ALT #387: Never Underestimate a Woman
Never Underestimate a Woman
Summary: There is sparring in the fitness centre, Maia dominates.
Date: 28/Jan/2014
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Fitness Center - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
AWD #387

The torture chamber. Unless you enjoyed working out and Maia really liked it. She's already working on a stair climber machine, working hard at it. A towel is around her neck and she's a little pink in the face for the exertions. It's mid-morning and the area isn't so crowded.

Toby tends to spent a reasonable amout of his free time in the fitness centre, although on the whole he stays well away from the collection of machines at the back of the room. Today seems to be no exception to that, as he strides in purposefully, wrapping his hands with boxng tape as he does so. Exchanging a nod with a fellow deckie who's heading out he shares a brief exchange, which goes along the lines of 'toasters?' 'yeah, toasters' 'frak em' and might also mention the workd 'airlock'. Still they both have places to be and so they part and he continues to make his way towards the punchbags, nodding briefly to Maia as she is spotted and recognised.

Nothing like the camaraderie between deckies.. except that between pilots. Hearing the easy banter, Maia looks over and hops off the stairmaster, wiping her face. "Hello." There's a tentative smile given as she watches him moving towards the punch bags. Fancy a spar?"

Toby pauses as the offer is made, glancing down to his hands, then to the punchbag, then to the sparing mats before finally back to Maia. He considers for a few more moments though before he asks, one eyebrow slightly raised, "you one of the ones that ended up in sickbay?" Doesn't look like he's inclined to say no mind, more that he's judging the options for limits on the combat.

"I was. Took shrapnel in the abdomen and my right leg, but it's good now. Stitches taken care of, all better." Maia walks over to a locker to put on some protective gloves, just in case. That's all she puts on before heading for the mat, just in case he's down for it. "Really, I'm down for it. And I think you owe me a good punch or two, don't you?" The whole apology thing was ages ago, but still… '

Someone that has been around but kept himself in the dark is the cocky viper pilot, mister Raynor himself. The man looking around the area as he steps out from the pool area. Watching those present. His hair still clearly wet from the swim he's been on. Slowly making his way closer, but keeping to the side still. Grinning as he looks expectingly about the seemingly upcoming spar.

Toby never seems to pay any attention to the pool, and now seems to be no exception. As such, Luc's enterance is not spotted as the tech focuses instead on frowning faintly at Maia's talk of shrapnel. Apparently happy to stick with just the wrapping on his hands though he offers, "all hits ribcage or above then. I usually say first to unconciousness or submission but if you're fresh out of sickbay then we probably want something less for now."

"Unconsciousness or submission? Sounds hardcore.." Maia agrees, watching him, noticing his hands. "I'll go with that though, and all hits ribcage or above or knee and below, therefore allowing leg sweeps." Now that she is on the mats, she warms up, even though she'd just gotten off of the stair master. "Ready when you are." Also, she's not seen Luc yet.

Being one to generally fight fists only, Toby looks momentarilly surprised at the comment about leg sweeps, but then just gives a faint nod of agreement. As she agrees to the end conditions he gives a faint shrug, as if to say 'fair enough', then moves towards the mats, stretching his arms and shoulders a little as he does so.

Maia rocks her head from side to side a few times, loosening up so that she can take a hit or two hopefully before going down too hard. She smiles when he agrees, shrugging her shoulders to loosen them up as well. "I'm good to go when you are."

Luc grins as he listens and watches. Staying invisible for a bit longer. Setting his bets on who will win. It's got to be on Maia after all. Though moving to run a bit of treadmill while he watches the fight that is about to start.

<COMBAT> Maia attacks Toby with Unarmed but Toby DODGES!
<COMBAT> Toby attacks Maia with Unarmed - Light Stun wound to Left Arm.

With Jena's second mention of the fact that she's god to go, Toby nods his understanding and steps in closer. Raising his fists he offers them forward, together, to touch with the pilot's if she's willing, then gets to business. Which in this case is right handed jab into her upper torso.

Noticing Luc, she lifts a gloved hand and waves, then faces Toby.. prepared, hopefully, for being on the defensive, Maia moves to hopefully avoid the punch while countering with a punch of her own, her left hand swinging low, towards his chest.

Toby see's Maia's punch coming and evades without too much difficultly. They are both just getting into the swing of things after all. His own punch lands, but only disapointingly so he steps up the gears a bit, aiming for a few short, sharp hits. Right, then left, then right again.

<COMBAT> Maia attacks Toby with Unarmed - Serious Stun wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Toby attacks Maia with Unarmed - Moderate Stun wound to Chest.

Taking a swing at him, Maia is too late to dodge his own swing, but her ducking brings her aim lower than she had intended. When her chest is struk, she stumbles a few steps back from the force of the hit.

Toby doesn't really have a huge amount of time to celebrate the solid landing of his own blow as he suddenly finds himself gasping for breath. Maia might be stumbling back but then so is he as he instinctively puts a bit of distace between them while he works on getting his breathing steady again. Rubbing his throat once he swallows, notes that everything still works, then moves back into punching range, aiming a single, hopefully solid punch at the pilot this time round.

