Dr. Naomi Tamsin
Naomi1.jpg Tamsin, Naomi
Doctor CIDSR
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Scientist
Age Sex
age F
Hair Eyes
Dark Brown Brown
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Dr. Naomi Tamsin was born on Libran, one of many children of a group marriage who lived on a commune there. Highly inquisitive, she endeavored to be as versatile as possible; encouraged (though not prolific) in the arts, and being mindful of nature both out of respect and as a fascinated scientist. Recognized for her fierce intelligence and unwavering curiousity, she was encouraged from an early age to pursue the sciences, and was granted early acceptance to the University of Ketos on Picon at 17 to pursue a doctorate in biological sciences. She was employed there as an assistant professor when War Day occurred. Students and faculty actually managed to hold off the Cylons for several weeks until the campus was finally seized by the enemy, at which time Naomi's short but brilliant life came to an end when she was killed by the Centurion shock troops.

This is all a lie.

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