AWD #206: Mystery Ships Recon
Mystery Ships Recon
Summary: Mystery ships located and strangely dark, a small team is sent to investigate.
Date: 31/07/2013
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Temp Room
Out in Space
July 31st, 2005 AWD #206

The call goes out for a small boarding team to assemble on the Deck and climb into a Raptor. A short, blonde LT named Karna is there to give the briefing once they get settled inside. "Hey," she greets while looking around. "I was just finishing up our last unscouted sections of the Ouranos Belt in Gamma when we made visual contact on at least two ships in the distance. They look like fleet vessels, but they were running dark. We didn't have the gas to go back and look, but I saw them right as the FTL kicked." She climbs into the Raptor with her helmet, apparently pulling double-duty tonight. "No radio contact, no running lights, no idea of damage or their status. We're going to go take a look." In short order the Raptor is heading up an elevator and moving for take-off from the flight deck.

Loaded for bear, which is to say - carrying the heavy version of the med kit as far as the raptor and planning to take what she needs from it when they arrive where ever it is that they arrive. "You remember your firearm training?" Nadir says in a low voice to Mahasti as they settle into the raptor and she fastens EVERY single buckle, belt, clasp, everything tightened down until she can't move and can barely breathe. Then curls one hand around one strap that's holding her in place and reaches for a chicken-stick as well.

One of the Marines coming along for this recon is an MP, and one who hasn't spent a lot of time going out in Raptors yet. Lleufer's suited up, kitted out with a moderate amount of gear and probably hoping they'll land on some dirt someplace, or have halls to manuver in, not all space stuff. Whatever the Jarhead's thoughts, he keeps quiet, listens to the Lt and settles himself to strap in with the rest. Pale eyes glance over the others as he double checks he's brought not one, but two knives. Lleu then sits quietly, relaxed, while he waits and listens to the others chatting.

Getting his gear, Fischer has found himself a place to sit, shrugging a little to himself as he listens to what's being said by the LT, as he has found his seat now. Expression is neutral as he listens, leaning back in his seat a bit carefully at the moment.

Seemingly right behind Sam like always the smaller medic adjusts her gear as she buckles in. She isn't carrying the heavy equipment but she does have a full medikit of her own "Dramamine, sir?" she offers, dangling a individual serving pack of tablets to Dr. Nadir helpfully. "Yes, of course sir." she smiles "There is a firing range and we both know I don't sleep well." she offers, eying Lleufer and now Fischer, "I think we brought enough equipment, everything will be fine. If it gets bumpy I have a bag for you." she whispers towards Sam.

Having been called up for ECO duty. Kale arrives in his flight suit, helmet under his arm. Standard issue sidearms already strapped in at his side, he moves off towards his assigned raptor, stepping up to the wing there and nodding to Karna. A glance is spared for the others, brow quirking at both Samara and Mahasti being there, "Damn, good to see the entire medical corps was call up for this one." he offers a quick grin at them and slips his helmet on, getting into the Raptor.

It didn't take long to get Sera on board, even at this hour. Why would it? She spends most of her time on the deck already, anyway. She runs a few more checks on her equipment as she listens to the pilot's explanation, frowning all the while. It's an expression which doesn't suit her face well, making her look older than she really is. "Were there any bandits in the area, sir? The last few times the Viper's came back from a run out there, their ships came back up all blasted to bits."

"No bandits, Chief. We were out there for four hours, saw nothing."

Its three jumps back to the colonies and then a fourth to the general area of their destination. The jumps don't take long, but there's always the spool time on FTLs and sometimes it seems to take forever. With the fourth jump complete, the asteroid belt appears out in front of them. The Ouranos, heavily mined to near depletion, is a lot of larger asteroids and only a few smaller ones. Its known as one of the more stable belts and the mining vessels having cleared out most of the smaller asteroids through the centuries seems to have helped immensely. What is left is a lot of larger asteroids dozens or miles across, the largest being close to 100 miles. The pilot flies them in closer towards one of the bigger ones and she stretches out a finger towards a shadow in the distance. "Holy shit, there's five of them," Karna whispers.

Sure enough, there's five fleet ships floating in a void between several big asteroids. The largest, in the center looks to be similar to a guided missile cruiser but is far boxier. Ringing it are four more ships, apparently minesweepers and flak frigates for close-in defense. There isn't a single light on and they're very hard to pick out against the background of the stars, but their light-grey hulls reflect just enough light from the local star to see them. Coming closer but still several miles out, there's not even a hint of movement. She calls back to Kale, flying them towards the missile cruiser, "Degan, see if you can make radio contact."

