AWD #262: Nobody's Perfect
Nobody's Perfect
Summary: Maia and Agrippa talking after a particularly difficult mission. Scene ends in prayers.
Date: 25/09/2013
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The chapel is one of the few quiet places to be found on a battlestar. Even rarer still, it's one of the few places that doesn't look like it's part of a battlestar. Heavy blue curtains have been hung from the walls, obscuring the bulkheads. The lights are kept low, adding a certain mystery and gravitas to the space. The central altar is made of a pale grey wood, as are the several rows of pews which extend from it. Laid against the far right wall is a long, low table with several rows of simple white votive candles to be used as vigil lights. Centered among them is a brass plate for burnt offerings from supplicants. Several cushions rest on the floor before the table, where the faithful may kneel to offer their prayers to the Lords and Ladies of Kobol. On the left wall are several compartments which have been sectioned off for private use.
AWD #262

After landing on the cruiser, Agrippa had given Maia some space, knowing that she must be furious right now at what happened during the strike against that Cylon Fueling Depot. So instead of trying to find her and talk to her on the cramped cruiser that was turned into a makeshift carrier, he had waited until they were transferred back to the Orion.

Only then, after landing his Viper does Alex seek out Maia's Raptor, he knows the others must be celebrating with Jason. His helmet is tucked under his arm while he had unbuckled the top fastenings of his flightsuit, unzipping it halfway. First stop would be her Raptor to see if she is still there.

No one could be harder on her than she was herself, but Maia is expecting some sort of repercussion for her frak up. Staying with her Raptor even once post flight was finished, she's still mentally punishing herself, the anger directed inwards is deep. Gods, she should just go to the fitness center and smack around a bag or something. Where the frak was Aug when she needed to hit something or someone or have someone knock some sense into her?

When she notices Agrippa approaching, she's not really in the mood for reassurances, but the relief he feels at him being alive and well is enough to have her standing to offer him a hug as soon as he's near enough. "I frakked up, Punchie."

"The mission was a success still, that's why we send more than one strike element to hit the fuel silos, Maia." Agrippa says, not saying that she didn't mess up but just laying out the facts. "You sure it was you and not the Raptor? That SAM lit up your bird, I thought you were gone for a moment." He does wrap his arms around her though as he speaks, pulling her tight into his embrace, "I'm just glad that you're okay."

Once in his embrace, Maia just falls silent for a few moments, allowing herself to lean on his strength at least for a brief time. When she finally does speak, it isn't to make excuses. "Thank Gods Superstar had the fortitude to kick ass. He's a damned hero." With a sigh, he finally steps out if the embrace. "I've never been a religious person, Alex. But.. Missions are getting more and more dangerous…"

"We're all heroes one time or another, can't be in the spotlight every time and each one of us has the capability to do what is needed when it is needed, to back each other up." Alex says as his arms give Maia another squeeze before he releases her, "Yeah… Picon is soon. Very soon. I'm not too religious either but I have some faith in the Gods."

Maia gives him a long look, her expression unreadable. When she speaks, it's without any inflection of tone. "I'm not looking to be a hero Alex. I never have been. I just want to at least succeed on a mission I'm sent to without making a simple mistake. I was hit, sure, but I should have dropped my load. I almost cost us everything." It's not self pity she's feeling,

"I know Maia, I'm not saying you are. But our jobs sometimes thrusts us in that direction. Like Superstar, I'm sure he wasn't looking to be a hero either, but he got the job done. Which made him a hero for this mission." Alex says in return and when Maia continues, he shakes his head, "You might have but you didn't. And this is war Maia, not a lot of people can take a direct missile hit with shrapnel and then continue on like it was nothing. You can keep being angry but you need to be realistic too."

"Realistic," Maia scoffs before catching herself. Forcing herself to take a deep breath she gives him an apologetic look. "I'm sorry. I know you're not the enemy and I was treating you like you were." A lopsided smile twists her lips almost ruefully. "How about I stop being a cry baby and we can go get cleaned up. We've got a huge mission soon… Almost as big as what happened when the war started. I'm thinking of heading to the chapel tomorrow…" Cutting a glance to him, her smile widens. "You game?"

