Private First Class Nekora Soun
Neko1.jpg Soun, Nekora
PFC Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Heavy Weapons
Age Sex
31 F
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown


Those who follow sports - Pyramid, to be exact - might recognize the name Nekora "Neko" Soun. A little over a decade ago she was a rising star player on the Hades Vice - and fifteen-minute media sensation with various endorsement deals and one ill-advised venture into the music industry (her rap album sold poorly, but the posters of her in the techno-muse costume that were used for the cover art were popular). She led the Delta Conference in scoring during her time with the Vice, though the team never managed to come together enough in the post season to net her a championship ring. But her career hit a predictable downward spiral after an over-priced contract trade to the Virgon United, speckled with affairs with D-list actors and musicians, a couple of drunk driving arrests, and several on the court injuries that cut deep into her prime playing years. She was booted off the United a couple of years ago, and came crawling back to her homeworld of Picon, and a spot on the Panthers roster that did not see her getting much play time. At only 30, analysts agreed she was nearing the mediocre twilight of what had been a promising career.

Then the Cylons blew up the worlds, which frakked up everyone's Pyramid season.

She was one of the lucky ones to survive the initial bombing, and was even luckier to be among the survivors to make it into the tender loving care of Spree's resistance movement. She was able-bodied and still something of a minor celebrity on Picon - which made for decent PR, as such things go - so she was pressed into joining the Marines. What else was she going to do with herself? She still struggles with many aspects of being a soldier, but she's used to being a team player and following simple instructions ('shoot ball in hoop', 'shoot Centurion in head', same difference), so she makes a passable Marine. She hasn't embarrassed herself or gotten anyone killed, at any rate.

Now that the Orion has joined the fight to free Picon and troops are being reshuffled, she's found herself shunted over to Charlie Company as a replacement for the injuries they've taken. How she'll acquit herself on this very different playing field remains to be seen.


Neko Soun is a woman in her late twenties or early thirties. She's tall, just a hair under six feet, with long arms and legs and a figure toned by a lifetime of athletic training. Her light brown skin is a little sun-touched, and her face is dominated by sharp, sparkling brown eyes. She has long dark hair, typically worn pulled back into a manageable ponytail.

Service and Civilian Record

Date Rank Station Notes
Dec 2004 PVT Picon Resistance Force Volunteers for the Picon Resistance, Marines. Is put through quickie "basic training."
Jan - Oct 2005 PVT Picon Resistance Force, Marines, 39th Mountain Divison Assigned to heavy weapons duty, sent into field to shoot Cylons. Doesn't die…somehow.
Nov 2005 PFC Battlestar Orion Makes Private First Class…somehow. Transferred to Dog Platoon, Charlie Company, Battlestar Orion.

Recent Activity


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