ALT #320: Nice Pen
Nice Pen
Summary: Leightner ventures into JAG space and meets a strange new lifeform.
Date: Tue Nov 22 23:42:06 2005 (Fri Nov 22 23:42:06 2013)
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Leightner Kazimir 
Battlestar Orion — Deck 1 — Offices
Except when the gun batteries are firing, the offices aboard the Orion tend to be a quiet area where clerks can get their work done as needed. However, there are several closed-door offices, with small windows, lining the walls in addition to unclaimed cubicles that run down the center of the long room. However, this is not just a place for clerks. Anyone who has paperwork that they need to do and would prefer to do it someplace quiet can come here at all hours of the day or night to accomplish what they require space and peace to complete.
AWD #320

Leightner comes into the offices, in Medic uniform, down to the medikit, and is holding a clipboard of paperwork. Freshly inked, just dry, hot off the press, paperwork. and he's trying to remember something as he pulls a pen and steps to the side, to write something down.

Kazimir has just stepped out of one of the offices. It's as though lawyers can smell paperwork, because his head quickly turns toward Leightner. He heads that way, then, most of his attenton on the clipboard with some curiosity. He's not pouncing, though. That would be impolite. Just approaching.

Leightner writes with his pen, it's.. it's a tactical pen. Solid metal. Then his Petty Officer senses begin to tingle. Incoming Blues, he looks up, reads the collar and straightens slightly, giving the approaching lieutenant his attention. He is not coming directly TO attention, but looks like he could snap that way with a whipcrack sound effect if needed. His attitude is one of interest, almost a 'May I help you?' vibe.

"Can I direct you to a particular recipient for that, Petty Officer?" It's a polite way of enquiring what the medic is doing here, and that shows in the tone. Not that he's unwelcome, mind. But clearly he is here on business, and the Lt is curious as to the nature of that business. Must be a slow day at the office.

Leightners brows lift and in a respectful nod,s "Ah, Aye sir." OH whoa, Virgonese accent. Really hardcore. Northern maybe, but thick. "I have sum alterations ta make ta me.." Clipboard conslt, "Personal Posthumous Orders." Ah, what he wants done after he dies.

Kazimir's own accent is a very educated Caprican. "Personal Posthumous Orders." He echoes, by way of confirmation. There's a professional nod, then. "Well, if you would have a seat over here we can get you taken care of." He's leading that way, apparently planning on doing it himself.

Leightner nods, falling into step, "Ayesir." He says, glancing about. "Haven't had much chance ta come in since me processing, truthfully. Haven't reviewed me file." He smiles, "Me filing is usually tha Sickbay sytem, so I'm always doin paperwork, but rarely me actual file."

Once they arrive at the desk in question, Kazimir settles into the chair on the working side. There's a wave of a hand to the one opposite. "Please be seated, Petty Officer." An expectant hand, then, for the clipboard. "It's quite understandable, not having been able to come in. Medical is a very busy billet at times like these. What is it you would like to have done?"

Leightner passes over the clipboard, once he has placed on it, a CD. In a case. "Would like this delivered, ta Petty Officer Second class Jena Cruz, 287-91-1475. An tha paperwork is fer me personal belongings an benefits ta have her named as recipient."

"This item to be believed to Petty Officer Second Class Jena Cruz." Kazimir echoes as he notes it down, generating a number for the item which is then assigned and applied to the CD case. "Let me get this taken care of and we'll process that paperwork. Work of a few minutes and some signitures and you'll be on your way."

Leightner nods, "Thankee sir. Good ta have this done." He moves to settle into a chair, and watch what happens. He's never done this before.

The clipboard is gone through, point by point, Kazimir apparently having pulled up Leightner's file. Keystrokes make alterations, things added, removed, listed. It's a very mechnical process to take care of what will be a deeply emotional and un-mechanical event. "There, it's printing now and we'll get it signed."

Leightner nods, "Excellent, sir." He says, crossing one leg over the other, and flipping his pen in between his fingers in a fast, presice manner, the pen sort of buzzing around his fingers, almost. A nervous habit perhaps.

"Everything alright, Petty Officer?" Kazimir asks with a raised eyebrow, noting the potentially nervous twirling. "If there's something else you need or wish to discuss…you can certainly feel free to bring it up."

Leightner looks to the Leiutenant, brows lifting, "Hmm?" He looks at his hands, and smiles, "Acht, sorry sir. Just got prep work ta do fer an Op comin up." Going into the field, not uncommon, "Have me gear checks ta go through, an weapons loadouts ta do, an none o it, none, sir, I can do, fer at least another five hours. Preferably ten. Hurry up an wait."

"Hurry up and wait. It should the motto of the entire Fleet, I sometimes think." Ah, so the lawyer does have a small sense of humor. At least a tiny one, judging from the quirk at the side of his mouth. Then he's reaching for papers from the printer, as it kicks into life. "If you'd sign here.." an x is made beside the appropriate line. "And here…and here..and here.." There's a lot of places. Forms in triplicate and all that.

Leightner signs, and initials, and at one point, hands you a few ounces of frakking hardened metal alloy that is masquerading as a pen. It's heavy, and feels like it's made out of hull material, is perfefctly balanced and writes with a smooth fluidity. As the papers get processed, he nods as he goes along, "Hope ye don't mind if I not remember all these steps, sir."

"That is…an impressive pen." Kazimir notes, feeling it, turning it over, trying it out. He clearly means it. Tactical pens may become a new trend in the JAG Office. "Not at all, Petty Officer. Not your job to remember it. I'd far rather you keep your brain-space for the things that may save my life someday."

Leightner nods, "Deal, I'll do tha sir." He nods, smiling, "Aye, Corporal Dreavers gimme tha pen bout three months ago." He nods, "Good bloke, he were. Wit tha nub clicked back in ye could key a raptor wit tha. Not tha I would, but, tis a good hand weapon. Self defense."

"Could certainly take someone's eyes out with it." Kazimir agrees with a nod. The keying a raptor comment goes uncommented on, like he hadn't even heard it. "All done, it looks like. We'll keep this on file and up to date. I devoutly hope we'll never need it, of course."

Leightner smiles, "Well, so do I sir." He says, being sure to claim the pen back, yes, the other pens will definately get jealous. "Again, thank ye very much. If there's anything I can ever do fer ye please, feel free ta scream 'Medic' at tha top o yer lungs." He smiles. Corpsman humor.

"Of course." Kazimir inclines his head. "I will keep that in mind. And likewise, if you have any legal needs..well, you clearly know where we are."

Leightner rises, with a nod, and as protocol, comes to attention, lifting a crisp salute, "I do, Sir."

Kazimir likewises rises, returning the salute and then lowering it. "Thank you, Petty Officer. I'm glad we could get you all taken care of without any waiting. Don't let me keep you."

Leightner lowers salute, nodding and turning to head out. Another satisfied customer.

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