ALT #302: No Butts About It
No Butts About It
Summary: New arrivals to the Enlisted Marine Berthings find the regulars horsing around, including a mooning and practical jokes. Who said Marines and PJ's don't have a sense of humor?
Date: 04/11/2013 (OOC Date)
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Enlisted Marine Berthings, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
Housing for a whole company of Marines plus headquarters support staff requires more than one hundred bunks for the Marines' enlisted personnel. Divided into two primary bunkhouses, each one holds sixty bunks, one bunk stacked over another against the wall with a table between each row and a thin bulkhead between the sections. Rather than the blue curtains of the naval enlisted, each bunk has a dark green barrier with the crest of the CMC done in black. The lockers for the Marines are triple the size of the Navy's allowances, each locker holding a Marine's personal bodyarmor and several different sets of uniforms plus combat webbing and helmet. The space physically provided in the lockers might be larger, but the allowance for personal space is less, though the drawers beneath each bunk help alleviate the problem somewhat.
November 4th, 2005

The berthing for the Marines is in transit. Some of the men, and women, of Charlie Company are either coming back from their supper or heading to it. So it's a beehive of activity at the moment. And not one of those that is the structured chaos of deployment. No, this is the troops either strolling back or those rushing to go before the mess hall closes. There is one, though, that is calm, cool collected. Stretched out on his bunk, a book in his hand, Reed wets his fingers with this tongue before he turns the next page. That half smile of his resting comfortably on his face, seemingly totally oblivious to the rush about him.

Having just transferred in, Carmine makes his way into the barracks. Kitted in his dress uniform, Duffle bag over his shoulder the Staff Sergeant pauses amidst the chaos looking for an unclaimed bunk.

Lleufer arrives with Brina and their new MP K-9, Odysseus. The Sergeant of course is still perpetually off duty and making his own schedule, going where he likes, doing whatever it is he's doing to try and get back into shape to pass his tests and get cleared to resume his duties. He speaks low with the Lance Corporal who has the dog as they walk in, "All right. Do it again tomorrow, this time up on Deck 1, soon as you get off shift, O'Connell." The left side of Sergeant Ynyr's face is still slack, the bullet wound scar at the top right edge of his hairline vaguely less obvious with the passing of days in his recovery.

"Right, Sarge. Will hunt you down once I'm off and we can head over there." Brina slides in past those already present after giving Lleu's arm a quick squeeze and a smile, the dog taking up what extra there is of the floor space as he's guided towards her bunk. "How goes, guys?" Carmine's looked at and then given a wave, her expression vaguely puzzled. "New face. Who are you?"

Sitting on the edge of his bunk, Fischer is currently looking around at all the people present now, with a bit of a grimace. Pausing as his gaze falls on Carmine, studying the man a bit thoughtfully for the moment.

The normal flow of things is disturbed. Reed can feel it, he rolls his head and peering between the bunks, he is in the last row, all by his lonesome (if sharing a tight confined space like the berthing compartment can be called lonesome) and spots someone new. How does he know he's new? Why look at how he's dressed! Reed looks back to his book, then back to the torso of the FNG (that's all he can see from where he is), then back to the book. With a sigh he folds down the corner of the page he's on, closes the book, and swings his legs off his bunk. He hears Lleu enter, who can mistake that voice, but he is speaking so much better and yes, there is Brina and that dog thingy. Standing he begins to move towards the front of the berthing, "Hey Sargent Lleufer, Brina, and" he looks to the newcomer and spots the rockers "And Staff Sargent." He measures the last up and down before he smiles.

Looking at Brina with a slow smile, Carmine replies. "I would be Staff Sergeant Carmine Beckwith. Just transferred in. Leaving the question begging, Lance Corporal…who are you?" A nod is given to Reed as well as the man offers a greeting.

"Cor-poral Cas-sidy, good even-ing." Aye, Lleu is starting to speak better, more clearly. He's still being extra careful and a little slow not to maul his words. He stops over near his own bunk and eyes the fella wearing the greys, "Wel-come to the Or-ion, Staff Ser-geant. Where are you com-ing in from and why the greys?"

