AWD# 488: Never Will I Never
Never Will I Never!
Summary: The girl Marines get their drink on in a round of Never Have I Ever. Hilarity ensues…
Date: 10/23/2016
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Randy Kapali Gray Angelis 
Near Crandall
09 May 2006 AWD #488

Through the help of some local Marines, the Orion Marines find themselves in the back alley passing a bottle of liquor around before Randy declares it, "DONE!" and tosses it at an overflowing dumpster that looks like it's been relieved of its trash maybe once or twice since the war started. "Damn, let's get inside. I thought the liquor would make things stink less back here," she mumbles back to the gang as she pushes in through the backdoor into one of the last remaining divebars that can stay open for business, courtesy of all the Marines in the area.

Inside, the place is pretty seedy. It has a home made sign that has bullet holes in it displayed proudly above the bar that says, "OPEN THROUGH WAR DAY. NO FRUITY DRINKS SERVED." Whether it's true or not remains to be seen. It's got a mix of intrepid locals that have flocked to the area for the protection of the presence of a military base from looters and those that would profit from the end of civilization and those on leave. The bar has that lovely dim lighting that makes everyone look better and a slight haze in the corner back by the billiards tables and dart boards that is coming from a smoking gentleman who is cleaning up. "Oh this is quite lovely!" Randy pipes up happily and heads over to the bar to start a tab.

Kapali makes a face at the smell of trash and laughs as Randy tosses the bottle at the trash bin, "Only you could get a three point shot with an empty bottle into over flowing trash and stick the landing," she comments as she follows Randy into the dive bar and glances around with a sort of wary resignation before turning to Gray and Tabi. "I'll get us a table," she volunteers and calls to Randy, "Shots and beer!" before heading forward to duck and weave her way around the local yokels and anyone else who's drinking anything that can be poured into a glass and carries some manner of alcoholic content.

Gray grins at the announcement of "shots and beer" even if he's already getting a little tipsy, and follows Randy and Kappa into the bar and to the found table. "Yeah, this place will do just fine." The lousy lighting certainly helps with the facility being more than sufficient for their needs.

Angelis heads over to the table that's in the process of being claimed. Her bright blue eyes scanning around the dive bar, studying the dubious quality of well… everything. Settling herself down in a seat, she tugs idly on the end of her ponytail and looks around, fingers of her free hand drawing idle patterns on the surface of the table.

Randy wiggles her way up to the front of the bar with no shame. She knows how these things work and she'll bank on the fact that one wants to live with themselves after being a dick to a girl who looks that young and is that small. She's rewarded with two pitchers of beer. Then she points in the direction where she's sure her friends got a table and met with a bit of gruff. "No prob. I'll just send someone back for the tray of shots." A grunt. "Yeah, I'll send two, because you obviously don't have a tray," Randy corrects herself over the noise. She slides over a watch and some other jewelry and after the payment is bit-tested and accepted, she slowly grabs the pitchers, one in each hand like she's ready for the guy to pull out a shotgun. Then she disappears through the crowd to deliver them to the table. "Okay I'm not going back for the shots or the mugs. Other people do it. They don't have a tray," she explains as she turns a chair around and straddles it casually.

Having claimed a table with enough chairs with enough legs and a level surface to qualify as a table AND chairs (collectively) and giving it a cursory swipe of one hand to sweep the surface clean, Kapali is just about to sit down in the chair when Randy makes it back with pitchers of . . "You're sure that's beer?" she wonders, slightly accusatory and grins. "OK. I'll go for shots," and swats Gray on the shoulder, "Come on. You can convince anyone who gets in our way that we shouldn't be frakked with."

Angelis grins as Randy arrives back with the beer and readily hops to her feet, "I'll go get the mugs, and some of the shots…" She falls in with Kapa, laughing a little and nodding her agreement, "What Penny said," She notes to Gray, bumping her shoulder lightly against his before beginning the process of heading toward where their drinks are hopefully waiting.

