AWD #253: No Permanent Maiming
No Permanent Maiming
Summary: Naomi brings news of a discovery to Sam while everyone else is busy watching two enlisted duke it out.
Date: 16/Sep/2013
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Fitness Center - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
AWD #253

It's Friday afternoon and the fitness centre is relatively quiet. A fair proportion of ship's personnel are still on shift, and those that aren't seem to have other things to do with these couple of hours before dinner. One exception though is Toby. The deckie finished his shift not all that long ago and while it fairly common knowledge that he's been in a truly foul mood since the morning, some of that at least does seem to be falling from him now as he warms up his shoulders and arms in preparation for his pre-arranged spar. His hands are already wrapped, his tags are tucked into his t-shirt and vest, and he's ditched the hoodie jacket. All in all, he looks about ready.

Lleufer arrives after his shift. He's not bothered to shower since he's about to get all rank with sweat but he has changed out of his fatigues and MP attire for his off duty digs - only one tank, the grey one. Two's a bit much when you want to stay cool. The Sergeant hasn't bothered to tuck his tags in yet nor tape his hands as he wanders in. He's got a water bottle in hand and a towel tossed over one shoulder, "Shackleton, even'n. Good to see you remembered."

Normally Brina would hop into a shower post-patrol and once off-duty but she decided that all can wait. Seeing Lleufer head here, she followed like a curious cat follows something attention-grabbing, her footfall almost as silent as the aforementioned feline. Once inside she steps over to a place she can observe the pair, not going out of the way to escape notice but not going out of her way to call attention to herself at the same time.

Toby finishes stretching one arm across the his chest and then switches to the other, nodding a greeting to Lleufer as he does so. There's a faintly amused smile at the man's remarks and then he shakes his head slowly before enquiring more seriously, "hows the arm?" He's focused on the Aerilon though, so Brina's entry is missed entirely.

Water bottle and towel are put on the bench by the lockers. Lleu moves his left arm around, pulls it across his chest just as Toby was doing a moment before, then his other to start stretching and warming up, "Not great but it's all right. We'll see how it holds up." The supply locker he opens up to get some gauze and tape to bind his knuckles. He'll want to do more to warm up but as he's by the lockers, may as well see to this first. Tape his left little finger to the third finger first to keep it from breaking the useless digit. His gaze catches on Brina's movement, "Hey there, O'Connell. Come to work out or watch a couple of dogs pound on each other?"

"I was just going to watch you guys beat the piss out of each other and then time how long it takes for Medical to get their asses down here so they can drag you both off to sickbay." With that so deadpanned it should be impossible to tell as to whether O'Connell is joking or if she's one hundred percent serious. Darting a look at Toby, her nose wrinkles slightly upon seeing the surly Tauron, their meeting the other day having done nothing to endear him to her. "Hey." That's all the greetings he gets from her for now.

Into the fitness center walks Phin. At an almost normal pace. He's mending from his adventures in exploding planes. He's dressed down in off-duties, but he doesn't look particularly ready to exercise himself. Instead, he heads toward the area where Toby and Lleufer are getting ready to rumble. "Hey, guys."

Toby watches Lleufer carefully as he stretches his wounded arm, quite clearly deliberating about something. "Okay then, we do away with fists only, but that still means no biting, no scratching, no gouging, no slapping, no spitting, no deliberate maiming and so on and so forth." Tilting his head over to either side to get his neck moving a bit he follows the glance to Brina, returning her nod with one of his own. There is a very brief moment when he tenses slightly though, if it's just a general thing, or if something specific to his mood of the day, it would appear that the Tauran objects to being called a dog. Even in such circumstances. A couple of deep breaths though and that particular patch of tension is gone, replaced instead by a slowly increasing focus on the sergeant and, briefly, Phin. The latter being given a brief nod in greeting as he appears, "nice timing Lieutenant."

Lleufer is a Devil Dog so it stands to reason that to a Jarhead, calling another man a dog isn't necessarily a bad thing. The MP wraps his hands and binds them with tape. The roll is put back into the locker when he's finished and Lleu remembers to tuck his tags in under his sleeveless tank. The scars that run up his left arm both from the direwolf that mangled him, as well as the rifle round that went through his bicep, are quite noticable as he moves. Skin and muscle alike are puckered with the purplish marks now healed. "All right. Though with a bit of practice I don't mind to try you on more traditional boxing. Might be you can give me a few lessons." The Sergeant gives Phin a nod when Dolly arrives, "Lieutenant, this is Lance Corporal O'Connell, a fellow MP recently come to us from Spree's Resistance on Picon. Brina, this is Phin 'Dolly' … eh, Mcbride, Viper pilot. And both of you know Crewman Shackleton."

