MD #235: No Man's Callsign Court
MD #235: No Man's Callsign Court
Summary: The Air Wing meets aboard Mother to get drunk and bestow new callsigns.
Date: 28/11/2017 (OOC Date)
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No Man's Land, Mother
On the edge of a deserted area of the ship, there is a makeshift airlock with a sign on it that reads, "The only escape pod you'll need." The main compartment beyond opens up just inside, made larger by the gutting of adjoining spaces. Immediately to the left just before the bar, there is ladder and hatch leading upwards with a sign that reads, "Cellar." The bar is made from repurposed consoles and behind it is a sign with the various brews available. Emergency oxygen masks line the counter just below the bar top and look curiously well maintained. At the far end of the space, a small stage is bathed in light that spills down through a large gaping hole in the ceiling. The raw metal edges of the hole look as if they've been chewed away by some kind of explosive carnage. Small cargo containers and crates haphazardly line the stage while larger ones are communally arranged along with two triad tables. Embedded in the walls along the opposite of the bar are six old escape pods with the hatches propped open to provide more private seating.
Fri Jun 15 2049 MD #235

Much of the Air Wing is off for the callsign court, though the needs of the Fleet and current strength means it's a few dozen rather than a few hundred. The CAG has arranged for them to take up much of the open space in No Man's Land, including use of the stage. And that's where the big chair is set up — or at least, a big cargo crate that one can sit or stand upon. Niko is in his off-duty tank-and-tee, dog tags dangling around his neck, and an old leather flight jacket with Orion and Lucky Strikes patches on the shoulders. This is not a formal event. As the Wing starts to flood in, the CAG climbs up onto the crate with drink in hand. He raises his voice to shout into the general din. "Carrier Strike Wing Eleven, CAG!" This call is repeated a few times to try and get general attention, then he raises his glass. "The bar is open! Fill your hands, wet your whistles, and we'll call up our first victim!"

Dressed in a t-shirt, jeans, battered hiking boots and wearing some new patterns freshly painted in henna, Diaz moves through the room in a meandering style that appears to have no direct Point A to Point B logic. She pauses to linger and talk with complete strangers, and from the way she turns one arm then the other she's probably talking about the current henna patterns she's wearing or possibly the tattoo on her upper right arm. She only breaks off the enthusiastic conversation when the voice of the CAG fills the room, drawing her attention and that of every other person in the room practically. Only after the CAG announces that the bar is open does she turn back to the conversation for a few more moments and THEN meanders toward the bar.

Melissa shows up, clearly enjoying her lack of extra paperwork and managerial duties. She's in a fitted hoodie with what looks like a characture of a Model Five in camo on the front. On the back, 'Piraeus,' is written vertically down the spine. She's in jeans too, hair down in a mass on her shoulders. Being TOLD to drink? Well. That's one order she does intend to follow intently. Heading for the bar, she orders one of those blue things and looks over her shoulder to watch and smile.

Mother was a familiar ship to Avery and so she comes in a little later than some, having gone to say hello to a couple of people. When she does come in though, it's towards the bar that she focuses first, except a brief glance towards the stage to see if anyone was on it. Wearing civilian clothing, a simple pair of faded jeans and a plain shirt she manages to fit in fine even if she isn't Air Wing. Approaching the bar she gives a sort of crooked smile to those present, "Looks like it's shaping up to be a fun night." A drink order is made, but she looks more interested in the call sign court.

Ben gets his drink and turns to the CAG's voice. He leans back against the bar and wets his whistle. Not worried about what he's about to get called over the airwaves, he listens and continues to follow orders, taking another drink.

Melissa is noted and one dark brow is arched. Idris changes his course slightly to find a place at the bar next to the former Captain. Bloodfeather looks her over and waits patiently until she might glance in his direction. "Long time no see, Wescott. I am very pleased to see you again." Not long ere she had departed, he'd nearly bled out on the rescue Raptor back at Calumet on the SAR to recover herself and Casey. A glance is paid to the barkeep when she comes over to take their drink orders, "Whiskey neat, please. Unless you have any decent wine to serve tonight." Nope. Apparently wine is hard to come by so Idris gets served a squat tumbler glass half filled with amber liquor. No ice. Ben and Inez both get a nod out of Bloodfeather ere his dark eyes settle upon Diaz as he tastes his drink.

Ben's balance is strong, he's not drunk. He glances Inez and says, "A lot on my mind. Needed a few to loosen up a bit. Been here an hour already." He turns back to the CAG.

Niko sips at his drink, watching 'his' people file in with a satisified air. Once the first attack on the bar has more or less run it's course, he's looking around for someone who needs a callsign. The Eleven at the bar catches his eye, and the CAG beckons and calls, "Lieutenant Sawyer! Front and center! Let's hear some suggestions people!"

