MD #247: New Starts
New Starts
Summary: Emily and Yari prepare for their graduations from Marine Boot, Atticus prepares to start
Date: 11/12/2017
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Marine Enlisted Berthings - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Housing for a whole company of Marines plus headquarters support staff requires more than one hundred bunks for the Marines' enlisted personnel. Divided into two primary bunkhouses, each one holds sixty bunks, one bunk stacked over another against the wall with a table between each row and a thin bulkhead between the sections. Rather than the blue curtains of the naval enlisted, each bunk has a dark green barrier with the crest of the CMC done in black. The lockers for the Marines are triple the size of the Navy's allowances, each locker holding a Marine's personal bodyarmor and several different sets of uniforms plus combat webbing and helmet. The space physically provided in the lockers might be larger, but the allowance for personal space is less, though the drawers beneath each bunk help alleviate the problem somewhat.

After jumping 'home' to Ostia yesterday, just about every Marine that could get off the ship has fled. It was like a flood of people and watching the water level of Marines in the barrack just bottom out. There are only a few left hanging around at the moment and one of them is Recruit Benning. Several of the enlisted have mentioned that her six seek mark, and graduation, is tomorrow and are looking forward to it. She'll be graduating with Lleufer Ynyr's son and a few others — the first class of those rescued off some of the planets. Currently she is sitting on a chair, posture perfect, legs crossed. Her dress uniform is in front of her and she's working a brush on her dress shoes and cleaning them up for inspection before tomorrow. The belt buckle is on the right and is already bright enough to reflect light like a strobe - almost. There's a look of satisfaction and confidence on that face, a face that has lost the babyfat of childhood and leaned out and lost some of the softness. Dressed in her camouflage she looks like any other member of the crew and has lived here long enough, and under enough pressure, to be ready for someone like Cooper Knox to come charging through the door and begin exploding at her.

Atticus hasn't yet had chance to talk to anyone about the chance of hitting the surface and breathing some real air again, so for now he's heading back to the berthings. He's been busy doing a lot of running around, a lot of lifting heavy things and putting them down again, and a lot of reading CMC rules and regs. He's clearly just hit the head for a shower and he's with his single MP who then peels off to their own bunk. Spotting Emily he pauses by her bunk and watches silently for a few moments, then says quietly, "you ready?"

Yari's formal end to the PT side of her Corpsman training is scheduled to occur in sync with the new marines, though she's been around a /little/ longer. She's also transformed those pounds of 'baby' fat, from pregnant belly and bloated breasts into a retoned shape more reminiscent of her farm-frolicking years. She doesn't exactly see strength or power when staring balefully at her reflection, quite yet. Just more pronounced hollows under the eyes and a shell of some creature she once knew. Would her children see the same?
Yari's not ventured planetside yet. She isn't ready. There is tomorrow's handshaking and badge altering to prepare for and gifts of tiny clothes and exotic toys to wrap. So she's here, dismissed from medical chores to get ready. One hand grows still in its scalp-scratching efforts under the weight of bun after she passes through the hatch and comes upon one friendly and one uncertain aquaintance gathered there, en route to her own hidey hole. Fingers fidget with tucking a dislodged curl back into line up there as she breaks from her intended path to hover a safe distance behind Atticus and survey Emily's dilligent polishing.

Emily looks over to see Atticus and a very subtle smile slips across her lips. The clothes and weight loss make her vision of a different person, but her eyes and the way she conducts herself, Atticus would swear they were back on Picon and its just another day. Looking up from her chair, she nods. "As ready as they can make me. I wish to prove myself. I have my last rifle test this afternoon." She grins a little more. "Gunnery Sergeant Knox is excited to meet his new recruit." A finger reaches out and gives his stomach a gentle, playful little poke. When Yari arrives behind, she looks over and gives a friendly dip of her head. Three people who are used to life under the rule of the Skath and Emily feels the need to rise from her chair to stand with them. That realization settles in slowly as she thinks about it and her smile drifts ever so slightly, eyes moving from one to the other. "Did any of us ever imagine we would be in this position, about to take arms against our establishment?"