Brina lifts a hand which is then waved when she's introduced to the pilot, it given along with a smile. "Hey. Good to meet you." A little more than what she said to Toby but not by much, Phin getting a greeting that involves four more words as well as a lot more warmth than the deckie did. Leaning against something, she falls quiet since the logistics of this little match need to be discussed, something noticed where Toby is concerned noted but left uncommented upon.

Phin offers Brina a slight inclination of his head. "Hey. Pleasure. Welcome to the ship. The sergeant and crewman asked me to observe." He largely stays out of the working out of the particulars, though he does say, "No permanent maiming, definitely. Sparring's not worth damaging yourself lasting over."

"We'll see," Toby replies with a faint upnod, he'd rather just get down to this, but if Lleufer wants some small talk during prep then he'll try and oblige. Without his hoodie a fair few of his tattoos are visible on both torso and arms, but then he is Tauran. As the introductions are given he can't help but grin a little bit before glancing back to Phin, "Yeah. oddly enough, we've met." Then, given it definitely seems to be the time for small talk, "how you feeling Lieutenant? Still chained to the paperwork or have you managed to sneak some sim time by now?" There's an agreeable nod to the pilot's remarks, then he adds "don't worry, I won't hurt him much. Besides, he can yield any time he wants."

Introductions made, Ynyr sets to doing some more serious warming up. Stretches, a few jabs at the heavy bag, move around and loosen up. "Yeah, don't want to do you any lasting harm. Flyboys 'n girls will need you to keep their birds in tip-top shape and I need to be ready to deploy any time." Lleu rolls his head around on his shoulders, then sits down to pull off his boots and pull a mouth guard out of his front pants pocket. When he's bare foot, he resumes some warming up exercises. "Think I'm ready when the rest of you are." The mouth guard he pops in, liking to keep his teeth.

"Yeah, they still got me on light duty," Phin replies. "I got evals later this week to see if I'm ready to get back on the flight line." He sounds restless about getting to that. "I might be able to get in some time in the sims before I'm cleared to fly a Viper again. You can run the programs on easier levels, with lower stress testing. Not that practising gimped does you a ton of good. Anyway. Good luck and keep it cleans and all that. You ever decide if the winner gets anything out of this?"

Brie watches with the Sarge getting the most of her attention. "You just want to get hurt so that lady doctor will kiss whatever booboos you get," she grumbles at Lleufer, shaking her head in fake disapproval.

The Marine huffs a breath faintly at Brina, "No, she's already too clingy for my taste, thanks. I'll find somebody else to kiss my booboos." Lleufer's gaze lingers on Brina herself but as he's her CO, he makes himself look elsewhere. He'll focus on Toby instead.

Toby listens to Phin as the pilot answers, although he's still stretching and moving as he does so. "Good luck with those then," he offers, regarding the evals, then turns his attention to Lleu as the marine declares himself ready. "All right then," he states simply, stepping a few paces towards his opponent and, crucially, away from the injured officer. Apparently forgoing the mouthguard he glances upwards briefly and mutters a few words in Tauran under his breath before he adopts a ready pose. "On your word Lieutenant."

Brina catches onto that lingering look and arches a brow at him, trying very hard not to grin and almost succeeding. "Hmmmhmmm," gets intoned playfully but also quietly enough that the others might miss it. Seeing that one of the two is ready, Brie goes silent so not interrupt.

"Good luck," Phin says, to both the Marine and the deckie. "All right. On my mark. Three, two, one and…mark." And they can get to punching each other.

Warren pushes on into the fitness center just as Phin's calling for things to start. He had heard the rumor but wow didn't quite expect this. He nods a bit to himself and keeps to the edge of the room, slowly circling over towards Brina as she quietly says, "this should be good…"

The Leatherneck gives Toby a nod. They are ready, both out on the mats where it's clear. Lleufer is bare footed, dressed in a tank with his tags down his shirt, hands taped to keep his knuckles from busting up. He's put in a mouth guard that'll muffle his baritone and is moving around to warm up, pale eyes on Shackleton. The Marine's left arm is puckered and scarred from recently healed wounds both from direwolf and rifle that put a bullet through his bicep. Lleu otherwise looks fit, no visible tattoos, light on his feet and ready to test himself in this sparring match against the deckie Tauron. Toby has opened the invitation for the Sergeant to start so Lleu does so - he moves in fast, but twists to offer a slimmer target as makes a test jab with his right arm, left up to guard or follow up.

Toby gives a very faint nod at the 'good luck', but he's not taking his eyes off the marine that he's facing off against. The countdown seems to last an age but then the golden word 'mark' is given and from then on everything's a blur. His last fight with a marine had been won by going in hard and fast and it seems like he's adopting the same tactic this time, only difference being that it isn't Lleufer's pods he's aiming for, but his face. Hard and fast.