Ben yells out, "Spitballer!"

Melissa gets her drink and looks over to Idris as he approaches. She stands more fully and leans a hip into the bar. "Captain, sir. I was just thinking about you the other day. Dadona and I were on CAP, we were talking about the shootdown on Calumet. Good to see you back to your full health. I'm guessing a silly think like bullets don't stop you." She holds the grin and sips easily at the drink. Seeing a new face from the Marines, Melissa upnods to Avery and then goes back to sipping her drink.

Taking her own drink, Inez turns around next to Ben and leans back. She cocks her head at him. "you know you can talk to me, right?" she tells him in a low voice. Her eyes glance up to his then she listens to the CAG as she sips. Her gaze travels over fellow air wing mates and she return's Idris's nod before taking another sip… a sip that she almost spits out when she hears her name called. She looks around to see if she should put down her drink or… "hold this. and order me a shot? I may need it when this is done" she tells Ben. Blowing out a breath she passes Melissa on her way up to the stage, and pauses to mutter something to her about not asking to be a leader before she steps up on the stage. She puts one foot on the crate and her hands on her hips as she waits.

"This is almost like some Rite of Passage," Avery observes from her position at the bar once her drink is delivered. Not that she knows anyone or anything, but call signs were big deals. Catching the nod she gives a smile back and accompanies it by a nod. It's about the extent of her greeting for now as she listens to those being called for their turn to be faced with the fate of their new name.

Having ordered something in a fascinating color of neon green, and only -barely- restraining the instinct to bedevil the bartender with a dozen questions about what could possibly be IN the drink that makes it this awful awesome shade of neon green, Diaz leans against the bar as Inez takes her place up on the stage. Setting her drink aside, after giving it a wary sniff, the viper pilot cups her hands around her mouth to yell out the word, "BOUNCER" as a suggestion.

Idris lifts his drink to Ben, "Too many syllables. 'Spitball' however does suit." Aye, he is well aware of their antics even if he's not come under their fire. His attention then goes back to Melissa. What she recounts makes him smile, then touch his throat with his free hand, "Thank you. I've had two close calls. Let us hope that luck will continue to run in my favour." The Captain leans over to snag a couple of drinking straws from a cup set on the bar. These are tossed down towards where Cross and Inez are seated, to arm them both for bar antics. No, Bloodfeather doesn't know Avery but he studies her since Melissa seems to know her.

Niko listens to the shouts from the group, nodding to Ben and then pointing to Idris when he makes a modification. "We have Spitbill!" And then a nod to Diaz's offering. "Bouncer! Do I want to hear the story?" He grins, not waiting for an answer. "Good first efforts, people! Anyone else?"

Inez raises her eyebrows to Ben. "Hey, you started those, Cross. I just finished them." She chcuckles to Ben then blinks as she hears Bouncer ring out and looks around for the source. Her brows are drawn together then she looks to Niko. "I think that's for carrying Wescott off Mother" she tells him in an undertone.

Inez solves the mystery she was puzzling when ah answers niko, and her expression clears to its more usual inquisitiveness. "anyone?"

Melissa considers Inez for a moment, unsure of what to say. There's plenty TO say, just not positive what she wants ot go yelling out just yet. Hrm. Her eyes glance to Idris and his tapping to her neck. "I remember. The first had barely healed when the second happened. But you did hold up your end of the bargain, sir. I'm not going to forget that." The smile is one of real comraderie. She then looks back to the suggestions and considerations. "I dunno, she did drag me to the Master at Arms office!" Melissa calls out with a laugh. "Booker! Bouncer! Desk- short for de-escalate!"

Ben laughs out loud, remembering the reason those last few names are called out. He takes a sip from his glass and says, "I like Spitball, or Spitwad." He looks up at Inez, a grin from ear to ear.

Avery doesn't really know anyone to be able to suggest anything but she listens and takes interest. When she feels that look on her from Idris she returns an equally studying look his way before watching the one getting the suggestions for callsigns. It was an interesting process and no one she'd taken part in before and so it is with unabashed curiosity she keeps watching the proceedings.

With a laugh, Diaz aims a grin toward Inez before lifting the neon green drink and taking a curious taste of the contents. The Viper pilot seems to consider the result for a long … long moment then nods and takes a much longer drink. Neon green, for the win.

The CAG leans down to listen to what Inez says to him, then his eyes cut to Melissa and he gives the Eleven a nod. Perhaps a little soon to be funny to Niko personally but it's a good story and he's not going to protest. Straightening up again, he points towards Ben. "Spitwad! I think that's an upgrade, Cross! All right, let's hear some votes: Spitwad, Bouncer, Booker, Desk!?"

Ben raises his hand for "Spitwad.". The others work as well, but he's fond of that name for her.

