MD #005: New Leads
New Leads
Summary: New data comes back from Lleufer's investigation of the former MaA and it's a bombshell full of new leads to chase. Adeliza and Clara arrive timely to discuss them.
Date: 13/04/2017 (OOC Date)
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Master-At-Arms, Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion

A small nine foot by nine foot office. Most of the floor space is taken up by a desk with chairs on either side and filing cabinets. There is a coffee maker on low cabinet with a tray of cups and condiments.

A large flat screen for meetings to project maps and charts from the Master at Arm's data terminal covers one grey bulkhead. Wall file slots for blank forms are mounted by the hatch beside the current MP roster.

A large black and white aerial recon shot shows destruction of a city where Marines made intense battle. The caption reads: 'Santos Ridge, Picon, Liberated 0935 13 OCT 2005. 2500-3000 Centurions destroyed.'

Sun Oct 29 19:55:24 2028

Oh my Gods. That is the look on Lleufer Ynyr's face as he sits behind his new desk in his itty bitty office staring at his computer screen. He is reading something and the nice sun tanned color of his face has just slightly blanched out of the Gunnery Sergeant's face. As his large pupiled Arpay eyes continue to scan over the input that has come in from his various querries, he finally mumbles to himself, "Apollo's fraking nuts. Gods damn son of a bitch…" The Master at Arms' baritone is kept low but he probably should have closed the hatch that lets into his office.

Ynyr just stops. He leans back in his seat to think about what he's just read, to absorb it. He looks tired as though he's not been getting much sleep this week. His right hand moves to open a pocket and rummage around for a small baggie. It is drawn out and from that he takes a stim tablet and takes it dry. Nasty, acrid sting that makes his eyes water and suddenly gives him a flashback memory of freezing his ass off on Picon in winter. Shit. He blinks rapidly, then gets up from his desk to go to the side cabinet and make a fresh pot of coffee. There's no fraking way he's going to sleep tonight now anyway.

The S2's been scarce the past few hours, having hopped a raptor on an information gathering mission that ultimately became a dead end. She's back on the ship though, and just in the process of returning to the armoury to check in her weapons, when she runs into the JTACCO. Voices in the hall outside Lleufer's office, something along the lines of: "Ynyr? He's right over here. I was about to stop in there, myself." Then there's a rap on the hatch, and it's popped open to admit Clara. And likely Adeliza behind here. "Got a minute, Gunny?"

"Two or three would be appreciated, Gunnery Sergeant Ynyr," Adeliza adds, following Clara and then stepping out beside her, giving a wry half smile with her words. She opens her mouth, then pauses, looking at him and tucks a lock of hair behind her ear. That hand goes to join her other one to clasp her clipboard in front of her. "I hope this is not a bad time." Her voice is modulated in somewhat lower tones, the cultivated that kind that someone of youthful voice and countenance have to work at to be taken seriously as an adult.

Yynr turns at the sound of Clara's voice at his office's hatch, coffee carafe in hand. Lleu draws a slow breath to clamp down on his composure and forces a slight smile, "Of course, Lieutenants. Please come in. Do you want some coffee?" He looks back at the pot he's fixing so he can get it going, "I'll have fresh ready in a moment." Adeliza's last comment gets Lleu to skim his tongue over his teeth beneath his lip before he goes take his seat behind his desk. "Nooo, what do you need?" He does however close the file he had been reading for the moment.

Clara's age, of course, is deceptive. She looks a mere twenty or twenty-one, but given she was around for the second war, there must be something else at play there. The Lines, as far as anyone knows, age just like humans. "Sure." To the offer of coffee. Her dark eyes tick from the pot, to Lleufer, meeting his gaze for a moment if he permits. "I was dropping by for an update on the investigation, if you had one." A nod to Adeliza. "I'm guessing Lieutenant Wynn's here for the same thing. I'm also wondering what's got you so spooked."