Easing through the room, carrying a field first-aid kit in one hand, Nadir finds a good vantage point to take up station at and, once in place, simply tucks both hands into her hip pockets of her khaki's. She sweeps a look around the room, her expression rather inscrutable save for a measure of calm curiosity as the exchange begins.

<COMBAT> Toby attacks Lleufer with Unarmed but Lleufer DODGES!
<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Toby with Unarmed - Moderate Stun wound to Abdomen.

"At the very least it'll be an impressive display of man flesh," gets uttered by Brina although that may or may not be a selling point for Warren. now that the sparring match is starting she falls quiet.

Naomi slips into the gym, though she's not dressed for a workout. Short skirt, long jacket. Translation: the usual little red dress, the white labcoat, clutching a datapad to her chest as she looks around in earnest. The sparring match makes her blink with interest but that's not why she's here, clearly. Instead, Samtara seems to be the objective of her quest, and the so the littlest skinjob makes her way over to the doctor's side. "Dr. Nadir," she half-whispers excitedly, even as her eyes inevitably draw to what's about to go down on the mat, "I have an exciting advance to report!"

Phin is standing off to the side of where Toby and Lleufer are pummelling each other. The match has most of his attention, though he's got enough mind to his general surroundings to offer a polite "Hey" to Warren and Samtara. And a blink of momentary bit of staring at Naomi, when he sees her while glancing in Samtara's direction. And…back to the match.

Warren smirks at Brina, "Well there is that I suppose. Not quite my thing, but I know you girls do tend to love it." There's a grin and he nudges Brina ever so slightly at that comment before folding his arms across his chest, "So who's your money on?"

Toby isn't quick enough it would seem, but Lleu's reduced silhouette is enough to ensure that his fist goes wide and leads to a mutters curse, once more in Tauran. It's cut off though by the gut shot and he winces slightly as that connects, but it's not enough to give him any serious grief. Keeping close up he doesn't let up on speed or energy, still working on the principal of ending this quickly as he throws first a right, then a left at Lleufer's chin. His attention those is still entirely focused on the Marine, there's every chance that a tac nuke explosion in the pool wouldn't break it. So, thankfully perhaps, the skinjob goes unnoticed.

A quick downward flick of her eyes has Nadir glancing toward Dr. Tamsin, "You're just in time for the fight," she says quietly, being sure to pitch her voice just enough so that the red-clad Dr. Tamsin can hear her but not so that she's shouting over the noise of the room in general. "Oh?" is added in the same quiet voice, her eyes having turned back to the fight and marking the progress of the fight as she gestures for Naomi to continue.

Ynyr is likewise a bit focused to notice much more than the vague arrival of others, new voices. Lleufer's keeping his attention on Toby, dodging the first attacks the Tauran sends against him and connecting with his own fist. The Marine at once backs up a hop-step to seemingly to try and evade the followup blows Toby again aims for his face, but Lleu twists duck his head and torso slightly aside to snap out a quick kick for the Crewman's hip! The fight has just started, both men very fresh and aggressive.

Brina angles her chin towards Lleu just after his punch hits, the successful blow gaining an 'ooohrah' from the petite MP. "Betting on Sarge," she eventually answers verbally. The ladies are noticed and waved to.

<COMBAT> Toby attacks Lleufer with Unarmed - NEAR MISS!
<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Toby with Unarmed but Toby DODGES!

Warren grins at Brina a bit, "Ahhh I see loyal to the corps." There's a smirk, "Drinks at Charlie's that the knuckledragger win then?" He glances to Brina a moment watching her reply before looking back out at the fight, tightening a bit as he sees the skinjob in the room with the other doc but doesn't say anything just looks back to Brina to see her response.

Naomi is only a touch distracted by the fight. Lleufer's first connection seems to please her, but she pursues the important topic despite the face-off going on. "I completed the neural mapping comparisons with the scan samples from both myself and Knox and the overlay on the human brain. We've successfully determined the key activation areas and the correlating brain chemistry and I've been able to program a filter for the MRI that will specifically look for that. It has some limitations, but the margin of error and time it takes for detection will decrease significantly! I hope you're pleased." If Naomi had a tail that was wagging frantically, she could not look more like a puppy who just successfully brought her mistress the stick back and is earnestly waiting approval.

It's Lleufer's pesky footwork that gets Toby this time, possibly showing the difference between his raw power and the marine's more trained and practised style. Head shots proving a tad tricky with such an agile target he aims a little further down this time, avoiding all the tricky medical issues associated with the neck, and the mass of muscle in the upper torso he swings this time for the Lleufer's gut, still working on putting as much power as possible into the blow to try and forcibly wind him.

Phin doesn't join the betting talk. He's got objectivity to maintain. Or something. His eyes have to move quick to follow the action as both men dodge about.