Inez laughs. "You like it because you know if I don't get it I'm tagging you with it," she tells Ben with a smirk. She loves is around as Niko calls for anything else to be offered up. She shifts the foot on the crate so that she can put her weight on it and lift herself up to stand both feet on it and look over the crowd a little better.

"I still vote for Bouncer," Diaz calls from where she's standing, her voice a bit hoarse after draining the contents of the glass and setting it down to signal for a refill.

"The question is, if we dub her 'Spitwad' then what are we going to call /you/, Cross?" Idris raises his voice to carry, then tastes his whiskey once more. He glances back to Avery, she being a very good looking woman he doesn't know. His glass he slightly raises to her with a nod but no more than that is offered. Back to Inez and Ben he adds, "Two peas in a pod." After a moment's consideration, Bloodfeather looks to Diaz and then Niko, "I shall vote for Bouncer."

Ben laughs and orders that whiskey and makes it enough for everyone there, to be passed out to the CAG and voters as well as Inez getting named.

Niko shifts aside to make room for Inez up on the crate. He listens to the votes, chiming in for Idris' comment. "Don't worry about Cross, Vogue! I think we've got him covered!" He leaves the floor open for a moment longer but if looks like Bouncer is the winner from the crowd. "And here's where I have to take on the terrible burden of command," he says with a grin. "I want to say Spitwad, but then we're deadlocked. So Bouncer it is." He lifts his glass to propose the first toast. "Let's hear it for Lieutenant Inez 'Bouncer' Sawyer!"

Diaz grins at Inez even as the glasses with whiskey are being passed around, her glass ending up beside the refilled glass that holds the neon green concotion that will probably strip the taste buds off of her tongue. "Yay, Bouncer!" she calls then lets out a piercing whistle before lifting one of the glasses to Inez as a salute.

The names bouncing around bring amusement to the Corpsman and as a smile plays over her features, she cradles her glass in both her hands. It seemed to be a close call on the callsign but as Bouncer is decided and announced, Avery gives the Lieutenant a look over to commit it to memory for future reference. Catching the look from Idris as she lifts her glass for a drink, a single brow arches but a half smile is given as she tilts it towards him marginally in a silent salute before drinking. That brief moment is all she gives before focusing more on who would be next to be named.

Melissa leans on the bar, watching the words go back and forth. She seems ot stick close to Idris, but no surprise. They were the only two surviving squadron commanders after a mess before the war started. Her drink gets another sip and she watches Inez. "Bouncer may be too cool. We'll see how this plays out." If she had a beard, she would probably stroke it and look evil.

Ben raises his drink high and cheers. "Bouncer!" Then takes a drink.

Taking the shot from Ben after she hops down from the crate, Inez lifts it in a toast before she downs it. Then she steps aside and waves gallantly for Ben to take her place. "Enjoy," she warbles sweetly and heads back to pick up her drink from the bar.

Ben takes his shot and salutes her, downing the shot. "Your turn on the shots." He says, turning around and marching to the crate and the CAG awaiting there.

"All right!" Niko calls out and seeing that Ben is already volunteering, he's happy to oblige. "Front and center, Lieutenant Cross!" The CAG takes a moment to gulp from his drink — all that shouting is thirsty work — and then lifts it to the crowd. "I wish I could take credit for this one, but it wasn't my idea. Still, I am going to open the bidding with 'Timber!'"

Idris gives a nod to Melissa, "It is entirely too cool a name. We can surely come up with something more unfortunate as opportunity allows. Airwingers always find a way to embarass ourselves sooner or later." Those that live long enough. He sips his whiskey, finding his glass already half gone. Oh my. Bloodfeather might actually get tipsy tonight. Unheard of! Ooh, there's Cross up next. Idris raises his glass, "Now I give you SPITWAD. May he not blow his wad prematurely."

Taking her place at the bar again and leaning easily near her fellow line. "Timber?" she asks and looks at Diaz. "Rosie!" she calls out, then chuckles. "Spitwad!" she echoes Idris.

Ben opens his mouth as if to say something, pulls a breath and then shuts it, lowering his head slightly. The smile still remains as he remains quiet.

Melissa sips at her drink, happy to do it quickly because she will not have to do anything in the morning except some duty paperwork she's done billions of times before. "Timber. Ohhhh I like Timber. Spitwad, yeah. But disgusting to be honest." She taps a finger on her lips as she considers the group. "Timber!"

"Spitball," Diaz calls out in almost immediate counter to Spitwad then laughs at the 'Timber' suggestion and taps the side of the glass she's holding against the glass that Inez is holding. "Rosie?" is wondered even as she's tipping the glass up to drain the whiskey, coughing afterward and setting the empty glass down. Both hands are scrubbed over her face lightly then up through her hair, as though that'll help her come up with more ideas.