Atticus looks down to the bunk below Emily's as she mentions Knox. He's been told many things about the Gunnery Sergeant, but he's fairly certain only some of them are true. Looking back up to Emily as she continues he leans back a little out of the poke, but not far enough so she actually fails to connect, then glances behind as it becomes apparent there is a third. Unsure of how to react for a moment he then shifts position slightly, away from the corpsman, in case she needs to get through but doesn't want to be near him. He's wary of invading her space, and keeps half an eye on her to gauge her reactions while he replies to Emily, "no. I don't think I ever did. Not since they first invaded, but I was too young then." He moves on quickly though, suggesting he doesn't particularly want to talk about that time. "What time is the ceremony?"

"Was never my establishment," Yari corrects softly, but ducks her head with a silent self-reprimand and forces herself to dig into that messy compartment of memories and imagine an alternate future for the sake of answering what was probably meant to be a rhetorical question. "But no. This is not a reality I would have foreseen for myself. I would have been carrying a fifth child by now, or dead from the effort. Or my own disobedience. Titos's choice." She presses her lips into a harmless enough pseudo smile for Atticus and doesn't show signs of scurrying away anytime soon. "I am glad to not be in either of those positions, anymore."

"I heard he ripped a hatch off a ship, once, and then hit someone with it. People here witnessed it. Try to remember that when he screams in your face that he will removed your arms from your shoulders, he is fully capable of doing-so." Emily does give a big smile with that, apparently taking pride in that bit. It isn't her ability but.. she's feeling the comradery and teamwork. Pride in what she is becoming, joining brothers and sisters - even if they are still something like strangers to their lives. "I do not know. I just know that it will be tomorrow. I do not know if it will even be a ceremony, but I intend to wear my best for it." She glances to the uniform, then back. "Well. Perhaps not 'best' but, as I intend, formal attire. Sometimes I do miss a dress." She looks back to Yari and tilts her head. The mention of where she might be at this moment otherwise gets a drift into her own memories and imagination. Where Atticus had been escorting her to. The very real, desperate fear. Her first outward act of rebellion to escape was ordering that militiaman to stand down. It saved his life. Her eyes drift to Atticus and then she moves over to hug Yari. "Never again. We choose our own lives now."
They are all standing around the table in front of Emily's bunk. Emily has her dress uniform out and appears to have been in to process of shining her shoes and buckles before graduation tomorrow.

Atticus keeps clear as Emilys moves to embrace Yari, there's very definitely still an awkwardness bred of guilt there. Leaning against one of the bunks next to Emily's he nods at her comments then asks, "and he's the one who threw you in the pool repeatedly?" just in case, you know, there are other trainers who do that. "I've got PT, regs, and shipboard orientation for the next few days, but I'll see if I can be there." She was there for him a few days ago after all, it only seems fair.

Lleufer arrives in his MP uniform with sidearm. The Master-at-Arms glances around the berthings to see who is here and his sharp Arpay ears pick up snatches of conversations. He heads on over towards his own locker where he stops and enters the combination to open it up. A lopsided grin is offered to the others, "Recruits, Corpsman. Getting ready for graduation, Benning?" His pistol he pulls from the holster and pops out the magazine, triple checks that it's unloaded before he pulls his cleaning kit and sets them on his bunk. Lleu's hands go to unbuttoning his uniform shirt so he won't soil it. "How you settling in, Atticus? Any questions?" Yari gets an encouraging smile from the Gunnery Sergeant.

Well, Yari hadn't seen /that/ coming. She stands there awkwardly for a moment, ensnared in Emily hugs, then creeps one free arm up to lay gently across the younger woman's back. She's got a few inches of height on the Princess-turned-Marine, so her mouth's already in position to echo "Never again," into her ear. Then there's mention of pool tossing and a more genuine smile cracks the tension on her face. "He had to throw you in?" Because Yari was only too happy to leap into the water at first sight. She pulls away and offers Lleu a respectful nod.