When Maia chooses to let it go though, Alex is more than willing to oblige as he slips an arm around her back to help walk her out of the Raptor and out of the hangar. "It is a very big mission, big campaign even." At the mention of the chapel though, there is a pause, "I usually am not the big faith type, but I guess it can't hurt to ask for the protection from the Gods?"

The next day, both have changed into casual clothing, they agreed to meet outside the chapel after dropping off what is needed in their respective berthings. Agrippa shows up in off-duty clothes but it is standard military issue and he does appear to have unwound quite a bit since the mission.

Maia takes only a small amount of time longer than Agrippa and when she arrives, she's likewise dressed in her off duty clothing. Also like him, she seems much more relaxed than when she had stepped out of the Raptor last night. When she sees him, she strolls over and offers a wink. "Well, Here goes.." Since it's a chapel and involves the Gods, she reaches for his hand and twines her fingers with his, seeking that reassurance.

Taking the hand she extends, Alex slips his fingers through hers as well and after giving her hand a squeeze, he leads Maia into the Chapel. He doesn't come here often so after stepping inside, the Viper jock takes a slow look around the area. The first thing he notices is how quiet the place is and how it isn't that well lit, which works just fine for him.

The last time Maia had been here had been for something else entirely and it hadn't involved praying to anything. It was for a divorce.. She looks towards the altar area where the sacrifices are made with an expression of deep, personal pain. She blinks the moisture away and heads for the area where she'd seen others praying before when she'd been waiting her turn for the sacrifice. Like Alex, she doesn't speak. She's not even sure she can, her gaze keeps going back to the altar area.

Catching Maia's expression, Alex follows her gaze before looking back to the blonde, squeezing her hand again and pulling her a little bit closer. He lets his actions speak for him and with an encouraging nod of his head, he begins to lead the blonde towards the those who wish to pray to the Lords and Ladies of Kobol would do so.

His reassurances have her dragging her gaze finally and fully from the altar. Taking a deep breath, Maia offers him a smile as she walks where he leads her, so grateful for his solid and steady presence. Once there, she kneels down, her actions so uncertain from this point on she closes her eyes and begins to speak to the Gods. "I'm sure you're wondering who I am," she begins softly. "Or even why I am here." She clears her throat and looks uneasy now. Did the Gods know everything? If so, she was making a fool out of herself. "I just wanted to ask for guidance and um.. for protection for everyone going into the upcoming mission. It's a big one you know." Definitely Maia is not religious and is out of her element.

There's the hiss and the crackle of the ship-wide radio system coming to life. A woman's voice breaks over it, tiny from the effects of electronic communication. "All off-duty personnel are to report to the observation deck in fifteen minutes time. Say again, all off-duty personnel are to report to the observation deck in fifteen minutes time."

Alex kneels down when Maia does so, matching her position as he also closes his eyes. Since she begins speaking, the Viper jock lowers his head slightly as he listens, his hand giving her a squeeze again to let her know that he appreciates her words. It seems like what she is saying is what he was thinking and would've said as well.

Even the chapel isn't free from the outside world and in the middle of whatever prayer Maia had been saying, she hears the announcement. "Thank you, Lords and Ladies of Kobol, but I gotta go now. Please, just… keep everyone safe." Rising again, she looks at Agrippa. "I got to get into my Dress Grays.. I'll meet you there." After squeezing his hand, she hurries out.

"Go, Maia. I'll meet you there." With that, Alex releases her hand before looking back at the Lords and Ladies of Kobol, it seems like the Viper Jock is choosing to stay a little longer, perhaps to say some extra prayers.

After the ceremony in the Observation Deck ends, Maia returns to the Chapel, kneeling there where she had been before, really looking out of her element. However, she always finishes what she starts and she laces her fingers together as she closes her eyes. "You know, I could take that as a sign, but then I wouldn't even know what the sign meant or what it was for. All I know is these people here on Orion are the only people I care about and there's been enough loss already. No matter what I have to promise, I'd do it if you protect them all tomorrow and in the time to come as we fight the enemy and try to take back what they took from all of us. Even the two Cylons we have on board here, protect them and if Ceres is out there too… her too. So, yeah. That's all I gotta say. So.. Amen.. or something." Opening her eyes she awkwardly rises and salutes before quietly turning back towards the exit and beating a hasty retreat.

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