleaning supplies, some sort of antibacterial spray and a handful of paper towels. She then sets to getting her mess cleaned up off the floor. Apparently Tabi's actually quite good at cleaning, surprisingly enough. Must be all that extra duty. A quick nod is given to the Staff, but then she's back to cleaning and moving from the floor to the counter where her cup has now made a ring. And only once she's satisfied that there's no linger sticky bits, does she help herself to some of Doc Nadir's coffee and liberal helpings of sugar and creamer. Still not adding anything to the conversation at hand, the Lance settles herself against the counter, well clear of the looming Staff Sergeant and the somewhat less irate Doctor. Especially when Lleu tells her to 'chill out'. That draws a visible wince from Tabi.

"We were getting shot at," Sam reminds Leu with a sigh, "it was a bit more unsettling that I had anticipated. I genuinely dislike it, just to be clear. And I wasn't aware that you remember that fragment," her voice is quieter and she makes a breath of a sound that is still annoyed but not quite as much. "Chill out. Where do you come up with these phrases?" she wonders then frowns at Knox. "You've reached a critical amount of caffeine?" surprise there in her tone then a frown. "You were jesting. Ahh." She then watches Angelis clean up the spilled coffee with a look of mingled approval and appreciation. "You are really good at that," high praise from the resident neat freak. "Yes. We are, at present, moving past the need to apologize phase, and thank you," she nods at Leu, "and into the core of the conversation. Sans shouting. I trust I won't have to shout at you anymore?" aimed at Leu as she demonstrates a certain non-linear approach to the conversation thread at hand. "We are discussing the opportunities, both timely and amazing, that the Arpay have offered that would both modify those marines and air wing members who volunteer for such procedures, but also - in a very specific manner - offer the very real possibility to return the Sergeant to this state of health prior to the damage he has absorbed since the start of this war."

"Sure, Knox." Lleufer might have said 'Dad' just to irritate Coop when Knox said it so serious like but no point in making his other close friend angry too. A nod to Samtara, "I do remember. You were fantastic." Yynr the smiles when she asks where he got 'chill out' from but he's not helpful there. He has unfolded his arms and remains relaxed, easing a foot forward to slouch a little in the chair. "Unless it makes you feel better to yell, yes. Sometimes yelling is good. This is scary stuff, I agree." Lleu gives Sam a nod to all else she says as she brings the others up to speed on what they had been talking about. Leaving it there and letting Samtara direct the conversation as she will, he drinks some of his coffee. Nope, he's not angry, not the slightest.

Cooper finally steps through the doorway and moves past the point about coffee. Some skinjobs actually sleep. Caffeine doesn't help. He does stay out of Angelis' way, though. He looks to each of them, then back to Samtara. "I'm all for the stuff with getting this lump of dogshit," he gives a wink to Lleu, "back to his original form." He crosses his arms, looking directly at Sam. "The electives. Eyes and ears. I'd like to know what you think about it, Doctor."

Angelis gives Sam a quick smile, "Had lots of practice, Doc." She replies carefully, then falls silent again, listening to the conversation going around her. She watches the way her fellow marines interact with each other and sips slowly on her refreshed cup of coffee, appreciating the slightly different quality of the drink. One hand lifts, tugging lightly on the end of her ponytail, not adding to the conversation unless someone questions her directly. Seems the Lance does have a few manners.

"I really hate it when you use logic in these discussions, it's very vexing," Sam mutters at Leu before she drinks again from the mug that she's holding and exhales a slow breath. "Yelling .. yes. Sometimes. Terribly unprofessional. And I dislike, intensely, being scared. Of anything. Very unpleasant. Equally vexing." She kicks one foot briefly against the front of her desk before she frowns at Knox, "That's a example of camaraderie, the name calling thing. I like it. Dogshit," she aims it at Leu then shakes her head, "nope. Inflection was inaccurate. What I think about it?" she asks then gestures to the white boards with their flow charts and precisely written reference points along with the data tacked up to either side of each board. She waits a beat, puzzled, "Oh. You mean the flow chart isn't, well it's a visual reference point. But you'd prefer a verbal summary?" she wonders before moving to the side and gesturing to Angelis to take a seat. "Me too. I very good and cleaning things. I have employed the use of every chemical cleaner we have access to in the fleet, it's surprising what chemical combinations do and do not mix well together. Fascinating, really. Somewhat explosive at times, however."