The camaraderie was obvious between the pilots and the laughter and names were contagious. With a smile, Avery listens, left to fill in the blanks on her own and finding it amusing to do so. Her drink is given another sip and she continues to nurse the contents slowly instead of being in a hurry to get drunk. Turning a crate, she has a seat on it, extending her jean clad legs out in front of her in a stretch before bending her knees and resting her elbows there.

"I'm hearing a lot of Spitwad," Niko acknowledges, but looks undeterred. "One Rosie?" Here he looks at Ben, apparently expecting a reason from the raptor pilot for that one. Then he turns back to the crowd. "But I've got to say, my heart is set on Timber! You've got thirty seconds to change my mind — mark!"

Ben raise both hands at the Rosie and shrugs his shoulders, "You'd have to ask her. I'm at a lose."

Diaz finishes the second round of Neon Green drink, wheezes out a laugh and the word "Timber" because it's just so absolutely fitting she can't resist voting for it. Then.. because it's the thing to do, she orders a third one.

Captain Bloodfeather gives a shrug, "I'm very fond of Spitball or Spitwad for him but Timber will do." It was a classic moment, retold through the berthings with glee. He sips his drink and leans on the bar, relaxed.

Like any good Viper jock, Niko hears Diaz change her vote and pounces on the chance. "Three for Timber! Good job Diaz." And then Idris relents as well, so now the CAG can make the call and pretend he didn't force that one through. "Strike Wing Eleven! I give you Lieutenant Ben 'Timber' Cross! Let's hear it!" Niko holds his drink high and takes drinks to the newly named Ben. Maybe he's lucky he couldn't explain 'Rosie.'

Inez likewise shrugs. "I'm not going to any extra effort if the CAG has his heart set," she tells Diaz with a grin. At the shrug for Rosie, she just gives him an innocent look and takes the last sip of her drink before getting the round of whiskey and handing them out, last one to Ben. She lifts her glass to him. "Timber."

Ben nods, that smile still on his face, raising a hand to accept his calling card and the admiration of his peers. He steps off the stage and walks to the bar, tripping once and falling forward, but catching himself on a tables edge. Popping upright, he finishes the walk, looking for his drink. Taking the whiskey and shotting it quickly.

Melissa nods in approval. "Either would have worked well, I suspect! I like it. Congrats Cross!" she calls to him, sketching an entirely too lazy salute. While drinking. Wescott has a family name to uphold with that kind of class. She nearly drops the glass to the countertop, requesting a refill. "Did you volunteer for the strike? Or is that a bad question from one squad leader to another?" Mels quietly asks to Idris. He just needs to look at her with a glnce to know she stuck her name in.

A smirk is given at the suggestion of Rosie and the query of an explanation for it. Avery has her own ideas and she allows her gaze to flicker over Ben, or more likely his hands, before she coughs a little and looks down into her drink. Tilting up the glass, she finishes it off and after a moment gets to her feet to slide the glass on the bartop and order another.

Idris bumps his shoulder against Melissa's, "I heard you weren't a Squadron Leader anymore, Lieutenant. Shame, that." He watches her as he sips from his own glass, then lowers it to nod, "I have. It's apt to be … very hairy. May I assume you also put your name in for it?" The dark skinned Captain lifts his chin towards Diaz, "If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on at least one or two in my own squadron. We pilots, we can not help ourselves but to step forward as eager fools when there are dangerous but important missions offered, can we not?"

Niko points at Ben as he makes his way off the hot seat. "I want to see you passed out with that on your forehead before the end of the night, Timber." From his high perch, up on a crate upon the stage, the CAG surveys the room for the next candidate. He's still sober enough to spot Donovan, and he grins at the man. "Corric! You've just volunteered! Front and center, Lieutenant!"

Once Ben is officially assigned the call sign Timber, Diaz lifts the newly refilled glass with it's neon green concoction to call out, "TIMBER!" in cheers and tosses the drink back a wee bit faster than is truly wise. The Viper pilot wheezes out a breath that turns into a laugh, eyes watering, before she pushes away from the bar to walk back over to the table where the group she was talking to originally are still seated and, as she does so, she spots Donovan not quite at the bar but near enough that she ducks out of the bar and snags Donovan by the wrist and tows him back into the bar with her. "Call sign court!" she explains as she 'helps' Donovan forward into the spotlight and grins before stepping back.

Ben laughs and orders another drink, finishing the one he had, plus the shots. "Working on it Lieutenant Colonel. Give me a moment." He turns to the bar, "Anybody got a marker?" Taking his new drink in hand and taking a rather large swallow.