And Toby's fast for his size. Lleu's kick misses, bare foot snapping out into only air, no contact. The Marine can feel the other man's fist wisk by close to his head, the sudden tipping of his frame for the kick having served to duck the Sergeant's head. Lleu isn't really trying to dodge, he's pushing to attack and feeling Toby out since they haven't sparred against one another before. He bares his teeth in a grin around the mouth guard, "Come on!" It comes out muffled. Clearly he's enjoying himself so far! Ynyr hops and steps around, half circling the Tauron. Both are warming up fast now, eyes intent. Lleu's right makes a feint jab to cover for his left fist to draw back and try to slam a jab square in the Tauron's face!

Tugging her attention away from the fight, the sound of physical altercation, while not actually being a stranger to her ears, is carefully shelved for the moment as Tamsin's words start to really sink in. She is studying Tamsin for a silent moment, "Excellent," she says in a voice that is, while pitched low, rather emphatic in the declaration of triumph. "No harm to yourself or Knox in the process?" A brief pause before, "And what limitations? Well done, Dr. Tamsin, well done indeed."

A quick glance is given to Warren but then returns to the 'fight', the latter doing a good job at keeping Brie's attention. "And am loyal to the man. But sure. You want to buy me a drink after the deckie loses…" There is an impish grin.

<COMBAT> Toby attacks Lleufer with Unarmed - Serious Stun wound to Abdomen
<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Toby with Unarmed - Moderate Stun wound to Head.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Body: Good Success.

"Oh, not at all. It was a simple matter of subjecting ourselves to the MRI machine which is no bother whatsoever." Naomi now lets herself be a little more distracted by the fight now, and tucks her datapad under her arm so she can clap at a particularly good shot by Lleu. "The major limitation has to do with sleeper agents, I'm afraid. When skinjobs are asleep they are actually unable to access the additional portions of their brain they would otherwise be able to if they were awake. So right now the filter will only work on skinjobs who are." She sounds quite frustrated by that. "Of course, the only neural maps we have access to are mine's and Knox's, and we're both awake and aware, and thus it's something of a conundrum as to how to get our hands on a sleeper, because other than looking for possible options within recognizable lines, plus the percentage chance of opportunity, and then the opportunity to scan them in that state. But…it's something, isn't it?" Naomi brightens visibly at Sam's words of approval. The petite skinjob is standing next to the CMO, wearing her work clothes (red minidress, labcoat, big stompy boots) while she watches the fight.

Warren grins a bit at Brie accepts the bet, "Never know. You might be the one buying me the drinks. You are betting against a knuckledragger Tauron." He smirks a bit looking back and winces right as the pair finally make contact agaain, "oooooh…See?"

His plan works. Ynyr makes solid contact with Toby's face, busting him good and hard, but not quite as hard as the fist that finds his own gut! The air is forced out of Lleu's lungs with a sharp grunt. Apparently the Tauron /can/ hit hard. No surprise there. The shock of hitting Toby's face with his left hand though is decidedly felt up through his arm. The Marine backs off, shakes his hand and sucks a breath before he husks a reply around his mouth guard, "Good job." That'll leave him a bruise but no time to dwell on it. Lleufer ducks around and this time he watches for Toby's fists to strike out, hands ready to make a grab and see if he can turn his shoulder into the other man. If he succeeds, Ynyr's intent is to throw Shackleton hard to the floor!

Toby looks distinctly pleased as he feels his fist finally hit home, and a good solid hit home at that. He gives a satisfied sounding grunt then gets somewhat mangled as he lifts his head back up, right into Lleufer's fist. Not quite what he had planned. Still, he's on his way up and while it does knock his head sideways, it doesn't deflect the path o his fists, which once more seem to be accelerating towards Lleufer's chin, still looking for that quick KO it would seem.

Phin winces slight at the exchange of blows. But now it's getting interesting. He crosses his arms along his chest to avoid cheering, one way or another.

Bennett slips through the hatch of the fitness centre sporting her duty blues with the top button undone. Given the getup, it's pretty safe to assume she's here because she caught wind of a sparring match between a certain marine and a certain deck technician. Her expression is one of curiosity mingled with faint discomfort as she walks in on a couple of very solid blows.

Brina winces a bit as well from where she is talking with Warren, the blow Lleufer takes scary. Thankfully he is on his feet still and hasn't cost her the price of a drink. "Fraker…"

<COMBAT> Toby attacks Lleufer with Unarmed - Moderate Stun wound to Head
<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Toby with Unarmed - Light Stun wound to Right Hand

"is it possible to active the portion of your brain that will allow you to reference the images of the models that you have not been introduced to or made aware of, at present?" Nadir wonders of Tamsin, still in that quiet pitched voice designed to carry to Tamsin but not shouting to the room at large. "Short of having everyone cycle through the MRI one after another on some assembly line shift, which - while time consuming and a glut on the resources available - would work. But only after a fashion, I expect that a long range attempt to use it as such could have issues," she frowns now, rocking subtly forward and back from heel to toe again while she considers. "IT is something, it is the kind of break through that we need. So we'd need a model, that is both awake and aware, yet restrained in a manner that does not destroy the unit."

