AWD #243: Never a Dull Moment
Never a Dull Moment
Summary: Attempted apologies and a coming together in the fitness centre.
Date: 07/Sep/2013
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Fitness Center - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
AWD #243

With pads cleared away to reveal the Pyramid court, Jena is out on the court just working the ball, bouncing it, throwing it against the wall and catching it, dribbling it between her legs. Looks like she's mostly just warming up. It's after lunch and before dinner and the fitness center seems to have a few people about, most on the weights or treadmill.

Toby had been on early shift, so now he's done and changed into his sweats. Since he's headed fitness centre-wards though he's not yet showered, just washed, so there is that faint smell of tyllium on him. What he also has though is his pyramid ball, not an unknown event, but certainly these days he's far more likely to be wrapping his wrists for work on one of the bags. Spotting someone else on the courts he offers a brief nod then starts to warm up himself. The inevitable question followws a few moments later, "up for a spot of one on one?"

Lifting a towel that is wrapped around her neck since her light jacket is already tossed aside, Jena swipes it across her forehead. "One on one?" A smile curves one corner of her mouth up, giving her a friendly expression. Catching the ball in her hands, she tucks it beneath an arm and approaches. "I'll play a game with you." Conversationally, she also offers, "I'm Jena Cruz, newly arrived on Orion."'

Toby sticks his ball in left hand and offers his right across, "Toby Shackleton, been here about six months now." His accent marks him as Tauran, and for those familiar with such things, so do his tattoos, both in style and language. Eyeing the courst and the goals a minute he then tosses his ball off to one side where it's out of the way, gesturing to Jena that she should feel free to start any time she likes.

Lleufer has been cleared to leave medical but as he's still a bit weak and very sore if he moves around much, it's a very light day. Lots of sitting and resting. It also makes him restless. He comes in now after laying around the pool reading OCS material. He's got his electronic tablet tucked under his right arm, his left bicep bandaged and in a sling. Wearing a sleeveless tank, he pauses when he sees the others and leans against the hatch frame to watch them.

Jena slips her hand into his and smiles. "A pleasure meeting you, Toby." Going for the casual. Her own accent identifies her as being from Caprica and she has no visible tattoos. Withdrawing her hand, she takes a few steps back when he indicates for her to start. "I'm a little rusty, I've not been around a court in.. quite some time." But she's definitely not backing down. Catching sight of the new arrival, she offers a brief wave but gets back to the game. Dropping her ball into a dribble, she attempts to bounce it around him for a layup.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Jena=body+pyramid Vs Toby=body+pyramid
< Jena: Success Toby: Good Success
< Net Result: Toby wins - Marginal Victory

Toby hadn't spotted Lleufer, and half wonders if Jena's wave is an attempt to distract him so she can makea flying start. He's jsut starting to look over in the marine's direction when she moves and his attention snaps back to the matter at hand as he darts sideways to intercept the ball mid-bounce and claim it for his own. Knowing he's safe from conceeding a point for now he finsihes checking out her wave and gives Lleufer a brief no once the man is spotted, then tosses the ball back to Jena. "Rusty eh? Okay then, have another go to get you back into the swing of things."

The Marine is on his feet but not much more than that, busy holding up the pool hatch's jam by leaning against it. He smiles slightly at seeing the other two playing, "Afternoon." Doesn't know the gal. Lleu clears the doorway and maybe wants some company but he's not up for much. He takes a seat and lays his electronic tablet aside, having been catching up on some OCS reading. "Who's winning?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Jena=body+pyramid Vs Toby=body+pyramid
< Jena: Success Toby: Failure
< Net Result: Jena wins - Marginal Victory

Bennett slips into the fitness centre with her gym bag slung across her shoulders, and her hands occupied with scraping her long hair up into a ponytail. She's sporting layered tanks and sweatshorts, and is possibly identifiable as a pilot by the quantity of ink she's sporting, alone. Her eyes go immediately to the pyramid court when she picks up on the fact that a game's being played.

When her attempt is thwarted, Jena isn't at all surprised when the ball is taken away from her. She immediately goes on the defensive though in case he's going to drive for the goal. As he tosses the ball back though, she catches it with a smile. "Oh, a gentleman." Once more she attempts a layup, but instead of going to the right, she only feints that way and drives up the left side. "Zero to Zero." The answer is to the Marine.