Emily backs away from the hug, brushing a gentle kiss to Yari's cheek, and nods to Atticus. She does stay close to Yari, though. "He threw me into the pool until I would actually leap on my own. I was too fraid to jump in wearing all that gear. I requested he give me a push. I regret it. I should have believed him that I could do it without his help." Emily gets it. There's no love lost for the Gunny. He is not her friend nor is he an enemy. Looking over to Lleufer and smiling at him at his arrival, she dips her head respectfully to him, speaking loud enough that Lleufer can also hear. "I would like you to be there but if there is nothing special planned then do not busy yourself with it. I want to look nice for myself and the others." Its something she has decided no matter what. A personal point of pride she needs nobody else's permission to have. To Yari, she ends up shrugging. "I enjoy swimming. But I was terrified of leaping in while wearing all that. He actually picked me up by the back of my body armor and tossed me about six feet into the air and eight feet into the pool. I dropped my rifle just about every time at first. I had to swim down and get it before I was allowed to start the exercise. It was awful and I just wanted it over. Eventually I just ran and leaped on my own so we could get it over with. As much as I enjoy swimming, I do not enjoy swimming in a helmet and with a rifle."

Atticus turns his head towards Lleufer as the MaA makes his presence known. He eyes the pistol for a few moments, trying to ascertain if it's the same model he's used to using, then starts to wonder if his own gear has been looked after, or if he's going to have to try and sort that. "Are those standard issue?" he asks tilting his head briefly towards the firearm, "or will I get mine back? I mean, assuming you grabbed it?" It's a weird realisation that he hasn't actually seen anything of his own since he was shot, and momentarily unsettling, but he catches himself before he becomes too focused on it. He's also a fan of swimming, but not in armour, or not his old armour at least, CMC armour he has yet to try, "I guess I have that to look forward to then," he notes, asking while they're on the topic, "what else lies ahead?"

"I'll come if I can, Emily." Lleu strips off his outer uniform shirt and hangs it up in his locker. That gets closed up and he takes a seat on his bunk which is not far from Benning's. His hands deftly break down the sidearm into its various pieces before he glances back to Atticus, "Everything you had on you when you were arrested has been inventoried and stored under your name. Those things belong to you, as well as…" his gaze shifts briefly to Emily, "Something else that Emily got you for your birthday. Forgive me that I got busy and forgot to tell him about it, Benning." The Gunny looks back to Atticus, "If your personal sidearm meets our inspection requirements, you may carry it as your duty sidearm or we can issue you another one." Lleufer pats his, "I've had this one since it was issued to me way back before the Second Cylon war. It's seen a lot of action and had a few parts replaced but it's as functional as the day it was made. I've seen no reason to retire it. I also have an Arpay pistol in my locker that I carry sometimes." Atticus's question of what lies ahead in his training, Lleufer leaves for Emily to disclose.

"The heaviest thing I'd tried to swim in before my adventure aboard Orion was a sweater. Gram was livid." Yari's face screws into her best invention of an angry, elderly visage, and sinks her voice into the deepest Pican accent she can muster up. "D'ya know it's freezin' out? T'ain't worth tryin' ta meet yer Da so soon, least'f all like this." Yari's not fussing with her greys today. She'd worn them once for the memorial service, then pressed and shine it anew for the next rare occasion. Her preparation for tomorrow is mostly mental. For two months she's wanted nothing more than to curl up 'round her little ones again. But now? Now there's been talk of time and the funny things it can do across space, and she's scared as hell to face all she's missed. How is it Inez survived coming to terms with twenty years gone, if she can't comprehend 4 additional months?

Emily grins at Atticus. "Oh there are just so many surprises that I just could not live with myself if I spoil them all for you, Atticus. You will have many adventures and early mornings ahead. But I will say this: I now understand the layout of this ship and the fastest way to get to certain locations. And I know I can get there quickly even if I am wearing seventy pounds on my back and need to shoot when I arrive." No small amount of pride there. Emily believes she is ready, but she's far short of the normal sixteen week Marine Boot Camp of the colonies. She still needs to pick a specialty and train up in it. But she's as ready as they can reasonably get her and she IS motivated. "Thank you, Gunny," is given to Lleu with his intent to try and be there for the graduation, even if it is nothing more than exchanging out pins. The mention of the gift gets a glance to Lleufer again, and then to Atticus, then back to the MaA. "Whenever you believe it appropriate, Gunny. Thank you for treating it as his property." Emmi looks back at Yari and mentions the sweater and that gets a nod. "Yes, oh my mother was livid! I ruined a dress. I told her it was better than a royal arse hanging out for all to see, flopping all about. I was paddled for that one but it was worth it." She grins and chuckles at the impression. "Awful. If you like to swim, we should start a daily thing. Get up early and do laps for half an hour every morning before breakfast. No boys."

