AWD #198: New Home With a View
New Home With a View
Summary: Kale acclimates to the Orion, and meets Maia and Phin.
Date: 23/07/2013 (OOC Date)
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Observation Deck — Deck 3 — Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.
AWD #198

The obs deck isn't so very busy tonight yet and Maia is so far there alone as far as she knows. Wearing her off duties, she's sitting on the floor, knees bent, arms wrapped around her legs and her back to the hatch as she looks out the large window down at Piraeus below, the planet looking untouched from here, mostly.. of course it mostly is untouched. Beside her on the floor is a bottle of orange juice, the cap still on. Soft music plays from her music player that rests on the floor beside the juice, the tune slow, almost ballad like.

The occasional not-busy is what makes this a preferred place for Phin to haunt in his off hours. Which he's doing tonight. He wanders onto the deck, pair of earbuds pumping some music or other into his head, paperback novel in one hand and a cup of coffee - in a ceramic 'Argentum Bay Silverstars' Pyramid team mug - in the other. He starts looking for a seat by the window, spotting Maia while he's at that. "Oh. Uh. Hey, Centerfold." He sounds almost apologetic for interrupting her.

Being new to the Orion, Kale decides the best way to get the lay of the land is to try and get back in shape. The man arrived on the ship about a week ago from Picon. He was malnourished and underweight. The docs helped him get back to moving around, but he needs to get himself back into service duty shape, even if he isn't a marine. He comes past the doors to the Obs deck at a light jog, slows there and jogs in place for a few moments before slowing to a quick walk through the doors when he sees people. It's been quiet on the ship tonight, so seeing people after his run seems like a great opportunity to see if his being sweaty makes him smell bad!

Able to see reflections in the window, Maia watches first Phin walk in, with his usual earbuds in place, which brings a quick flash of a smile as she glances back. "Hiya, Dolly, how's you?" The apology noticed, but she hopes the smile does put him at ease about that. Next, she notices the other man jogging in and her eyes flicker over him with interest. New blood. "Hey," she nods, in her off duties, so she doesn't stand or salute or anything. "You new?" Maia is Lieutenant Obvious there.

Phin lives in Viper country. Even if Kale reeks, his nose is probably too calloused by now to really notice. Though he's relatively clean, for his part. He misses the jogger's entrace, between popping his earbuds out and focusing on Maia. "Me's OK," he replies, returning her smile slight. "Didn't mean to interrupt your solitude. I really like it up here when it's quiet." He does notice Kale when Maia does, turning his head. "Oh. Hey," he offers politely.

Pulling out a towel that's been tucked into the back of his pants, he's only wearing a tank top over his upper body. He's skiny, but at least he looks to be in good enough shape for now. He grins at Phin and Maia, nodding towards them, "Yeah, new ECO. Name's Kale." Ok, so he gives Phin a glance…Let's be honest, Maia gets at least two once overs just because.

Viper jocks, yeah.. Poor Phin. The Raptors though are a close third, following the Marines. "You're not interrupting me, Phin, I was just.." She hitches a thumb over her shoulder, indicating the planet below. "Just admiring, you know? Glad we've got it, glad we're alive, glad we have something the toasters don't know anything about." Oh of course hearing about a new ECO captures the attention of the Raptorette and she gives a thumbs up. "Could always use more ECO's. I'm in need of a regular one myself, actually." His name gets a brow lift. "That a name or a callsign? I'm Maia Kane, Centerfold, Raptor Pilot… and this is Dolly, Viper Jock." Her lips curve in a friendly smile. "Welcome to Orion."

Phin does not ogle Kale, either. Though he does seem curious-ish about the newbie. The nod's returned. "ECO? Cool." He grins, extending a hand for the other man to shake. He's a righty. "Always good to see another backseater. Phin McBride, if you want the given name. I fly with the Seven-Seven-Sevens. Lucky Strikes. Like she said. Welcome aboard. You a knew transfer from the Blackjack battlegroup? Or another from Picon?"

"Kale's the name. Echo's the call sign." Kale replies with a smirk and takes Phin's hand shaking it. A beat pause and he looks out the window, "Picon. Resistance found me and a few other survivors out in the marshlands, half dead. They found my tags, got me sent up here for medical attention and re-assignment." So he was less amiable there than usual. He looks to Maia, "Guess I'll have to see about gettin' assigned to your Raptor, then won't I?"

"And that makes you a Gentleman Ghost along with me." Maia tells Kale, pretty needlessly since he more than likely knows that already. As the two shake hands, she looks back out at the planet below, reaching for her juice and taking a long drink. While she's replacing the cap, she lifts her chin to look at the ECO. "Depends. You any good?" At the question, she looks at him, then her gaze flickers to Phin and she grins. "Milkshake is a tough act to follow." But of course there is teasing there.

"Damn," is Phin's only soft comment on Kale's story of how he was found on Picon. "Toasters haven't found this location yet, thank gods. Piraeus was, like, super-top-secret before the Cylons hit the colonies. And for all we know it's stayed that way." He gestures out the window to the planet below, which his eyes can't help but linger on for a beat. He adds, "Milkshake's another of the ECOs. Ygraine Vashti. Aces when it comes to jamming Cylons, though I've yet to run into a back-seater aboard here I wouldn't trust to yank me out of a tight spot. It's a good crew. Good air crew all around, I'd like to think."

