AWD #010: Night on the Range
Night on the Range
Summary: Several of Orion's personnel converge on the firing range for some late night target practice.
Date: 15/01/2013
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Firing Range
With ten different bays, the firing range can accommodate quite a few shooters with about two dozen spectators or trainees behind them. At 25 yards, the targets can be brought forward or pushed back up to the stops before the inclined plating designed to deflect rounds up. The lighting can be dimmed down to nothing for use with night vision or flashlights, also. A large sign overhead denotes the requirement of both eye and ear protection, as well as the prohibition of all ammunition except rubber or frangible. However, there are no firearms stored here. All firearms and ammunition must be checked out from the Marine Armory in the Security Hub.
January 15, 2005

Holtz enters to find the firing range empty, with the exception of the Marine sergeant on duty. He wears his usual off duty uniform, with the addition of a web belt holding a pistol and ammunition obtained from the Marine armory at the Security Hub. It's a Dragon Mark-XIX, not one of the newer Picon Five-seveNs; understandable given it's likely the weapon he originally trained on during his first stint in the Fleet before the newer weapon became widespread issue. "Could I have half lighting, too?" Holtz asks the marine sergeant as he signs in.

"Sure, LT. Lane 5," comes the man's reply. Holtz nods and goes to the indicated lane as the room lights dim slowly; he loads and primes his sidearm with hands clad in black gloves that don't look like part of the standard uniform.

This hour is part of Phin's off-duty time, but he's killing it on the firing range anyway. He's in green fatigues, and has the standard Picon Five-seveN duty pistol. "Could I get some ammo?" he asks the duty sergeant politely. "Dummy rounds are fine." He's just behind Holtz and notices the lieutenant going in, though he doesn't have much time to say hello before he gets his gun and ammunition. Along with eye and ear protection. He puts it all into place and heads into the range proper. He's got the lane next to Holtz, conveniently enough.

The range is not, however, empty when Bennett steps through the hatch. A fact which seems to surprise her, given the slight arch of her brows as she signs off on a weapon and a clip of ammo. Not just one pilot, but two, have preceded her here tonight. "Lane seven," the sergeant tells her, passing her the requisite equipment once she's scrawled her name down.

<FS3> Holtz rolls Firearms-1: Good Success.

BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Despite the lowered lighting, Holtz's first salvo is on target, clustered in a tight grouping at the neck area. He pauses as he notices movement out of the corner of his eye; he turns to see Phin in the lane next to him. "Hey, Dolls," he says, sounding a bit surprised. "Didn't think anyone else would be down here at this hour. How're ya doin'?"

<FS3> Phin rolls Firearms-1: Good Success.

"Couldn't sleep. And we're supposed to be practicing, so…" Phin shrugs. And so here he is. "Hey, Storm. Nice." A nod toward the neck shot. He raises his own weapon, adjusts his posture, rather like he's trying to copy the older officer. BLAM! It actually works pretty well. He lowers his gun, carefully, as he spots something coming into the lane on his periphery. Hey, it's Bennett. "Hey, Butch."

"Popular place, tonight," Bennett murmurs over her shoulder to Phin, who happens to be in the lane next to her. She's a little late to the party, so doesn't arrive in time to catch who's hit what. Her goggles and earmuffs are pulled on while she observes, though.

Three more squeezes of the trigger, three more loud bangs, and another cluster of three small round holes appear in Holtz's target, this one on the 'chest' near where the heart would be. He pauses for a moment, adjusting one of his gloves. "Yeah, I hear that," he murmurs in the younger pilot's direction, his eyes still focused downrange. He doesn't seem to have heard Bennett's entrance or her soft murmur to Phin; stealthy major is stealthy. Or, it could just be the giant earmuffs he's wearing. "Not bad yerself," he replies, jerking his chin at Phin's target.

<FS3> Phin rolls Firearms-1: Success.