Knox gets a hint of a grin out of Ynyr. "I was -trying- to get her to stop freaking out long enough to tell me what she thought of it but she got a little flustered with me." Lleu looks amused. Ooh, now she is accusing /him/ of using logic. He only smiles more lopsidedly at the doctor and maybe it's a good idea if he doesn't tell Samtara that she's reminding him of Naomi right now. In the way she's processing things. So he keeps his mouth shut instead. Probably better if he doesn't think about Naomi just now anyway so he sips his coffee instead and listens. And… as Samtara gets side tracked yet again (Is she also ADHD?) on cleaning stuff, Lleu dares to make a hand gesture to try and get her to get on with it already, "Yes, please /tell/ us what you think. With as little medical techno mumbo jumbo as you can, because you need to remember that you are speaking to us Jarheads."

Knox stands in front of the desk. Hands fold behind his back as he looks at Samtara. His eyes flick to the flowcharts, then back to her. He just looks at her. Nope, he doesn't say a word for a few moments. Finally Lleufer speaks up and he nods slowly. "We would not ask you to read a tactical chart and make correct assumptions. That would be dangerous." He looks back at the charts, then returns those eyes to Sam. "Please explain your opinions. Write it in crayon if you can." Probably not to be taken literally.

Angelis stares at Samtara's explanation about chemicals and combinations, her eyes glazing a little. "Uh… oh-kay…" Clearly most of that went right over head and she sends a sort of lost look in Lleu and Knox' direction before shifting herself away from the counter and plopping down in a seat, keeping herself out of the general way of folks. Tabi sips slowly on her coffee, fingers still tugging on the end of her ponytail, gaze flitting about the office, but not lingering too long on that brain-breaking flow chart.

"It's not -" Sam begins only to halt that sentence in its infancy, and she narrows her eyes, ever so subtly, at Leu for the jarhead remark. She eyes Knox next, recognizing that 'middle distance' thing he's doing with the expression and taps one fingertip against the edge of her coffee mug, again, before she turns toward Tabi. "Alright. Here's the thing. We are enough alike with the Arpay to make their medicine work for us, and us compatible with the things they can fix that are either already wrong or possibly going to be wrong. The doctor who I've been speaking with, Dr. Jimenez? She's not just a doctor. She's also an envoy, not just an ambassador, not just a diplomat, not just a doctor, not just a warrior herself, she's all of those things and a great deal more, I would surmise. From what I've seen so far, their medical technology would not just save lives, but would prevent diseases and cellular mutations - like cancer, for one easy example - from happening. It would also make repairs to those who have lost the use of limbs or had damage to internal organs that can't be repaired. Say you lost the use of your leg," she makes specific examples, "they can generate a new limb that would be yours, not a replacement made of metal or plastic or carbon composite or silly putty. Your body would accept it, as is, because it's you, not a mix of alien and foreign tech. Say you had kidney damage? Replace the damaged kidney with a bit of you grown from you."

She looks to Leu then, "The repairs that they are offering?" She stops then, because she has to level her voice out once again, "This is the difference between telling you that you have to accept the damage that is done, and that you have to accept it for the rest of your life. It's the difference between the physical reality of the punishing price that this war is inflicting upon your bodies, your mind, your emotions, and being able to say: I know you're hurting right now, but I promise you that I can fix this. It's the difference," and she glances toward Knox, "between hope and the lack of same. It's been a very, very long time since I've had hope of any kind, or even the ability to pretend to offer it to those who are so traumatically wounded there IS no relief that can be offered. And that?" her mouth curves in a bit of a bitter smile, "That is terrifying. To stand on the threshold of hope, not just having it, but offering it? and have to step back and consider what it may or may not do? It's not a binary decision."