"Lance Corporal Brina O'Connell, Staf Sergeant. Nice to meet you." Brina cocks a glance towards the dog, a rather beautiful Shepherd of a brown-black coloration not untypical of its breed. "This is Odysseus. Sarge and I are making a Marine out of him." She smiles while getting the dog all comfy and at home by his crate, that being located near her bunk, and then she makes her way towards Fischer who gets poked. "Hey, Gloomy-Gus. What's up?" A look and a wink is given to Cassidy. "Hey. Man, you should've seen Odysseus go. He is going to be one hell of a scent tracker. Don't you think so, Sarge," the question at the end of that poised to Lleufer.

Fischer pauses for a few moments as he hears the introductions, looking a bit thoughtful. He doesn't move from his spot yet, just listening a bit absently for now. Remaining perched on his bunk, he blinks a bit as he's poked by Brina. "Nothing," comes his quiet reply, as he shakes his head a bit. "Which is good."

Reed still grins, of course he would speak to Brina, he did his first time in here too. "Which platoon you going in, Staff?" He asks, waiting to see if he's going into Dog before he points out the racks that are open. "Sounding really good, Sargent," he says to Lleu while he waits. "It won't be long before you are cleared and actually have to do Marine stuff again." Reed watches Brina take Ody to his place and then as she pokes Fischer who gets a wink. As Brina speaks of the dog, he gives it a glance "I am sure he will be, Brina. How could he not with you and the Sarge here," he glances to Lleu "doing the training?"

Looking towards Lleufer, Carmine nods. "Thanks Sergeant. Been on Picon. Just got restationed. Wearing my Greys because my boys back home decided that as a sendoff, they would Hem my fatigues into Capris, and my BDU's are currently laced with itching powder.

Looking back to Brina, He nods once more. "Good to know. Good luck with the hound. Used to have a Pitbull when I was younger." Attention going to Reed now as he drops his gear on a new bunk, he shrugs. "Not sure yet. Whichever one needs Heavy Weapons specialization."

Ynyr goes over to his locker and opens it up. Then stares a long moment longingly at not one, but two bottles of scotch he's got in there. One Caprican, and one Aerilon, neither one of which he's allowed to drink. Drag his gaze off of those and pull off one layer of his tanks to wad it up and stick it in front of the two bottles. He gets out his boot polishing kit and glances back to Reed, "I'm teach-ing her to train him." The locker gets closed and locked up, then Lleu goes to take a seat on his bunk to pull off his boots. What the Staff Sergeant says makes him laugh, "Hah! Must have hat-ed to ssee you go!" Well, Carm's not an MP if he's heavy weapons so Ynyr glances to Brina, "Not the best breed for track'n but he'll be use-fful for SAR any-way."

Brina looks at Fischer a moment and then leans in and whispers, something meant for him to hear and him alone. When she straightens she finds a place to sit, making herself comfortable. "I appreciate that, Cassidy. I hope I can make everyone proud." Despite the compliment given by the Corporal and Lleufer's constant encouragement Brie's still a bit worried that she won't do well in training the K-9 and will let everyone down as a result. It's a worry that trickles to the surface from time to time but she's always quick to quell it, like now. Grinning, she looks at the other two men, her lip trapped between her lower lip when Beckwith relates his plight, it not exactly funny. But it is. A nod is given to Lleu when he gives his POV on the dog and what role he believes Odysseus will fit best, but she doesn't dare speak as she might laugh.

"Dog," Reed says referencing the platoon and nods his head and laughs at the practical jokes played on the Staff. "Have to remember those. But yea, more than likely Dog Platoon. We got a kick as boss, Ensign Kostas. Hard ass in all the right ways. Treats her troops fairly but is not afraid to kick some butt if needed." Reed watches Lleu head to his bunk, spots the two bottles, thinks, says nothing though. As the Sarge speaks of training Brina he grins, his eyes cutting to her "Now that's hazard pay, Sarge, teaching the surfer girl." He is sure he is not with in striking range when he says it though. When he hears SAR "Oh, thought he was going to be a bomb dog, huh, be real useful in SAR, for sure." His attention turns back to the Staff "Came at a good time, We've been in Condition three for a break. Not sure how long we will be though," he shrugs his shoulders "But it will give you time to get to know folks with out getting tossed out in the frying pan right away." He does give Brina a wink when she thanks him "Wouldn't say it if it wasn't true, Bri."