"Was either this or trying to read Dark Day again, sir," Phin says to Bennett. "Just kept staring at the opening paragraph for like twenty minutes before I figured out that wasn't helping. Besides, D-CAG seems to want us doing this. Might as well get started." He watches Holtz again, doing more copying. BAM! It doesn't hit the chest squarely, but it's a painful shoulder shot. Or would be, if the paper target could feel pain. "I didn't do bad on the range back on Picon. I don't know how much this applies to…whatever, though."

Bennett loads her magazine with rubber rounds and snaps it into place with what looks like a fairly well-practiced hand. Peripherally aware of the two viper jocks comparing notes, or wangs, or whatever it is vipers do, she smiles absently and lines up her shot. "Dark Day. Who's that by?" Her thumb flicks off the safety, and she fires a triple burst.
<OOC> Holtz says, "If I roll a great success, I'm totally going to have Holtz draw a bullet hole smiley face."

<FS3> Holtz rolls Firearms-1: Good Success.

<FS3> Bennett rolls Firearms-1: Success.

Holtz finally notices Phin is talking to someone else; he cranes his neck and catches sight of Bennett, two lanes down. He raises his hand in a wave. "Hey there, Major, how's tricks?" he asks her before squeezing off another burst of his own. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! The older Dragon pistol booms three more times, the shots catching the target in the 'chin', once again in a fairly tight cluster. "Dark Day, Dolls? I'd say not to waste your time on that overwrought pap, but then I'm the guy who read Gun on Ice Planet Zero so many times the frakkin' cover fell off." He utters a throaty chuckle as he aims down the sights once more.

<FS3> Phin rolls Firearms-1: Good Success.

"It's one of Edward Prima's," Phin replies to Bennett, yammering about classical Colonial literature as he aims. He keeps doing this rather than firing off another round. "I've never gotten through it, even though it's supposed to be his best. I keep starting it and then stopping and not picking it up again. I thought it'd help put me to sleep." No such luck, clearly. BANG! This he's focused on, at least. His target takes one in the face.

Ygraine enters the firing range, heading first for the desk to sign, get her ear shields and a piece, and then peers down the line to see who's present. Her expression brightens - several of her favorite people.

Bennett's shots are a little wide of the bullseye, but at least they're all on target. Roughly. The pilot lowers her Five-seveN and rolls her shoulders out in a series of loose shrugs. "Edward Prima wrote Night in Teva, didn't he?" Some old tome about a dystopian future on Sagittaron. "Maybe you should try something lighter, doll." His callsign, as usual, is spoken with the slight twang of her backwoods dialect, and a smile that's half distracted as she lines up her next shot. "Good evening, Storm." Then the sharp report of her pistol being discharged.

<FS3> Bennett rolls Firearms-1: Failure.

<FS3> Holtz rolls Firearms-1: Good Success.

<FS3> Ygraine rolls Firearms-1: Good Success.

Ygraine settles into one of the lanes, calling out, "Hey Phinny, Holtzy, Boss." She pops her ear covers up, settles into a side stance with a cup and saucer grip, and takes aim for a moment before firing her gun.

Holtz tries firing another three-round salvo, but his magazine has run dry; a black-gloved hand slaps a new magazine home. "Not much into Prima, myself. But then fancy lit-ra-chur was never really my thing," he remarks dryly, with a particularly theatrical mangling of the word 'literature'. "Got more of a soft spot for trashy pulp novels," he admits, before looking over at Ygraine with a wide smile. "Hey there, Shakes. What, couldn't sleep either?" The Dragon comes back up, and another three shots are fired in rapid succession. The grouping isn't quite as tight as his earlier salvos, but one of the bullets does manage to catch the target in the bullseye.