With a single, curt nod to Lleufer as he answers her question, Adeliza glances down automatically at the movement of his hand to close his file. "I was, yes. More specifically, I wanted to know if you had found anything further on that request you had made for clearance to pursue the missing Major who seemed to show up here on Orion." She steps up to a chair across from his desk to sit down for note taking. "Anything else that could be relevant to the attack in the hangar bay, or possibly the attack on Commander Petra would be appreciated, as well." She glances over to Clara, and her last sentence, which brings her gaze towards Ynyr a little more closely, although without the intensity of openly scrutinizing him.

Lleufer too is older than he looks. He leans back in his chair and lifts a brow at Clara's question. Instead of answering her right off he answers Adeliza, first. "I've the Major's personnel file in so far as I have the clearance to see anything in it. He was Fleet Intelligence. I put in a request with Major Rook to see if she could, through Fleet Intel itself, find anything additional that might raise a flag to follow. I haven't heard anything back, yet." Ynyr shifts his jaw, "Doctor Nadir is working through the remains now, doing DNA analysis and an autopsy but I haven't heard anything more from her yet either." A blink, "Attack on Commander Petra?" That is news to him, "What attack?" For the moment Lleu subtly lifts an index finger for a 'wait a minute' gesture and makes direct eye contact with the Marine S2.

Clara is more of an interloper at this point than a contributor. She slips a pad of paper out of a pocket of her fatigues, and begins scribbling something down as Lleufer speaks. "He was targeted, it seems, like many of the returning crew on his way to Orion," she notes quietly as she writes.

Adeliza looks at Lleufer for a moment, then her hand lifts in a gesture towards Clara. "Correct. The pick up time and location were not disclosed except to those involved, and yet, somehow, they still managed to target him." the lifted hand tucks her hair behind her ear again before it returns to her lap. A slight toss of her head as she continues flicks her hair from the other side of her face, showing the stitches and butterfly tapes down the side of her cheek and to her collar. "I was suspicious of the Master at Arms I had seen the bomber talking to before he took the stage, but now that you have told me that man was murdered, rather than leave his death to hoping the blast would take him has raised my suspicion level. I am cross checking intelligence to see if there are connections."

Lleufer listens and while he does not know Adeliza and may be a little unsure how much he should tell her, she -is- the JTACCO. Second to a man he knows he can trust. So, Ynyr looks from her to Clara and back again before he licks his lips, "Yeah." Just that. He moves his hand and cues up his screen, "Let me just show you both something. Come around here so you can see the screen. I just got this data coming back. Let me just … " Lleufer copies certain parts and pastes them and takes a moment to collect various bits from several different documents he had open on his terminal. He types a bit to make the various parts fit together into a small paragraph and rolls his chair slightly to the side so they both can come and read it the summary he just stuck together for themselves.

The gist of the paragraph bits Ynyr just pulled together or typed a bit to input reads the following:

The Master at Arms had been in the post for three years while the ship was in drydock. He handled all final vetting of people allowed on board. The MP's reported that he was frequently drunk and had managed to get into a big Triad debt. His laptop shows a lot of activity in emails with individuals that he only wrote to one or twice. Usually just a few innocuous lines that were of the type of thing about asking for recipes. These go back a few years. Oddly, about that time, the MaA also ordered new bodyarmor and rifles, along with ammunition. Everything checked out well ship-board, but the old stuff was apparently lost in transit and the Marines never figured out what happened to it. That was about a year ago.

The -current- Master at Arms doesn't say a thing. Lleu just lets them read that and watches the expressions on each of their faces. The MaA's information is topped with: Staff Sergeant Peter Dulles. That at least puts a name with the deceased man's face. Ynyr listens to Clara as she says she has some related information and then hooks up her dataslate to his comp to copy it over. Lleu pulls that up so he and Adeliza can read it as well.