"I was…?" Fischer begins as he hears Brina's whisper, before he shrugs a little. "Life happened." Looking between the others again now, he shrugs as he listens once more at the moment. Nodding a little as he looks over to the dog, studying it a bit thoughtfully now.

Boots now off, Lleu wads up his damp socks and throws one, then the other, at Brina! Pew! Pew! Incoming! "Fire in the hhole!" A little MP humor. "Yeah, she's hard to train but more push-upz and I think she'll get it." Ynyr gives her a wink and opens up his boot cleaning kit. "I'm over-due for a pro-mo-tion to Staff Ser-geant my-self so look'n for-ward to a few thingz." Out comes an oily cloth to start rubbing his boots clean. Lleufer adds, "Train him for ex-plos-ives sniff'n too, later. Not like we have en-ough dogz."

Nodding to Reed, Carmine Grins. "Sounds good. Frankly I'm just glad to be sleeping somewhere with climate Control. Spent a month sleeping in a culvert On Picon. Things went downhill from there.

Kalum arrives from the Enlisted Barracks.

"Yes," Brina grunts at Edward, "you were. You were not like… a broody grouchy ass a few weeks ago. But now you're back to being a grump." Anything else she might say gets forgotten as Lleufer makes with the 'fire in the hole' and she instinctively tenses up before trying to duck the socks, albeit to no avail. Ew! "Knock that the frak off or I'll fraking feed you to the new Staff Sergeant," she hisses while picking one sock up and then the other by the upper half, her nose wrinkling. "Frak… so gross! Sarge!" And they get thrown back at him. "I feel violated!"

Shaking his head a little bit as he hears Brina's words, Fischer shrugs a little bit, "I was… not grouchy? Must have been someone else." Pausing a bit as he hears Lleufer's words, and sees the socks. "That must be chemical warfare…" he mutters, shaking his head a little once more. Not smiling, though. Been ages since he's smiled in public, it seems.

Reed watches Brina and Lleu, shakes his head and leans in to the Staff "MPs, what can you say," He pretends that he says it softly, but not nearly softly so they can't hear him. "Oh, speaking of which, Staff," he clasps his hands behind his back "You'll have to get your medical records to Med. Give them to Captain Samtara Nadir. One word of advice, Staff," He looks the man in the eyes "She's a bit of, well, a hard ass. She don't like whiners and complainers, Staff. Best thing you can do is go right up to her and shake her hand when you give them to her. She will size you up, if you measure up she will take a personal interest in you if you get hurt. Awesome Doc she is, none better. But if you don' measure up, she will pass you off to one of the others."

Lleufer is such a bastard! He just laughs as Brina cusses and throws his dirty socks right back at him! "He'z not in my Chain of Com-mand. Nice try, be-cause you /are/, Lance Cor-poral." Ynyr waggles his right brow at her and can't waggle them both, "Should make you do push-ups for mouth'n back at me." But no, he's just horse'n around and doesn't mean it. Lleu goes back to cleaning his boots, rubbing each one down now with black shoe polish. The MP Sergeant glances back to Reed and half grins with the right side of his mouth, then nods, "He's right. If you look like you been sweat'n and work'n your ass off when you meet her, all the bet-ter."

The hatch to the Marine Berthings pops open with a dull metalic thump, and Petty Officer Kalum sticks his head in through door. "Evening Marines," the Pararescue Jumper says quietly, his pale blue eyes scanning the room. "I heard a Deck Hand telling me you guys have a dog now, and I said he was full of shit… There's no dogs on a Battlestar… That's just crazy talk." The Petty Officer's eyes stop on the dog. "Holy Hades… I owe that Deck Hand a whole pack of smokes now."

Brina eyes Lleufer. As casual as a setting this is, she's acting a lot more brashly than she normally would, lulled into such behavior because of the friendly air and good vibes. "Hey, kiss this, Sarge," she shouts out while leaping onto a chair. Her belt and pants get undone and then she yanks them down along with whatever is under them, the MP given a full moon salute by her. Of course this happens just as Kalum comes in but she doesn't notice at first. No, it isn't until she's bare assing it and flashing Lleufer, and the rest in the room, that she realizes they got company. "Yeah, we got a dog. W… oh, bet. Well, sorry you lost it." And no, she's not going out of her way to pull her pants up, yet.