Warren smirks at Brina's comment and chuckles a little watching the fight. He spies Bennett stepping through the hatch and waves her over to where him and Brina are standing. He glances to Brina again, "Tellin ya, Taurons hit like god damn nukes." He rubs his jaw a moment at that remembering how hard Holtz hit him at the games.

It's enough now to set the Marine to breathing harder, sweat starting to slick his skin as muscles bunch and flow with rapid physical actions. Lleu's still focused tight on Toby and is only peripherally aware of others gathering to watch. He succeeds in getting hands to Shackleton's arm and starts to twist the hand he gets but the Crewman's /other/ fist cuffs him a blow to the side of his head at his ear! Damn, that rings his bell a bit. Doesn't help at all that Lleufer forgets his left hand can't grip strongly and slips off! So much for the hoped for throw down! Sergeant Ynyr bares his teeth and quick as he can before they untangle to part, his right elbow slams back as hard as he can to try and gut the Tauron in the ribs.

"No, no, we'd need the neural map of a sleeper." Naomi clarifies. "After all, you already have two awake, aware skinjobs to work with and our neural maps are consistent. But I think that — oh!" She pauses in distress as Lleu takes that cuff to the ear, her hand going to her mouth and eyes wide as saucers. Faintly, "Accessing blocked memories is an entirely different project, Dr. Nadir. And again, I'd probably need a sleeper agent. To be honest it might require more expertise than even I can provide." She sounds regretful about that. "I hope the symmetry of the sergeant's face isn't ruined too much. It's rather exceptional, don't you think?"

Toby is still utterly oblivious to the slowly growing crowd of onlookers. He's eyes are fixed on Lleufer's face and he can only smile as he has a front row view of his own fist making contact. He gives a satisfied sounding growl, even if his other hand is taken, then attempts to slip sideways, using his free hand to try and grab the arm's arm that's holding his. As he does so he also slips sideways, aiding both to avoid the incoming elbow and to force the marine off balance and onto the floor.

"C'mon, Sarge! Stop fighting like a fraking pussy!" Even in the midst of trying to goad the Marine into performing better Brie waves to Bennett, the pilot given a smile despite her displeasure.

"The males of our species aren't typically worried about the symmetry of their faces," Nadir remarks with a quiet laugh, glancing toward the fight and back with smile. "And, quite right, one thing at a time. Very good, Dr. Tamsin, again, well done. Are you prepared to field test this on volunteers?"

"Oh. Captain. Hey." Phin says that to Bennett, once he spots her, though she only distracts him momentarily from the match. And its increasing level of pummelling.

<COMBAT> Toby subdues Lleufer!
<COMBAT> Lleufer passes.

"I think it might be more beneficial for us to do randomized batches via order from the Medical department." Naomi replies thoughtfully, "In this case, subjects aware of the intent of testing might skew results. And all that's involved is sitting in the MRI. Which is harmless." There's a tilt of her head. "He might look rakish if the crewman pops him a good one in the nose." Abruptly she cups a hand around her mouth and cheers, "Hit him, Lleu!" Pauses, looks at Sam. "That's encouraging, right?"

It might not be the cleanest of takedowns ever, and probably wouldn't score any points in a martial arts contest, but Lleufer ends up on the matting and that's good enough for Toby. Keeping his grip on the marine's arm he drops down to one knee for ease of angles. Twisting the captured limb at the shoulder and trying to put backwards pressure on the elbow as well he drops all immediate plans for a KO, aiming for a quick submit instead.

"Random order and blind sampling," Nadir replies, agreeing really, "without explanation of the reason or the parameters. We'll need to coordinate with security. And combine a cocktail of fast acting sedatives, perhaps a tranq gun," her eyes narrow subtly in speculation. "I wonder if we have any," before her attention shifts forward again to the fight. "Hmm? Oh, yes, it is, encouraging I mean. Rather. pugilistic sports are messy affairs," a mild gleam of distaste in Nadir's eyes to accompany that bit of observation.

Bennett's attention is briefly distracted from the match when Warren waves her over. She hesitates, flickering a brief smile for the viper jock and Brina both, then gestures vaguely in what might be pilot-ese for 'I've got work to do'. Phin, too, is acknowledged with a wiggle of her fingers before she turns and slips back out.

Warren ooohs again as things take a turn in Toby's favour even further as he grabs the marine. He smirks and glances to Brina, "Ooooh might have to buy you a consolation drink you know after that" There's a grin and he nudges the marine beside him again. He does nod over towards Bennett as well with a smile as she heads out.