"Yes. It's beer. Just slide the shots in the mugs and you can carry more!" Randy calls after Angelis with the hot tip. With her holding down the table, she takes a moment to lazily scope out the people at the bar. It's probably way more eclectic on the class-scale that it was before the war, but beggars can't be choosers when it comes to patrons after the fall of colonial civilization as they knew it. She flashes a small grin to a girl at the end of the bar, sporting an appraising gaze. While the others are gone, just to make sure, she dips a finger in the beer and tastes it. No one needs to know, but yes, yes it is beer.

"On it." Gray hops up and joins the other two in retrieving the booze and beer from the bar. He returns bearing another mug and a few shots. "Looks like this might last…" Pause. "…about half an hour. If we're lucky." He magically produces a cigar and lights up, taking advantage of one of the few advantages of the end of civilization as he knew it, the death of anti-smoking laws in a bunch of radioactive clouds.

Making her way to the bar, and doing some twisty turvey side stepping sliding along the way, she uses her elbows when necessary, the heel of her sandals at other times, and pops out of the crowd to approach the bar with a mild air of triumph. "Shots, and mugs, please," she says with a deliberately bright smile at the barkeep, not caring that this smile isn't going to be received well. She slides over a slender bracelet and matching earrings, stuff she'd picked up along the way, and waits while the 'tender takes his time lining up the shot glasses, topping them off (grudgingly) then the mugs and topping those off as well.

"I like your style Gray," Randy says as him producing his cigar reminds her of something she brought along. She pulls out some wrapping papers and a baggy of what must be what she's been smoking all the time, though not much recently. Then she proceeds to roll a few joints before she gets too wasted for such an activity. She also rolls some pure tobacco. "Pick your poison if you dare…" Randy mixes all of them up, but it's still pretty obvious which ones are which if one really tries. All it takes is a peek and it's either green or brown that one is smoking. "Or just let me smoke them all." She grabs a mug and pours herself a beer before lighting up what is…"Frak, wrong one. Who wants tobacco?" She lights up another one while waiting. Once she has it low enough, she drops her shot into her beer and, while still holding two rolled things, starts to down the whole concoction. Randy plays hard.

Angelis sidles up to the bar, slotting herself in beside Kappa, hands ready to aid with the carrying of booze back to the table. It helps to be a bit taller than most women, it gives her a good view of the bar. The bartender sets the empty mugs down on the bar, so Tabi gathers those up, first, lining them up between her forearm and torso, leaving her hands free to carry the shots. Her free hand digs into a pocket and out comes a few odds and ends, among them a couple of rings of a variety of precious metals, and one set with what looks like a semi-precious stone. These get added to the tab, too. "For later," She tells the bartender, when he comes to fill the shots.

Gray grins back to Randy. "I'm good for now." Puff. Puff. "I've always heard that stuff doesn't mix well with alcohol. They cancel one another out or something like that." As she lights the wrong one up, Gray smiles apologetically. "I'd take it if I wasn't already lit up." With that said, Gray does his first (proper) shot of the evening.

Carrying bag her her pair of mugs and shot glasses, as Tabi has the other two, she returns to the table and slots herself into her seat again with a grin. "Ech. Smokey yuk," declared with a laugh as she leans back. "Ok. So. To the last 23 hours of liberty before we have to go back to work."

Angelis reaches between folks to set the empty mugs and the full shot glasses on the table, carefully trying not to spill anything. Then she slots herself into a seat and snatches up one of the shots, "Hear, hear!" She grins at Kapali's toast before knocking her shot back. Reaching for one of the pitchers, she starts filling up the empty mugs with the beer before settling back and letting her eyes wander again, lingering on a good looking face here and there, but not long enough to draw any attention.

Randy is still finishing up that first round when Tabitha gets back to the table. Then she relinquishes her mug to the table and then lifts the two to smoke them together, blowing a few poorly formed smoke rings up above them so it doesn't swamp the others. That's /her/ toast. "Woah…that's good. Depends on your tolerance I've found," Randy nods to Gray, "And how much you do. But yeah. It can knock you out, go bed-y bye. Their strangers here, and it's pretty obvious. It's also pretty exotic when there aren't that many people to choose from left on Picon, so they've all got that going for them. Randy is not helping them when it comes to drawing attention. "Okay…so this was a ridiculous idea," Randy says as she moves the joint to her opposite hand. "Maybe I got too excited."

