Captain Nora Phareem
Nora1.jpg Phareem, Elinora
CPT Medical
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Medical Doctor, Trauma Surgeon
Age Sex
38 F
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown

Nora Phareem was killed while on duty in Sickbay on 01/11/2005, stabbed in an altercation with an unstable survivor.


Capt. Nora Phareem, MD, has been with the BS-114 since the battlestar launched 18 months ago, serving as one of the doctors in its medical unit. She's a trauma surgeon with previous experience aboard the Assault Landing Ship Edwards Hill during its time in service in tight spots over Tauron, which followed previous stints on the hospital vessel Bows of Laurel and a residency at the VA hospital in Queenstown, Picon. It's said she upped for JTF NOMAD for a chance at a quieter assignment, something she doesn't really deny. On duty she's professional, compassionate without being a bleeding heart, and very discreet. She's divorced. Her ex is a Tactical officer, Capt. Cedric Moreland, who's presently stationed as a trainer at Fleet Headquarters. Their daughter Julienne, 10, lives with him.

She's Libran born and mannered, but her surname (and she still uses her maiden name) might be familiar to those with ties to Sagittaron. Her grandfather, Chronar Phareem, was governor of Curanesh Province for almost twenty years after Colonial unification, and remained in advisory positions with the planet's government until his death about a decade ago. While those with in-line pro-Colonial views on politics would probably only know the name as one of the first post-war Sagittaron elected officials, on-world the Phareems are thought of by more extreme, pro-independence groups as collaborators, who made a fortune by allying themselves with corrupt Caprican bureaucrats and industrialists at the expense of their own people.

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