Corporal Simon Noble
Noble5.jpg Noble, Simon
Corporal Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Rifleman
Age Sex
28 M
Hair Eyes
Red Green

I'm not an example for how people should live their lives. Never in my life would I ever set out to be an example for people on how to live their lives. If you need an example for how to live, then you just shouldn't have been born. Straight up.
-Lil Wayne


Noble's background, like many aspects of his life, is a collection of years that contain a large number of memories worth sharing over shots of ambrosia, yet astonishingly little along the lines of accomplishments.


Name Relation Status Notes
Alexander Noble Father Alive - Leonis Blue Collar warehouse manager
Constance Kline-Noble Stepmother Alive - Leonis Office worker at warehouse
Greta Robards Mother Alive - Leonis Supermarket District Manager
*Paris Robards Stepfather Alive - Leonis Loan Officer
*Kerri Robards Stepsister Unknown Last seen on Tauron for college.
*Fiona Kale ex-girlfriend Unknown Last seen heading off to university. Whereabouts unknown.

* Appable: I'm not opposed to someone playing any of these characters, see me for details.

Recent Events

Service Record

Year Rank Station Notes
1997 PVT Camp Arbiter, Leonis Arrived for basic training. Graduated in middle of class and promoted to PFC at graduation
1998 PFC Fort Norvell, Caprica Assigned to 3rd Bn, 6th CMR. Attached to Motor Pool.
1999 LCPL Fort Norvell, Caprica Promoted to Lance Corporal.
2002 CPL Fort Norvell, Caprica Promoted to Corporal.
2002 CPL Battlestar Orion First tour of duty over Piraeus.
2004 CPL Battlestar Orion Signed on for second 18 month tour

((More detail to come))


File Image Name Notes
Duke_icon.png CPT Richard "Bumper" Duke Seems a pretty good guy. We hung out a little over laundry, but I don't know much about him. We'll have to talk more.

Extra Info

  • One of the Guys: Simon is one of the guys. He carries himself with the air of man who's been through plenty of issues, plenty of parties, and knows everyone. He also has a reputation for keeping secrets and being willing to be the connecting piece to helping you get something done. Got a problem and want it dealt with discreetly? Noble might very well be your man. He's gotten enough friends out of everything from being late to guard duty to covering for them while they have a hot date.
  • Career Fry-Cook: It's not that Simon's a bad guy, or doesn't do his job, but it's well documented that he'll probably be a working blue-collar man until the day he dies. He's not ambitious and he doesn't make waves. It does wonders for his social reputation and repeatedly sticks him with the worst shifts known to mankind.
  • Not a "NO" Man, but…: For a life (and career) marred by a lack of ambition and an inability to say yes, Noble's not exactly known for saying the word 'no' very often. It's not that he's a pushover, but moreso that he's happy with being helpful. Noble is the quintessential background enlisted soldier suddenly yanked off of motor-pool duty to get involved in an officer's business, or the innocent bystander that often goes to help the drunk girl away from her car, that results in him giving her a ride home, that results in her boyfriend following their car, and eventually resulting in a fistfight all because Noble was just trying to do the right thing and should have walked away.

Simon Noble Quotes

"Rosey's the K-Ration of the girlfriend world." - on the topic of self-love.

Quotes About Simon Noble

""But that took some talkin' to find out, to get past Noble's perpetual facade of bein' the eternal man-child." - Sera

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