"It is so not a ridiculous idea," Kapali replies with a laugh as she leans to the side and taps Tabi's shotglass with hers, then to tap Gray's and then Randy's as well. "You realize that this is the first time I've been on Picon and not been on business?" code for 'on mission'. "And, so far, no one is aiming any breed of weaponry at us and offering violence. PLUS," and no she is not quite over the hyper. "It was Drive a Tank Day."

"Well, I've never been on business here." Tabi remarks, pushing filled beer mugs at people before picking up her own and taking a sip. "In fact… A's the only place I've been on business." She shrugs and grins. "But it feels like it's been just business forever. Can't remember the last time I got 24 hours like this…" She laughs, takes another sip of her beer and lets her gaze return to the table, focusing on her companions. Nodding, "It was… it was… and it was fun." Though clearly Tabi didn't find it /quite/ as much fun as Kapali did.

"I meant /these/," Randy clarifies as she holds up the cigarette and the joint. "/This/ is ridiculous," she says with a bit of a laugh. Seeing as a shotglass in front of her is tapped by Kapali, she grabs it and throws it back. "Yeah. That was fun," and Randy's starting to hit that level of intoxication that feels like swimming. The grins keep on coming. "Okay. We're going to play a little game. I haven't really gotten to know our man Anderson, so this might be fitting. The game is called Never Have I Ever. It's pretty simple." Randy takes a drag from her joint. "It goes like this. Someone starts out as 'it', that will be me. I say, Never Have I Ever and then something I've never done or something that I have done. /Anyone/ who hasn't done it, drinks. Anyone who has, well, it should be obvious because you're not drinking, but you knock on the table like passing in Triad." Randy gives a little knock on the table. "So to start us off, Never Have I Ever slept with an officer." She reeeeeaches for a drink and then knocks on the table instead with an open-mouthed smile.

Exhaling a short bark of a laugh, Kapali raps her knuckles - firmly - on the table. "Never frak INSIDE your chain of command and NEVER frak where you work," she says and - again - raps her knuckles on the table, laughing again. She drinks, without hesitation, and glances around the table, amused. "OK um… " her eyes narrow, "Um, skinny dipped!" lightweight, jeez, when it comes to spur of the moment confessions.

Exhaling a short bark of a laugh, Kapali shakes her head, "Never frak INSIDE your chain of command and NEVER frak where you work," she says and - again - raps her knuckles on the table, laughing again. She glances around the table, amused. "OK um… " her eyes narrow, "Um, skinny dipped!" lightweight, jeez, when it comes to spur of the moment confessions.

Angelis stares at Randy, not quite intoxicated enough to not be shocked. She blinks and then reaches for one of the shot glasses and knocks it back. Yep, there's that slight look of awe again, like Flynn's just the most amazing person ever. Then she looks at the number of shots on the table, then the table companions, "I think we might need more shots." She remarks, to no one in particular. Kapa's skinny dipping gets a knock on the table. At least Tabi's done /that/.

Randy gives Kapali a look that shows her proper disappointment at such a tame challenge, but waits for the others to respond before knocking her knuckles on the table. "Oh frak…that wasn't…the first challenge-to clarify guys, I have /not/ slept with an officer," and so she reaches out to grab a shot, lifts it to the others, and then knocks it back, laughing at her own blunder before taking another puff from her cigarette…Apparently this is an alternating hands/smokes sort of thing going on.

"And who would want to?" Kapali wonders in a somewhat appalled tone of voice. "The ego that comes with officers rank would be tough to share a bed with!"