A serious nod is given to the Staff as Lleu speaks up. "She says that some Marines are just to," Reed uses his fingers as quotation marks "Pretty." As a new face enters he gives a nod "And this hear is Petty Officer Kalum. When the shit has hit the fan and you are in need, this is the fella you want coming down. He's a full blown Parajumper." He grins at Kalum "But obviously lousy at betting." He's about to say more but then Brina drops her drawers and he turns, laughing, admiring but laughing all the same. He just shakes his head "Now would have been a great time for Jameson to come in."

Listening to Reed as Controlled Pandemonium goes on around him, Carmine Nods in thanks to Reed. "I'll keep that in mind, thanks." setting his bag on his newly claimed bunk, The FNG Staff sergeant goes about unpacking. Basic kit for the most part aside from what appears to be a home made knife. The blade being rough;y 8 inches long the handle is made of wood and wrapped in parachute chord Seeming lost in thought for a moment, he looks between Lleu and Reed. "Sweating is good too. speaking of. where is the Gym?" Fishing out a pack of his own smokes, he's halfway into the priocess of lighting it when Brina decides to bare all for the room, Lighter lit, but not touchuing the cigarette, he just blinks, an eyebrow raising.

Lleufer looks up from the boots he was blacking and starts to scowl with the good size of his face that still works, yes a SCOWL FOR YOU LANCE until Brina drops her pants. The look is wiped off his face, the right to go surprised and his mouth is left open that was about to start chewing her out even as he started to stand. Nope. Sit right back down and stare at her, then grins. He glances to Reed, "Indeed, where's a cam-era?" Ynyr gives Kalum a nod, "Good tim-ing. Free show. Dog'z name is Odys-seus. New-est Marine MP in train-ing 'n fu-ture SAR 'n ex-plo-sivez snif-fer." Sometimes still hard to make out what Lleufer's saying but his speech is getting slowly clearer.

Fischer shakes his head a little bit as he sees what Brina does. "Show off…" he mutters, at least sounding a little amused. Looking to Kalum as he enters, he shrugs, "Looks like you dropped by right on time," he offers, looking between the others again for a few moments. "And haven't you heard, betting's not a healthy habit…"

Kalum watches as Brina leaps up onto the chare, and offers everyone the full moon. His lips purse together thoughtfully, and his cants to the side. "That doesn't look right…" He says darkly, stepping forward now. "Would you mind stepping down off of the chair, Lance Corporal?" The Pararescue Jumper asks, reaching into his BDU's, and pulling out a pair of rubber gloves — which he snaps on.

Okay. A joke is a joke and hey, everyone took Brina's cheeky (figuratively AND literal) display in stride but then there comes a familiar sound, that being the snap of latex gloves. Wheeling around quickly, Brina tries to rush and pull up her pants but how fast she turns and the hurry she moves in to get her clothing situated properly causes the chair to fly out from under her and she lands right on her bare ass. Oh ow. At least Odysseus is behaving while the chaos is happening, the dog just laying by his crate, head angling to one side and then the other.

Reed can't help but roar with laughter at Brina. Even as he asks "Are you all right, Brina?" Then he continues laughing. He, between laughing, looks to Carmine "Staff, uh, gonna burn something there." As he points to the lit lighter. Then he grins "Welcome to Dog, Staff." Which only causes him to laugh even harder.

Lleufer should go /help/ Brina up but hot damn, between the PJ's glove snapping and her falling out of the chair, he's laughing so hard he might piss himself! Ynyr lays back on his bunk and holds his gut for a few seconds, trying to get air! Oh Lords of Kobol, he's not laughed this hard in for-ever! The MP Sergeant manages to sit up and slap his bunk, gasping out, "Help her up, Kalum!" Get those gloves right in there!

Kalum holds out a hand towards the dog as he approaches, worried it might be upset after Brina took a dump. The Petty Officer kneels down across from the MP, his gaze wandering up from her moon to the flowery nebula, and his brow remains furrowed. "Take it easy Lance Corporal. First… Did you just break your tail bone?" There is real concern here in his voice. "Second, how long has the redness and discoloration been going on?"