Mahasti is sneaking in, carrying a swim bag looking sweaty already, she's either already worked out or just got done with something exceptionally hard on the clock. She eyes Bennett, instead of fussing she attempts to slip past the pilot, the game, and into the pool hatch near Lleu, a small frown on her face. She seems to not be talking today. Because she's so prone to silence and all.

Toby looks faintly amused as Jena calls him a gentleman, then chuckles slightly, "not exactly, there's just no enjoyment in a one sided game. A challenge is much more interesting." Going defensive once more he has his eyes on the game and not the two new arrivals, sparing only enough spare brain power to answer "no one, yet," to Lleufer. Then it's go and the faint initially fools him, although he's not too slow in changing tack and coming back round towards his opponant and aiming for another intercept.

Still lightly drugged, Lleu's slightly zoned out. He offers Mahasti a slight smile to her grumpy frown, voice low, "I'm behaving myself. Promise." He's even sitting down. Yynr opens up the files he'd been reading on his tablet to find his place where he left off last. An occational glance up let's him keep track of the game until he notices Bennett, "Captain."

Bennett spots Lleufer, too, and offers a smile the marine's way before becoming distracted by the redheaded woman who passes her by. Before Mahasti's able to get too far, she calls across to her, "Doctor Nasreen, a moment please?" The gym bag is hefted up on her shoulder, and she pivots on her heel to approach. She does have the advantage of those long legs over the petite doctor.

His rebuttal to her comment has Jena laughing, but she doesn't linger on it too long. She's got a game to play! The second chance he had offered her had proven beneficial when she manages to just barely get around him and complete the layup, the ball bouncing off the backboard and into the goal.

Mahasti visibly tenses at Bennett's voice "I don't have a choice do I, sir?" she asks, voice a little strained from nerves, the doctor's eyes following Bennett's bag nervously. The red head moves one hand up to cover her mouth, making a slight face. "Don't over do it Lleu." she mumbles a little

Toby isn't infact, distracted by Bennett called to Mahasti, but it might be a convenient excuse later if he feels the need. As Jena throws he reaches for an intercept but can't get his fingers to it and is left to go fetch the ball from the goal instead. "One nil," he then calls over to Lleu, only now spotting Bennett and Mahasti. They seem to be busy themselves though so he picks the ball up and moves back towards the centre of the court, bouncing it a few times as he does so. "Not bad," he offers with a faint smile, "few more like that and I might have to start playing too." He looks like he's about to start off on an offensive move when the strain in Mahasti's voice carries and he pauses again, tilting his head in her direction just to check everything is alright.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Jena=body+pyramid Vs Toby=body+pyramid
< Jena: Good Success Toby: Failure
< Net Result: Jena wins - Solid Victory

Bennett doesn't look like she has any intention of ragging the other woman out. Once she's within conversational range, she reaches out to touch Mahasti's arm lightly, and laughs. "Relax. I just wanted to apologise for my words the other night. You.." A glance toward the game nearby as the ball is dunked, then back to the doctor. " came by at a pretty bad time, doctor. I am not sure if you're aware, but we lost the CAG and a top raptor pilot the night before." Humour gone, she keeps her voice soft so as not to disturb Jena and Toby any more than she already has.

Lleufer starts to watching Mahasti and Bennett, "Yes, sir." He says to the doctor, not giving her any trouble. Nope. Lieutenant's tension isn't missed though. Lleu thins his mouth a little and eases himself back in the chair along the wall to watch those two. He lifts his right hand to stick a finger in his ear and wiggle it around. Huh. Seems he can hear a little better now. Ringing is going away.

Mahasti doesn't say a word, instead staying board stiff and silent. Relaxation isn't coming this time. She lets Bennett finish speaking before opening her mouth "I am aware of that at this time, sir." she comments with sharp formality. Her normal, affection filled mannerisms are held back, careful not to further offend the pilot. It is clear she isn't at all sure how to handle the situation.

Certainly used to the cocky talk of those in the Colonial Navy and Marines, Jena doesn't bat an eye when he begins the talk about playing too, if she keeps it up. She does grin though at the teasing remark. "Thanks." Hearing the others, Jen doesn't really stop and look over. Her head is in the game so when Toby seems distracted, she goes in for the steal, bouncing the ball back a little, a confident smile playing over her expression. Now that she has the ball though, it's time to get past the larger Tauron… and instead of doing a normal feint, she acts as if going to the right, feints left, then drives down the right side.