Angelis just blushes and shakes her head. "Couldn't say, either way." She has to think long and hard, because she's not really good at this kind of thing. "Um… okay… Never have I ever…" There's a pause, and Tabi's already reaching for a shot, "Man… I'm no good at this," She complains, sending a dark look in Randy's direction, but she's smiling also, so the dark look doesn't mean much. "Um…. whoo.. okay. Never have I ever kissed a senior NCO." Yup… and that shot doesn't go down… remaining untouched on the table in front of her as her knuckles rap firmly against the wood. Her face is completely crimson beneath her natural tan as she reaches for her beer instead, taking a sip and using the action as a moment to compose herself.

"Everyone gets better the drunker they get…kind of. Almost everyone," Randy looks sidelong at Kapali. It's one of those telepathic looks, not a you're a part of the people who don't. She looks beyond Kapali to the girl at the bar and lifts her hand to give her fingers a little wriggle. "/Nice/ one Tabi!" Randy reaches out to grab another shot. "I can think of one I /wished/ I'd kissed," and then down the hatch it goes. "Never have I ever cheated on anyone I've been with." She's drunk, and it comes out before she realizes that the consequences come back on her. Wincing, she knocks on the table, but she knows it's a 'winner', or at least thinks so.

Kapali exhales a snort of laughter, that's right, a snort. Of. Laughter. She drinks at the first round, "Again with the rules about not frakking in the chain of command," she is pretty solid on that. Randy's earns another sidelong glance, then a slow eyebrow arch, before she - again - takes another drink from the glass in front of her. "Roight. You two are bad influences," she decides with a laugh. "Never have I ever spent a night in jail," she very calmly raps her knuckles on the table.

For what it's worth, Tabi absolutely doesn't think any less of Randy and gives the Sergeant a smile before she knocks back her drink. Then at Kapa's Never… wellll.. down goes another shot. "Nope, never been to jail. Never cheated." She thinks for a moment, then grins, "Never have I ever been in a bar brawl." She knocks on the table.

"Oh, come on guys, the whole point of this game is to get everyone else drunk." Randy knocks on the table twice and finishes off her cigarette, stubbing it into the side of a glass that's seen better days. "Never have I ever…um…banged in a rack on a battlestar." A big grin forms and she knocks on the table to signify she has.

Kapali exhales that short laugh again and points a finger at Tabi, "In jail for the night because OF a push and shove that turned INTO a brawl that caused property damage that I had to sweat all summer on a construction site to pay off the damages resulting from said brawl!" she exhales a snicker of a laugh and drinks from the shot glass and doesn't look even REMOTELY remorseful about the push-shove that led to the night in jail. She then eyes Randy, somewhat gimlet eyed, and leans across the table to swipe Gray's drink and starts on that shot glass too. "If I'm the only one drinking, I may end up singing. I'll have you two know that I can't even FIND the correct notes when Sober. I find all the wrong ones when not even remotely sober. Which leads to," she points at Tabi, "never have I ever sung Karaoke," and alas she has to she gets to knock on the table this round.

Angelis grumbles under her breath, eyeing Randy, "You know I haven't." She mutters, picking up the shot glass in front of her and knocking it back. Then reaching for another because of Kapali and the karaoke. "Gods… no…" Tabi shudders, shaking her head slightly, "We won't be doing that. I'm really not all that keen on public self-humiliation. If I'm going to humiliate myself I'd rather do it in private." Looking at the decided dirth of available shots, she pushes to her feet, suddenly… "I'll be right back. I think we need a bottle…" And with that, she starts weaving her way to the bar, in order to retrieve a bottle of booze. Literally weaving, looking just a liiiittle bit unsteady.

Tabi's last words make Kapali literally snicker so hard that she snorts the sip of booze she'd just started because she WANTED to finish the shot glass and return it to Gray. "In private," she manages to wheeze out while laughing so hard that her eyes water.