Idris may be getting close to needing a refill on his whiskey tumbler. He sets it down and pounds the bar in a slightly less civilized manner than his usual cultured self, "Corric!" One might assume the man was one of his own squadron or something. But then Bloodfeather has to think hard as to what sort of callsign to suggest. Hmmm. His mouth thins and he mumbles to Melissa who's at the bar beside him, "Problem is I haven't caught him at anything embarassing yet. Help me out here. Good pilot, self starter." The Captain tap-taps the side of his chin as he leans on the bar and thinks.

Donovan almost spills the turbine cleaner that they are all drinking. "Hey!" he mutters at Diaz. "Gravity is still working you know." he manages to get his drink switched from one hand to the other and get the other on the back of a chair to keep his face from a front row intro to the deck. The Viper pilot turns towards Bloodfeather. "Sir…" he says. He looks around. He knows these people… and suddenly has this very, very bad feeling nagging at the back of his mind. He makes his way forward… best to get this over… it's supposed to be less painful that way. Supposed to be anyway.

Once she's 'helped' Donovan into the spot light, AND after back tracking to the bar to get a refill, and already on the fine edge between amusingly tipsy and dangerously silly, Diaz pats down her pockets at Ben's request and comes up with a paint brush to offer. "Will this do?" is wondered as she accepts yet another glass of the neon green drink then props one elbow against the edge of the bar while a happy snicker of a laugh escapes her. "Tinder. Self starting. All he needs is flint. And steel. Or something. Sparky!"

Melissa drains part of her glass, leaning on the bar beside Idris. There's a grin to her face as she looks back to the Viper Captain. "Just because its former, doesn't mean I have to behave like its in the past all the time. Still gotta set an example." She winks at him, something wolfish about the look. "You bet your tightpants that I volunteered. Its our job. Lead by example, sir. I want on the strike. And like it or not, I'm one of the most experienced pilots we have." Fingergun. Point made. Bang. She sips with the other hand and looks back to Donovan. No ready suggestions. Any vets from the first war in the room, or kids of Piraeus, will recognize an Al Yamoha characture on her hoodie.

Likely the only one present not in the Air Wing, Avery is at the bar taking up a drink that was just delivered to her. Far behind some of the others, this is only her second one. Despite her lack of drunkenness, she seems to be enjoying herself as she listens to the names being voted on. The observations from Idris are noted and she idly looks to the pilot in question.

Niko grins at Donovan, and the CAG is not disappointed when Diaz immiedately has offerings. "I hear Tinder and Sparky! Good start!" He waits a moment for more offerings, then makes a suggestion himself. "Corric is all over the wireless in combat — anyone have a good one for that!?"

Ben still stands, although the drinks keep coming. He orders Avery a shot of whiskey to go with all the others he orders around the Orion crew. "Wouldn't want to leave you out of the flow." He says. His speech is still clear and he doesn't sway much, if at all. He looks to the new callsign candadate and waits to hear what others have to say. The shots of whiskey go around the room and are placed in front of everyone serving aboard the battlestar.

Bennett happened to be in the neighbourhood, on account of some tasking from Command that involved offloading some supplies to Mother. Her shift's done though, and she's stowed her flight gear in her raptor and broken out the civvie attire in hopes of catching the end of callsign court. Her hair is tied up in an artfully messy bun held in place with silver pins that match her single earring, and she's opted for distressed black jeans, leather jacket and a red blouse with a scandalously deep vee neck. She saunters up to the bar to order herself 'something girly', then leans a hip against the counter and turns to gauge who all's here tonight.

Captain Bloodfeather, aka 'Vogue' actually grins. Has Melissa or Diaz ever seen him smile until recently? "Sparky! That -would- be a good start." Idris looks back to Mels and adds, "He may make a fine SL of a squadron of his own, some day soon. Good to have backups, once he has a bit more experience under his wings." The barkeep is keeping on her toes, pushing out drinks. She makes time to slip by and top up Idris' glass so it doesn't hit bottom. Man's going to have a hangover tomorrow if he keeps drinking that stuff.

Ben yells out, "Mouth!" Only thing he could think of after what Niko said.

Idris adds low, also to Melissa, "You noticed Scythe's leather jacket with the Lucky Strikes patch on it? I want a jacket like that." His words aren't slurred yet, or barely are but he's way more relaxed than usual.

Donovan looks over his shoulder and in the true form of someone who is too far into his cups to walk far, sticks his tongue out at Diaz. He gets his glass refilled none the less. "God… we should give a vat of this to Chief." He mutters after the wheeze-burn of a sip is gone. "Make stripping parts a snap… might even work on cannon fouling." he grins. He endures more colorful ideas for his soon to be callsign.

"Chatterbox!" Diaz's next suggestion is called out after she carries her drink with her to circulate around the room again and drags a box over to sit beside the marine in the room. "Hi!" she declares upon arrival, bringing with her a pretty fine cloud of alcohol as she sits down with a sigh. "I'm Adura Diaz, welcome to the madhouse."