Marine Intelligence passes the following in regards to this case:

About a year ago a shipment of materiel went missing while in transit from the Orion. Marine Intelligence was investigating him for it but the investigation had stalled due to the Navy not putting priority on eight missing crates. Marines had tracked the missing shipment to Leonis. The ship taxi'd into a hangar where cameras had been damaged and not replaced years before. The Marines guarding the shipment had prior been involved in two other shipments disappearing. They are currently AWOL and nobody has seen them since the shipment vanished. Due to lack of evidence, the MaA was cleared of charges.

The Gunnery Sergeant draws a slow breath, "So, you can see what I just got in. A can of wiggly worms just /full/ of things I need to chase down. On top of our still missing 4 bricks of explosives and detonators. What a great first week I'm having back in the CMC."

Setting her clipboard on the desk, Adeliza rises and walks around as invited. She leans one palm on the desk so she can lean forward to read without blocking Clara from the screen. "So, this is saying that the previous Master at Arms, Staff Sergeant Peter Dulles, ordered new body armor and weapons, ammunition, then sent the old body armor and weapons out, for them never to be seen again. Along with, according to Lt. Piers report, a few other shipments." She straightens and turns to walk back around the desk, tucking her hair behind her ear. "So, in other words, in a worst case scenario, we could have APFs are running around armed and protected." Her fingers do another quick circuit around her ear, even though she's already tucked her hair two seconds ago. She picks up her clipboard to jot down the numbers and locations, her hand pausing for a moment as she writes. "How many people would you guess, rough estimate, could be outfitted from what was in the eight crates in the Orion?" Her eyes look up to Ynyr again, "missing explosives and detonators?"

Lleufer shakes his head in a negative movement, "I'm not even going to speculate on answering that question, sir. I have no idea what size the crates were as there are various kinds. But I will be sure to inquire after a full inventory list." Ynyr sucks his teeth for a second as he thinks, "It's a lot worse than that, Lieutenant. Yeah, it looks like the APF got our gear. Enough to equip every Marine on the Orion, but how do we know this hasn't also happened on other ships we've been refitting over the years? Other shipments? And what about the gear we got? Just because it checked out here doesn't mean it's actually safe to use. We are also talking about someone with enough clout to get orders cut to have moved that gear to Leonis instead. The former MaA surely didn't do that on his own so it suggests somebody higher up in Fleet, doesn't it? -I- don't have authority to reroute shipments of arms in transit from one location to Leonis. That requires someone who can cut orders for transports. Raptors or a freighter, -as- well as the Marines to escort it. Who, if they were not in the know are now surely dead. Or who may have been APF infiltrators themselves. In our Corps."

Lleu rubs his face. He never has gotten up and poured any cups of coffee, though the smell now permiates his small office. "I also need to put traces on these emails. Find out who they went to, what the messages were that were sent back, see if we can pass that to Intel to decode. Recipies .. must be code phrases. Instructions."

"They're dead," Clara says of the marines. Not dimissively, so much as with quiet resignation. They likely aren't worth committing any resources toward, at this point, and that much seems clear to her. "Our top priority is still ensuring that the missing explosives and detonators are tracked down," she notes, eyes still on Lleufer's screen, including the message she'd forwarded him regarding Leonis. "And what about Major Hamilton? Wouldn't he have had the clearance for this?"

"Exactly," Adeliza says quietly. "Lt. Piers's report mentions at least two other shipments missing. If I was a betting person, I would bet the person who authorized the move to Leonis is also the same person who put the knife in Staff Sergeant Dulles. And, quite possibly, had some hand in arranging Commander Petra's pickup. If I remember correctly, he was set to be lifted from a place that had no cameras." She looks at him calmly, letting that bit of information tally while that hand sweeps over her ear again. "I wouldn't count out the possibility that that person is still on this ship, now, either."

She looks down to the notes she's written. "It also means, figuring out friend and foe just became harder. Are we going to have search every person wearing older models of body armor? Do we now suspect every person not in shiny new body armor with new weapons of being APF? It's definitely worse than just one shipment going missing, yes, Staff Sergeant Ynyr. I can assure you, I am aware."