Randy feels the shame of having to drink on something so tame as karaoke. "I /wish/ I had though. The cheersquad asked me out one time in uni? Such a missed opportunity. They got one of those private rooms at a karaoke place too." So forlorn as she knocks back a shot, giggling a little bit after. "You do know you can rent a room at a karaoke place right? It's not all bars and shite. Then they come and serve you drinks and food you can order, but usually everyone's already trashed so it doesn't matter." Randy has a dreamy buzz going, but she hasn't had to drink nearly as much as the other girls. She's way too good at this game. When Kapali points out the oh so funny language, Randy gets the giggles.

"Riiight, so that I can waste perfectly good money to rent a room for the awful dying animal noises I make while trying to FIND the vicinity of the right notes in the first place?" Kapali wonders with a snicker of sound before she dissolves into laughter again, snickering a bit and ending up in a brief fit of hiccups.

Angelis reaches the bar, leaning against it a little heavily while she negotiates for booze with the bartender. Finally stepping away with two bottles of sort of middling hardtack in her hands. Two is always better than one. Then begins the arduous process of fighting her way through the crowd and back to the table. But she makes it! And two bottles of booze thunk down on the wooden surface. "This should keep us going," Tabi remarks as she cracks open one of the bottles and starts refilling all the empty glasses that are littered around the table.

"So you can laugh at other people's shite singing while simultaneously thinking it's the most amazing thing you've ever heard." Then Randy starts to giggle again. "Stop oh Gods," she's grabbing her side when Tabi gets back. "I think you're missing the point Pen." She tries to steal a hit off her joint, lifting it to her lips, but just can't, giggling and nodding to Tabi as she refills the shot glasses. "I feel like I know everyone better already. Tabi, when you're done being so kind, you're up."
From afar, Knox hug, thanks

Angelis snorts at Randy and shakes her head, "That's me.. so kind.." She laughs and tugs a couple of the refilled shot glasses toward her, since she's probably going to need them. "Ookay…. hmmm.." A sip of /beer/ while she ponders, "Never have I ever indecently exposed myself in public." Bam. Down goes another shot. Tabi breaking out the big words as the alcohol starts to really work its magic.

"Trust me, a cat dying, slowly, sounds better, it's why I only WHISTLE," Kapali explains, rather morosely, jumping a little bit as Tabi plunks the bottles of booze on the grimy surface of the table. "ooh, provisions!" she claps her hands, once, delighted and reaches for the first - nearest - full glass. "So wait, wait. Where are we so far? Frakking an officer, kissing a senior ranked NCo, fraking on the ship in a bunk, skinny dipping, jail, karaoke, what did I miss on the list?" she pats down her pockets, "Frak. I don't have anything to write on, or with!" this seems to delight her and she laughs again before pointing a finger at Tabi, "On purpose or by accident? intent matters!"

"Both," Tabi replies, dropping her empty shotglass on the table and reaching for her beer.

Kapali huffs out a sound of indignation, "Well," and slaps one hand on the surface of the table before she downs the drink. "But it was ON ACCIDENT. And only because the tie-dye job on the shirt made the fabric weak and the damned edge of the shirt got caught and it tore and," she waves that hand, "new rule. NEVER wear tie-dyed clothing!" before she points a finger at Randy, "Your turn?"

Randy knocks on the table. She figures everyone is too drunk to remember her stories anyways right? "Gods you're /BORING/," Randy rolls her eyes at Kapali's story, rolling her head to grin sweetly in her direction. She knocks on the table and says, "Secondary school…Virgon. Got caught in the locker room with someone else and expelled. They're really proper there apparently. Don't like to shag, must be why they all have sticks up their butts." She chuckles a bit, "Okay okay. Never have I everrrrrr ummmm." Puff puff. "Hmmm, gotten expelled from a learning institution?" Aww, look at her trying to be all nice and tame for them. She knocks on the table again. Is she even drinking anymore? Really?

Kapali's a little bleary or maybe blurry eyed when she squints at Randy across the table, "Hah!" and raps her knuckles on the table too. "Fighting. Again." She bends one arm, fist curled, "Tiny but fierce!" before she snickers a little into the drink that's in her other hand only remembering not to drink this time because she's gesturing with the drink itself. "SING," she carols out. "Solar plexus, instep, knee… GROIN!"