Bennett hesitates a moment like she might say something more, then elects to simply leave it at that. The wording of Mahasti's reply, and the woman's body language seem to have the pilot a bit perplexed. "Well, ah, have a good swim then doctor," she tells her quietly. Then she withdraws and slips away, headed for the bench next to where Lleufer's seated.

Toby might not like marines as a whole, but he at least trusts Lleufer enough as an individual to keep tracks on the pilot/doc situation and yell for assistance if it ends up being required. Especially with Bennett's appraoch not looking hostile. Back to the game then, just in time to see Jena dive past him with the ball that he was sure he had in his hands. There's a faint grumble under his breath in Tauran, but he gives her a brief nod to acknoelwdge the point and then calls over to Lleu, "two nil."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Jena=body+pyramid Vs Toby=body+pyramid
< Jena: Failure Toby: Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.

Mahasti shifts over to squat down and take Lleu's injured hand to test the ligaments real quick, her hands shaking just a touch visibly without much fussing about him her hands carefully massage the tissue with her thumbs. She is making an odd face yet. "Thank you, sir." she murmurs at Bennett "Lleu, may I see you in the infirmary in the morning to check your other injuries before your shift?" she asks, voice very low. "I take my Sonogram tech test soon." she offers, voice a little nervous yet. "Maybe I should go to bed." she whispers to Lleu.

Lleufer eyes Bennett and offers the Captain a hint of a smile for her coming over to join him along the wall. Then Mahasti backtracks to come over as well and take his left hand. "You already checked my hand a couple of hours ago, Doc. Nothing wrong with it." Lleu is careful to keep his tone playful rather than chiding with Mahasti being so brittle. He gives her a nod to something she says low, "Yeah. You're good. Relax, don't worry about us for a bit." Ynyr tries to give her a smile, "I'll come check on /you/ later, how about that? Help me sort out this paper I've got to write for my OCS."

Catching the ball after the shot is made, Jena tosses it back to Toby, preparing for defense this time though she does glance over at the sidelines with the others, moreso concerned with the interaction of the people. These were her peers, the people she would be spending her time with now. The attention to the side is brief before she looks back at Toby and smiles. "Your turn for the drive for the goal."

Bennett drops down on the bench and begins peeling off the hooded sweatshirt she's wearing over her tanks. It's a standard-issue, 'property of the Colonial NAVY' type of thing, and is stuffed into her bag before she pulls her water bottle out for a drink. Her eyes are on the game, and she leaves Lleufer and Mahasti to their conversation for the most part.

Toby isn't taking his eyes off the bal this time, not feeling like making that particular mistake twice. Theres a faint nod towards Jena as he makes the catch and then he's moving towards the goal infront and to his left. There's a faint midway and then he turns sharply, aiming to cut pass Jena and go for the third, as of yet untroubled goal. It's a move that's served him well in the past and he's determined to make it work for him now. It's going well until he comes out of the turn and instead of there being space to push for the goal, there's 5'6" of Jena there instead. There's no time to pull out, or dodge and a moment later there's a sickening crack as skulls collide at high speed.

Mahasti blinks a bit "Why? There is nothing wrong with me. I passed my psych eval and physical examinations just fine besides my weight problem." she looks at Lleu a little confused. "You are still hurt." she stands though, sort of starting for the pool again, looking just a little shakey on her feet. "I should be in the sickbay or hiding out in my rack." she murmurs, cheeks a little pink. "I won't be in the mess, I've not been hungry for quite a while, nor will I poke my head in the rec room unless tugged." she offers to Lleu, ruffling his hair. The sound of smacking causes her to wince and head to peer at the court "Ah.. Do you two need your heads looked at?" she asks, surveying the situation before hopping in.

Ruffle what hair? Rub his slightly more than fuzz? Lleu ducks his head to try and evade it anyway. Mahasti's like an annoying sister. Man's gaze sharpens a bit on the doc and he looks like he's trying not to go all Marine on Mahasti and read her a riot act. He might yet, but for the moment Lleu bites his tongue and draws a slow breath instead. "Go eat." It sounds like an order, even if she outranks him. Ynyr lifts his right hand to rub at the back of his neck and says something /very/ low to the Captain.

Bennett glances back to Mahasti for a moment, and the corners of her mouth turn down in a slight frown. It seems however that she's not going to risk getting the same reaction from her again, though, as she keeps her distance this time. Lleufer's murmur garners a wry smile from the pilot, and an equally soft reply as she slips her water bottle back into her bag. "I am glad to see you out of sickbay, Sergeant," she tells him in a more conversational tone.

