AWD #563: New Friend, New Threat
AWD #563: New Friend, New Threat
Summary: Elias interviews the wounded Tens recovered on Libran. The news could be better.
Date: 05/01/2017 (OOC Date)
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Elias Knox 
Recovery Ward
Where stuff is recovered.
Mon Jul 23 2006 (AWD #563)

The primary Ten recovered has been awake since she came out of surgery for fractured ribs and heavy bruising. The other one that Mallas gave a concussion to was just woken up earlier today. In the Recovery Ward, the two are separated at the other end of the room from most of the others. There's only an MP guarding both - but not to watch them so much as keep others from bothering them. The MP's get breaks while Knox is there, the guy doing most of his paperwork and day to day from the post while he can. The Six has been watching over them in a way that seems to have kept the awake one comforted. Someone familiar - at least in a way. At the moment, the Platoon Sergeant is sitting in between the beds and chatting quietly with both of them, answering quiet questions about where they are. The formerly awake Ten seems to be trying to assuage some of the concern of the freshly woken model. The freshly woken Ten has a bandage around her head, light, with a bruise there. The other has thicker bandage around her head with most of her facial swelling having gone down. But broken ribs will take longer.

Once medical gives permission for a visit to the Tens, Elias grabs his clipboard and makes his way down from deck two. Dressed in his duty blues after a watch shift, he's only a little worse for wear. Nothing a quick smoke in the corridor won't fix, and then he's off to Sick Bay. Striding through to the recovery ward, he makes his way toward the skinjob area, slowing so he can look over the two Tens and try to gage their general mood. After considering them a moment, the Major halts beside Knox. "Staff Sergeant," he greets the Six first. Then he offers a polite nod to their guests. "Ten. I'm Major Gray, Tactical Officer. I'd like to have a word with you both, if you don't mind?"

At seeing Elias coming, Knox whispers something to the rib-busted Ten and nods. He comes up to his feet and stands at parade rest between them. "Sir." He says nothing else for the moment. But the Tens both watch him rise with some awe and confusion. A Six deferring. Cooper just stares at the far wall casually. Meanwhile the Tens blink and look at each other, then up to Elias. They make their own efforts to try to sit up a little more. "Okay. Six said someone would want to talk to us." Not 'Knox' or 'Cooper.' Maybe he's easing them into something. "Probably about Libran, yes?" The freshly woken Ten doesn't seem to be up for answering yet, but at least the other seems to be talking well enough.

"As you were," Elias says, quick to wave off the formality of the Six coming to attention. The way the Ten refers to Knox causes the young Major to pause, shifting a thoughtful look to between the two, and then he makes an affirmative noise to the speaking Ten. "Mmm." Elias lifts his clipboard to glance at some notes, then continues. "Libran is top of the list, yes. Have you been … brought up to speed on the current situation?"

"Thank you, sir." Cooper takes his eat between them and takes back up his clipboard. He has things to take care of but by his action of staying probably thinks it best he remain. An unspoken hint to their comfort levels. Meanwhile the more talkative Ten nods slowly. "A little. Six has told us of the overall actions of the fleet and what has been done recently. Mentions of a place we might want to visit, but he seems reluctant to tell us details." 'Even though we are his sisters' is left unspoken. "Six has told us we should answer questions." she seems unsure but Knox doesn't even move beyond turning over a sheet. It seems to be his only nod for her to trust him.

"Mmm," Elias again gives another non-verbal reply, mulling things over for a second after he hears the Ten's words. "Staff Sergeant Knox is not at liberty to discuss … everything he might wish to. I imagine this may seem confusing and unexpected." He studies each of the Tens in turn, then goes on. "For now, I'd appreciate it if you'd tell me everything you can about what One was looking for on Libran. Then I'll answer any questions you may have, as best I can."