Nadir makes note of each person who takes a place on the Raptor, nodding to Lleu in greeting then Fischer followed by Mahasti and Kale then Sera. "Yes, for the love of logic, that's a fantastic idea," she says in a low voice and peels one hand off of the chicken stick and takes the packet before adding, in a lower voice. "Good. You might want to take me with you next time you go to the range. I'm not very good with one," she continues in that low voice as she takes the tablet and chases two of them rather easily. "Is it possible that they're keeping radio silence save for a specific frequency that you're not monitoring?" she asks in a low voice as she curls that hand, again, around the chicken stick and stares forward through the window of the Raptor at the to silent to dark ships.

Having returned Samtara's nod with a quiet smile, Fischer then took his attention to checking and double checking his rifle. Listening to what's being said now, he sits forward a little bit, looking out at the silent dark ships there. "Hmmm…" he mutters.

The flying stuff is left to the pilot and the Lt to sort out where they are going. And for proper ID of the ships up ahead. Lleufer waits for or takes orders until he can get moving and has to make his own choices. So he passes the jumps dozing, having grabbed a light bite to eat before they left. He smiles fainlty at the two medical gals and shares a nod with them if they take notice of himself, glancing over to watch Fischer whom he almost certainly knows. Quiet studying of Sera whom he's not as familiar with. Seems the Aerilon's content not to talk, but Lleu's watchful and listening when the start their approach. He'll crane his neck to see what he might of what they are heading into, his gear already set to go.

Mahasti is surprisingly serene looking for all the danger "Whatever will be, will be. I am not very good either, actually, but, it means I have plenty of room to improve, yes?" she whispers to Sam, heavily accented voice keeping polite and low. Fischer, Lleufer, and Sera are given polite smiles as she adjusts her pockets. Her eyes also drift out the window, fist balling to gently give Sam a bump on the bicep. She whispers something softly in Leonese, rubbing the ring on her index finger very lightly. She leans, whispering to Sam more privately than before "I brought the camera just incase."

Kale flips a few switches and turns some dials, "This is Raptor 279 to Unidentified Cruiser, respond. Over." he says into the comm and waits. And waits. And waits, but no response comes, just empty static. He tries one more time, "Unidentified Cruiser, this is Raptor 279, can you read me? Over." And again, nothing. "No response, Karna." he offers while turning more dials and taps a few keys, "She's not putting off anything. Engines are shut down, no heat signatures off the hulls, no emossions. Nothing."

Even without the hideous orange jumpsuit, it'd be impossible to mistake Sera for anything besides a deckhand. The near-permanent gray tinge to her fingertips gives her away; it's proof positive that she spends most of the day handling greasy engine parts. She ought to have her gloves on, but at the moment, she's still nervously checking her weapon, making sure all the working parts are in proper order. It is not, after all, the first time she's been out on one of these missions. "Yeah?," she mumbles at Lleufer, whose stare she has apparently noticed.

"Gotcha, Degan. Alright. That means we land." Tough luck, guys. She has her orders. The Raptor is put onto an intercept course for the landing bay doors and she flips on their IFF. As they pass over the minesweeper, it looks just as silent. There's no sign of battle damage and all the guns are safetied. It looks like peacetime storage. The missiles cruiser, their destination, looks the same. All the missile hatches are closed and the defense guns are down and dark.

The bay's airlocks are automated with colonial transponders and the Raptor comes to rest inside. While the airlock cycles, the pilot just sits there. The Master Arm is 'ON' and she has her miniguns selected. The woman looks incredibly tense. But slowly those doors into the hangar bay open and reveal… a hangar bay. The pilot leans forward, looking around and then slowly nudges the Raptor farther in to land while the doors close behind them. "Look at this place," she breathes. Out the front windscreen everyone in the back can see a neat and orderly hangar bay. Its a ghost town. There's no sign of anyone, nor any sign of foul play. No spent shell casings, no blast marks, no debris, no bodies, no blood. Its just very, very quiet. "Opening door. I'll remain here and radio if there's trouble. Old Man wants contact with the ship's commanding officer. Find him or her." And slowly the door opens. "If you can… Gods." The last is nearly breathed.

