AWD #083: No Definition Allowed

No Defining Relationships

No Definition Allowed
Summary: Talk of the Cylons, Petra's Decision and !FEELINGS.
Date: 30/March/2013 (OOC Date)
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Agrippa Maia Stone 
Mess Hall
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #83

Another morning, surely somewhere the sun is shining. From where Maia is, the only thing that even hints it's morning is the watch on her wrist and the smells of some sort of breakfast coming from the mess hall. Wearing her fatigues cause she'd just gotten off duty, she's still armed. Walking through the line, she makes a few jokes, just generally having a good time. Once she has her selections on a tray, she heads out, looking for a table.

Agrippa is already seated off to the side of the mess hall, picking a somewhat isolated spot to enjoy the peace and quiet. He is in his duty uniform as usual, apparently wearing it even when he is off-duty as that also gives him the option to carry his sidearm with him. He had finished a early morning workout and then hit the head, now it's time to fuel the body with some food. He has a large glass of water along with a tray of the usual suspects, eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and a banana. No brownie.

A little on the weary side, Maia still wears her sunny disposition like an armor, grinning at a crack from a Marine about Miss May, used to it by now. Spotting Agrippa seated off to the side enjoying his peace and quiet, she walks over, standing beside the table. "Mind company?"

As the beautiful blonde Raptor pilot approaches, Agrippa is able to spot her easily and his inviting smile says it all in response to her question, "If it's you, I would definitely not mind, Maia." Most of the eggs are finished, one strip of bacon left and a couple of small sausage links remain as well. An empty glass sits besides the glass of water, looking like it contained the remains of finished orange juice.

Maia slips into the chair across from him, on her own tray is oatmeal with bits of fruit and nuts in it along with juice and water. Not her usual fare, but she's doing all sorts of new things lately. After sitting, she opens her utensil and dips the spoon/spork into the oatmeal. "How are you, Grippa?" Glancing up at him from her bowl of food before taking her first bite.

"Doing okay… still thinking over what's been happening and the decisions that our higher ups continue to make or enforce through their announcements. Worried I guess." Agrippa says in a low voice, so that it wouldn't travel past the table. Scooping up more eggs, he munches on them and swallows before continuing, "Sorry about yesterday, got caught in Alert Five and there was trouble with one of the Vipers out on patrol so I had to launch and cover for him. Not bad trouble, just a mechanical issue and he couldn't continue."

"Yeah, I made a few decisions about everything too. Had a talk with Petra yesterday. He's got a full plate, I'm not going to add to it more by countering what he's trying to do. He had a point though, there are humans down there siding with the Cylons, wouldn't hurt to have a few on our side would it?" Lifting a shoulder somewhat nonchalantly she takes another bite. At the mention of the day before Maia looks concerned briefly until he offers the reassurance. "Glad nothing bad went down. You don't have to apologize to me. Duty first, yeah?"

Agrippa doesn't seem to accept that reasoning, shaking his head, "Difference is there isn't some computer that can shoot information into me and turn on a hidden switch inside of me. Cylons are robots, programmed, who knows what kind of switches or failsafes they were coded with. They may not even know themselves until it's activated." Last piece of bacon is forked and eaten, savoring the taste even though it's shipfare. As for duty first, he can only nod his head in agreement though she can tell he would've rather have spent the time with her.

"We have to trust someone, may as well be our superiors. Otherwise we're nothing but chaos on this ship and without direction we'd all fail anyway, with everyone running around distrustful and half-cocked." Now Maia is just stirring around the oatmeal in the bowl looking suddenly tired. "I don't have any of he answers, Grippa. I wish I did. But if I have to choose sides, and it feels like I do, I'm going to choose the side of the Lieutenant Colonel. Who am I to question it?" When he nods about the duty first she smiles. Course she would have rather spent the time with him, but life happens. Duty happens.

Her decision and response has Agrippa nodding his head slightly, most likely more in understanding than agreement. "I guess we just have to hope and pray for the best." Letting the issue drop there, seeing her looking more wearing, "I know that out there, I will protect you, Maia." Picking up the glass of water, he takes a long drink from it before setting it down while his eyes remains on the blonde across from him, "You… wanna talk about yesterday?" Mainly about her wanting to talk about a certain issue when he was leaving her bunk in the morning. "We can wait till we finish breakfast."