Aaaand… down goes another shot. Angelis shakes her head, "Never been expelled. Would've been a problem, since there was only one school in my village." She laughs and sets down the empty glass, chasing the liqour down with a sip of beer.

"I don't know if it's right to be proud of that and that she's my friend," Randy points to Kapali, "But I am…" Oh dear. It's starting to get to that point where undying affection starts pouring out. "I love you Pen. You're my best friend. You know that? And you Tabs…you're awesome. I'm so glad to have met you guys."

"Ooh, Randy!" Kapali sniffs, once, then reaches across the table toward Randy, "You're my best friend too. And you don't even ask if you can borrow my tools!" Kapali Booze IQ is not terribly high but this is, to her, a vital point of importance. "I love you too, you know, because you're my best friend. And I haven't had a best friend in forever. Like, since, before the war, and before I joined the marine corps, even. So that's saying a lot," there's a slow, slightly owlish, very serious, blink there before she pats Randy's hand and looks to Tabi. "Plus, she'd, totally, never hit on a guy that I had the hots for, you know? Course. I never get the hots, like hot hots for a guy. No siree. Just like, enough for a quick frak then mosey on. Because men want a women who can, like, do all sorts of stuff like cook and stand by - quietly - while they make asses of themselves with power tools just because they have a dick." She leans back and tips her head slightly backward, eyes closed, "Ok ok, my turn," idly sipping from the shot glass in her hand, having again forgotten that she's not supposed to drink between rounds. Booze IQ. "Ooh oohoo. Here's one. Never have I ever been on a blind date!" she raps her knuckles against the table with a sort of triumph!

Angelis blink-blinks at Randy and there's a moment of silence. She's not /so/ drunk that Randy's words don't hit home. Shuffling over a little, she wraps her arm around the senior Sergeant's waist and gives her a quick hug. "Well, I think you're pretty frakkin' awesome too. And I don't have friends. I have family, and I have those who need to be killed. And a few in between, but they're not important." Another squeeze. Clearly someone's a cuddly by nature, even if she doesn't show it often. She throws a look at Kapali, then laughs, easing back into a more upright-ish position. "Godsdammit…" Tabi reaches for another shot and knocks it back. "I've never been on /any/ kind of date, let alone a blind one."

"I know I'm terrible. I take them all the time," Randy confesses, getting a bit watery eyed at Kapali's words even as she giggles again softly. She leans and grabs hold of Kapali's hand when she's patted. "Me too." Not since she was fourteen even. Course Randy was never really all that good at elaborating consistently, so none of this is shared, just felt and thought. The intensity can be seen in her eyes though. She reluctantly releases Kapali's hand as the woman leans back. Then Tabi's there giving her a hug, and that's just fine by Randy. She leans against the younger girl just slightly, like someone listing, but thankfully she's not. "What the frak?" she has to say first at Tabi's confession before she reaches for a shot herself. "Good one Pen-Pen." There's that nickname she seems to only have for Penelope when she's wasted on morpha or alcohol. She stubs out her joint and takes another one littered on the table, lighting up. "Tabs, you're up…I think? Oh and Tabs…/I'll/ take you on a date. You can worry about whether I'll kiss you at the end or not too," she teases with a wink and then starts to laugh. To think Marcus gave her sexual harrassment seminar duty.

"That's the spirit!" Kapali declares with a wave of the empty shot glass at Tabi. "Never let your friends set you up on a blind date. It's always horrific, from what I've seen. Funny, though, and worth popcorn. I miss popcorn," she decides promptly before she grins at Randy, pointing the empty shot glass at Randy next. "YOU'VE Been on a blind date!" and giggles, slumping just a bit in the chair, sandal clad feet crossed beneath the table, ankles resting against each other. "Someday I want to hear that story." She squints at the empty shotglass, then, "huh," and sets it aside before reaching for a new one. Randy's last words make her snicker a little, "No. You're not allowed to date anyone in the unit, not at all, nope, no siree. Quadrangle of confusion, would become, um," she squints at the glass, "pentagon of um… calamity."