Blinking as his the metal top on his lighter gets to skin blistering temperatures, Carmine frowns, lights his cigarette and drops the lighter on his bag. Going back to unpacking, he sets a brown envelope aside, possibly his transfer orders or medical records. Shaking his quietly, he chuckles softly under his breath Taking a drag of the cigarette, he settles on the edge of his bunk, and taking a cue from Lleu begins to clean his combats. "So Dog is basically peopled with the insane reprobates then? I like it already."

Neko arrives from the Enlisted Barracks.

Fischer just shakes his head as he watches the happenings, turning away for a few moments, possibly to hide the hint of a smile coming to his face now. After having managed to get the twitch of his face under control, he turns back. "Welcome to the Madhouse," he remarks to Carmine, before he adds, "And not only Dog. The worst are the MPs." Spoken a bit lightly.

Kalum's fine, honest. The dog's just laying there although he is wagging, most likely wondering if it's playtime. Playtime is good. Unfortunately for Brina, no it is not playtime, godsdammit. Heaving a sigh, Brina sits up, glaring at Kalum for a second. "My tailbone is fine. As for the rash, if I got one it's because I had to piss in the fraking woods while we were camping. Probably rubbed against something." The others are glared at now as well, the narrowing of eyes leveled on everyone, starting with the obviously laughing Lleufer and ending with the FNG. "You all can kiss my tan-line free ass."

"Oh, that is one nasty rash there Doc. I think it needs treating," Reed chokes out between laughing so hard he is gasping for breath. He looks to Carmine and shakes his head "Yea, pretty much, Staff. Well except me. I'm the only sane one there is." He moves to the few chairs that are set by the small table, "I have to sit down," he says to no one in particular. Then he laughs harder as Bri tells them what they all can do.

"Yeah, yeah … we have more fun." Lleufer drags himself to sitting back upright on his bunk, getting his air back from laughing his lungs out. Oh boy. He'd dropped his boots on the floor and bends over to pick them up now. Blacked, they are ready to be buffed and polished up to a nice shine. With blacked rag in hand, the MP Sergeant points a finger at Brina, "You behave yourself. No tempting me." The rag is folded to a less black spot and the worst of the excess black is getting rubbed back off his boots.

Grinning at Brina now, Carmine calls out. "But I've just met you. I would expect you to at least buy me a beer before asking me to consider doing such things. I will say this though…Bravo. Pilates?"

Kalum glances over towards Carmine. "Don't include me in this mess. I'm from Medical." The SpecOps Rescue Jumper says slyly. His attention returns back to Brina, and the the Petty Officer takes a half step forward — squinting now. "I don't know, I don't this looks like poison ivy." He glances back to Lleufer, and motions him in. "These black spots here aren't poison ivy. That would just itch and you'd wet your underwear through every five minutes once the sores began to weap." Kalum sits back on his haunches. "These black spots and the rash can really only mean one thing in my experience."

Neko saunters into the berths from some kind of duty or another. She's still in fatigues rather than off-duty gear, at least. She proceeds to her very-recently-acquired bunk. Though she's just in time to hear talk of rashes, which makes her pause. And gawk around, for whoever has one. "Is somebody oozing on something in here? Because that is not what I signed up for. I had it on good authority conditions were better in battlestar-land."

Lleufer's not getting up to come over and have a look. He laughs at Kalum not letting it go, "Sshe doesn't have the pla-gue." Once he has the worst of the black removed, Ynyr switches to a buffing brush and really starts to lay into his boots to shine them up. They aren't his best pair of boots but he takes good care of all of his gear. The new arrival gains his attention, "Hey, who're you and where you sship in from?" Yeah, it's that guy with the bullet hole in his head and half a slack face Neko saw at their meeting yesterday.

Reed has stopped laughing long enough to hear what Kalum is saying, still with that shit-eating-grin he listens, waiting for what is surely to cause him to laugh even more. He does glance to Carmine "Yea, he's the one that pulls out our asses when needed." He grins to Brina "Like possibly saving a very cute one about now." Which causes him to laugh again. He is laughing so hard he can only manage to give Neko a wave.

Brina shakes her head and sighs again. "What does it mean," she whimpers, now believing everything the medic says. Neko is glanced at and she manages a weak smile before rolling onto her stomach to hide her face in the crook of her arms. Reed's compliment and Lleufer's and Carmine's banter and Fischer's own reaction just falling on death ears. Gods, please end her life now so she won't have to suffer this embarrassment any longer.