"Well, this just is another reason why Medics shouldn't carry guns, although as a doctor we do know the best places to shoot someone, if we could actually hit the target area." Nadir's attention snaps forward abruptly, "Wait. She's running silent? All of them? Every ship?" she asks, or quite really demands, abruptly. "This is a bad idea, this is a very bad idea, this is a wonderfully awful idea," she mutters to Mahasti and stares through the open door once it is open. "There are a handful of reasons why this fleet is out here and utterly silent. A: It's a trap. B: everyone on this ship was taken to be the human host of those Centurion parasites. C: Some sort of massive fleet wide plauge swept through. But we'd smell dead bodies. I know the smell of dead bodies, even without the suit on, we'd smell it, and there'd be bodies. And D: It's a trap," she says that option again because it's vital to reiterate it. "That still means we're getting out of the Raptor, doesn't it," which isn't so much a question as a statement of fact.

With the Raptor doors opening Kale moves towards the opening. He turns on a flashlight attached to his flight suit. He looks at those assembled and just huhs, "So…A Doctor is in command." he nods at that, looking to Mahasti, "Doesn't really matter what it is…Orders are orders." And so he moves towards the door "Let's get a move on then." He steps on out of the Raptor, one hand on the pistol he's carrying.

"I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this…" Fischer mutters to himself, before he glances around momentarily. Moving to the hatch to be one of the first to get out, his rifle held at ready as he looks around very carefully for the moment.

Yep, here we go. Lleufer hears they are going in and he glances at Fischer. He pulls his rifle and does a last check he already did several times before he boarded, does another check that all his suit's seals are set where they should be. He glances from the Lt. to Samtara who seems to be taking over as ranking officer on their little trip out. "All right then. Fischer and I will head out first, keep our lines of sight clear, Captain." He moves to join Kale and Fischer and when the door is opened, the Sergeant will take a good look before he steps on out to give the others room. Yes, a good, cautious looksee, rifle in his hands.

Mahasti takes a moment, checking her seals before fishing out her camera to strap it to her bag straps, changing the filter to one better suited to the tasks at hand. Notably her camera doesn't have a flash on it She takes the lens cap off, setting it aside. Without much argument or commentary she undoes her safety belt "I suppose so? " she mumbles at Kale. She steps out behind Lleufer, moving cautiously with her equipment, withdrawing her pistol to hold with both arms, safety still on for the moment.

Sera frowns, darkly, as she stares out the Raptor's front window at their surroundings. There's something muttered under her breath in the harsh, pidgeon language native to Troy. But she doesn't hesitate. She pushes herself up from her seat and moves towards the door, her eyes flicking momentarily over to Samtara. "You might want to draw your sidearm, Captain. The last two times I was aboard one of these things, the Cylons decided to pay us a little visit, an' it weren't the friendly kind." How reassuring!

Every fifth light is on in the bay, giving it a dark and foreboding feeling. But nothing looks out of place and every single item is stowed securely in lockers. Ordnance racks are secured in cages, locked, and the trained eye can pick up all of the proper safeties installed. Tools and the carts have all been secured. Fuel lines are cleaned and hung. But there is not a single aircraft in this hangar except for the Raptor they flew in on. Clean and ready for inspection. It looks like they ship had been readied for a visit from an Admiral and left unattended out here. Maybe that's what feels so damned -wrong- about it. At the end of the small hangar bay is a stairwell leading up and into the rest of the ship.

She doesn't say it, but Nadir darn near does: well THIS is a less than terribly logical and entirely rational and well planned.. plan. She aims a look at Fish, since he said it first, while she unbuckles, unclasps, unfastens, checks the seals on her suit in a brief OCD pat down dance. Shoulders her medkit, "Make sure you take shots of the empty hangar and the gear, munitions, etc. that are on display," she says quietly to Mahasti before turning toward the marines. "Lt. Ynyr, you're the ranking Marine, correct?" she asks, looking from one Marine to the next. "As this is not, at present, a medical mission, and until it proves itself to be, and as you and Lt. Degan are taking point on this particular joy ride.." and she nods at Sera remembering (belatedly) to do this and draws her sidearm as suggested, "I'm going to take advantage of the time honored tradition of delegating. For the moment."

Well, Kale was going to go along with the Captain being charge, she's got the rank, even if she doesn't have the tactical experience. So…now he's being put in command? He draws his side arm, keeping it aimed purposefully at the floor, thirty degree angle. "Alright, fine, I'll take point until the mission becomes medical." Like when we all get shot and die because Kale is in charge. "Let's get photos like the Doc said." he points at Sera and Lleufer, "Start a sweep and clear of the area, let's make sure we don't have something unfriendly lurking in wait."