His movements weren't so expected, but Jena manages to keep after him and herself between him and the goal. It was a mistake because as soon as he turns to make a shot at the goal, she finds herself in his direct path with not enough time to move out of the way. As their heads crack together, she falls backwards onto her backside, lifting her hand to her head to take stock of herself. But her concern is for her opponent. "Knot or indention?" She asks him right away. Hers is a knot, so she's not concerned, but she's already moving to look after Toby. Hearing the other voice, she looks over and nods. "Sure. You want to check him out?" She's still tentatively touching her own swollen knot on her forehead.

<FS3> Toby rolls Body: Failure.
<FS3> Jena rolls Body: Failure.

Toby stays upright, for just a moment, then ends up on his knees. He's got a pretty thick skull but the impact seems to have rattled through it badly. He hears Jena's question, sort of, but he's not really focusing properly and instead just sinks his head down towards his knees and wraps an arm vaguely over it, because you know, that hurts, and thats about all he can manage to concentrate on for now.

Mahasti eyes back at Lleu "I am not hungry? If I was hungry I'd go eat some of the Leonese onion soup in the mess, its just about my favorite mess cooked option." she comments calmly. She shifts to take the red medical pack from the wall, moving to Jena and Toby curiously. She takes a moment to squat down beside Toby "Ringing in your ears, confusion, sleepiness?" she asks towards the stranger and the deckie at the same time. She takes out a cool pack to offer Jena, kneeling down next to Toby "Toby, let me see, okay? It looked pretty painful. I can give you an ice pack." she coos out in her softest 'I am working' voice that carries authority.

It was better to be a little zoned out and resting than annoyed, even if it sharped his focus. The Sergeant shifts his jaw and glances to Bennett. Lleu refrains from saying anything else to Mahasti, letting her ease off to go see to the other two. He mumbles low to Bennett, "I really want a drink." Nevermind reading. Lleu shuts off his electronic tablet and moves to stand, "I'll catch you all later."

Conscious and coherent, Jena reaches for the ice pack and presses it immediately to her own forehead while the short lady begins taking over the treatment of Toby. She eyes them both curiously but voices mostly her thanks. "Nice that you carry ice packs with you. Are you a doctor?" Peering closely at Toby, she introduces herself to the shorter woman. "I'm Jena Cruz, just arrived on Orion from Picon." Her accent is Caprican though, unmistakably. When the Marine moves to head out, she looks over. "Nice meeting you." But technically, she hadn't met him at all.

Toby glances up towards Mahasti as she speaks, looking faintly unsure of his surroundings and blinking a few times to try and bring the Doc into focus. Noticing he's not on his feet his first move is to try and stand up again, but that doesn't go terribly well and he ends up back on his knees again, muttering "frak" under his breath as the fog slowly starts to fade.

Bennett looks up as Lleufer makes to depart, expression thoughtful as she catches the look on his face. With the pyramid game suspended due to a minor medical emergency, and the punching bags currently in use by a couple of marines, she hoists her bag back up on her shoulder, and pushes off the bench. The pilot falls into step beside Ynyr, and murmurs something in a low voice.

<FS3> Mahasti rolls First Aid: Success.

Mahasti eyes a bit "All medical kits on all decks are equipped with quick cold packs. You squish 'em up they get cold." she comments, watching Jena curiously "What part of Picon?" she asks towards Jena "I was stationed at Penrose and bounced around after war day where needed." she offers. "Doctor Mahasti Nasreen, Lieutenant if you must." she offers. She waves to Lleufer and Bennett as they leave "Have a good one Lleu, Sir." she offers, quietly acessing Toby "Did you just knock yourself a little off kilter?" she asks, after a long moment

Brandy comes into the room, checking over the scene with a bit of curiosity, her eyes settling on the 'man(woman) down.' In a little further, then do what pilots are best at in this stiuation, stand by and stay out of the way. She takes a sip of her bottled water and moves close to the phone incase somebody thinks the need to have the stretchers brought down.

Lleufer heads on out before he gives the Captain any reply.

"Good afternoon, Aphrodeen," Bennett greets her squadmate on the way out, smile warm. "Come see me later, before your shift tonight, please?" Without waiting for an answer one way or the other, she returns Mahasti's wave and ducks out the hatch.