"Yeah, Teva. The grim dark Caprica deal. Same guy. I liked that one," Phin replies to Bennett. "But…yeah. Maybe lighter would be better just now." He rolls his shoulders some and adjusts his aim, offering a "Hey, Yggs" to Ygraine as she lanes up. "You might be disappointed. No live animals here." Rather than firing again directly, he watches Holtz reload and fire. Nodding a little to himself. "You ever used one of those in combat, sir? Either of you." Question also to Bennett, presumably. He very clearly hasn't.

This really isn't a good night for the major. She does look a little preoccupied with something, but that's been the case pretty much since the promotion party on Piraeus. "You would have loo-oved to get your hands on my collection from the Examplia then," she tells Holtz, ejecting her magazine after thumbing the safety on, and loading in another. Cool, calm and collected. This is stress relief tonight, nothing more. "Milkshake," she greets the blonde ECO with a smile. Then to Phin, "Unfortunately. Yes." He may have heard it rumoured that she ran CSAR before this gig. Or he may not.

Ygraine lets out a little laugh. "Oh, I think I'll manage. I had this idea, though, about the DCAG wanting to bump up our survival skills?" She looks over. "He'd sign off on a couple of outings on Piraeus. Small groups, out camping now that the weather is getting better?"

<FS3> Holtz rolls Firearms-1: Great Success.

"Yeah? Don't happen to still have any of it, do ya?" Holtz asks Bennett, with an expression of interest. "Startin' to run out of things I haven't already read a million frakkin' times." He starts to aim down at the target again, but then his hands sink slightly at Phin's question, and he turns to look soberly at the younger man. "Just once, years ago," is all he says in regards to that. The gun is leveled once more, and there's a long pause as he aims… before suddenly squeezing off a series of shots, draining his magazine dry with one BLAM after another.

When the weapon finally makes an empty clicking sound to indicate a dry magazine, he presses the button to bring his target forward — and damned if he didn't etch a smiley face of bullet holes into his target. He looks down the line at the others with a waggle of the brow and a sly smile. "Would you look at that shit."

<FS3> Phin rolls Firearms-1: Failure.

Phin nods to Bennett, and Holtz. Whatever he's heard, or might be curious to know, he doesn't press for details just now. "Gotcha, sirs." Back to the range. Deep breath. Like he's trying to get an image of something other than a target in his brain. BANG! And…miss. Well, that didn't help.

Safety off, Bennett squares off her stance and adjusts her sight again. Breathe in, breathe out. "You know, I'll check my storage locker. I don't honestly remember whether I brought any of it with me on this cruise." She fires another triple burst, her body absorbing most, though not all of the Five-seveN's recoil. Only once she's safetied her gun again, and has the barrel pointing at the floor, does she look across to Holtz's lane. And shakes her head, smiling in obvious amusement. "Are all viper jocks such hams?" she teases gently.

<FS3> Bennett rolls Firearms-1: Good Success.

Ygraine's suggestion is commented on next, while Bennett studies her target and the pattern of marks she's made surrounding the bullseye at the centre of its 'chest'. "You know, Yggy, that's a brilliant idea."

Ygraine's brows go up. "That was pretty sexy." she says, giving Holtz the thumbs up. At Bennett's compliment, she beams, noting, "You should come down with me, Phinny. Maybe we can take one or two more for a first trip."

<FS3> Ygraine rolls Firearms-1: Good Success.

<FS3> Holtz rolls Firearms-1: Good Success.

"You call it hammin', I call it testin' myself," Holtz replies airily, smirking in response to Bennett's teasing. "Pie said to practice. Didn't say we couldn't have fun with it." After the events of the last few days, it's probably a good sign that Holtz is amusing himself. "Spending a night or two under the stars on solid ground instead of in a rack?" A nod. "I've heard ideas I've liked a hell of a lot less." He reloads his pistol and goes back to his three round bursts, sending another salvo into one of the middle rings on the target's outlined 'face'.

