AWD #538: No more nuking planets for you
No more nuking planets for you
Summary: Kelsey and Gloria catch up after their first combat mission together.
Date: 11/12/2016
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Recovery Ward - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
AWD #538

Any landing you can walk away from is a good one right? Well, her first in Predator isn't exactly one she walked away from straight away, but she's about to. Waking up in medical was briefly very stressful, but once the situation was explained that passed. Now, after having been kept in overnight for observations, she has a fetching plaster on her temple that doesn't in anyway cover all of the bruise, but should at least keep the cut clean and dry for a while. There’s a corpsman there at the moment, running through all the 'how many fingers am I holding up' type tests, but he seems unconcerned by the results as he makes his way down the list of things he has to check.

Kelsey shows up in her flightsuit, sans survival gear. Her hair is tied up in a messy bun and she looks rested in some ways, but there's some anxiety. Its subtle. Moving casually to the bed, she upnods to Gloria but doesn't say anything just yet. There's only a glance to the chart, then back to the ECO. Those eyes stare at the bandaging and bruising for a few seconds, too. Kelsey has spent a lot of time here, clearly.

Conveniently, the corpsman gets to the end of his list at just about the same time Kelsey arrives. "Lieutenant," he greets briefly, then to Gloria, "I'll just go get one of the doctors to sign off on this and then you'll be clear to scarper." That said he toodles off, leaving the newest ensign in the fleet to it. "Hey," she greets, not entirely sure if this is a 'lieutenant' 'kelsey' 'wescott' or 'aegis' moment, so opting for none of the above. "Thanks for getting the Pred home, I hear it was in a bit of a state by the time it hit deck."

Kelsey nods to the Corpsman as he moves off, waiting before she looks back and speaks quietly. "Ensign," she greets in return. Semi-official, at a minimum. Or maybe it’s just being in uniform like this. "No problem. That's my job. And yeah, I had to help the Deck get you out of your seat. You were pretty out of it. Gave me about four heart attacks." There's a hint of a low smile. Kels is serious, but glad to see Gloria awake. "It was a rough strike. Probably one of the hairiest I've ever seen. You handled yourself extremely well, Oates. We had to pull you for a mission before your training had barely even begun. I couldn't have hoped for more out of you as a backseater. I'm extremely proud of you."

Gloria takes her cue from the 'ensign' and straights up just ever so slightly. "So long as they're not all that bad," she remarks with a slow nod, "and if it helps, I felt nothing til I woke up here. My head has been trying to make up for that since mind, but I guess that's par for the course." As the compliments start she glances down a little, taking them properly is so hard, but she does her best. "Thank you sir, it means a lot," then, because she can't quite resist the self-deprecating humour, "although if I were you, I'd've hoped that I managed to get my missiles on target."

Kelsey shakes her head slightly. "Nah, they're not all that bad. You'll see some approaching that, but most are pretty straightforward. Its not every day that we invade a planet." She has some of her own good humour there. "Bah. Headache. That's just your Air Wing Ego trying to assert itself. Your heads too small for it. Don't worry, you'll grow into it, Ensign." Sagenod. The last does get a quiet chuckle, too. "We'll work on your gunnery. That comes in time. But the most important things are that you worked your gear and you didn't lose your head. That’s what we need out of ECO's. With so few of us left, you're ideal. It just sucks that you got banged up like this on your first mission. Fly with me again, Ensign, and I'll do my best to keep bringing you home - without new facial accessories."
Alastair arrives from the Sickbay.
Alastair has arrived.

Gloria 'ahs' silently at the explanation for her headache, then counters with her own, "I'd just assumed it was where Major Gray had decided to try and drill some common-sense back in." There's a nod to the comment about gunnery, and a faint smile at not losing her head. "Nor my breakfast!" she quips with a grin, "although then again, I didn't eat any, so maybe trying to claim that one is cheating." As Kelsey offers to pilot with her again she screws her face up in mock consideration, "I dunno sir, I mean we wiped out in the sim, now this? You sure the Lords of Kobol aren't trying to send us a message?"

Kelsey snorts a touch of a laugh. "Major Gray, wielding a drill, sounds terrifying, Ensign." There is that low smile, though. "I told you that you'd be too busy being nervous to eat breakfast. So no, you don't get to claim that one. It totally is cheating." Fingerwaggle! The point about the sim has Kelsey smile all over again. "Bad luck in the sims. These things happen. But you've pretty much seen the worst opposition. Eventually you'll be killing SAMs with impunity and feeling great. Trust me, if you can smile and joke after this you'll enjoy the work. You will be juuust fine, Mister Oates."

"Is it too late to go back to nuking planets with impunity?" Gloria asks jokingly, "it hurts less, and there was definitely less being bumped about." Since SAMs have been mentioned though she has to ask, "did the work we did on the captured systems help? The SAMs I mean? Are we getting new ways to combat them yet?"

"Sorry. No more nuking planets for you. Now it’s just basestars. Life is full of disappointment." Gloria can see some of the youth in her face. Kelsey has learned to let her guard down sometimes and she's able to let the youthful positivity shine through. "And yes, it’s made a big difference. Just not yet. I'm working with someone to develop a missile that will take out the Sabers at long range. Dangerous, but the work you did with me has already saved pilots lives. We know what to look for and how to avoid them." She glances down the lines of beds and some of her anxiety returns. She looks down, then back to Gloria as she get more serious. "Ensign Heron is Missing In Action. So is her ECO. She ignored the order to return to base and they shot her down. We don't know the status of her or the ECO." And if that ECO is captured… "I'm telling you this for a lot of reasons. First, because its my job. Second, because you should take away the importance of orders in combat. Being Enlisted and taking orders from an officer is one thing. But taking them and making sure your own are followed? You're an officer now. Remember that. What we do has larger consequences. The danger of being an ECO has been explained to you, correct?"

