Nadine Donnelly
Nadine2.jpg Donnelly, Nadine
Civilian Civilian
Station BS-114 Orion's Brig
Position Criminal
Age Sex
38 F
Hair Eyes
dark brown gray


Politician, criminal, hero; Nadine Donnelly has been labeled all of these things, and more. To some, Ms. Donnelly represents rotten elements of Virgon's political system, where a once-great aristocracy has been reduced to a collection of squabbling "gimmes" — all in the name of democracy. To others, Nadine is a hero; she is someone who has stood up to overwhelming odds, tightening her belt and enduring the hardships of other Hibernia colonials in the hopes that one day Hibernia would be its own sovereign state.

Born to a Celtan mining family with ties to the emerging Labour Movement on Hibernia, Virgon's moon, Nadine learned early that in order to get by one must work hard and make the right kinds of friends. One of six brothers and sisters, there were many mouths to feed, and working in the shadow of the Virgon aristocracy made life harder rather than easier. Eyes were constantly on her father, James Donnelly, who was one of several organizers for Labour's "Fair Employment" and "Workplace Rights" back in the fifties and sixties during the First Cylon War.

When Nadine was a young teenager, James Donnelly, and her brothers Michael and Todd Donnelly, were arrested on charges of sedition and conspiracy to commit treasonous and rebellious acts. All three men were hanged as appropriate for acts of treason. From that point forward, the fireball that is Nadine Donnelly exploded, and through every legal venue she established herself as a person looking to bring "change for the better" to Hibernia and Hibernians.

Nadine was a Labour Party candidate for the Virgon Lower Quorum in 1988 and 1992, but lost to status quo opponents, but a win was within their grasp both times. In 1996, she turned it up a notch, and through back room deals and a lot of palm-greasing and promise of pork, she won her seat by a narrow 2% margin. This victory was short-lived, however, as a mob bust ended up dragging parts of the Labour Party down into the swirling vortex of lies and half-truths, and Nadine was forced to the stand to defend herself.

In a famous eighteen month long scandal trial that sent the Virgon media into a frenzy, sixteen organized crime and seditionist criminals were put on publicly televised trial. Accused of being associated with these criminals and subverting the Labour Party from within, Nadine was painted as the head of the snake — and the snake was figuratively beheaded. Some of the circumstantial evidence against her was her numerous (albeit brief) relationship with lower-ranked mob goons. She did not rat out any of her separatist ties, nor did she implicate a single ally, however, despite being offered two generous plea deals. The Virgon high court's sentence for her and many of her accomplices was an extended time in prison. Political analysts identified her life imprisonment sentence as the equivalent of a death sentence without the political image of the royal family executing those that disagree with their reign. The bars closed on Nadine Donnelly in February of 1999.

In 2002 and 2003 Nadine was investigated for illegal communication with seperatist and terrorist forces beyond the confines of prison, as several retaliatory hits came against police, federal officers, and judges. The charges were dropped before a formal trial process began due to the lack of incriminating evidence. To this day, Nadine remains steadfast that she had no knowledge of these attacks.

Recent Events

When What Where
1966 Born Hibernia moon, Virgon
1984 Entered Tower State University
1988 Ran for office on the Virgon Lower Quorum, defeated Virgon
1989 Graduated from university Hibernia moon, Virgon
1992 Ran for office on the Virgon Lower Quorum, defeated Virgon
1999 Imprisoned TBD
2002 Brief hearing on involvement in Hibernian terrorist attacks Hadrian, Virgon
2003 Brief hearing on involvement in second round of Hibernian terrorist attacks Hadrian, Virgon
2005? Rescued (?) by Battlestar Orion BS-114 TBD

Looking For

  • Political contacts! Nadine was politically active in and around Virgon from the years 1982 until when she was sent to prison in 1999. She may have made it as far as Caprica, Picon, and Tauron as well.
  • Organized crime contacts. While this is less important to the background, any characters with a past that touched or stuck a toe into organized crime may have a past connection with Nadine.
  • Former boyfriends. Were you on any of the above-mentioned colonies? Nadine's whirlwind relationships are notoriously passionate, but short; either her boyfriends burn out on her enthusiasm, or they interpret her passions as 'crazy' and sever things abruptly.

Recent Logs


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