"PO2 Jena Cruz," Adding her rank in there for both Mahasti and Toby. "All over Picon but mostly under Spree, assisting her since the day the war began. I was from Caprica originally." Noting Toby and his lack of coordination, she looks concerned. "We should get him to the medbay, Doctor. Maybe run a few tests, make sure there's no swelling on his brain. Surely he's got a concussion and we can monitor him better there."

Toby is starting to look a bit more with it as he finally manages to focus his eyes properly on Mahasti. He's with it enough to realise that trying to stand up again would be an exceptionally poor idea for now, but not enough to quite track all of the Doc's words, replying with a vague "what?" rather than any useful answer. Nor does he quite follow Jena's words, but he does make out 'medbay' and reacts with a small shake of his head. "No," he mutters, waving a hand in her general direction, "I'm fine." A pause as he concentrates to form the next short sentance, looking to Jena as he states slowly, "just need to sleep it off."

Brandy steps over, frowning a little at Toby as she does. She holds up two fingers in front of the man, "How many fingers?" shifting up the third as soon as it seems like he is focusing on them. "How bad is it Petty Officer?" she asks the woman as she watches Toby to see how off his game he really looks.

Jena gives a soft chuckle and peers down at the place where he had hit his head with hers. "Sleep it off? Out of the question. In fact, I intend to keep you occupied until I know for sure it's safe for you to sleep. You know the drill. Anyone with a possible concussion can't go sleep immediately. That's basic first aid knowledge. So, what will it be, Toby?" Remembering his first name, but not the last. "Treadmill or the Mess Hall?" Limited options but both are enough to keep him awake. "We can play again another time." When Brandy walks over, she offers her a smile. "He's mostly coherent now, but he does seem to be weak. Want to help me get him to medbay or the mess hall?" Letting him choose between those now.

<FS3> Toby rolls Body: Failure.

Toby tries switch his attention to Brandy, but ends up moving too quickly and the dizzyness returns with a vengence. If he'd been on his feet he'd likely have ended up on the floor, but his knees seem to be providing enough balance for now at least. His focus goes once more and he doesn't even attempt to answer Brandy, using the neurons that are firing properly to steady himself rather than gaze at her fingers. He's about up to looking at Brandy when Jena states his options, turning more slowly this time he blinks at her once, running her words through again to make sure he got them straight, then mutters, "frak the treadmill." Thats an answer right?

Brandy looks over to Jena as she makes the offer, mildly watching Toby to try and discern if he is getting any better and deciding he is not. She leans down and wraps an arm and motions to the other one, "Eating is out in head injuries too, Petty Officer Cruz." Brandy states calmly and motions to his other arm for the woman to take up. "Do try to focus Crewman Shackleton. Trust me, if you don't let the petty officer keep you awake.. You'll be kicking yourself." Was that a sideways compliment? She directs her eyes over to the other woman, "Let's take him down.. If he is fine, they'll release him. Okay, Crewman, up on three.. One two.." three being held to make sure the PO2 is good with it.

The obvious dizziness of Toby is cause for concern and Jena reaches out to help steady him. He did seem somewhat coherent when he answered about the treadmill at least. Reaching for his arm, she studies him before looking back at Brandy she grins. "Oh I know eating is out," she says softly, "I was trying to get a reaction out of him." When none was forthcoming, she knew he was worse off than she had imagined. Lifting with the help of Brandy whenever she hits three, managing to help him stay on his feet. "Here we go, I've already familiarized myself with the location of sickbay so I'm good to go when you are."

"I'm focused," Toby mutters, not entirely convincingly. He does at least seem to be with it enough to work out what they're planning and to start to push himself up as the count hits three, although they're going to be doing most of the work. There's a definite moment when the room stops spinning, although it's a couple of seconds in coming and then he manages enough joined up thought to mutter to Jena, "ball." He'd brought his own personal ball after all, sod leaving that for some random to find as that's a sure fire way to never see it again.

Once they get him on his feet, Brandy gives a nod to start to walk the man out of the gym. And she is fully ready to do just that when he says 'ball.' A reference lost on the Ensign, but it gets him an odd look as it seems more lost than before if you don't know what the person is talking about. "Mind your manners Crewman." she states in a mild scolding tone as she makes sure her fellow limp aider is ready to go. If Jena gets it, Brandy can hold him a moment, but if not, the ball may end up MIA.

Once he is to his feet, Jena glances back towards the ball he had brought. Since he seems to be managing fairly well on his feet, she nods to Brandy. "Can you manage just a moment, I'll go get the ball he brought in with him." If she agrees, she'll jog over and get the ball, tuck it under her arm and then assist in helping Toby get to the sickbay.