Brina sighs. It isn't that she isn't keen on the idea of losing a bet that gets her to so much as it looks like the Marines might be taking a hit to their reputation, too. All because Lleu isn't up to speed yet, or so it seems. "That's alright…" Blinking, she looks at Warren, brows arching upward. "I… we didn't exchange names. I'm Brina O'Connell. Lance Corporal, MP. Nice to meet the man I'm going to be buying a drink."

"Well, as long as he's enjoying himself." Naomi replies earnestly to Samtara. "Though I think he'd enjoy it more if he won. By the way, I have a copy of the full report for you on datastick, but I wanted to turn it over personally. I can get a hardcopy printed if you prefer." Then, as it looks like Ynyr's going down, "Rally, sergeant! You can do it!" Because Toby is a big mean knuckledragger who was mean to her once.

Whether or not his elbow makes any contact, it's not enough to stop the Tauron! Lleufer's not fought a Tauron before and it sure is proving interesting fast. Sweating with their effort, the two grapple and to the Marine's surprise, his left arm is snagged and dragged back. Lleu tries to twist into the preassure, to move with it but finds himself thrown off balance too fast to compensate. Down he goes, 200 lbs of Marine hitting the floor. Can he continue his original motion to roll and break free? The leverage on his left arm pulls at healing or recently healed injuries. Ynyr bares his teeth briefly, face down on the matt and twists his hips and legs over to try and force Toby's balance off before the Crewman can settle and pin him soundly. For a breath, Lleu still has his right arm free so he reaches up to grab hold of Toby and /pull/ to aid in his attempt to roll the other man off.

Mahasti is slipping in, a towel over her hair. At the crowd she just looks like a deer in headlights "Frak my life, I'm dead aren't I?" she grumbles half under her breath and with that she presses two fingers up against the side of her neck. As if checking to see if she's in some variety of a personal hell. Her weight sort of begins to withdraw in an attempt to sneak riiiight back out without being seen and harassed, yelled at, or in general bothered by less than pleasant people.

Phin is too focused on the fight to notice Mahasti's personal hell. He winces at the pin, watching Lleufer to see if the Marine can get out of it.

<COMBAT> Toby continues to subdue Lleufer.
<COMBAT> Lleufer attempts to escape from Toby but fails!

Warren smirks a bit, "We met once, down at Charlie's. But yeah Lieutenant Warren Smythe. A pleasure to meet you" He glances back out to the fight with a grin, "Gotta say though, the Sarge is putting up a hell of a fight. Certainly wouldn't be disappointed if I had to buy you drinks, but looking like you'll have to settle for consolation drinks from me."

Toby takes a moment or two to ensure that his grip is firm, then slowly starts to apply more pressure to the joints of the captured limb. If he's twigged yet that it's Lleu's injured arm that it doesn't show as he shifts his own torso closer so it can apply pressure to the marine's shoulder, leving his hands free for the elbow and wrist. He notes the attempted grab but since he can't really move out of the way he just twists his grip sharply to discourage any more such attempts. "You yield?," he starts, through slightly laboured breathing and gritted teeth, "just say the word Marine." Another twist, "one, little, word."

Brina stares at Warren. "We did… oh. Right. I'm sorry. I've met so many people. It was the night Sarge was drinking… right, right. Well. Frak. I guess that makes it 'nice to meet you again'." The earlier bump from the pilot is returned, a gentle one from her although instead of it being shoulder to shoulder it's probably closer to shoulder-to-forearm due to their height difference. Seeing that Toby's got the upper-hand, Brina raises her voice again, her Aquarian accent a tiny bit more noticeable than normal. "Dude, Sarge. Don't you do it… don't you dare!" No shame in knowing when you're bested, Brina won't hold it against Yrnr if he does have to ask for the bout to end but she will give him no small amount of grief for a while if he does.

Shit. It doesn't work and there's Brina's helpful voice shouting that he better not yield! Marine pride prickles sharply and the Jarhead struggles, tendons and veins standing out in Lleu's neck with his effort. But it is his left arm Toby's got hold of which has taken a great deal of abuse the past months. Scar tissue and muscle /pulls/ forcing Ynyr to blanch with the pain. Mahasti, if no one else here, knows it must hurt like a mother frakker to cause Lleufer's eyes to sort of glaze like that, teeth gritted hard against the plastic guard between his teeth. For several seconds there is only rough breathing, both men struggling hard - one to break free, the other to keep him pinned. Something gives; in his arm or his will. Pride stings, but the Sergeant manages to spit his mouth guard out and suck a breath, "Frak!" It's all he can get out, then hoarsely, "Yield."

"Frakking hell," Phin can't help but mutter, wincing at the outcome of the fight. "Uh. Yeah. Shackleton has this one. Help him up, Crewman." He moves to do that as well, in case the Marine needs further assistance.