Adeliza then gives him a nod with a sour smirk of her lips. "Does Staff Sergeant Dulles really seem like the kind of person to be looking for recipes? What use do you have for recipes on a ship, even in dry dock? And the fact that there are so many different recipients, either it's a few people using a many email accounts, or it's a wide spread network. This isn't just /a/ can of worms, Gunnery Sergeant, this is the whole barrel."

"Major Hamilton? Is that the one that didn't report and was signed on by Staff Sergeant Dulles before he detonated the IED. If so, I doubt that really was Major Hamilton, to be quite frank. It is why I was looking into whether or not we have heard anything. But, /a/ Major, quite possibly, so, whoever he was, using Major Hamilton's credentials…" Adeliza rises with her notes. "You are quite correct, Lt. Piers. The detonators and explosives are still a top priority, before we have a repeat of the Hangar bay in a place that isn't as easily repaired. But, we also do need answers for what our previous Master at Arms was up to for the three years he was here."

"Doctor Nadir should have DNA results and an autopsy report for me shortly. I'll go swing by medical to check on that." Lleu rubs his eyes, then starts to shut down everything on his comp and secure his terminal. "Why don't both of you chew on this data and get back to me? Let me know what each of you want to tackle, and what you want me to work on myself. That then can give me something specific to chase down without duplicating our efforts. I can't do anything directly with Dulles' emails, Intel has to work on that but I can pass it up, or one of you can. You're the officers, I'm the grunt." Lleu gets up and comes out from behind his desk to go and pour himself a cup of coffee. Right now he wants out of this office, needs to go walk around and think.

Adeliza, btw, got a nod from Ynyr about the Major being the one who blew himself up.

Clara shrugs diffidently at Lleufer. "This is your show more than mine, Ynyr," she notes evenly. "Perhaps if Lieutenant Wynn doesn't mind working on the emails, and moving whatever she finds up the chain, you can keep pursuing the identity of the bomber. And I'll see if I can make any inroads on the missing explosives." Though really it's more her job just to oversee the investigation, for the most part. "Let's talk again in a few days. You can leave a message for me in the sec hub if anything urgent comes up before then."

Lleufer skims a hand through his shorn hair and nods to Clara after he takes a sip of coffee, "All right. The CAG has a Raptor or two jumping to Piraeus to pick up EOD sniffer dogs and handlers. I have MP's searching Deck 4 already with Engineering. Everyone who going into Deck 4 is getting ID's checked and once we have the dogs, anyone who pings the dogs gets searched. That's about the best I can do for finding the missing explosives for now. We simply do not have the man power to search every nook and cranny on the ship. And like I told Flynn, that would take months at best and the bricks and detonators are too small, easily concealed and moved. So as much as I hate to say this, searching for them is kind of pointless. We'll do better to up protection of critical areas. Anyone still on board with the explosives only need to out wait us and keep a low profile."

Her hand lowering from sliding once more around her ear, the hair there probably doesn't even dare try to escape anymore, Adeliza gives a nod. "If you would please forward those mails to me, Gunnery Sergeant Ynyr, I can have Intel start going through them. I have to agree that trying to find the explosives themselves is a needle in the haystack, but looking into who was around, who had clearance and access at that time could turn up something useful." Her hands clasp over her clipboard again, the written notes facing her body. "If you have any other suggestions of vulnerable places where we should up security, please let me know. If you haven't already, I will relay to Commander Petra what we've discussed. If there's anything else you'd like me to pass on, now's the time to say it." She gives them both a tight half smile, and, as long as there is nothing to add, she nods her head. "Thank you for your time, I will keep you in the loop whatever we find. I'll look for your report on the autopsy/remains." With one backward step past the side of her chair, she gives herself room to turn and walk for the door.

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