Angelis blushes at Randy's comment and shakes her head slightly. "If you…" Well, she doesn't finish that, since she's suddenly on the spot again and she frowns a bit, thinking as she stares off into space. "Okay… um…" She tails off and mumbles under her breath, obviously trying to think of something. Beer is needed for thought processes to work, at this point. "Never have I ever had sexual relations with a teacher/professor/instructer-type…" Boom, down goes another shot.

"I. Have. Not." Randy says /very/ clearly for Kapali. "Been. On a blind date. You think I need blind dates to get laid?" She scoffs. "And who said anything about real dating. It's just /one/ date. It's like a right of passage daaa-" The word 'quandrangle' shuts her up pretty quick and paints her pale cheeks bright red. "Now I feel like I /have/ to. Just to get a pentagon." But Tabi's words arrest her imagination next, making her mind blank in the process. "If I what?" At Tabi's instructor challenge, Randy also downs a shot, right after the Corporal. "Okay, never have I ever had a threesome." BAM. They knew it was going to get lame and mushy in the middle and then get really good again right? This is the Randy curve of intoxication. She knocks on the table. "Take that!"

"Same rule! No fraking or dating in your chain of command!" Kapali swats the table with one hand for emphasis then squints. "wait. I drink when I haven't right? Because I haven't. No way." She mulls this over, eyes narrowed then tosses back the drink. "Have. Not. would. Not. Nope. Makes things messy." She then snickers out a laugh at Randy, "I think you've gotten laid more than the three of us, combined," before she points the glass at Tabi. "And you haven't even started sampling the waters. Remember, clean teeth!" she points, again, at Tabi then takes another drink before dragging her hands through her hair and thinking, or trying to think. "Hah. Never have I ever been in love!" and tosses back the drink in the glass. Most of it, anyway. Some of it.

Angelis shifts and sends a loooong side-long look at Kapali's adamance over the whole issue of frat. Says nothing and takes a sip of her beer. Then promptly half chokes because threesome is brought up. And well, there goes another shot. She's making pretty good headway into that bottle. Probably all by herself. "I can't even envision it…" Tabitha mumbles, blushing bright red as she tries to catch her breath from nearly drowning herself on the alcohol. Kapali's challenge is met with a frown, "Well… I don't know how to answer that because I haven't been in love before, but I might be now…" That's a bit of a conundrum which is ultimately solved by taking the shot, anyway, because… 'before'.

"No comment." DROP THE MIC. Randy grins like a cheshire cat, looking like she's…remembering. "Good times. Pen-Pen, it's not like it was a commitment or anything." Randy puffs on the joint happily, eyes getting bloodshot, half-lidded. "Frak Pen, you did this to yourself." She reaches out and knocks on the table. "Good Tabs. It's not rocket science."

Kapali grins and hoists another shot glass, because she's rather lost track of when she's supposed to drink or not drink, rather a long time back, and finds it empty. Which puzzles her as she sets it next to the other empty ones then starts lining them up, "Little containers full of air, but not booze. Sad little containers, like soldiers." She whistles a little, lining them up so neatly. "Though we're not full of air. Well not really. Liquid, mostly, and stuff. But some air, because air is important," she pats the last glass with one fingertip, misses and tips it over then sighs and sets it upright again. "You're probably an officer glass. You tip over easy."

"Well… it's kind of complicated." Angelis mumbles, then reaches for her beer, taking a sip while she thinks. "Hmmm…" She arches a brow at Randy's 'no comment', then shakes her head, laughing. "Okay… Never have I ever /watched/ two people ah… going at it, either by mistake or on purpose." She knocks on wood then, and blushes. "It was completely by mistake and I think it might have scarred me a little." Tabi shifts, taking another sip of her beer, her gaze moving between Randy and Kapali.

Randy watches Kapali lining all the empty shot glasses into ranks like soldiers. Then she starts grabbing some of them for herself and starts lining up an opposing force as she hums a little Aquarian drinking song, somehow in tune and quite well. "Hahahaha. Wait, is this like, full on or like, does-see there was this makeout point and sometimes people did more than makeout. If you're not careful, you can trip over 'em."