Lleufer gives Samtara a nod, "Yeah, I know this part already. You forget that we, Angelis and I, stayed with them for a month. All of this was explained in detail. How they can use nanotech to rebuild me from the inside, to remove scar tissue and remodel the tissue and the nerves. Eventually I piss them out. I already had the genetic treatments to fix things, and treatment for heavy metals from raditation I was exposed to. I have injections I'm to take every 3 months for a while, specifically taylored to me. If anyone else takes the injections, it'd kill them so they are secure in my locker, though I can give them to you to administer if you'd prefer. In total, Doctor Jimenez said it would take about 18 months for it to be completed."

He takes a breath and tries to be patient, "We, if not Knox, already understand that. What we are asking you about are the eyes and ears. The extra modifications Doctor Jimenez already printed out and brought with her. What do you think about the risks and the science involved there?"

Knox is many things, including patient. His time away after his last download taught the guy a lot of things and he came back changed. Some for the better. Some for the worse. So when he listens, its with a different sort of ear. His people are technically timeless, though he advocates against it. So hearing this? His arms slowly drop. He was under the impression this was just a couple repairs and surgeries. By the end, he looks daring. On the cusp of something. "Doc, are you telling me that no matter how bad a Line's wounds get, they could live a normal lifespan and never have to download again?" He steps forward. "I know, I'm legally human here. But we are talking about a complete game-change. They want to get away from downloading. Be human. Or as close as they can be." A dangerous idea to believe in. Something monumental for the people he has more or less left behind. But he puts up a staying hand. "Don't- don't answer that. Please. Eyes and ears only. I'm not sure I can handle knowing something like that either way. And if I download I don't want that spread."

Angelis is quiet, taking her time in mulling over what's being said. A lot of it doesn't get processed right away, because well, a lot of it she doesn't really understand. She does nod her agreement with Lleu though, "I got that stuff done too, for the radiation and the genetic stuff." She says eventually, in her rather more simplified way. It's what Knox says that really has her blinking, though. She stares at him, long and hard, her mouth opening to say something, but she seems to think better of it and it snaps closed with an audible click. Coffee. That'll keep her quiet, she lifts the mug and sips on it slowly, still watching the Six over the rim of the mug. Eventually though, she forces herself to look away.

"That's a benefits to cost ratio, which none of you want to actually hear, I gather," Sam replies in a quiet tone. "I'll save that for when I have to pitch it to command on your behalf." She casts a glance toward Knox and is even drawing breath to answer his question when he decides that he doesn't want her to answer the question. She arches both eyebrows upward and waits, just in case he reverses course again, then angles a subtle head tilt that isn't a nod but a recognition of his decision not to have his question answered. "I'm impressed, to be fair, with how clearly and carefully they have educated those of you who have spent time with them already. Equal -" and she halts again, not quite grinding her teeth but it's a near thing. "Ultimately? Summarily? A benefit. Worthy of further exploration and with our combined efforts bent to the task to eliminate the risk factors? Feasible. Worthy of pitching to command."

Lleufer eyes Knox and as he absorbs what Cooper says, Ynyr sits up a little bit more. The look on his face is clearly 'whoa' and he looks like he wants to put a hand out to his friend, to offer the Six something of support. He studies his friend a long moment before Samtara finally gets around to spitting out the part they came here to hear. A long, slow breath, "Thank you. That is what I was hoping to hear. Please do let us know any concerns you have, and by all means, convert it all into a shiny powerpoint presentation with lots of nasty slides and complicated charts for Command. Then, when you are done, convert it back into Jarhead speak for them too. When you are all done, let us know what they think." The MP Sergeant puts up a hand, "I know it'll take some time. Can't rush this stuff too much. But, afterwards, let us know when we can get started." Clearly Lleu is confident that Command will be willing to take the risks to see if the benefits really pack the punch that's promised.

