Dr. Catarina North
north01.jpg North, Catarina V.
Civilian CIDSR
Station MV Snare Pyre
Position Field Biologist
Age Sex
32 F
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown


Catarina North isn't exactly a household name — unless you live in a family of biologists, in which case you'd recognize the young scientist as one of the rising stars in the field. Her article on the effect of familiarity on the success of captive breeding programs has already become one of the most-cited papers in Bioscience's recent history, and she's consulted for institutions as wide-ranging as the Itauna National Wildlife Preserve and the Zoo of Caprica. Hired upon graduation as an associate professor at the University of Ketos with the tacit understanding that she'd be first in line for the prestigious Gregory F. Schwartz Chair should her production continue apace, Dr. North was poised to take the ivory tower by storm. And then she quit.

Eighteen months ago, Dr. North rejected the university's offer. Instead, she joined up with the Caprican Institute of Deep Space Research (CIDSR) for a few years of "fieldwork." On a mining mission. With the Colonial Fleet. In deep space. The sort of thing commonly regarded as professional suicide: that is to say, a one-way ticket to an adjunct teaching gig somewhere in the frozen Aquarian wastes.

The reality of Project NOMAD isn't much better. Since the vast majority of her work is classified at the highest levels, suffice it to say that Dr. North won't be publishing anything in Bioscience any time soon. And talent or no talent, failing to publish is still the surest way to doom a promising academic career.

Not that Dr. North seems to mind. As one of CIDSR's lead field biologists, she spends nearly all her time in a Raptor or on the surface of Piraeus: exploring uncharted territory, capturing planetary wildlife, domesticating indigenous flora, and having a damn good time to boot. After eighteen months on the ground, she's as familiar with the planet as anyone — and whenever she can commandeer an ATV and a chunk of spare time, she leads long scavenging expeditions into the untamed wilds. Needless to say, her knowledge of Piraeus's best hunting spots has made her rather popular among the Marines and Raptor crew with whom she spends most of her days.

Yet precious few of her friends know anything about her beyond the basics. She was born in Itauna City on the island continent of Yparana, the jungle paradise which single-handedly established Scorpia's reputation as the place to be if you're a fratty college kid on Vernal Break. She has no siblings, no family, no husband, and no kids. She's good at her job and likes it to boot. And when she gets drunk, she climbs atop tables to belt out bad bubblegum pop songs at the top of her lungs.

In sum, Dr. Catarina North appears to have joined Project NOMAD for no reason at all.

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2000 - 2003 AE: D.Phil. in Biology, University of Ketos (Fairston City, Picon).
  • 1995 - 1997 AE: M.S. in Biology with Distinction, University of Ketos.
  • 1991 - 1995 AE: B.S. in Biology, summa cum laude, Pathfinder Community College (Itauna City, Scorpia).

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