"Oh and does porn count? Because if so I should probably knock like…forever." Randy starts to laugh.

Kapali has dissolved, again, into a sort of snicker-giggle as she squints at Tabi. "Really? man you have NOT been in the corps long enough if you haven't seen it full out, yet," she swats the table again, because clearly knocking on the table just won't do it for her. "Eh. Porn weirds me out. It's strangers doing it in front of a camera and you know there's this whole set full of people with lighting and sound stuff and they have to get the angle just right. Dude, GoPro's would so make porn so much better," she says this like it's a light bulb moment of awesome. She snags another empty glass then puts the full bottle of booze on the sidelines. "Field marshall," she dubs it, very importantly. "Another officer. One that's probably not as smart as he thinks he is. But he has a penis, so he can't help it. It's like a failing of the gender. But penises.. peni? that's a word. They're nice, when they're used properly. Wait," she points an empty glass at Tabi, "You don't know that yet. Just wait. Oh and tell us when you do. Ooh my turn!" she points a finger at Randy, "Never have I ever had sex with a man!" swatting the table again with one hand, snickering.

Angelis shakes her head, "No, porn doesn't count." She laughs, even though she's still blushing. The red in her cheeks is pretty much permanent, though not all that redness can be attributed to embarassment. "I guess the make out point counts though." She watches Kapali lining up the shot glasses and naming them and whatnot. She giggles a bit drunkenly and gulps her beer. Then knocks back a shot. "Obviously I've never had sex. And no… I don't think I'd tell you all about it. Or maybe…. but maybe not." She seems quite undecided on that score, but clearly the alcohol's doing it's job.

"Pen-…Pen," Randy says, sounding like she's on morhpa calling out from across the room. Luckily it's kind of loud in this place. "She said she /has/…and it scarred her." Apparently Randy is Kapali's drunken translator…of life. "Well now you just ruined porn for me. Thanks….eww, no," she declares in response to Kapali starting to talk about male genitalia. Thank the gods Gray excused himself so long ago. "Stop or my forces will invade to shut you up." Randy moves her shot glass troops forward one by one. "Well you got me there," Randy admits before reaching for one of her 'full' troops and knocking it back, placing him back a 'step closer' to Kapali's front line. She knocks on the table for the make out point. "Yes you will. You better…just don't go into gory detail about it once it happens. I don't think I could take it…Never have I ever deflowered a virgin." Randy reaches out and knocks on the table.

"Don't forget, men have to learn somewhere as well. They're terribly adorable when they're trying though," Kapali says this as she pours booze into all of her soldiers and lifts the one at the end, "Male virginity is a highly undervalued commodity!" she declares with a brief, terribly smug, grin before tossing back the shot.

Angelis naturally has a shot, too. Since well… obvious reasons. Then she shakes her head at Randy, "Even if I do tell you, I'd /never/ go into details. I think I'd probably die of embarassment. Or something…" Tabi reaches for another shot, just because well, shots. And knocks that back too. She shifts and then pushes to her feet.. "I need to walk a bit." She announces suddenly, reaching for her beer and draining the remainder of that too. She doesn't look /too/ unsteady, so she'll probably be alright.

"Don't say I didn't warn you!" Randy grabs her shotglass troops and starts to march them towards Kapali's. When the her shotglasses get right up to Kapali's, she hops one into one of Kapali's as if somehow taking it over. Then she proceeds to do this with all of them. When she notices Angelis start to wander off, she says, "Grab a bottle let's go. We can't let her walk aloone 'round here." Her Aquarian accent is thick, but she's also clipping syllable left and right. She grabs the partly used open bottle and screws the cap on. Then she hands Kapali the other one before locking arms and tugging her along to the bar. After procurring two bags, she bags the liquor and then starts to sing that Aquarian drinking song she was humming before, leading Kapali out into the night after Angelis. Oh what a night for a walk.

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