Phin half-smiles at Bennett at the comment about Viper hamminess. "No, sir. They're just louder than the rest of us." He purses his lips, like he might be stifling a chuckle, when Ygraine remarks upon Holtz's sexiness. But the bit she said before about survival training seems to interest him. "That'd be cool, Yggs. You wouldn't need as much gear to do it overnight now. Could do like, navigating to meet spots by map and communication procedures if we're separated and stuff."

Bennett fires off the remainder of her rounds into the poor target's foot, or near thereabouts, and ejects the empty magazine into her hand. Her head does not seem to be in this tonight, and Ygraine at least might have some idea why. "Why don't you hash something out with Pie," she tells her backseater, tugging off her ear and eye protection. "And let me know if you need some help with the logistics, okay?" As if the ensign doesn't already have enough on her plate.

"Thanks, boss." Yggy says to Bennett brightly before saying in a concillatory fashion, "Don't worry, you're sexy too." She fires off a few shots, before adding, "Well, the idea is to do it with minimal gear. It's survival training, not 'be comfortable in the outdoors' training."

<FS3> Holtz rolls Firearms-1: Success.

Holtz winks over at Ygraine, belatedly acknowledging her compliment of his shooting. He seems to be drawing to a close for the night as well, though, at least as far as the shooting part is concerned; he empties his magazine while firing from a one-handed grip, and as a result, his aim isn't nearly as precise as it's been, though his shots do manage to at least hit the target. He gives a thoughtful frown at Yggy's mention of survival training. "I'm a little rusty, but I think I still know my way around a compass."

<FS3> Phin rolls Firearms-1: Success.

Bennett doesn't quite summon up a laugh, but she does look amused at the 'you're sexy too' comment. "I think I'm going to rack out early tonight." Truth be told, she was quite late in returning to berthings the evening prior. "Good luck with your practice, all of you. Yggy, I'll see you bright and early for patrol." And she's off to hand in her weapon and equipment, before ducking out the hatch.

"So like whatever's on you if you have to eject?" Phin considers that. "I'd be up for it. I'd be really curious to know how long they figure you're supposed to be able to survive with what's in a Viper parachute pack." He empties his clip into his target. The shots are respectable, if nothing to fist-pump about. He checks the chamber, to make sure he's emptied all his rounds. "Maybe I should pack it in. Try a few laps in the pool or something." Still not sleep, apparently.

"Something like that. Hell, you know my brothers, they could survive with the clothes on their back. But yeah, the idea would be minimal supplies." Yggy says. "We could keep it easy to start, I suppose."

"Hate to break it to ya, Dolls, but if you have to eject and you're all alone with nothing but the contents of your pack, you're already halfway boned," Holtz remarks wryly. "Only so much room in a Viper cockpit." He leans against one of the metal dividers, arms crossed over his chest. "It ain't supposed t' be a long term survival thing, it's more of a keep-you-going-until-rescue thing. Or," he adds with a nod to Yggy, "a keep-you-going-until-you-find-stuff thing."

"Only so much room and not much at all, man," Phin says, clicking the safety on his gun. Empty or not. "Anyway, I'd like to get as real a feel for it as possible. When there's somebody standing by to evac us out. Better than frakking up when you have to do it for real. Let me know if you guys need any help setting something like that up." His expertise in this area might be minimal, but he's up for carrying stuff around and other menial tasks.

"Thanks, Phinny, I'll do that." And Ygraine probably will. She takes another grouping of shots and seems pleased with her result. "Viper pilots should probably eventually be soloing, but what can ya do."

Holtz takes a moment to deposit his now-empty weapon and leftover ammunition with the duty marine before stepping back over to the gathering. A quick word brings the lighting back up to full level. "Got a lot of city slickers in the wing," he says with a slight shrug of the shoulders. A short chuckle follows a moment later. "Should be fun watching them try an' make a go of it."

"Yeah, probably. Even if you get shot down with your wingman, not like you'll likely end up in the same place. Maybe we can work up to it, if we make it through drills in pairs without needing to get our asses evac'd." If. Phin raises a pair of crossed fingers wryly. "Anyway, I'll catch you guys later." And with that, off he goes.