<COMBAT> Maia attacks Toby with Unarmed - Critical Stun wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Toby attacks Maia with Unarmed but Maia DODGES!
<COMBAT> Toby has been KO'd!

Prepared more fully this time, Maia manages to dodge the attack against her, quickly ducking out of the way while feinting with her left at the same time she goes in for a more solid hit from her right hand.

Toby isn't sure exactly what happened there, one moment he's closing in for a hit, the next he's gasping for breath once more. Dropping back again as he struggles to draw enough oxygen into his lungs for a bit he keeps half an eye on Maia lest she be preparing a sneaky follow up while he's less than fully able to respond. It seems that he's given the time though, and he takes advantage of that, drawing a several deep breaths once he's able again, the refocusing his attention of the fight and starting to move back in. He starts slowly, but just as he's about to reach the limits of punch range he surges forward to try and get the drop on his opponant, fists aimed squaring at her head and torso.

<COMBAT> Toby will spend luck on initiative this turn.
<COMBAT> Toby has changed stance to banzai.
<COMBAT> Toby will attack Maia this turn. Options: called=chest

<COMBAT> Toby attacks Maia with Unarmed but Maia DODGES!
<COMBAT> Maia attacks Toby with Unarmed - Moderate Stun wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Toby has been KO'd!

Luc does wave to the greeting he is offered at the start. Smirking as it does seem like he is right with how the fight is going. Continuing to run for now though. "Woo, you go girl!" He offers with an amused chuckle.

When he goes down, Maia is surprised, not having intended to hit him quite that hard, or at that point on his body. Stepping back, she waits for him to get back up again, making sure he was breathing regular. Only when he comes in at her does she duck to dodge and bring her fist up to his chest to try and connect there instead of his neck again. Hearing the fan, she looks over towards Luc with a half smirk, half smile, but it's brief. She's watching Toby again to see what he was intending.

It really doesn't seem to be Toby's day, maybe someone is trying to tell him something, or maybe Maia is just better than him. He has a brief moment to look surprised as his own attack is dodged once more before her's impacts and sends him down onto the mats. He doesn't really have time to register Luc's comment as the blow landed in just about the right spot to wind him badly and he ends up staying down. He's still concious though, and there's no surrender as of yet, although thats likely only bacause his mind is on getting oxygen into his bloodstream again rather than anything else.

Luc grins at the brief look from Maia. Then looking to Toby to see how the guy's doing. "Good fight. Though I know how you feel, she's good at kicking ass." He offers, no matter if the techie can hear him or not.

Maia bends down beside him, removing her glove, offering her hand. Still, there were terms. "You surrender?" Not to be a hardass, but she definitely doesn't want to be caught by surprise. Her feet are planted in case he intends on taking her hand and pulling her down to the mat. Another brief glance to Luc and she winks, though as before her attention isn't off of her opponent long at all.

Toby takes the offered hand and uses it to help haul himself into a sort of crouched position so that breathing is easier. He's not about to pass out or such, but talking might be a minute or two away still so he instead gives a slow nod then reaches down to tap one fist against the mat tice to make it official.

Luc smirks at the wink. Winking in return to her. Starting to breathe quite a bit heavier now as he keeps running on the treadmill. "How are you, mate?" He asks Toby with his usual accent quite easily heard. As well as his cocky attitude.

Maia bites her lip and steps back after he taps out.. It wasn't in her to take pleasure out of watching a proud man calling a match. Both brows arch and she looks at Luc as he calls Toby mate, curiosity in her eyes along with a silent question. When did those two make up?

Toby frowns, deeply, as Luc's presence finally registers, of all the people how just had to be there to witness his defeat.. Judging by where the voice came from he figures the second pilot is behind him and lifts a hand to give a one fingered salute in that direction. That, hopefully, should answer Maia's unspoken question. Judging the time to be right he carefully pushes himself to his feet, takes a moment to make sure that he's steady on them, then gives his opponant a brief nod before heading to a water cooler to grab a drink.

Havind made up or not, what better way to be nice and/or annoy someone than being nice. His intent most likely just a greeting, of sorts. Luc just turns it into a jog and grins as he watches the two. Been in Toby's position. Then again, it's been a fun time up to that point usually. Sparring is always better when winning.

Oh.. yeah there it is. That animosity Maia had come to expect. Lips quirk, but mostly because it wasn't directed at her. She looks between them and just shakes her head, removing her other glove as she walks to the edge of the mat, hesitating there. "Thanks for the spar, Toby. Well fought." Eyes lift to Luc then. "You game for a match, Gabe?"

Luc does allow Toby to move on. "Take care!" He calls out after him as the man goes to the water cooler. Stepping down and moving to Maia. "Let's do this." He offers and smirks. "I'm always game."