Letting out a breath, Fischer keeps on looking around again now. "Looks like everybody just left…" he mutters to himself, as he keeps on listening now, nodding a bit at what's being said, paying attention to the surroundings in quiet for now.

Lleufer gives a curt nod to Samtara, "Aye, Captain, though Lt. Degan here out ranks me. I'm only a Sergeant." He quietly corrects. "Think maybe we should see about finding a comp terminal, see if there is any backup power? Be handy if we can access any comps, see if there are standing orders posted. Maybe take lots of sniffer and physical samples for forensics work." The MP in him is itching to investigate and gather data. Lleu then shuts up and waits to see what Degan's going to input. Ah, and then he's got his orders. Ynyr gives a "Yes, sir." and with a glance to Fischer, he starts to spread out from the group and make sure the way is clear. His pale eyes are sharp to see if he can notice any detail out of place, any sign of anything that lived or passed through here.

Mahasti does NOT dawdle, taking the camera up to grow very still and snap pictures. "One, two, three, four.. Huh. That is kinda freakishly weird." she mumbles, snapping a photo of the lights, as if bothered by them. She pauses "Hey Chief Petty Officer, would there be any logical reason to have only every fifth on?" she asks. "Emergency power maybe?" she seems to be confirming to see if it is accurate "I've got the photo gear and am on it, Lieutenant Deagan." she mumbles towards Kale, helpfully. "If any of you see something you don't like tell me and I'll document." she offers, openly and calmly.

The soft 'click' that comes from Sera's pistol is easily heard in the dead silence. There's an upnod given to Lleufer before she fans out in the opposite direction. If there's one thing she knows, it's landing decks. "They're already on emergency power, Sarge. You ain't goin' to get the electrics runnin' up in here," she murmurs before ducking behind the ordnance racks. There's nothing there. There's nothing there at all, is there? A hiss comes from between her teeth. "Least it ain't another reactor leak," she mutters under her breath.

Even sweeping the hangar bay, there's nothing to be found. Everything looks to be in exactly the right place. With the craft gone, there are very few places to hide when everything is secured to give maximum space. There's just nothing to be found here in the hangar bay.

Lleufer is decidely /not/ a tech kind of fella, not with him being from Aerilon. He gives Sera a nod and the bay a good looking over as he absently listens to the others, focused on keeping things secure. Once they have finished their sweep, he's mapped every access point into and out of the deck and stands near to one of them that should take them into the primary bowels of the ship, "All's quiet here, sir. Going in?" Lleu waits for the others to gather back up for orders.

Kale waits till things seem to be clear and then nods once, "Sergeant, you've got point. Docs, take up the rear, Corporal on rear guard." he motions towards the doors that logically lead out and towards stairs or a lift, "Chief Petty Officer, with the Docs please." Kale himself starts towards the doors, "Let's get to the bridge, check out the status of this old girl."

"This is almost scary clean, it's almost clean enough to do surgery in here, which I approve of, but it's . . disturbing," Nadir mutters and checks the read-out on her suit repeatedly. "Before anyone takes off their helmet or pops a seal, please remember the lesson of the Rolend Reese. They used a chemical compound to subdue the crew. Crew that, I'll further remind, were eventually processed as meat sacks for the Centurion parasites," she warns in a low voice that carries, thanks to helmet comms. So she tangles up the names, it happens, when she's carrying a gun, this is apparently a distracting exponential factor in the equation that she hasn't solved as of yet. "reactor leak?" she asks sidelong with a glance at Rutlii, "and will the suit comms relay that far? Through the ship, I mean."

Fischer nods a bit as he listens now, moving to bring up the rear as he looks around rather carefully. "Ready to move out whenever the rest of you are, sir," he offers.

"Yes, sir." Lleufer moves to take point as directed, looking down that hallway carefully before he glanes back to the two medical officers. "Aye, no breaking my seals, no worry on that account, Doc." Leaving the others to sort themselves out as Kale directed, the Jarhead MP starts to move down the hall - Lleu is watchful for anything that looks like trip wires, the faintest glimmer of lazer trips, any sign of smudges, all the while listening and careful of movement up ahead. He'll range a little up ahead of the others but not far, keeping them in sight if he glances back. And once the Sgt sees anything up ahead to report, he's ready to pass it back.

Mahasti eyes Sam "Decks are not supposed to be sterile like this." she comments, moving to the point she was told to be in, letting the camera rest on her chest, gun redrawn and held with two hands. She's a bit jumpy but more or less being alert and watching for things that need documenting.