<FS3> Ygraine rolls Firearms: Good Success.

As the lights go up, Ygraine spends a moment adjusting, and takes one more round of shots. "G'night, Phinny!" she calls out, and then satisfied, goes about making sure her gun is safe before going to turn it in. "You camp a lot, Holtzy?" she asks curiously. "We had forest around the graze land of the farm, and sometimes when my brothers wanted to avoid mama being a nag, they'd camp out for weeks and weeks. Plenty of good fishing and hunting."

The hatch opens just after Phin leaves and Kelsey is standing there in her orange jumpsuit, watching someone (definitely not Phin, guys. swear.) walk away down the corridor before she turns and steps inside the range. She has a box of ammo in her hands with all the safety gear and a dirty pistol. "Sirs," she saysto each of them before walking up to a lane and setting all her crap down.

"Not so much, really," Holtz replies with a shrug. He's leaning up against one of the metal dividers between lanes, talking to Ygraine. His weapon's already been turned in, but he doesn't seem in a hurry to leave "I lived on the outskirts of Hypatia, though, so you didn't have to go far to get out into the sticks. But camping out like that… you had to be pretty hardcore to try that on Tauron, at least that part of it, and I wasn't. Desert gets cold as frak at night, and not exactly a ton of water or wildlife around." His voice turns a bit wooden at the mention of his homeworld, but he keeps it together. "But I can shoot, and if you give me a compass and a clear sky, I can find my way." He cranes his neck as Kelsey enters. "PO," he greets her, nodding.

"What do you do if you don't have a compass?" Ygraine asks curiously, and calls out, "Hey, Kels." There's no holdover from the other day, just a cheerful greeting.

Kelsey picks up the gun and pokes and prods at it, trying to remember how to work one of these things. Eventually she figures it out and the mag falls out onto the bench with a couple clacks. She makes a face and puts the gun down and opens the box of ammo. There's another nod to Holtz and to Milkshake but there isn't much eye contact there. Even if Ygraine is cool with it, Kelsey remembers it. She just goes about loading the magazine one round at a time while she chews on her lip.

Holtz shrugs. "With no compass… I can still go by stars, but it's a little more work t'get my bearings that way. Not impossible though, as long as you know what you're lookin' for." The ends of his lips twitch in a slight smile.

"Good answer." Ygraine replies with a grin. She looks over at Kelsey patiently. "Need some help?" she offers, her tone casual.

Kelsey works at the gun, loading the bullets into the mag backwards. Should be funny when she tries to load it. Completely safe, just wrong. "I think I'm okay."

Holtz points at Kelsey's magazine, tracing a circular shape with his fingers. "Might wanna turn 'em around," he offers, as helpful or unhelpful as that may be. He pushes himself off the divider that's holding him up and starts for the door, and turns to Ygraine with another one of those ever-so-slight smiles. "I'll be in my bunk," he adds, shooting her a rather loaded look but saying nothing more. Whether it's a statement or a suggestion, he'll leave it up to her to interpret as she wills.

"Kay." Ygraine replies to Kelsey, and then considers a moment. Hrm. Her friend's self-defeating muckety muck and comedic firearms stylings, or orgasms. This is a toss-up.

Kelsey looks to Holtz and Ygraine and back at her gun. They're backwards? She blinks. The PO makes a face and looks to Yggy once more in a quick glance. "Don't wait on me. Go! Get some. I'll be okay." She shoo's and goes back to trying to load it. Properly this time.

Holtz' gaze lingers on Ygraine a moment, but he doesn't wait to see whether she follows or not. "Try not to shoot your eye out, PO," he calls out bemusedly over his shoulder as he goes through the door.

Ygraine mugs Kelsey a grin, and then sticking her hands in her pockets, casually strolls on out after Holtz. "Hey, Stormy - " she says, just as the door closes behind her.

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