A shrug is offered by the man, eyeing Maia for a moment, "Been a few months since I've been in a Raptor…y'know, being stuck in the marshes of Picon trying to not get killed since day 1." So she may have been teasing, but this seems like a bit of a sore spot for Kale, levity isn't in his current demeanor. "I'm probably pretty frakkin' rusty to be honest. We got any sims on board?"

Yeah rough stuff. "I apologize for making light of it and of course I'd like for you to sign on as my ECO. We can get some practice in the sims, yeah, anytime you want. I imagine it was all kinds of hell down there." Maia reaches for her juice again, taking another drink while Phin describes Ygraine. "Phin here is good to have protecting your six, trust me on that, I've gone on asteroid recon missions and he's good at pulling fire from the Raptors."

"Simulator's have got a Predator module, too, if you want a refresher in that," Phin says. "But, yeah, the Raptor pod should have most of the programs you'd need to run, too. Lots of stress on search-and-rescue and combat extraction now, with the run-up to invading Picon." His smile widens when Maia compliments his fire-pulling abilities. She's hit on an actual point of pride for him. "Do my best. I figure, the Viper's job is all about point defense. Taking heat and running Raider interference so the bigger ships can do more heavy-lifting work on missions."

Easing up the moment Maia apologizes, Kale probably realized he was being a dick…one can hope, "Yeah, sorry. Still touchy." he nods to her, "I still need to get my assignment from the CAG, probably need to wait for medical to clear me for active duty too." a glance to Phin, "Good to know. I'll do my part, you do yours, and we'll all live happy Cylon free lives, eh?"

"Ohhh I love Preds too." Maia does, yes, she does. She just loves piloting. Seeing the widening smile from Phin, Maia takes her music player in hand, shuts it off and slips it in her pocket as she stands from her seated on the floor position and empties her juice bottle. "Well your best is impressive, Dolly. I don't think any mission I've been with you and Punchdrunk on that I've ever even had a Raider locked onto me." Walking over, she discards her juice bottle in the trash receptacle. Only then does she turn back and regard Echo with a somewhat solemn look. "Hey no need to apologize, the war's been hell on everyone and most people have a tender topic. Just have to talk a little to find it. Eventually you learn what topic not to broach with them. Careful when you mention the colonies that are pretty much written off, you'll get worse reactions than that. You don't want any punches flying, trust me. 'Specially from the deckies."

Phin shrugs in Kale's general direction when he apologizes. "No worries, man. The universe is frakked. Not like there aren't plenty of reasons to be." He nods firm at that last. "I'll do my part, you do yours, and we'll all go home alive, gods willing. Not much else you can shoot for." To Maia, "From what I've seen, you do a pretty good job of dodging them, yourself. There's a reason Storm's letting you try for dual qualification."

Kale remains silent while Maia speaks, taking the towel and wiping at his brow and hair before moving to lean against a wall near the door, "Sims sound like a good start then. I don't need to be cleared for flight duty to get in em." he offers up quietly and then nods to Maia, "Yeah, we had sensitive deckies and ground pounders on the Pegasus too." a beat pause, "Any word on her? I was on Picon undergoing specialized training in Signal detection theory when the attack happened." Everyone wants to know if there's been word of their family, friends, loved ones. A whole battlestar though? And one that wasn't stationed around Picon? Who the hell knows.

"It's true, Phin, the universe is certainly frakked." Though at the compliment, Maia offers another grin, shoving her hands in the back pockets of her off duties. "Just a few more months to go, and I should be qualified for the Viper's too. Can't wait." With a nod to Kale, she agrees. "I'm game for sims when you are. I live in them lately for Viper training, but I like to keep on top of things with the Raptor too." At the mention of Pegasus, she looks to Phin and shrugs. "Have you heard anything about them?"

"I've always gotten along OK with the deck crew, personally," Phin says. "I know there've been tensions, but I figure, just respect their job and they'll respect yours. I don't need to be best friends with everyone, but they keep our planes flying." About the Pegasus, he shakes his head. "Sorry, man. No other battlestars still flying that I know of. Might want to ask the folks up in Tactical, though. They've got more complete stats on the destroyed battlegroups, and the ones that're just M-I-A, than I can keep in my head."

A momentary frown crosses the features of the ECO and he nods, "Yeah, figured she was gone. No worries." he nods to Maia, "Yeah, let me get setup with a rack somewhere and get my orders and I'll find you for a sim session?" a glance to Phin follows that, "You to maybe?" he then glances to his chrono, "Frak, gotta get back to the med center. Got my last check in on my lung capacity tonight."

Withdrawing her hands from her pockets, Maia winks at Phin, "See you later Dolly, I'd better get going, got an early CAP in the morning. Was good getting a chance to talk to you again." Giving another look to Kale, she smiles. "Well if you need an escort to the Raptor berthings, I can show you where they are, and you can claim a bunk before checking with medical, since I'm going there anyway."

"See you around, dude. Welcome aboard, again. Later, Maia." With that, Phin goes to fold himself into a chair with a good view of Piraeus. Shoes off, feet tucked up and under him, earbuds back in. So he can fix his brain on just his book and the view for an hour or so.

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