Lieutenant Colonel Niko "Scythe" Janik
niko001.jpg Janik, Niko Arenaza
LTC Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position CAG
Age Sex
41 M
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown


It was a common enough story during the Second Cylon War — a young Picon civilian serving in the ranks. Not as common as a dead Picon civilian, but still nothing unusual. Only this one somehow ended up in the cockpit of a Viper and transferred to the Orion, no less.

Ensign Janik was transferred to the Orion from Picon Command as a replacement pilot. At the time his main claim to fame as a Viper jock was not dying in a crash — something all too common in the rushed and ad-hoc training done at Crandall in those dark days. Was Picon trying to fill out the ordered quota while hanging on to their most experienced pilots for themselves? Who can say.

Niko spent weeks in the Orion's Sim and flying training flights, as well as officer training with Ensign Wescott. As of 08 JAN 2006 he was cleared to fly combat missions, even if only as wingman to a more senior pilot.

After number of missions and a kill over Caprica he was given the call sign "Pony." He later survived the assault on Twin Rocks and the subsequent Battle of the Nebula, after which Niko was rechristened with the new call sign "Scythe." He flew off the Orion during the second Cylon invasion, fighting brief engagements over Picon and then Aerilon. Scythe finished the war with eight confirmed kills.

Recent Events

Since the end of the Second Cylon War, Niko Janik has made a career flying Vipers and serving aboard the Orion. During the initial rebuilding years he earned gradual promotions and became a flight leader. Some ten years after the war he attended the naval war college, received a promotion to Captain, and returned to the Orion in command of a newly raised Viper squadron. Since then he has been promoted twice more, acting as DCAG and about a year ago, CAG. He may not be the most eloquent leader, but he has proven a good coach who knows how to build an effective team.

Service Record & Medals

Date Rank Station Assignment
JAN 2005 None Dara, Picon Resistance Fighter
MAR 2005 None Dara, Picon Landing Ops
OCT 2005 ENS CFAB Crandall Trainee Pilot
DEC 2005 ENS BS-114 Orion Viper Pilot
OCT 2006 LTJG BS-114 Orion Viper Pilot
JUN 2010 LT BS-114 Orion Viper Pilot
FEB 2015 LT Naval War College Student
SEP 2016 CPT BS-114 Orion Squadron Commander
MAY 2023 MAJ BS-114 Orion DCAG
FEB 2027 LTC BS-114 Orion CAG
Date Award Reason
AUG 2006 Blue Axe Combat Action Badge Space combat at Twin Rocks.

Recent Logs

Gallery & Soundtrack

[The Ballad of Serenity - Sonny Rhodes]
[The Minstrel Boy - Brian Williams]
[Ashokan Farewell - Jay Ungar]
[Like a Rock - Bob Seger]
[Go Big Or Go Extinct - Pacific Rim OST]

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