The comment from Brandy only seems to add to Toby's confusion, as he sure as hell can't work out the logic chain thats gets to there. It doesn't help of course that he's not sure if that's because he's missed a step, or if it's blindingly obvious and it's just the crack on the skull mixing things up a bit. As Jena moves though he just takes the time to work on focusing, leaning a bit on Brandy until he can be sure that his legs are back on side once more.

Recreation Hall - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The hallways are the standardized thoroughfares found on nearly every ship in the Colonial Fleet. Tall enough to accommodate heavy equipment, their half-diamond arches rise almost twelve feet off the decking. About a quarter of the overhead bulbs are Vitamin D lamps, smoothing out the harsh edges of standard-issue fluorescent bulbs. Wired phones are posted every hundred yards and in adjoining halls as well. Heavy bulkhead doors section off the ship into different areas, and each hatch is clearly labeled no matter how large or small.
AWD #243

Toby won the lottery, now he has a blonde on each arm. Brandy has an arm looped over her neck, and Jena is much the same but carrying a Pyramid ball somehow too. A closer look might reveal though that Toby appears to have already over celibrated his winning luck, cause he seems to be dragging a little in the middle. Or maybe things aren't quite that way as the seem to be headed towards sick bay. "Not much further keep your eyes open, Crewman." her gaze going over once in a while to make sure the other living crutch is doing okay.

Assisting Toby down the corridor from the Fitness Center towards sickbay, Jena is under one of his arms while Brandy has the other. Tucked under her free arm there definitely is a Pyramid ball. She's managing just fine on her side as well. "You doing okay, Toby?"

Seated with his back towards the bulkhead, eyes closed at the moment, Fischer is just looking a bit absent at the moment. Opening his eyes as he sees the people present, he shakes his head a little bit, but he doesn't say anything at the moment, it would seem.

Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Sickbay
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
AWD #243

<FS3> Toby rolls Body: Success.

Perhaps it's the change of atmosphere, or maybe it's the movement, either way though, Toby seems to be getting more sure on his feet as they progress. By the time they reach the sickbay he's still a little groggy, but is able to support himself on his own two feet. His head still hurts and there's the start of a right shiner of a bruise coming, but he doesn't seem about to keel over or such.

Brandy leads him over to a good bed and helps him to sit, "Alright Crewman, here you are and here you stay till they give you the all clear and you can walk back to your room. And that, that is what they refer to as a lawful order." she states in a fairly firm tone, then she looks over to Jena, "Can you stay with him a bit until a nurse or doctor gives him the all clear, or at least says they have him. I have to meet with my TOP."

Once Toby is in the bed, Jena remains by his side. When given the order, she smiles at the ranking officer. "Yes, Sir. I can handle his care myself, I've had all the paramedic training." And then some. "He'll be in capable hands. Thank you for helping me get him here." Turning back to Toby now, she lifts the rails of the bed so he can't fall off. Reaching for a penlight, she smiles. "Let's get you checked out now."

Brandy turns and makes her way out, "Good luck." she says with a smile back at Toby.

Toby grumbles under his breath at the idea of having to stick around in sickbay for a while, but that's all it is, just grumbling, and he doesn't actually resist. Brandy gets a shallow, slow nod, to indicate that he's heard and understood, before he gives his attention over to Jena. «This is» he starts, instinctively in Tauran, before he realises and switches back to Standard, "this is only a postponement." Trying not to squint at the torch he continues, "I can make back a two point difference." Another pause and the light makes him see spots for a moment and then he finishes with, "you're lucky the ref didn't see."

Using the penlight, Jena checks his eyes, listening to him mention the Pyramid score. "You can easily make up two points, Toby." The grin is kept under wraps this time, no need to damage his pride as well as his eye. "Looks like you're going to be sporting more than a ball.. your eye looks fairly bad."

"I've had worse," Toby replies, already running through the sting of questions he's going to get as soon as he shows his face in the birthings, or indeed, on deck. Of course, he hasn't actually seen this particular one yet, but as the spots in his vision from the torch start to fade away he tries once more, "I'm fine. Really."

"You're not fine.. I think you should stay in here for observation for at least a few hours. I can bring some cards in or something to occupy you. No sleeping until later tonight and no eating until you're allowed out of here." Though her voice is firm, Jena keeps wearing a kind expression, bordering on sympathetic. "I'll go get the cards."

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