The shot is delivered and Avery looks up and around. When Ben speaks she lifts, an incline of her head in thanks before downing the single shot. It's a slow burn down her throat, and after that dies down some she follows with a drink from her glass. "Thanks, Timber." A sure sign she'd definitely been paying attention to the newly assigned callsigns. Her attention once more falls on the current recipient of the suggested names.

Melissa sips her drink happily, nodding as she looks over the faces. Not normal to see a JG relaxing with a Captain, but there it is. She's pleased by this whole showing, obviously. "Indeed. Believe it or not, I trained Lieutenant Mendelsohn to take my group if something happened to me. I'm really glad I did. He's going to get a chance to prove himself. So far, he's doing us proud." She has a solid, positive outlook and it doesn't hurt. It owuld be easy to hold a grudge. "Yeah, I love his coat. I should talk to my mom's husband, see if he has any of her old stuff. I doubt it. That looks like a wicked nice coat. Think you could get some made?" Seeing Bennett, she waves her SL over. "My beautiful, loveliest, prettiest Major."

Niko is still taking suggestions, though the one Diaz calls out appears to put him off his stride for a second. Then he lifts is glass and drains the last bit in an air toast to … some one. "Chatterbox is retired!" he calls back to Diaz. "Babbles?! Chatters!? Those might work."

Melissa calls out, "Babs!"

Ben raises his drink, "Mouthpiece." Trying to see if that helps by adding another word.

With the arrival of Diaz, Avery gives a crooked grin, "Avery Fischer," she offers in return, "Thanks, this ship is a pretty crazy place. Have you got a callsign?" Because she tries to commit these things to memory! (adding to my pose)

"Nice to meet you, Avery Fischer," Diaz replies even as she calls out, "Yak!" with a quick gleam of a impish gleam at Corric before she shakes her head at Avery. "I don't, no. I'm just Diaz on the Com."

Bennett's thoughtful expression melts into a warm smile when she spots Melissa's wave. The other pilot is observed for a moment or two with something resembling fondness, before Ynyr makes her way over with her drink. A little blue umbrella is perched at a jaunty angle atop her glass. "Who are we doing now?" she wonders as she approaches, taking a sip.

"Okay, okay." Now Niko is starting to have trouble keeping track of all the offerings. He shoots Donovan grin and then raises his arms to the crowd. "Last call, people! We've got Tinder! Sparky! Babs! Mouthpiece! Let me hear your votes!"

Ben leans in to Avery, whiskey full on his breath, "She will. You watch. She will." He says to both Avery and Diaz. He leans back and braces himself on the bar, downing another shot. He looks out over the proceedings for the final word on the pilots callsign. In looking around, he spots Bennett and suddenly, out of habit, snaps to attention. He can hold it for five seconds before he start to swirve in a small circle, having to break it and lean against the bar. Under his breath he whispers, once again out of habit, "Officer on deck." But can't keep the attention, instead taking another drink.

Ben looks to the stage, "Mouthpiece."

Idris smirks, "Babbles has a ring to it that would embarass the hell out of me if it was mine." Haha, yeah, he likes that one. Another sip of whiskey and a shrug to Melissa, "Not sure. Used to be in the last war they'd raid places for things like that. Not sure what our options are now." He looks around the chamber, "People here on Mother might come up with anything. I hear they bring scavanging to an all new level." A respectful nod is given to Bennett's approach, "Major, good you could join us." Bloodfeather will make room at the bar for her to join himself and Mels.

Donovan looks around the room, his fate in the hands of the other pilots and ECO's. He sighs and no matter what the decision is, it will be over soon. Well… sort of. He drains the glass in his hand and waits for the room to stop spinning and he refills the glass yet again, against his own better judgment. Hopes of kindness or mercy have long since fled from his grasp. It's all up to the vote now.

After giving it some though, Bloodfeather opts for this first favorite, "Sparky's still my pick!"

Bennett crooks a smile and a wink Ben's way, and nudges Idris's shoulder gently with her own as she draws closer. The silver in her ear chimes softly. "It was a bit of a last minute decision. Looks like a good party, though." Golden eyes shift to the Captain, then back to Donovan once she clues in that he's the one they're naming.

"Just Diaz," Avery muses with a smile. "That's easy enough." She does listen at all of the names offered up and she offers nothing up herself, but as Ben leans in she gives him a curious look. "Who will?" The whiskey breath doesn't seem to bother her but she's lost all track of whatever conversation the man was talking about with all the distractions. When Idris mentions Mother and the scavengers on board, she gives him a knowing look. "We have been known to." A ghost of a smile before she directs her gaze back to Air Winger on stage.

With a rather pleased smile on her face, Diaz take caution to sip at the drink she is currently holding(instead of tossing it back) and shakes her head at Ben only to nod immediately at Avery. "Marines ought to get call signs too. Not just.

