AWD #314: New Pilot
New Pilot
Summary: Squire comes to speak with Hobo about a new, young, raw viper pilot named Niko that the CAG has assigned to her to train.
Date: 01/05/2016 (OOC Date)
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Kelsey Alejandro 
Ready Room
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The head of the room has a small dais with a podium for the briefer and on the wall behind it are a pair of large LCD screens. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress.
Wed Nov 16 2005

It's been a very long and exciting day of high adrenlin and hours of long action over Aerlion. Those of them who made it back, and a fair number of their pilots did not, mostly went to hit the showers and get rack time or drinking time. Alejandro hasn't. Instead after a big drink of water, he got himself a pot of coffee and has parked himself in the Ready Room to go over a copy of his own gun footage. He rubs his face to get grit out of his eyes and hits pause on the recording at some point and then back it up to watch that segment again. His hand then picks up a stylis to make notes on his datapad. Hobo looks tired but maybe he's started to come a long way from the scuzzy, lazy, dirty mouthed, screwup that he used to be and is trying to take his new responsibilities more seriously.

Hobo stops the tape again when one of their own gets blown to hell. He frowns and makes a notation of who it was, where in relation to his camera, and at what point in his footage. He stares at it a long moment before he finally starts it playing again, the volume giving him coms chatter and the sound of his KEW firing.

Afterwards there's the gun footage to go over for all the rest of his squad over the next few days.

The second wave of strike aircraft have been back for a couple hours and most of the wing is on standdown for rest except for the stragglers coming back and the Vipers sitting Ready Five. One of the people who seems to have just gotten back is that young Raptor pilot - the one with the behavior issues. Suicidal? Depressed? Lots of rumors float about her. Even if over the last few weeks she's looked a lot more focused. When she enters the Ready Room, she has her helmet in her bag and there's a clipboard poking out of a side pocket, also. Seems she came down here to do her paperwork, as well. Judging by the matted, sweaty look of her face and hair, it looks like she hasn't even been to the showers yet. Long day? Spotting Hobo, she heads his direction and glances to the screen before looking back to him. "Scuse me, sir. The CAG told me you've taken over the Strikes and I needed to speak to you about a pilot of yours, sir."

Alejandro hasn't showered yet either and is still in his flight suit. He reaches a hand over to hit pause on the playback and looks at Kelsey, trying to remember her name, "Squire, isn't it? I know your voice better than I know your face. Please, have a seat. Want some coffee?" Wow, even a Scorpian born man recruited from Canceron somehow or another found some manners. His mother would be shocked, if she was still alive! "Which pilot? Tell me what's on your mind, Ensign." Hobo will even make his tired self sit up and stop slouching in his chair.

"Aye sir, yes. Squire." The name usually has something associated with it like 'You're gonna do what!?' Breaking formation, cowboy flier. Fun. But there's none of what he woudl probably expect on her face. Usually those pilots have some degree of mischief or defensiveness on their face. And they never approach senior wing officers for anything. Ever. "No thanks on the coffee. I'm posted on an early Weasel in the morning." She glances to the screen and takes a seat, flopping down a little and putting her bag up. One of the few pilots to wear her sidearm strapped twice over to her vest. "You probably don't know you have him, yet. He's been assigned to me by the CAG, sir. Ensign Niko Janik. He's an 18 year old who was just Viper qualified about a week and a half ago, Cap. He's got zero officer training and very little discipline. I'm here because as a test of several things, including my ability to put my money where my mouth is, I've been assigned to teach him how to officer and the discipline it takes to fly in the fleet." Coming from Squire its either a stroke or genius or Pip lost her damned mind.

It looks like Kelsey is anticipating his question before it even makes it out of his mouth. Hobo almost asks her, then she's explaining why he is assigned to /her/ of all people. Alejandro arches a brow at that, and holds his tongue until she's said her piece, "I see. It does seem … odd to assign a Viper pilot, however raw, to be trained by a Raptor pilot. No offense. What little I've heard of you through scuttlebutt doesn't suggest you are much of a shining example of an officer, any more than I generally have been. But stranger things have happened I suppose." Who's he to question the new CAG's choices only days out of her being saddled with the job. "So, I assume he's not active duty yet? Any idea when he'll be joining my squad then? I'm going to want to put him through simulations, read his file, and get to know him myself."