"I've been on anti-rads more than once since War Day," Sera says as she slips into her directed place near the doctors. She's only half paying attention to the conversation being had; rather, her eyes are focused on their surroundings, which she's inspecting with a cautious eye. Her tongue presses into her cheek as she eyes the emergency lighting that's gone so dim.

The trip up and off the hangar deck, takes them up through a stairwell at first. At the top, the words 'Welcome to the Trident' stenciled in stark white against the grey hull. The turn past it and into the hallways is just as quiet. There's nothing here. The storage crates that pile in hallways on so many of the fleet ships back at Piraeus are noticebly gone. The floors aren't /clean/, but there isn't any trash laying around. There are footscuffs from the normal traffic, wear and tear on the paint, little nicks in the walls where equipment has knocked against. Its been a working ship. But following the pathways and halls through the working parts of the ship towards CIC, its all the same. There's no sign of anyone… and arriving at CIC isn't any better. When they enter the dark interior of the cramped room, there's only the dull blue over the overhead emergency lighting — the white lights in here kept low at all times. The operations board is dimmed, as is the map table and strike plotting. None of the terminals appear to be on. All the headsets are coiled neatly and left at the posts, chairs tucked in neatly. Fire Control, pointedly, is a rather large section of the CIC and against the back wall. Damage Control is off to another side. The only item that looks out of place is a single sheet of paper left on the small map table in the center.

Kale moves further into the CIC upon arrival, "Sergeant, Chief Petty Officer, check these cons, see if anything is running off emergency power. Even a fuel and survival readout would be good." He personally moves towards the map table, eyeing it for a moment before taking up the sheet of paper to look at it. "Suggestions on where else to check? Crew quarters, medical…" he glances away from the paper towards the others to see what they think.

"That's a good question, Officer Rutlii, why are the lights like that?" Nadir echos Mahasti's question as the marines lead the way through the ship, falling in line with Mahasti as Kale and Lleu lead the way forward with herself and Mahi in the middle and Rutlii and Fischer taking the rear guard. "And no, they're not, it's . . disquieting," she agrees in a lower voice with Mahasti before nodding - though in her suit helmet it's tough to tell - at Sera. Reaching the CIC, Nadir's paranoia kicks into overdrive. "Lt. Degan, if that initial avenue of approach is compromised, where's the next exit from the CIC back to the hangar deck?"

Lleufer keeps his rifle pointed in as safe a direction as he might when the others get to moving into the smaller chamber. He notices the paper but doesn't touch it. The neatly coiled headsets make him frown, "Like they moved out of these ships nice and orderly, or someone took a lot of trouble to tidy up after." Lleu moves back out of the way, finger off the trigger and observing safe firearms handling while staying alert, giving others access to look around. When he's got further orders, he starts checking the comps to do with weapondry, though he's not much a gunnery man. "Silo hatch controls are dark. Safeties in place, everything looks fully armed. As noted previously, no signs of hostilities, sirs."

Every now and then, Fischer walks backwards to look back rather carefully. "Where's everyone?" he mutters, as he turns to look to the front again now. Pausing as they reach the CIC, he keeps on looking out the door now, shaking his head a little to himself.

She may have said that the electronics won't possibly work. That doesn't mean she isn't going to try. Sera pulls out a chair and plunks herself down at a console — a CIC console, a place she hardly belongs. Before she even tries to turn it on, she's ducking her head underneath the work station to inspect the component parts. Everything seems to be physically fine, so there's nothing left to do but the obvious. A few seconds, and she's staring into the cold blue light that so many systems give off. "Hephaestus's limp prick….," she mumbles. Well, at least Sera's colorful when she swears.

Mahasti smiles to Lleufer and Kale "If we go to medical, if we look at whats missing, I think Captain Nadir and I would be able to get a better idea as to why the ship looks empty." She offers, examining a nearby terminal, "This is way too clean, like an office on Friday evening. Something feels mighty wrong." she mumbles. The CPO is eyed, for a moment before she takes a picture of the emergency lighting for whatever reason. Click

"Let's check the command quarters." Kale says, moving towards the doctors and handing the Captain the note. "So far so good, I guess." He then responds to the previous question, "Access shaft on the starboard, doors to the secondary stairwell are over there." He points aft, "That would be our primary line of retreat, the shaft would be the second." He then moves away from the map table, "Let's keep moving. Ya'll aint wrong, this doesn't feel right."