His slight nod is registered for what it is. Indulging her. Lifting a shoulder she pushes her tray aside, leaning her forearms on the table. "And you think these Cylons are the only ones equipped with these switches that activate? What about these psychos that are completely human that one day freak the frak out and go postal an a theater filled with innocent humans? At least we know to watch the Cylons. Humans do it without any warning." Leaning back some, she laces her fingers together, still thinking about it. "Yesterday." Maia doesn't even pretend not to know what he is talking about. "Not really. Are you in a hurry to define it?"

"We have the crazies, you are right, but they are crazies because of their own frakked up minds. The Cylons… they're probably linked to some main hub and that is where they get their orders from, with the intention to wipe us all out." Agrippa says with a shake of his head, pushing his food around now, not exactly eating now. "And those crazies we have, they're generally just loners or something is wrong with them, not the people we fly with and trust our lives to." At least that is what he is assuming. As for the question about what they are, Alex's gaze focuses on Maia, his shoulders shrugging slightly, "Define it? I guess not… I just know that I enjoy spending time with you and with you officially unattached now, I'm not afraid of others knowing."

"They probably are linked to some main hub, maybe.. I doubt it now. It's not like they have been any threat that anyone knows about. If their agenda is to wipe us all out, they already know enough to have shared information and nothing we do now would change it." Maia realizes they are now on opposite sides of an issue, so she lays it to rest. "We both believe what we believe. You should talk with the Lieutenant Colonel." Ending it with that. As for the more personal issue, she studies him a moment, suddenly finding it hard to breathe. "So what are you wanting?"

Agrippa can only nod at the suggestion that Maia has laid out, to speak with the Lieutenant Colonel, "I might, he appears more calm and level headed about the issue compared to our CAG who just wants to hammer it down our throats, any questions would result in some form of punishment." He is more than willing to let the subject rest though as he can see that they indeed have opposite opinions on the rather touchy subject. As for the other touchy subject, the Viper jock goes back to eating, finishing up the small sausage links before washing it down with another large gulp of water. "It's too soon though, isn't it?" Even though the phrasing is an assumption, it is one that Agrippa is actually unsure of. "Though seeing Shake and Storm together like that… it was nice." He adds as a grin finally creeps into his features, one that was absent during that heavy conversation.

Coming along into the mess hall after having gotten word about the whereabouts about a certain blonde. In his hand is a music player. Wearing off duty clothing in the form of cargo pants and tank top. Though a white one with the print 'Watch the Gunshow' on the chest. Most likely a gift from someone to him as the fit is a bit tighter than his usual clothing, causing his body to be quite apparent through the clothing. Upon seeing Maia he is carrying his steps towards her. So Stone is soon enough reaching the two and raises a brow at the talk. "Hi there." Smiling kindly to both. "Kane. Thanks for letting me borrow this." He says with a gesture of the music player. Handing it over to her.

Maia nods to him when he mentions maybe talking with Petra, though as he goes on about the CAG, she lifts a shoulder, almost neutrally. No way was she into that argument. Reaching for her juice, she decides that would be a good enough distraction, something to do with her hands anyway. Lifting her eyes again, she forces herself to breathe. "What do you mean too soon? Too soon for… Oh." Shake and Storm had told each other they loved each other. That was the celebration, or part of it. As a contrast to his grin, hers is a furrowing of her brows and the look of being cornered. Stone's approach is probably even more welcome than he knows as she forces herself to breathe and relax. Eyes move over the shirt before she reaches for the music player. "Anytime, Stone. Glad you're out of Recovery. Dell is doing much better now I think since you've taken your workload back." Looking between them now, she asks, "You two know each other?"

Seeing the furrow of Maia's brows, Agrippa can't help but laugh in amusement, realizing that she made some sort of connection, "No, Centerfold, not…" However whatever else he was about to say is trailed off as another has stepped up to the table and is now talking to Maia. A gaze is leveled in Stone's direction though he takes the time to pick up the banana that is the last item on his tray. At her question, he shakes his head at her and begins to unpeel the banana.