He could be wrong, of course.

Cooper listens and looks down, taking a step back. He runs his hand over his head, shorn hair fuzzing with it. He turns once and shakes his head. When he turns back around, he looks to Angelis for a long moment, then to Lleu. "You do this, you are setting yourself apart, Marines." Back Angelis, "I already talked to you about it." Back to Lleu, "Look. We've been through this with the crew before. With me. Marines be Marines, brother. But the rest of the crew may not understand. I'll make sure the rest of our people get it. We will cover you where we can. But be ready for anything. You're taking a flying leap. Be ready for the hate. I've been called 'race traitor' enough times in my life to know how much it sucks." He looks between them. "Just make it count. As someone who has been there? Just be Marines. Nothing else matters. You got it? I want a yes from both of you."

"You do this, and there is no going back from the genetic alterations. Your children? their children? You do this, you do this to your entire .. potential progeny and theirs," Sam murmurs from where she's sitting. "And so on and so forth. You make this decision and it casts the lot for your genetic code as it deals forward."

Angelis narrows her eyes slightly, giving Knox a thoughtful look. After he's done talking, she nods once, "Yes, Sarn't." She murmers and despite the low tone of her voice, there's not a drop of doubt in her decision. Her attention flicks to Samtara then, and again, another nod, "Yes Doc… We got told… well…" Lleu gets a curious look, 'cause she's not sure, then back to Sam again, "I forget who told me now, but basically yeah… got told that too. I'm okay with it. Anyone wants to give me shit for it, well…" One shoulder lifts in a shrug, "Let them try." Tabi's past all the doubts and the worries now. She clearly just wants to get it done.

"Yes, Coop. I get it. I know, the others will be afraid or hate us. I've already had a taste of that from Shackleton and lots of others, remember?" Ynyr moves to stand, "They won't understand. It'll make us freaks. I know that and frak yes, it scares me. But I've already been through that shit when I was with Naomi, and been your friend. I know how they twist that shit, made me feel like a traitor. I -know-, but it's /for/ them and for us." Lleu takes a deep breath and looks at Samtara, "It's giving me nightmares. I'm also getting some from the VR we did. Fighting -those- machines, they are worse than our Cylons. You don't think that scares the living shit out of me just as much? We -are- going to run into them too, you know. Maybe not right away, but eventually. They already hit Piraeus, long ago, and maybe the Galactica more recently. We are running out of time and we can't bet the Arpay are going to fight our battles for us. They have their own shit to deal with and already offered to /evacuate/ us, already encouraged us to abandon hope for our own worlds and run. But we are /Marines/ and we don't go without them -driving- us out. Do we?" Ynyr looks each of them in the eye.

After another, quieter breath, Lleu adds low, "I don't want to give up. We can fight them. But we need every advantage we can get. So -somebody- has to do this. Somebody has to take that leap and test it. Who else is going to? If it goes well, maybe a lot of others will flock to and volunteer. Ensign Flynn is already eager and there will be more. And then, maybe the Arpay will also share some of their tech with us, if we are willing to take that step so we can use it."

Lleufer spreads his hands and asks, "What better options do we have?" He retakes his seat.

Knox strokes his chin at the words from Samtara. Its a lot to think about and he looks to Angelis with it. Longer than a Staff Sergeant would normally look at a Lance Corporal. Eyes down while he listens to Lleu, he nods. A hand goes out to clasp him and tug him in for a bro-hug. "No Marine left behind, brother." Looking to Angelis, he does much the same if they are willing. In the end he looks back to Sam and nods. "I've said my piece, I think. Need anything from me, Doctor?"