"I believe it was a Colonial model," Atticus replies to Lleufer, "there were plenty of them about. Or so I was told anyway." He doesn't actually know for certain, but he has no reason to doubt the information. "I'll get them back," he says, unsure exactly how to but sure someone will fill him in, "give it a clean and let someone check it over. If the sword is there too that'll need some work. I'm guessing that's something I need to do elsewhere though? Rather than oiling the blade on my bunk?" He's ended up with the bunk above Lleufer, so is fairly certain the MaA doesn't want oil dripping down on him if he fraks up. Raising one eyebrow at the exchange between Emily and Lleu regarding his birthday he waits for one of them to confess further, before turning with a faintly hurt expression on his face to Emily, "but what about those of us who like swimming too?"

Emily gets a sly grin out of Ynyr at her being coy with Atticus over what to expect in his training. Hehe. The smell of gun oil waffs up from his bunk as Lleu begins to anoint his bore snake and runs it through the barrel a few times, then eyeballs it. "Hmmm." He lowers the barrel of his pistol and cleans it more as he'd just used it on the firing range. "The sword is a problem. You can't very well go around the ship carrying it so you'll have to request access to the armoury to get it and clean it. I can authorize that as long as you have -double- MP escort, you may take it to the Fitness Centre to practice with it. Like any martial art, you'll need to keep up your familiarity with using it to keep your muscle memory sharp. And it may be worth our while to get some staves cut to season while we have access to Pitchfork so we can make a small number of wasters. So you can start teaching those crew who want to learn how to handle longer blades than the Corps teaches. We only use Kabar's, nothing longer. Nobody around here is going to get equipped with swords anyway, but there's no telling what skills might come in useful on planet, if people are otherwise disarmed." Yari gets another smile, "Be real nice to see your kids. I haven't met them."

No boys!? If only. That was another condition laid upon her by Gram in her last years of pretend freedom. It hadn't been an issue around the cottage until she'd returned home from lady 'school' and encountered a new face on the property. Jorah. Age 19 to her 15 planted there by her Grandfather for use as farmhand. Fresh from the woods he was, as every bit of wild as the animals were who once wore those hides he'd stitched for breeches. Oh my.

Then Atticus is protesting and she snaps back to present with a slightly rosy flush to her ears. "I save the water for my evening routine, before bed," she shares with Emily. "Washes away the day." Her attention snaps to Lleufer and she feels a surge of insecurity and possessive feels rising back up. "I'm not sure they'll be th'same as before. What, raised by strangers and the like. Can hope it's for the better, in Visilis' case, if he's to survive in this new world. Sgt Knox made his warning /quite/ clear."

"Swords? Will we be training in swords as well?" This does not seem to be a deterrent to Emily. The mention of using a long blade gets her attention. "I would not turn down such training if it is available. Nor keeping a blade." The ultimate symbol of oppression, along with the gun. And she has already learned to use the gun. Its clear Emily desires the power to fight back and resist that oppression from all angles. Yari's response to doing her swim at another time gets an 'ah' and a nod. "I suppose that is a little different." Looking back to Atticus, "I suppose we can. Bathing suits are a challenge for me so I, well, me just continue swimming in clothes. For now." Cough. Awkward. Yari's point about her kid gets a brow to arch slightly. "Sergeant Knox threatened your child? Or am I misunderstanding?"

Atticus has no apparent objections to needing more MPs to get at his sword, and nods a single sharp nod to show his understanding and agreement. "It'd be easier to train if there were someone else skilled as well, but I'm guessing that’s not the case?" he asks, not expecting to get lucky. "I'd like to at least get the blade checked and oiled as soon as I can though, it should be done regularly, and to leave it as long as it has been isn't ideal." Understandable, given the circumstances, but not ideal for the weapon itself. "I'm happy to teach," he says, "although staves will only get you so far, given the weight difference. If we end up in contact with militia again it might be useful to relieve them of theirs, so we have a stock." And you know, so marines can pretend to be militia and get asked less questions planetside. He opens his mouth to say something about swimming, but Emily's remark about swimming costumes has him shut it again, he really has nothing he can coherently say to that. Instead he focuses on what Yari was saying, and asks, for clarification, "your son?"