Staff Sergeant 'Knox.' The Tens look confused, the talky one looking to Cooper, "He names you? ..Six?" Cooper looks over to her and rests a hand atop hers, "Ten, we have a lot to talk about. Believe in the purity of honor, sister." The Tens both seem apprehensive, but a bit stayed by the words. The less talkative Ten turns a little to her side, inching closer as if she were trying to get ready to hide behind Knox. One of the Warfighters. The other looks to the hiding Ten and then back to Elias. There's a steeled breath. "Very well."

"Initially, we were invited by One to Libran, with great honor, to help restore a proper history to the Twelve Colonies so that they might thrive under proper leadership. With our metal brethren, we would restore order to a chaotic society full of violence and hate. Mistrust. We would be creating a world of peace for humanity to thrive in under consistent leadership." Its all starting to unravel. Elias pulled the loose string on the sweater and already the arm is coming apart. "But many months later, One approached Five and Ten for a project in the mountains. One referenced a 'Galactica' and something that had been learned. He told us of bigger brothers out there that we should join, others who would help us find humanity a proper place. He…' She looks to Knox, unsettled.

Cooper writes something and looks over, a slow nod given, "Nobody will hurt you. Please. Continue." He goes back to writing.

"He said we would find others out there who could help us help humanity." She looks back to Elias, seemingly lost with everything that is happening. The rebellion. "He said that the mountain held the key to our first step to finding them. We were searching for Kobol or hints of where the origins of humanity had come from. He said we could find out help if only we could retrace the steps." She stops there, looking suddenly unsure about something. "We found so much history. So much beauty." Thinking more on it, that quiet voice turns down as she searches her memory. "Why would he burn it?" she muses to herself before looking back. "Major Grey, what is going on here? Why did the Lines rebel??"

There is no need to interrupt the skinjobs as they discuss things, so Elias remains silent while Knox reassures his sister. Then the TACCO focuses his attention on the talkative Ten and listens intently. His mouth tightens at the first part of the story, his lips compressed into a tight line of discomfort. Speaking with an unawakened skinjob like this only reminds him of even less pleasant encounters in the past. Elias nods to confirm Knox's promise, though his expression does not improve as the Ten continues. Not until she starts to reason about what has happened does he look the least bit relieved. Then Elias draws a deep breath, steeling himself to answer her direct question. "Let me begin by explaining my best case scenario for this meeting: We exchange information, and I hope to convince you to … give us a chance. I will make you an offer, though with certain conditions that you may find … uncomfortable. But if you accept, you will gain the answers to all your questions. If you refuse, we'll return you to the other lines and you will have time to reconsider." After all that, Elias returns to her original question. "The lines rebelled because they learned the truth. This what they've told me: That One has lied to you all, misled and used the other lines, and taken you to war with humanity for his own reasons. At the most basic level? You're not a creation of the Cylons. You never were." He pauses a moment, mulling this over. "I imagine that may be a bit hard to believe."

Ten looks meek but the initial choices offered have her look apprehensive. Then she realizes the choices. Remain with the fleet, or return to her own people. There's a visibly disconnected moment where the Ten has problems fathoming best or worst case out of that. "Parsing that is.. confusing at best, Major Grey." As he continues, the Ten begins to take on a look of horror. The other just has a blank stare as she takes in all of this information. When its over?

Cooper steps in once again and looks over at her, "What Major Grey is telling you is truth, Sister. I had hinted to it." The Ten looks desperate, her expression turning to face Knox while he continues, "We are synthetic. But we were created to represent the best parts of humanity. The most beautiful. We were created to protect them. To explore. To fight."

Ten looks stricken. "Six, no, this cannot be right. How can you know this to be truth?"

Cooper looks over, not even hesitating, "Because I see more of humanity in ourselves than I could ever see a mechanical creation. There's no precision, no warmth, no cold, just math. What does Ten see?"