Kelsey takes her time tugging the scunnci out of her hair and the pull of extra strands as she pulls it away. Fingers itch her scalp out while he speaks. "No offense taken at all, sir. I've been a horrible officer. Scuttle is right. I've just stopped pretending I was indifferent to that. Can't afford to be a kid anymore, Cap." She scratches out the hair once more and relaxes back a moment. Looking at her gear, this woman carries a few extra survival items. Something about her being shot down on Picon a long time ago? Her gaze looks to him, though. "He wasn't assigned to me for my aircraft choice. He was assigned to me because I flew my first combat strike before I turned 21. No OCS, no real officer training. Arrington wants me to teach him how to adjust and make it as an officer and about the transition. Everyone else on this ship except for he and I have been through an academy, OCS, flight school, all of it. She's hoping I can hold the torchlight up for him so he has someone to guide on." Not even a hint of a joke. "Like I said, can't afford to be dumb kids anymore. He's active duty and a qualified pilot, but he's not someone I can recommend that you put into a cockpit yet. I have absolutely zero right to do-so, but I ordered him on stand-down for the operation today. That's on me, not him."

Alejandro listens and then nods, interlacing his fingers together loosely in his lap, "All right, that makes sense. The part about your having to deal with the war before you were 21 yourself, no officer training, and how to adjust." Hobo thinks about it, "If you have been given the authority to make that decision, than I'm fine with it. I have no desire to get a raw kid killed on his first mission out." He reaches over to pick up his cup and finds his own coffee is down to dregs, so he pours himself another cup. "He can attend OCS classes on the side while he's in training. I know they have them down on Piraes, though that won't be available to him while we are parked in orbit over Aerlion. Not unless we also have a class running on ship. Still, he can read up. Take part in my flight sims, watch gun footage with the rest of us and we all to get to know him. I'd think he'd adjust better if he's in with us, even if he's not cleared for missions, yet."

After a sip of his coffee, Alejandro says, "I'm not a Captain, by the way."

Kelsey shrugs. "I have no authority to give him orders. I'm an Ensign. So is he. But I made the call because I didn't see the discipline needed for Aerilon." She takes a long breath. "Sir. today was a furball with a lot of moving parts. I pulled him from flight because I didn't have time to find him a chaperone to keep him alive and also there are very few experienced pilots that really know what one of those fights is like. So?" She looks over. "I put him in a SAR Raptor as crew and told him that his mission was to make a difference in someone's life today. His job to figure out how." The news about OCS classes on Piraeus is a total shock to her. "Really? You may wanna confirm that with the CAG, sir. I don't think we have any training facilities on P. But.." She's just an Ensign. The rest of what he has to say has the young woman nod. To her, he can tell it she see's it as losing her training buddy. But rather than fight it or argue, she forces herself to nod. "Understood, sir. I'll let him know to expect your company and training. And the hand-off, sir." The girl rocks her head in a nod, looking down at her gear. With how she sits, its all bunched up high enough that her chin nearly turtles into the armor. The last comment gets a smile. "Sorry, sir. Well, Cap fits. We all do jobs not exactly befitting our rank. That's mostly what I wanted to pass along, though. He's a good kid, just be patient. He needs that more than anything else." She groans and leans forward, reaching for her flight bag on the seat beside her.

Alejandro shrugs, "That's what I heard. I could be wrong. But the Marines do all sorts of training down there all the time. Their killhouse and whatnot." About OCS classes back on Piraeus, could be scuttlebutt, for all he knows. It was a while ago. "He will need to be paired up with an experienced viper pilot. Probably me." Lucky him, "Just like I was paired up with Warren. Captain taught me a lot and … was more patient with me than most people. I owe him, for that. I was kind of a fuckup myself, Squire. I'd been in a Cylon labour camp for most of the war until Spree found me."

Kelsey looks thoguhtful for a moment. "Sir? If you find out the fleet has an established OCS on Piraeus, I'll need your written statement about it and who told you because I'll be filing charges with JAG for improper training on my own behalf." For how exhausted she is, and how quiet, she looks quite serious. The lack of proper training hurts in all the worst ways. Talking further about Niko like that has her nod and look down as she picks up the bag. It's clear she was attached to the idea of training him. "You're right. He should go to a Viper. But.. if he has problems. You know, behavioral. Discipline. Need someone to talk to him?" She looks back to Alejandro. "I'm okay for it. But yah, if you've been there, too." The mention of the labor camp brings her quiet, though. For all that she's done, she doesn't wear her medals and the really bad stuff she doesn't talk to anyone about. Petra won't talk about Picon, either. Nobody knows what happened after she ejected him until the Raptors picked up their signal fires days later. "Anything else I can do for you, sir?"