. . " Diaz pauses to hiccup. "Not just the bellow of 'Yo, Marine!

Melissa looks over to Bennett, tilting her glass towards the Major. "Sir. I should introduce you to mom's family sometime. They're fun. Kids are definitely mom's, if you know what I mean." Mels just grins happily and looks over to Idris. "We should raid on our own, see what we can find. I'm sure there's cool stuff to be found."

Ben looks at the person they are making the callsign for and decides Mouthpiece isn't going to do. He decides to go for the female version of the name, "Babbles!" Looks around, "I changed my mind."

Idris gets nudged by Bennett and he /almost/ looses his balance where he stands at the bar. The Captain catches himself and manages not to spill his drink doing so. Oh boy. The tea and wine drinker is decidedly not used to good strong whiskey poured in tumbler glasses. Bloodfeather looks down into his second glass that's started on it's way to being half drunk already. How'd that happen? He blinks and focuses on Melissa, "I like that idea. Ex-cept, we are not going back to the Colonies, are we?" The elegant Captain isn't trashed yet but maybe he better stop after this glass or somebody might have to help him back to the Orion, after. "I fear where we are going on our next mission there is not likely to be time for shopping."


"Sparky," Diaz says again the pauses, "or just Sparks. Like the whole Starter thing."

There's another few shouts, but even with Ben's last-minute entry Niko hasn't heard anything to rival the continuing support for 'Sparky.' So the CAG gets to make the call. "All right! Sparky it is!" He turns to lift his glass toward Donovan, inviting the rest of the Wing to do the same. "Let's hear it for Lieutenant Donovan 'Sparky' Corric!"

Ben smiles and raises his glass as he cheers out, "Sparky!" Downing another shot. He turns to the bar and lets out a huge "YEEEAAAAAH!" Like a battle cry, then orders another.

Donovan raises his glass. "Ok, Ok… so, Sparky it is!" he says. He laughs and drinks with the other. "Sir, permission to resume drinking so the next victim may approach." he kinda salutes, sort of and waits to be set free from the hot seat spot light.

"I could handle Yo Marine," Avery laughs, "Or Corpsman, or my rank, or Fischer. I've answered to plenty worse in my time, especially here on Mother." The response given to the hiccuping Diaz. The condition of Idris isn't missed and it only brings with it further amusement, "Does he have help back home?" She asks Diaz with a nod towards Idris, figuring the other pilots would assist him back. With the decided announcement of the call sign, she grins, "Sparky. Sounds interesting."

Following Avery's look, Diaz shakes her head slightly. "The Captain is a force of nature, I'm convinced he could drink us all under the table then perform a perfect landing with one eye closed," she confides in a not-whisper. "Hah! Sparky!" taking a moment to aim a grin at Corric then waves her drink holding hand toward Melissa. "Wescott on deck, Sir!"

Ben looks over at Melissa, his head bobbles a moment. He pulls a breath to stay sobber as best he can through all the booze he's had so far. He's got a few ideas, but they are swimming in his head. He takes another shot to try and clear it, waiting for the bidding to begin.

Niko chuckles at Donovan's request, offering the man a perfunctory return of the salute before waving him off. "Affirmative, Sparky. Go get some." There's not much left in the CAG's glass at this point, so he has additional instructions for the next candidate after Diaz calls out the name. "Lieutenant Wescott! Front and center and bring me a drink!" To the group at large, Niko clarifies. "Confirm or re-assign! You can vote for Billboard if you want Wescott to keep that, or throw out something new!"

Wescott hears her name and groans, glancing to Idris. "After what I did, I figured this might be coming." She signals the bartender for a quick double. Meanwhile people are looking ot her and waiting. Once its slid in front of her she takes it and doubletimes it up to the front and hands the glass to Niko, her own blue mixture sipped and held by her side. "A new callsign!?" Melissa calls out to the group. "You'd think I did something noteworthy in the last few months! Who are you people again? I've never met any of you." She's had a few drinks and is clearly enjoying her buzz.

His whiskey glass is raised, "To Sparky!" Ah, Donovan is so dubbed. Very good. So called force of nature or not, this whiskey may be his undoing. Idris knocks it back and then just stands there leaning against the bar with his eyes closed for a moment. His inner ear may -think- he's in the cockpit, jinking and barrel rolling his way through the clouds and enemy fire before he's done tonight. The Captain lifts his head as Melissa is called up and he grins, "Here comes 'Trouble'!"

Ben is feeling the booze and blurts it out, "De-mo!" Pulling a breath as it volume took him off guard a bit, leaning back against the bar. "Two meanings. Demolished that civy, and was Demoted."