That, there, seems to be the pointed question. A crushing truth. To her, Honor never lies. It doesn't have to. It just exists as a lighthouse in the darkest nights. She's seen the flicker of light on the horizon and its like a sack of bricks swinging at her.

She wants to cry. Elias can see it. The other one already is, but in silence in her pillow. But the talkative Ten looks back to Elias. "What- how- Ten must understand. What- what more can I tell you?"

"I understand," Elias tells the Ten when she professes confusion. Not that he truly knows the level of cognitive dissonance she's approaching, but he can imagine. He listens keenly during the exchange between the Ten and Six, though his gaze stays fixed on the Tens. There's a brief glance to the weeping one, and then the TACCO turns back to the talker. "Mmm," he acknowledges her offer, but spends a second thinking before he says anything more. "First, let me be clear: You don't have to give me information in order to earn the offer I spoke of. You can choose to say nothing more and I will still do my best to answer your questions, and you will still have the same choices. But if you /want/ to help us, then you can tell me about what you discovered on Libran. How much has One learned about the origin of the Colonies and the location of Kobol?"

Ten hears the offer and question. Still, she looks stricken, caught in between two worlds. In one world, she knows her place. But that world is crumbling fast and without her family. In the other, dark place she knows nothing of, but where at lest one brother is holding out his hand, trying to show her the way. Elias can see the conflict and internal ripping of Ten's 'soul' with it. "No," she finally whispers, "I wish to be with family. …Family that is here." Knox. Did Jacob send them here on purpose? For this? To awaken around humanity? A bold move, but.. "One never let Ten known what he had found. Ten and Five pieced many thing together, but mostly Ten. He knows the location of Kobol, and likely the location of the other world they came from. He would not tell Ten. We questioned why, but assured ourselves that Wisdom knew the way forward." Her eyes drift before coming back. "It is far. Many jumps, Ten knows that much. Kobol is far. The other world, even further." She bites back tears to look down, tilting her head away. "Before he tried to kill this body, he told Ten we were worthless. That we had failed in our faith to the mission. That he would now go alone with our br-" A halting pause. "With the Cylons."

Again Elias' mouth goes tight, this time at the news of Ones' discoveries. Or suspected discoveries — he can hope that's all they are. At least there isn't a Cylon fleet parked off Piraeus already. Offering a quick nod, he gives the tearful Ten a moment to try and find composure. And during that time the Tactical Officer jots out a quick message on his clipboard. Looking up, he lets out a slow breath. "I see. And do you know the name of the second planet? The one that pre-dates Kobol?"

Ten gives a quick nod. "Yes. It was called Efrik, Major Grey." She finishes it, hoping to any higher being existing that she is doing the right thing. Elias can watch the member of the line just lose her resolve in that moment. She's throwing her lot in. "You came from a world before!" she nearly pleads. "Your history goes back tens of thousands of years! You have always fought, Major Grey. So few have ever survived!" She swallows the guilt she feels, the lump going down her throat. "We thought we could help bring stability. One told us we would help. LEt humanity crate itself over again in a controlled place…" Finally a tear leaves her. "We were wrong.. weren't we?"

The planet the Ten names is a visible relief to Elias. It doesn't appear to be Piraeus, so there's at least one more link in the chain One must discover. Hopefully. He gives a thoughtful nod at the history the Ten provides, looking grave. "It sounds like there was far more than we imagined in that libray on Libran." A simple statement of fact, with little regret for the lost knowledge. He has more immediate problems, like coming up with some answer to the distraught Ten's final question. "I have trouble believing that killing billions was the best way to save humanity." Then Elias clears his throat and tries to move on. "Unfortunately there isn't a great deal of time to think things over — I can offer you all the answers the other lines have learned, but it involves transport to the location Staff Sergeant Knox hinted at. That location is a closely guarded secret, so you would need to submit to a blindfold and restrain, and you'd have to travel under guard." The Major checks his watch. "I can give you a few hours to think it over, if you'd like."

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