It's still a little weird to hear people refering to him like he's senior in anything. Hobo sips his coffee, "It was a while and I don't remember who it was talking about something they'd heard, but I expect it wouldn't be hard to find out when we are next back to Piraeus. May be they can only handle a few at a time, if there's any truth at all to it. I don't know." He sets his cup down, "I don't object to you working with him for a little bit. Pass him onto me when you think he's got some of his rust knocked off and I'll take him. I owe it to Toast, where ever he is now." Yep, Jandro doesn't talk much about Picon either. It was pretty ugly at times. "I think you are already doing something for me. Just keep me in the loop on how he's doing and send him along to take part in the sims with us and review footage. Take him out in a Predator if you get the chance. That'd probably do him more good than Raptor time anyway, but up to you."

Kelsey seems to understand. The idea f OCS both bringing her hope and also infuriating her. The complexity of emotions, for once, makes her stop and reflect. 'Stop and think, Ensign. Or other peopel will think for you.' Truer words. Her eyes lift to look back to Alejandro and he can see some of the life and energy return to her eyes. "I'll do my best for you, sir. I'll make reports on him and tell him to come see you, too. And yessir, I'll get him some flight time in a Pred. Make sure he knows how to fly one." She gives him a low smile. "I told him something that I think lit a fire under his ass." A pause waits for her. "I told him that I never thought I would be assigned to teach myself how to officer. He asked what I meant. I told him that in eight months he'll probably be combat hardened and sitting across from a sixteen year old that's never even worn a uniform before - and I'm gonna tell him to teach that rookie. I think that had an effect, sir."

"Hell yes." For a moment there, Hobo's Scorpia and Canceron mxed twang kicks in a little stronger. He's worked hard these past months to tone it down, sound like an officer and like he's better educuated than the gutter scum he came from. "I think that'd have gotten my attention and scared me." He twists his mouth, "If he lives. We both know, first hard fight culls th' chaff. I hope he won't be chaff. You weren't." Alejandro smiles a little wryly, "Tell him what Toast told me. He said a Pred flies like a brick shot out of the tubes. Really fast, but sucks on maneuverability. Make him grateful later when he's got a viper stick between his legs."

Ensign Wescott allows a big of an ego to show in her grin at the pleasure Hobo took from hearing that. It's the good kind of ego. That foundation of real confidence that makes real combat pilots. Not the cheap, false bravado the insane take to work. "My intention was to scare him into understanding he doesn't have time to mess around like I thought I did, sir. I had a lot of other problems, though. Might not have been chaff, sir, but close to it. First time piloting a Raptor and it was blown in half." Her first hard fight was a little different. "It's why I held him back today. If we really get to pick targets on Aerilon, then it gives us- you, mostly, the chance to test him where you want." She seems to stand a little taller. If her face were several years older she'd look like any other fleet pilot. The girl looks only a day or two beyond high school, herself. "I suppose if I can fly Raptors and make him appreciate Vipers, maybe I've earned something for myself. We'll see. I kinda like that idea, sir."

"Each kind has it's uses, viper, predator, or rapture. Might do him well to have a view of all three and not get so cocky with a stick up his ass like the rest of us." Alejandro gives Kelsey a wink. He knows all about bravado and ridden that horse for all it's worth in the past. A thoughtful look, "Tell me about it. I've been shot down hard, three times. Chaff's called my name a time or two. Might yet." Hobo grins but sobers and gives her a nod, "Good thought. We will pick and choose where to start him. Don't baby him though, Squire. You won't be doing him any favours if you do. But, we'll try to break him in so he can stick around and do the most good, not burn himself up, wasted."

Another taste of his coffee before he asks, "Anything else, Ensign?"

Kelsey seems to be long in agreement for most of what is said. The pilot certainly isn't the same one who was tear-assing around the ship like she was trying to find a Cylon to shoot her. Still a little bit emotional, but for a 21 year old? Maturity comes in many forms and at different times. "If I baby him, I'll have wasted my time because he'll die. My plan is to push him through some pretty ugly sims and see how he does. It was Butch that finally told me the most important thing: Sometimes winning means you don't even fight. Changed my life." She takes a looooong breath and looks more tired suddenly. "That'll be it, sir. Thanks for hearing me, eh." Squire tips an imaginary hate to him and backs up a step before heading for the hatch.

Alejandro rummages around inside of his flight suit and pulls out a battered pack of cigarettes, some nasty ass brand from Canceron he probably had to sleep with some /really/ ugly fat woman to get. He taps one out and finds a cheap plastic lighter with a naked girl on it with really over emphasized cheesy body parts that are completely unrealistic and lights it up. "Maybe Butch should have told /me/ that. Or maybe not. I'd have tucked my tail and run like hell." Hobo gives her and upnod, "Hit the rack. I'm going to finish up here, hit the head and get some sleep myself. Another busy day frak'n the Cylons on Aerlion tomorrow."

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