Fischer shakes his head a little as he looks between the others otherwise keeping quiet for now. Looking between the others at the moment.

"You can pull your pants up Lance Corporal," the Petty Officer says in a professional voice, slowly standing up now. He pulls his gloves off, crumbles them up, and tosses them over to Reed. "Ten shots there, Corporal." His pale blue eyes then turn back to Brina, and he runs his hand through his red hair. "Well, I think you've got an infestation of Pthirus pubis, also known as Canceron Crabs… They thrive in warm moist areas, eating dead skin, and breed rapidly. The black dots are egg sacks. We'll need you to go see Doctor Nadir immediately." Serious faced PJ is serious.

"Picon, babies. Represent," Neko replies lazily about where she appeared from, returning the wave from Reed as she heads over to flop into her bunk. "Well, not anymore. Obviously. Some shuffled here after the whole retaking-the-planet thing started to make some progress. Nekora Soun. Call me Neko. People do. Private, first class. Yo. Good to be here. Nice digs." She gives her introduction semi-dramatically, like the name should mean something. Which it might, if you're the sort who followed Pyramid before the worlds exploded. But it also might not. A narrow look at Brina, then back at Kalum. "So what's wrong with her? Is it catching? Because I just got cleared by Medical, and I am not about logging anymore time there…" As Kalum explains. "Oh. Eww!"

Lleufer finishes with his boots. See mom? Shiny. They are set neatly down by his bunk and he starts cleaning up, putting things away into his boot kit. The MP Sergeant pauses to lift his right brow at Kalum, "Are you sseri-ous?" Because yeah, eww. "Mar-inez don't get that sshit, fly-boys do." Right? Viper jocks are filthy, everyone knows that. Ynyr gets up to take his kit and put it into his locker. Don't look at the bottles in there, no… close it right back up and lock it. Then he's going over where the coffee carafe is and the water tap so he can wash his hands without having to go all the way to the head. "They got cream for that?"

"… shit." Sigh again. Brina pulls her pants up after getting onto her feet, Neko's reaction getting her to cast an embarrassed look her way from over her shoulder, her face bright red. "I do not have crabs," she grumbles but she's lacking conviction. Maybe Kalum really has pulled the wool over her eyes. "Hey, PJ. I haven't done the deed in awhile," she points out quickly before hooking a finger under her chin as she thinks. "But like I said, I did have to pee in the woods…" Gods! It just dawns on her. Kalum's saying she has an STD in front of all the Marines!

Reed expertly dodges the tossed gloves with a lean to the right. He's not touching those. No telling where they have been. He has turned to watching Lleu polish his boots, his own are black, but not shinny. That can draw attention at the wrong time. The difference between a grunt and an MP, obviously. He tries hard to keep a straight face, listing to Kalum talk to Brina. Really tries.

Kalum glances over to Lleufer, and shakes his head. "Marines are the worst, Sergeant. They all want to be tough guys. So, they don't get that pain in their dick checked out. Next thing you know we got to use the rubber mallet to get all the crud out of their urethra." The PJ says smoothly, and looks back to Brina. "You haven't done the deed in a while? It's possible someone could have been fraking on your bed, and they crawled up there later…" The Pararescue Jumper trails off here, and his seriously pursed lips quiver. Then he loses it. He just starts laughing and laughing and laughing. "Frak, Lance Corporal… I'm sorry… I'm just pulling your leg. Your vagina looks fine and normal.. So, don't worry…"

Lleufer gives a laugh at what Kalum says, "I think my pis-tol shoots just fine. I know who'll clean it for me when it needs atten-tion, thanks." Nope, not look'n at anybody when he says that, wiping his hands dry. See? Good hygene. Ynyr turns to look to Neko, "Wel-come, Pri-vate First Class. Dog pla-toon or do we get luck-y with an MP trans-fer?" Yeah, probably not. What Kalum reveals last makes Ynyr laugh all over again!

Wait, something, he turns to Neko "Did you say Nekora Soun? The Unitied Nekora Soun?" Read asks, as he sits up now "I know you," is all he says.