Yari gets a nod, Lleufer unaware of her thoughts or feelings. "Visit them all you can. Kids grow up so fast." He sighs, "Two of my three are still alive. Bennett and I are hopeful of grandchildren, some day." His sidearm gets wiped down, one piece at a time with a lightly oily cloth. Of course neither the Gunny nor his wife look old enough to have grown children, let alone grandchildren. Youthful pointy eared elf demons. Ynyr looks to Emily, "No, no swords training. Not unless Atticus is willing to teach it and you want to sign up for it. It isn't and won't be a requirement. Far as I know he's the only one on board who /could/ teach it and that will be up to him whether he wants to or not." Not ordering him to do it. "Nobody but Atticus has a sword here anyway, unless some are captured later. Knives are usually far more practical and you will be trained in their basic use." Basic being the key word there, nothing advanced. She'd have to pursue that on her own. Atticus gains a nod from him as Lleufer works on finishing up the cleaning of his side arm, "I imagine you can go oil or wax the blade today, if you like."

Yari can definitely understand the fear of locker room/swimming attire aboard this vessel, but her solution lies in an expedient ditching of robe and plunge into the pool to hide the 'nakedness' there. Or at least distort it. "Visilis is undeniably a shit," Yari confesses to all, with a glance at Atticus in particular. "Truly his father's son. As all sons were desired to be. In the aftermath of his father's murder at the hands of..of ghosts..he assumed the role of pater. Wouldn't let that damnable shoe out of his sight, or off his foot. He was not in favour of the new social order, in which he must be obedient to his female mother or worse - others. It's a bit of a relationship adjustment for both of us. One that's muchly needed, if we're going to get on. He's halfway to seven years, now. I suspect fancies himself as grown as ever." A sad smile of understanding drifts Lleufer's way. Yeah, they do.

The idea of relieving militia of their swords and gear gets a rather wolfish smile from Emily. "Oh I do enjoy that idea. Taken ambush and then stripped of all they have by a bunch of uniformed Marines. They've brought a knife to a gunfight!" That idea titters her happily. Lleufer's advice and words to her own training with blades does dull some of her enthusiasm, but he isn't saying she cannot. The option is there in the future. More training she can pick up, should Atticus offer that. And the mention of going to check out the sword has her thinking about mebbe presenting his gift. When Yari speaks up, Emily sighs and looks down. That's a frustration she cannot even imagine having to endure. The mention of ghosts gets a flicker of her eyes to Atticus, though, then back to Yari. "I suppose I can see why Sergeant Knox would have inserted himself. That's alarming but thankfully he is young enough to correct, I hope. That must be very hard to endure. Abuse from a child." Sigh.

"Thank you," Atticus replies to Lleufer, "I might just, now I've thought about it." It'll bug him if he doesn't, "assuming there are enough MPs about and not on shore leave?" Talking of shoreleave he then asks, "who do I need to check with about hitting the dirt by the way? I want to see the sky again, feel the breeze.." It's hard to get used to the ship when all you really know is the open skies. Yari gets a sympathetic wince as she speaks of her son, he knows the type well enough, but doesn't feel like his input will be wanted on the subject, so stays quiet, responding instead to Emily. "If we get staves, or another blade, I'll teach you what I can."

Lleufer looks to Yari, "He's young enough yet to re-adjust. Especially if he sees other strong male role models being respectful of women. His female counterparts can earn his respect despite his wishes when they kick his ever lov'n bloody ass." The Gunny grins. He reassembles his pistol, packs his gun cleaning kit and goes back to his locker to stow them. His duty belt gets hung, then Lleufer collects his bathroom kit and sports bag before closing his locker back up. "Let me hit the head for a shower, Atticus, and I'll swing by my office to set up both for you. Leave as well as access. You've been in that brig too damn long and the fresh air will do you good. Emily too. Mother doesn't count for blue sky." Ynyr of all people understands about getting real earth beneath your boots and blue sky, feel of the sun on your skin and fresh air. "Not to mention the /fresh/ food they have down there. They'll still be mostly on rations but I imagine they'll have collected nuts, fish or whatever they can that's tested safe to eat." The Gunny starts for the hatch, "Catch ye later. Enjoy yourselves."

Yari nods, to all accounts, then offers Ynyr a small lift of her hand farewell. For ten minutes or however long he's away. "I'll leave you to it, then," she says of the gift fetching, boot polishing, etc and motions on down the line. "Some things I should do."

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