Gloria had been looking pleased at the reply from Kelsey when the comment about Elena is made. Serious mode engaged. "Frak," she mutters, clearly understanding exactly what that means. Listening from then on in silence she gives a single nod at the end, "I've known the co-ordinates of Piraeus for a while, from jumping the fleet, so it was explained months ago. Now.. now I guess it's just more immediately relevant as I won't just be standing around in CIC." That said, she then moves swiftly back to, "what are the logistics on a rescue attempt?"

Summoned by one of the corpsmen, and moving at a brisk pace through the main bay, Sam steps over the hatch into the recovery ward, clipboard in hand, pen being extracted from one of her pockets.

Kelsey nods slowly. "Very much so. You need to understand that relationship with your pilot. It is your responsibility to ensure those coordinates do not fall into the hands of the Cylons. If you fail in your responsibility, then it is your pilot's to ensure." Gloria can tell Kelsey would do it. Or has. "I've not lost an ECO yet. I intend to keep it that way." But she will if she has to. By the look on the Lieutenant's face, Wescott has been very close and not in the distant past. "No word on rescue. We don't even know where they went down. The place is a wasps nest right now. The Marines are about to land inside the city. Hopefully they find the crew before the Cylons do."

Gloria grimaces slightly as the unknowns regarding the missing are elaborated on, then shifts immediately to a more hopeful expression as Samtara is spotted. "Captain," she greets, half as politeness and half to make Kelsey aware as well. "Did I pass the Corpmans list of checks?" or, as is more normally translated, 'can I go?' The remark about the marines gets a nod and she asks, "are they all already on the ground, or do we need to take them in?"

Thumbing through the pages clipped to the board, Sam shares a single nod that's intended for both Kelsey and Gloria. "No lingering headache? Vision issues? Balance, or hearing uneven?" is queried as she clicks the pen, just once, another of those brisk movements.

Kelsey looks over to Samtara with the nod from Gloria. She appreciates the heads up. "Doctor." A simple greeting from Kelsey, suspecting Sam prefers her earned title than rank. Her gaze goes back to Gloria, "We'll be flying them in. Whether or not you go depends on what the Doctor says." Which might be strange for Sam to hear considering the source. But sometimes rank has that effect on people. She's steadily grown out of the 'Get me out of here now!' demands many crews have made.

"No, no, no, and no," Gloria replies as Sam lists that set of symptoms, "bit of a stiff neck, but that’s about all I can complain about now sir." Old habits and all that. Kelsey gets a nod though, to show she's understood before she glances back to the good doctor for a verdict."

"Lets have a look then," is the doctor's reply as she shifts the pen into the same hand holding the clipboard, takes out a penlight instead and moves to face Gloria directly. "Same drill as before," is advised as she goes through the steps to check out pupillary reaction, issuing the same brisk instructions to glance up, down, left, right, etcetera before she is satisfied with the results. "By 'stiff neck' do you mean actual physical manifestation of discomfort or statement of personality archetype? The former would result in a recommendation that you spend time with a physical therapist to ensure that there's no lasting damage, the latter is not an issue that can be addressed medically speaking," said so dead pan the possibility that it's intended as humor or possibly not is open entirely to interpretation.

Gloria lifts one hand to rub the back of her neck as Sam ask the question. "I meant it's a bit sore if I move my head about." The torch tests are gone through without complaint and she glances briefly to Kelsey once their done to see if the Lieutenant has anything to add. Once it's clear she doesn't then focus goes back to Sam, and that hopeful all clear.

<FS3> Samtara rolls Medicine: Great Success.

"Ahh, physical manifestation of discomfort, not the statement then," Sam confirms as she tucks both pen and pen light into her pockets and sets the clipboard aside. "Hold still," the words as much as statement as advise before she walks around then rests both hands on either side of Gloria's neck. Her hands, per usual, are a bit cool and calmly steady. A brief assessment of the ensign's neck, pressure points ascertained, and a sudden and rather abrupt movement to make a minor adjustment to the ensigns neck, without giving the ensign time or reason to tense up. "There. How does that feel?"

Gloria keeps still as her neck is violated by the clammy hands, but Kelsey will see that her face does scrunch up just a little on initial contact. Keeping her shoulders down and relaxed she's just about getting used to the contact when Sam does that tweek. It gets a reaction, an instinctive pull forwards and an aborted "hey," before her brain catches up and gets things back on track again. Resisting the urge to wisecrack back she instead straightens again before replying, "not bad, okay I guess." Super helpful there, but it at least doesn't hurt.

"No more discomfort? no additional muscle spasms?" Sam queries as she moves around again, once more studying the ensigns face before she gives a subtle tilt to her head. "Move about for a moment," she waves one hand to gesture the length of the room then back. "Move freely, I'll be observing your balance and range of moment, this won't take long."

"No," Gloria replies evenly, then follows Sam's glance down the room and back. Sliding off the bed she heads down to the far end then turns, and heads back. Now she's thinking about it, it's actually hard to just walk normally, but she does her best, ending up back in front of the Doc without any obvious pain.

<FS3> Gloria rolls Body: Failure.

Making a thoughtful sound, Sam retrieves the clip board and extracts the pen once more. "I'm recommending that you have two sessions with the physical therapist," she hands over a slip of paper. "I'll liaise with your CO to see that you set up the sessions. You're cleared to go, however."

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