Rolling his eyes, Carmine stifles another chuckle. Setting newly blacked boots on the flor, he pulls his Fatigue pants out of his bag and begins pulling stitches out of the hems lengthening them legs back to their proper size.

"Don't get all shy about it, honey," Neko says to Brina, suddenly regretful of her 'Eww'ing. She clearly meant it, but it wasn't terribly nice. "Just get some pills from medical and it'll clear up in like a week. Crabs isn't one of the ones that'll stick with you forever…" The more you know. She blinks at Kalum when he seems to admit he was joking. And quickly adds, "I mean, so I've heard." Then Reed seems to say the magic words, and she turns to flash a broad smile at him. "Oh, yeah. That. Yeah. I played a few years in the league. With the Panthers most recent, but I did a stint with the United before that. Of course, it wasn't quite like my time with the Vice when I was leading the Delta Conference in scoring, but I like to think I made my mark on Virgon." She could go on about herself. And looks like she just might, unless stopped. Though she remembers to add, with false modesty, "But now, I'm here to serve. Just like all of you." Oh, Lleufer asked her about her actual job. "Oh. Dog. I got slotted handling heavy weapons on Picon, mostly. The bigger the better, is what I say."

Good thing Brina can handle being the butt of a joke otherwise poor Kalum just might have wound up swung at for all this. But even though he won't have to dodge flying fists he will have to dodge eye daggers as she sends an abundance of them his way. Glare-fu! "Glad my lady bits pass muster," she grumbles before getting up on her feet. "And just so you all know, you suck. And hi." A hand's offered to Neko. "O'Connell. Nice to meet you." And don't worry, Neko. There's nothing contagious going on here.

Fischer just shakes his head now, unable to hold back a bit of a chuckle, although his expression doesn't change. "Nicely done," he offers to Kalum, before he shakes his head a little bit again now.

Lleufer has turned from the sink and carafe and says low to Kalum, "Man, I owe you a drink for that." He grins like a bastard, or half grins like one anyway, hands hooked loosely by the thumbs in his fatigue pants. "Here I thought I was going to have to give her inspection." Tsk, tsk. The Sergeant's attention goes to the talking of Pyramid teams and the like but the Aerilon never was much a follower. Lleu walks over to say something low to Brina.

Reed just smiles at Neko, nodding "Yea, we were almost teammates," he says before turning to Brina and Kalum, chuckling again. "To easy Doc," he says to Kalum and pointing to Brina "Way to easy." He falls silent, seemingly to think, the past. A shake of his head and he stands, heading to his rack and his book.

The Pararescue Jumper just chuckles at Brina's grumblings, expecting to be paid back by her later, or make it up to her out in the field at some point when it really counts. Kalum glances up to Fischer here, and nods his head with a smile. His attention turns back to why he originally came in here. The big fluffy puppy with bad teeth. He kneels down next to the dog, and reaches out to scratch its ears and rub its head. "Thanks Sergeant, I'll take the drink, but really its all in a days work." He looks over to Reed next. "Just trying to keep the mood light. Really, you can use those gloves. Ten shots right there." Kalum winks.

"Hi-hi!" Neko calls back to Brina with a broad smile. She raises up a hand to clasp Brina's. Her handshake is kind of overly pumpy, but she doesn't grip too hard. A look sideways at Reed. All curious now. "Seriously? You play college ball? Point? You look like a Point guy. I was all about the Point. What's wrong with dog? Does it have crabs?" That last question probably wasn't aimed at Reed. Probably. Then directly to Kalum, like she's really curious now that it's occurred to her, "Can dogs even get S-T-Ds?"

Reed eyes Kalum and gives him a friendly no thanks look. "Oh, hey Doc. So what's the word? I hear tell about some mission to Picon tomorrow. YOu know anything about it? What's it about? Some kind of Med thing?" He's not saying he has already gotten back channel news about it and that his name might be on the list. Just waiting to see what the Doc knows about it, fishing. As he passes Neko he takes the offered hand "Yea, Virgon. United kept sending me stuff," is all he says on that part "Started Point, graduated to swings though," he says with a wink.

Finishing his reverse alterations of his gear, carmine stands and without ceremony, begins to strip out of his dress uniform. removing his jacket and carefuly placing it on a hangar, he lays it on his bunk, careful not to crease it before unbuttoning his shirt. His Off duty clothes laid neatly on the bed already.