"One day he's going to haul off and punch you, Gabe and mess up that nose of yours." Maia watches Toby go. "Taunting him isn't going to make any friends." She puts her gloves back on and moves to the mat again. "Let's do it."

Luc chuckles and shrugs, "Not taunting. Playfully teasing." He corrects her with a wink. "Though I will be nice, I am sure you'll miss my nose." Getting gloves on before starting to warm up a bit, stretching and so forth. "Ready when you are."

"You know me, Gabe. I never throw first." Maia grins, but takes her defensive stance, hands up, preparing to dodge and retaliate as soon as he throws down.

Luc smirks at her and nods, dashing forwards and going all in attack today.

<COMBAT> Luc has changed stance to Banzai.

<COMBAT> Maia attacks Luc with Unarmed - Moderate Stun wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Luc attacks Maia with Unarmed - Light Stun wound to Chest.

The method of attack takes her by surprise when he rushes her and Maia is a little slow on the dodging to the side, taking a glancing blow to the chest even as she throws her own fist out towards her ex-husband. "Easy now.." she grins.

Luc does hit her squared enough and smirks a bit. Though he doesn't get a moment of rest as he will get a hit to his own chest that makes him stumble back a bit. Then he goes in again. Trying to catch her off guard. He might be a bit rusty though.

<COMBAT> Luc attacks Maia with Unarmed but Maia DODGES!
<COMBAT> Maia attacks Luc with Unarmed - Critical Stun wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Luc has been KO'd!

Used to sparring with Luc, Maia can almost anticipate his moves.. almost. Dodging any attack he makes, she ducks again and feints another left though follows through with her elbow instead, aiming for his chest only to hurriedly step back again in case he swings again.

Luc misses completely and blinks. A bad spot to be in as he is hit over his chest, maybe cracking something. Or just causing all of his air to go out as he flies back and down. Unable to do much for a moment before trying to slowly make his way up.

<COMBAT> Maia attacks Luc with Unarmed - Light Stun wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Luc attacks Maia with Unarmed and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Luc has been KO'd!

Once again, Maia steps back when her opponent goes down. When he gets to his feet, she moves in and waits until he swings to throw her own punch. "Submit or.. you're awake yeah?"

Luc is still not quite well in his stance as he get hit. Not hard but still fall down and is all out of breath. No strength for a moment. Nodding about being awake. "Never." He let out without much strength. Smirking at her, if she can see his face against the mat.

When he falls again, Maia walks over and offers her hand after removing her glove. Her stance is so that if he pulls, she'll be able to counterweight the pull and let go. "Is that a submission, Gabe?"

Luc shakes his head. Trying to grip her hand, to stand though. Then he will try to go for a grab and submission. Though mostly just unable to stand stable at the moment. Hands trying to catch arm or body. Or even neck.

Maia gives his arm a tug to help him to his feet except when he does come up and grab her wherever it is he grabs her, a single brow arches, but she doesn't make any other moves. "One of these days, I'll stop offering to pick you back up."

Luc chuckles and winks, "No you won't." He offers before stepping back. "Fine, you win." He offers before sighing, an arm going to his chest, still hurting a bit. "You've gotten great at this." He offers to her with a brief sweet smile.

"I wouldn't say great.. but thanks. I've always enjoyed sparring. Little else to occupy my time. I'm ready to get busier, back into action." When he steps back, Maia grins moving towards the locker to deposit the gloves and reach for the towel. "How have you been, Gabe?"

Luc grins and nods, moving to get the gear off himself as well. "Been alright. Not great but still good. About to go to the head, for shower. You?" He offers, winking at her. "We could catch up."

"Not great?" Maia questions, wiping the sweat off her face, then her neck, wearing an easy smile. At the offer, she laughs, leaning a shoulder against the locker and reaching for her dog tags, moving them side to side, making that satisfying zip sound they make. The wink, combined with his words have her brows lifting again. "Oh Gabe, do I have Fuck Me written on my forehead?"

Luc chuckles and shrugs. "Nothing bad. Just been bored." He says. Smirking at her and raising a brow. As if asking, 'Well don't you?'. Giving her a moment to reply to that if she wish. Then he continues with, "No need to be in the same shower unless you really want to." Teasing her a bit.

There's stillness in reply while Maia debates exactly how to react to that. Her hand pauses mid zip on her dogtags and blue eyes regard him with incredulity. Straightening from her leaning position, she drops her dogtags, they land with a clink against her chest. Leaning in, as if to whisper in his ear, she doubles her fist and aims for a punch in the gut, close range. "You've forgotten how to read." It's her turn to wink now as she steps away from the lockers, unless he stops her.

Luc grins and does get a punch to his gut, but not too hard. But enough to feel it. "Just teasing." He offers smiling kindly to her while trying to grip her arm, the one that punched him. "Please." He offers and is a bit more on the sweet side now.

When he catches her arm, Maia isn't surprised. She pauses there and lifts her gaze to his again, lips lifting only in the corner, into a crooked smile. "Careful what you say, Gabe."

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