Naomi blanches as she watches the fight. "His bad arm." she murmurs to Samtara, her brow furrowing in dismay as he yields. Stubbornly, "He would have won. He would have." Naomi seems quite sore about it. She takes a single step forward toward the sparring pair, but only one, and seems to think the better of it.

Winston comes lumbering into the fitness room, duffle bag slung over his shoulder. He looks around the room, seeing the veritable gaggle, eyes widening a bit. "What on Gaia's Earth?" he mutters. "What's goin' on here? Fitness convention?" He starts turning his steps towards the freeweights, when he notices Mahasti, and instead turns to head towards her.

Naomi might hold back but Brina sure as frak doesn't and the MP shoots forward like whoa so she can get to the Sergeant's side regardless that Toby and Phin are already there. Any thoughts about giving him crap for the loss flies out of Brina's head, the concern that has welled up for him removing her of anything like disappointment or the desire to tease him.

Toby is quite obviously straining to keep the hold and even starts to try and twist even more when he thinks that Lleu's first exclamation is a sign of defiance, rather than impending submission. Soon as the yield comes though he lets go, rocking back onto his heals to give the marine room to get his breath and recover himself. Taking a few deep breaths himself he glances briefly towards Phin as the pilot addresses him, then pushes himself to his feet again and offers a hand to help haul Lleu to his feet again. He's still breathing hard, but he's still very much in once piece which he isn't going to sniff at. "Come on Sergeant," he mutters, "up we get."

Mahasti eyes Winston "Damn it, you prevented my perfect escape, you owe me a pastry or something." she mumbles, "It looks like a standard grouping of people not working. The likes of which I don't know. I just wanted to punch a bag and go for a swim." she mumbles, moving to stand near Winston, reaching to poke him in the gut. She leans to whisper something to Winston, looking fairly quiet for now.

Warren winces a bit as Toby keeps the sarge pinned down and shakes his head looking over at Brina, "Yeah thats the night, only met briefly so no sweat." There's a glance back to the fight as Lleufer yields and Toby lets him go he winces again and shakes his head glancing to Brina, "Sarge is tough gotta give him that…but you still owe me drinks" There is a grin at that before looking back to Toby and Phin getting the sarge up.

"Easy!" Naomi can't help it, she pipes up to those assisting him, adding belatedly, and slightly more subdued, "His arm." She actually looks a bit embarrassed for having said it, and her eyes drop to the floor.

Lleufer's left arm is released and for a few seconds, he only lays there sucking breath. When he does move, he winces and thinks better of trying to use his left arm. Get his right under him and push himself up, then to his knees and hold his left arm close to his body. "I'm all right. Get myself up." Take him a minute though and they might well haul him back to his feet anyway. Lleu's jaw muscles are tense as he gets his wits back in order, "Did a damn fine job, Shackleton. Don't think I've sparred a Tauron before. Going to be my new goal, aim to kick Tauron ass." Ynyr forces a little grin, sweating. Lleufer's gaze slips from Toby, Brina and Phin to Naomi of all people. Brief eye contact, "I'm fine. No fuss." His arm hurts like hell.

There's a nod to Warren and Naomi both, the first to at least try to signify that Brina's heard some of what he said and then to the second to let the lady know that she knows about the Sergeant's arm. When spoken to by Lleu she merely snorts and stands there, her eyes narrowed. "You didn't tell me that this was going to turn into a wrestling match. I would have insisted upon you and the deckie getting naked and oiled up. Do it old school." Or more like 'ancient school', seeing as that was how they did it on Kobol. "Think it is time to hit the showers, you two."

Phin eyes briefly flick back to Naomi when she calls out about the Marine. Then they flick away, and back to Lleufer. "Might want to get that arm looked at. That takedown looked like it smarted." He lets the man stand on his own without interfering, though.

Mahasti eyes Lleufer "fantastic." she mumbles she pipes up "Intensive Therapy for Ynyr tomorrow." her voice shockingly a little loud there. She returns to watching Winston. Without warning she stands on her tip toes and reaches up to very daintily wiggle her fingers against Winston's glorious, manly man moustache. "There we go." she eyes Brina. Horrified. "Uh please do not let them slap their nude bodies the mats. I'm the poor bastard who would have to treat the diseases." she sort of lets out an agitated sound and eyes Winston. whispering.

Toby actually seems content enough to back up a pace and let Lleu take his own time about it. He's still right there though, just in case it starts to go pear shaped and he needs to step in. Brina's proximity finally seeps through into his consciousness and he gives the other marine a quick nod of acknowledgement before grinning a little. "That? That was his fault," he says, still breathing hard as he gesture briefly to Lleufer, "I did suggest fists only." He's only teasing though, as the winner's euphoria seeps it's way into his very being. Rolling his shoulders a little he shakes his head initially at the comment of showers and looks very much like he's going to see if anyone else is game for a go, right up to the point where he spots Naomi. Well. If there's a quicker way to ruin a mood he hasn't found it yet. Turning bodily to Phin, so he doesn't even have to look at the cylon he offers the younger man a hand, "thanks, glad we didn't end up working you too hard."