"Full marks," Niko commends Melissa on the drink she's brought. He downs the last of his previous cocktail and puts the empty down so he can receive the replacement. "Trouble! Demo!" No punches are being pulled tonight. "I'll add Jailbird!"

"Slugger," Diaz is quick to suggest followed immediately by, "Wasp, as in stings like one!"

You have got to admit, things just got fired up a notch. Idris actually /snickers/ where he stands at the bar, trying not to laugh at the names being thrown out for Wescott.

Melissa gets a laugh out of the names being thrown around. She groans and leans back at the hips, swaying just a bit. "I know where all of you sleep!" is laughed heartily. Stepping back forward, she sips the drink and peers into the crowd, looking around.

Ben laughs aloud, turning back to the bar for another.

Wearing a grin that is 50% booze sponsored and 50% a Diaz, the viper pilot finishes yet another drink and sighs. "Bail," in a voice loud enough to carry. "Violet, as in the OPPOSITE of a shrinking Violet fragile flower."

"Trouble, Demo, Jailbird, Slugger, Wasp!" Niko runs down the litany to remind everyone. Or possibly remind himself, now that he's onto yet another drink. "Some of those are sounding too cool." Then he hears the latest and adds it to the list. "Violet?! A dark horse enters the running!" Well, there's a lot to choose from and no one has said 'Billboard.' The CAG clears his throat. "Going, going …? Votes or you get Jailbird!"

Idris lifts his empty glass, "Jailbird or Trouble!" Those are his votes. He's a Captain so he gets two, right? The bar tender comes over and tries to give him more whiskey but Bloodfeather waves her off, "No, thank you, madam. I'm going to have enough trouble finding my bunk as it is." With exaggerated care, he sets his glass down on the bar, top rim downward. Bloodfeather pushes off from there and starts to see if he can find his way towards the hatch. This ship is sailing.

"Violet!" Diaz votes again on this one and gives her empty glass a mournful and perplexed look.

Ben says clearly, "Violet!"

Donovan walks departs the center stage and heads back over to where he was before and when the next suggestions come in he ponders them… he doesn't know Wescott that well or the stories behind the proposed names all that well, but he decides to cast his lot just the same, going with the shouted new choice. "Violet!"

"The votes are in!" Niko hollers. "And just to prove this is a democracy after all, my obviously superior choice has lost! Let's hear it for Lieutenant Melissa 'Violet' Wescott!" The CAG lifts his glass for yet another swig of booze. There have been a lot fo names tonight. Perhaps they'll even remember them tomorrow. "Last call, people!"

Ben says, "Ensin Adura Fiora Diaz, on deck." He's getting rather drunk and it may not of came out right, but he says it none the less.

Making a sound of absolute glee, Diaz cheers for the newly minted Violet and taps her empty glass against Ben's then Donovan's before shaking her head at Ben. "Oh, no sir, not me. I just came off of probation. Gotta get my feet wet again."

Donovan laughs and he then takes his turn to 'help' Diaz forward. "You're wet enough." he says to her. "Ok… that… never mind, just get moving." he says. And THIS is why he doesn't drink.

Ben frowns, "They know you, they know what you can do and what you are about. Every pilot needs a call sign. What batter way to wet the feet." He

Ben slurs his words just a bit.

Melissa howls! Violet! She lifts her glass into the air and to cheers Diaz from a distance. "Frak you too, girl! Mwah!" She kisses her fingers and blows them towards D with a grin. She steps down after a deep curtsie and then ambles her way over towards the Line. "Guys, guys. Sirs. Lovely sirs. Let her be. Can't force it. Otherwise she will hate everyone and rip a hatch off. Nobody wants that. Especially this adorable lady."

Ben turns to the bartender, "…ou got a marker?" He holds his hand out. The bartender looks funny at the man, but reaches under the bar and pulls out a sharpy. Placing it in Ben's hand, Ben turns to Diaz and holds it out to her, "T, I, M, B, E, R." He point to his forehead, eye's blurred and wabbly, "Print it for me." Then falls strait forward and hits the deck. This will leave a mark.

Niko gaze wanders over the group until he finds Diaz. "Diaz!" But hearing her protests, the CAG laughs it off. "All right, all right. But you're giving your wing-mates plenty of time to think up appropriate revenge, Ensign." With no other names on the list for tonight, the king of court has done his duty. "Drink up, have a good time, and DO NOT make me bail you out tomorrow!" He carefully climbs down from the crate and then steps off the stage, joining the crowd to do his share of drinking too.

Sharing first a grin with Mels and then, once Violet joins the conversation, Diaz gives Mels a hug. "I've never done that. I promise. It wasn't me. I could, I suppose. But then," and she watches Ben faceplant into the deck. "That… is going to hurt.". A grimace of sympathy forms on her face before she nkds and salutes the CAG.

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