Lleufer gets her to blink once and then grin, what blush had faded returning. "Thanks," she murmurs under her breath. She whispers something back to him before sitting, this time on her bed. Kalum's allowed to pet the dog for a few more seconds before she addresses him. "Please don't pet the pup too much. A spoiled dog makes for a lousy MP, after all." She shakes her head and lays back, her eyes closing slightly. Reed's question is caught and she listens for the answer.

Kalum glances back over to Reed here, but continues to pet the dogs ears. "Word is we were requested to drop some medical supplies at the town of Reeding, up in the Blue Mountains on Picon. Some sort of old mining town I guess. Air-Wing is giving a bunch of medical folks a lift in with the supplies, and a few marines are going to be providing overwatch. No cylons have been seen in the area in at least a week. Should be an easy run." The Petty Officer states quietly. He then looks back to Neko, and shakes his head. "Dogs alright. I just wanted to pet it. Yes… Dogs can get STDs as well. If it lives… It can catch an STD."

Lleufer got a low reply from Brina that made him grin a little. Then the Sergeant goes on back to his own bunk and tosses himself down into it to lay on his back. He listens to the others and chimes in, "Yeah, he's not a pet, Ka-lum. He's a Marine work'n dog in train-ing. We need a vest for him ssays 'no petting', 'no feeding', MP K-9." Lleu laces his fingers behind his head. Sort out what else he needs to do this evening before sack'n the rack.

Neko eyes Reed. "Swings, huh?" Intrigued. She wants to ask more about this. And, possibly, use it as an excuse to talk about herself more. But she still has settling in to do, so she seems to mentally table that for later. She listens to the talk of upcoming mission-y things. And Kalum's reply about doggie sexually transmitted diseases. She wrinkles her nose, and nods. "Guess it's ruff all over." See what she did there?

Fischer has stayed quiet for now, still watching the others a bit thoughtfully. Expression a bit distant as he does now, shrugging a little to himself.

Reed eyes Kalum "No Cylons and an easy run are danger flags, Doc. You know that." He thinks a bit, shaking his head as he does "There isn't a lot of easy days on Pion," at least none he has seen. Not lately. No matter what the intel says of them being pushed back. As Neko asks "Yep, swings. Like directing more than being the glory hound, I guess," he says with a shrug. It's just then that a Navy Yeoman sticks his head in the hatch, no he's not coming in any further. "Corporal Cassidy," he calls out then locks on said Corporal "You are wanted up in Operations," then leaves before Reed can even get a question out. He sighs as he lays the book back down, the one he just picked up to read again. A shrug "Ok, if Brina drops her drawers again, I want pictures." He makes his way out of the berthing compartment.

Brina smiles at Lleuer before returning to her own bunk to get out of her fatigues and into something more comfortable to lounge in. No, she will nopt be joining in the conversation about canines and sexually transmitted diseases. What she does do is watch the Staff Sergeant as he goes about his business, content to let the voices flow about her.

While the others continue talking, Sergeant Ynyr finds his eyeslids to be heavy. It's time for eyelid inspection, ho! Lleu's mighty comfortable and now all is quieting down, he's dozing off on his bunk. After all the shit they been through on Picon, he can sleep through almost anything if he puts his mind to it, or sleep as light as a feather and wake at anything. Tonight, he's zonk'n. Damn, nice to be back in his own bunk.

The Petty Officer slowly stands back up, and dusts his hands off — leaving the dog soldier alone. "Just remember. Flies spread disease. So keep yours zipped up." The Pararescue Jumper says quietly to Neko, smiling briefly, but then looking back to Reed to see if he has any more questions. "Yeah, I expect an artillery bombardment about five minute after getting there." With that Kalum starts towards the hatch, looking back towards Brina and Lluefer. "Well, I think I've caused enough trouble in here for one night. Have a good night Marines. Thanks for letting me play with the dog." The Petty Officer pauses at the hatch, and looks back towards Brina. "Now, Lance Corporal… In all seriousness… If you do have poison ivy? Stop by medical. We've got steroids and cream we can help you to stop the itching and kill the rash in a couple of days." With that said, he steps on out.

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