That voice, Warren knows that voice piping up loudly. And then he sees Mahasti and he just sighs. Well there goes any victory grin on his face and he shakes his head. He does manage a little smile as he steps towards Toby, "Crewman, nice job there. You fought well. Won me some drinks at Charlie's to boot. I'll try to bring my viper back in one piece next time for you too."

Shower, yeah, he needs one. Lleufer looks back to Toby but the crewman's turned his back to speak to Phin. Ynyr gives Phin a nod himself, "Thanks for Marshalling, Lieutenant." The MP makes himself stop holding his left arm and stand straight, throw it off man. Like it was nothing. Lift his chin and while his gaze sweeps over those who are gathered, it rests briefly on Mahasti with a barely there thinning of his lips. Then moves on.. back around to Brina. A look there, then Lleu turns to fetch his towel and his bottle of water. Take a drink and squirt some of it over his face to cool down. Getting his breath back, using only his right hand. Towel is flicked over his shoulder as Lleufer turns, "Hope you all enjoyed the show." He's heading for the hatch and presumably the head after.

Winston looks down at Mahasti. Eyes go wide. WIIIIDE. Like, DRADIS dish wide. He slooowly looks from her to Naomi. "Buh… buh…" The big Taurean is utterly speechless. Although he is starting to turn a rather interesting shade of red. "But… she… touched me. On my moustache." He looks back at Mahasti. "You're shitting me, right? This is some kinda frakked up joke. Right?"

Brina rolls her eyes at Mahasti who wound up being such a buzzkill, her momentary daydreaming of naked men wrestling shot to hell thanks to her. "Yes, Doc. I knoooow," she drawls out purposefully, trying to make herself sound like a grumpy child who just had her wishes for a particular item for a birthday gift kind of shat upon. Shaking her head, she follows Lleufer, making sure to shadow him closely. "Remind me to get that drink to you the next time we're in Charlie's at the same time, sir," she calls out to the pilot before she to disappears, giving herself self-appointed Lleu-watch duty for now.

Mahasti is still, at this time, permitted to roam the ship, it isn't as if she's been shackled to her work station yet. She doesn't acknowledge Warren's presence let alone even look at him. "Winston, I have a package of smokes. Some fancy brand someone I knew on Picon preferred. Would you care for them? I don't smoke and I have no things left to look forward to bartering for." Her hand uncomfortably rubs her lower stomach, following her oblique slightly. "ow." she offers a half hearted smile. "No. Come on, lets get some standard issue Naval beer. I'm sure your facial mop will be fine in the long run." she offers, clinically eying him. "Ynyr - Oh five hundred. Therapy and breakfast. No excuses." she calls after him "You can come hungover I don't care."

"You guys did most of the work. I probably should've called it earlier but…" Phin shrugs. "You guys seemed able to settle things. Anyway, later." He's about to take his leave of the fitness center, on that note.

Naomi apparently intends on following Lluefer as well, though hey, it's Moustache Man! Naomi waves at Winston cheerfully as she starts heading for the door.

Winston skitters back from Naomi, scrubbing at his face with one hand. "But she touched me! On my moustache! Gods only know what she might've done to it!" he says to Mahasti. The Marine looks downright terrified. "Frak, it's been weeks. It could be all over my body now. I gotta get it out!"

"Thanks Lieutenant," Toby replies to Warren as the man approaches, "but just so you know. I ain't doing this every time you go on patrol. We'll have to find some other arrangement." He's getting his breath back at least, and while his face stings a bit where Lleufer's punch landed, it doesn't feel like any serious degree of damage was done. Then, to the other pilot he shrugs slightly, "submission or unconsciousness, he called when he was ready." Although, to be fair, Toby would likely have stopped if one of the Docs had started yelling too." He's still grinning a little though, as he joins the mass exodus, doing his best to avoid the skinjob by keeping pace with the still injured Phin, offering conversationally as he does so, "your Viper up to date on everything by the way? Seems like the perfect time to work on it if they aren't going to let you near for a while."

Mahasti watches Winston, her hand covering her mouth to stifle a small laugh "You are fine, I'll use some special massage oil on your face that will disinfect you." she assures, voice soft "Come on, don't be a baby. I'm sure I can make it all better." she offers. She's going to placebo the hell out of Winston. And probably lie.

Naomi's progress halts momentarily as something catches her ears. She turns toward Mahasti and Winston, brows raising. She's used to getting crap, really she is, but this? Cooties are for children. With a shake of her head, she resumes her walk along.

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