"Thanks. It's good to be out." Stone offers to them both as he glances between them. "Ah, yes. I am sure that she has it much better for the time being." A chuckle soon to follow his words. As Agrippa opts to let Stone answer about their relation, he shrugs. "I think we've only seen one another in passing." Comes the reply before a hand is given to Agrippa. "Gunnery Sergeant Colt Stone. Platoon sergeant of the Dog Platoon." He offers his rank and position to the other man before looking over to both. Gaze jumping back and forth. "I should perhaps not intrude too much. Just wished for you to have that."

Whew.. Maia does indeed breathe easier when he quickly refutes her assumption. "Okay.. okay, good. Awesome." Perfect. Looking back up at Stone, she grins. "You hand looks pretty good. Are you released completely or on light duty?" When he makes the introductions himself to Agrippa, she doesn't interrupt then, leaving it for him to reply. "Actually, I think we were just finished eating." Slipping the music player into her pocket of her fatigues. "Hope my music selection was up to par."

"Ensign Alexander Agrippa, Lucky Strikes." Agrippa answers with his own introduction before nodding his head, "Nice to meet you, Sergeant." As for the intrusion, the Viper jock just shrugs his shoulders before looking back to Maia with a grin, seeing her worries clear up before he starts working on his banana. After chewing and swallowing his first bite, he offers a little bit of intel for the groundpounder, "Morning chow actually wasn't that bad."

"Light duty." Comes the answer with an accompanying sigh. "It's still quite stiff though." Moving his hand but with some restraints to it. Turning his gaze to the man and giving his hand a squeeze if he allows for the handshake before returning it to his side. "Pleasure, ensign. I take it that you know Nic then? Or Bats as you call him." Stone asks with a small easy smile. "I think most foods are quite good. It's better than nothing." Which he knows about well enough. As for them having finished food he nods. "Ah, I see. And yes, the music was quite welcome. Thank you, again."

Now that she has finished her food, Maia rises to get rid of the tray, looking between the two and offering a smile. Guess they still needed to talk sometime, she'd noticed Grippa stop whatever it was he was about to say. "I just got off duty, Grippa, so I thought I'd head to the Observation Deck or my bunk. Feel free to find me when you have a moment." Tilting her head to the side, she smirks. "I know Bats. Friend of yours? Oh.." she says about the music. "Anytime."

Agrippa shakes the hand with the one not holding the banana as he continues to gobble down the healthy fruit. Once that is finished off, he puts the banana peels onto his tray as well with a nod to Maia, "I will, I have a sim scheduled soon so I'm gonna head there. Will find you afterwards though." Then he also nods his head to Stone with his question about Bats, though he is rising to his feet to put away the waste and tray as well, "Well, I gotta head out. Take care, Sergeant." Then back to Maia, "See you in a little bit, Centerfold."

Stone nods, "He's my brother. Nicodemus Stone." He offers and smiles. Mostly looking out for his brother. Even if they are not close. It's still his only known family member, to be alive. Letting the two talk and just reading the mood. Though as they seem to be parting and heading different directions, he nods. "See you around." First to Agrippa before turning his head to Maia. "Same to you."

After dumping her tray, Maia walks back over and grins. "So Bats is your brother. Hm." Glancing back to his shirt, she can't resist. "Nice saying there." Course she knows it references those cannons of arms he has. "Yeah I'll see you around, Stone. It was great talking to you again."

Stone grins and flexes playfully. Which also lifts that shirt a bit to show a little of his lower abs as well as his arms. "Thanks. Got it from a friend." Starting to chuckle a bit. "Same. See you around, Kane." Not wanting to intrude on her.

Maia watches the play of the muscles, of course she does, she's not blind. His playfulness was fun to watch. "Uh huh, your friend? She has good taste." When he mentions the farewell again, she nods, "Sure thing Stone, I'm sure we will see each other around."

Stone chuckles in that position and the abs starting to play as a result. "She does. It was when we picked up new people and dropped of old ones. On Picon before I continued my work here on Orion." He explains and grins still. AS she is going to leave, he nods. "I am sure that we will. I will probably be around somewhere nearby if you need anything. Probably firing range or fitness center."

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