Sam's expression is intense, and she is quiet as she studies each face in turn, listening as each person has their say. "The education that you have, that same measure of information must be provided to the members of the fleet, the soldiers still on the ground, the civilians who are on planet. The only way to combat fear is to inform and inform and inform until it's so much white noise that it negates the instinct to be afraid. We are flawed, but we can be taught, we can evolve, we can . . be better," she adds as she studies Leu then Tabi. "It makes of your senses a weapon, no longer just . . part of the larger whole, it changes, and it changes not just one thing, it changes so much else," she adds before she shakes her head then, just the once, at Knox's question. "From you specifically, no. But it would be prudent to ask one of your brothers or sisters to decide who among you would be willing to meet with the envoys that are among us at this time. I'll be sharing with them some medical samples we have stored so that their own tech can analyze that data and find their own answers."

Angelis nods her agreement with Lleu. Seems the MP is almost always right in her books. At least more eloquently spoken than her, at any rate. "What Sarn't Ynyr said. And plus, they look cool." Of /course/ Tabi would think that. She gives a cheeky grin to the Doc, and after catching Knox' look, the grin fades to a quick, warm smile. At least she has the foresight to put her coffee down on the table before getting tugged into that half-hug, that she responds with a sort of awkward pat on his shoulder before easing away and retaking her coffee.

Knox shakes his head to Sam. "Heard from a Six passing the hangar deck today. They called Jacob over, commander of the Line Fleet. No idea how it went, though. He's a Seven, though. Bold. Don't know how that will play. Or did play." He looks to the other Marines before heading for the door.

Before he can retake his seat, Knox comes over and hauls him into an embrace. Lleu thumps Cooper's back a good solid couple of smacks, "Yeah, I know. I hope they'll remember it, too." One thing at a time. Now tensed up, Ynyr sucks a breath to steady himself and listen to each of them in turn. He also draws Angelis close if only for a second to make sure she is fully included. Being in the CMC is a family, brothers and sisters.

Then Ynyr is standing quietly as Cooper speaks of the Lines. He frowns, "Just be careful when you speak to the Arpay about the Lines. When I tried to ask them if they had ever run into anything like the models, they kind of freaked. Said no such thing was possible, and that either /all/ of a thing was with them, or /all/ of a thing is against them and thus their enemy. So, maybe when that time has to come? Make damn sure you impress them with how the Ones … aren't the same as the rest. ALL of the other models are with us now. We aren't ditching them no matter what."

"I don't plan to just ramble it off," Sam replies with another of those careful head shakes. "I'll give Dr. Jimenez the blood and tissue samples to work with. Their technology render results that are much more expansive and far faster than anything we have on hand. Math never lies, Leu. Nor does science. Good data in, good tech, good results netted in the end. The conversation can only begin after the data is shared," her expression hardening slightly. "The oath their physicians take? the when they say the will fight for their patients, that they will defend them? They don't mean those words lightly. Nor do I. The models that have picked up weapons and cast their unique identities as individuals into what could be oblivion to fight for their freedom? that makes them not just a tin soldier or a wind up toy. I'll make that clear, which is why," and she angles a glance back at Knox, "it may be a good idea to have someone with some serious blunt but diplomacy ready to speak, just in case. I don't know if she'll want to speak with one of your siblings in a face to face manner, but I believe in being prepared and not needing something then need and not be prepared."

Samtara's assertions do ease Lleu's unease about the Arpay learning about the Models. He gives her a nod and his gaze moves to follow Knox's attempt to depart. "Catch you later, buddy. Maybe we can have a drink later."

Angelis for her part, doesn't watch Knox leaving the office. She's busy staring down into the depths of her coffee, a thoughtful frown on her face. Eventually she pushes to her feet, and looks around, "I guess I'll go look see where I'm supposed to be on duty next." She says to no one in particular. Samtara gets a slight smile, "Thanks, Doc." She says, then looks over to Lleu, "Sarn't." Her head dips in a nod before she, too, heads for the door.

"Lance." Unless Doctor Nadir has anything further to add, Lleu will finish off his cup of coffee and move to follow the others out. Surely poor Sam still has a ton of work to do.

Sam remains silent as the marines take their leave, setting her coffee cup aside as she takes the dry erase marker from where it's tucked behind one ear and rises to resume work on the flow charts on the white boards in her office. When in doubt, do math. Math never lies.

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