From within her suit, Nadir turns to stare at the CPO, setting aside her paranoia as she shares a glance sidelong with her fellow Doctor before her voice comes sharply, "Chief Petty Officer, is there a problem with your hearing?" She crosses the room, toward where the CPO is seated at one of the chairs. "I'd think that if you had a problem with your hearing you'd have reported to sickbay before you came on this mission. If you had a problem with your hearing you'd have alerted your division head who would have then, in turn, had you report to sick bay so that we could run a series of tests on you. So. If your hearing is not suspect, you'll answer the question that you've been asked by not ONE but TWO officer. Who are, to note, attempting to aid in discerning what in the blue blazes is wrong with this ship, the crew, the missing all of the above. So. When asked a question, you'll remember that your hearing is not, at least reportedly, suspect. Unless you'd like to confess to a relapsing or remitting issue with regard to your hearing and, if so, please so advise us."

Lleufer doesn't say anything else since he can't check any more deeply than where things were left set, with the comps locked down unpowered. He turns at the orders, a glance to the doctors, then he heads back out into the hall to take the lead once more to head for what he thinks should be the right direction to seek the officer's quarters. He stops to glance back as he hears Samtara's voice, pausing so he doesn't get too far ahead of the others. If Kale has reached the door, Lleufer asks the Lt. low, "Is there a problem, sir?"

Mahasti looks tense but she watches Kale "It feels like everything got cleaned up and packed before they left." she affirms, instead of adding anything more she gathers a few more pictures, reeling the film with her thumb quietly.

While he's listening to what's being said, Fischer keeps his gaze on the corridor outside, just in case something should show up. "Everything okay, sirs?" he asks, a bit quietly. "That is, nothing has appeared to eat us all, or something?"

Sera just stares at the screen for a second, before she turns to stare at Nadir. Both of her brows shoot up, disappearing underneath her brows. "That's what I'm tryin' to find out, sir," she says point blank. "I'm not in engineerin', and I'm not an avionics tech. As far as I can tell, the emergency lightin' is on because someone turned the entire ship off. There isn't anythin' wrong with it. At all."

Kale grumbles a bit, "Let's just keep this together, Sergeant." and then he looks to the others, "Alright Doc's, you've got your answer. Now, your lead for this mission has given orders to move out. So let's get to it." He nods to the door, "Sergeant back on point. Corporal, rear guard. Let's move it!"

"Yes, sir!" Lleufer says, though without any more volume than needs to carry quietly over their coms. He turns and takes point as directed, moving down the corridor as watchful as before. It is eerily quiet like an orderly abanonded ship, but it prickles the back of his neck a little bit all the same. They have orders to look for the CO so it's to quarters he leads them, pausing at openings to check hatches, peering carefully down accessways before he steps into them or past. When they get to where he thinks they are going, he studies that the door doesn't seem to be trapped as far as he can tell before he's going to try it.

Fischer nods, as he moves to the rear again, once more part of the time walking backwards, so he's got that end covered. Keeping silent, unless something's happening now.

Brown eyes flick back to the console for a moment longer, frowning severely at the numbers showing on the screen, before Sera shoves herself back up to her feet. It's impossible to indulge any of her particular nervous tics with her helmet on, so she simply falls into line behind Sergeant Ynyr.

Mahasti is quiet, largely, following for the moment. Eyes focusing as she follows Kale, feet making sure to keep her steps light now "Where are we headed next on this little tour of bad nerves?" she asks, voice soft to Kale. Her gun is back out, but pointed down with the safety on.

Its not far to the CO's quarters. No Commanding Officer's quarters are very far from CIC. The hallways are as empty as before, but the short movement has them at the hatch. In wartime, the CO's hatch is always guarded by Marines. No more. Its not even locked. Stepping inside, for those who have seen Jameson's stateroom, its not as large. It lacks the entry area but its definitely nice for a ship of the line. By the door is a large bookcase and a couch with an endtable and lamp. The lighting is as low here as it is elsewhere. Stepping farther in, there's the desk closer to the entry with two high-back chairs in front of it and a leather office chair behind it. Everything is tucked and positioned with efficiency. On the desk is a large binder marked on the spine with 'Nuclear Release & Packages — Command Staff Only — CGC-41-N'. Lain neatly on the binder are two dogtag chains with keys attached to each. Beside the binder is a two-page, handwritten note in a man's handwriting. But as flashlights sweep, they're find the bed and who lies there. In it are a man and a women, preserved in the cold internal temperature of the ship. She has her arms held around his chest, her head tucked into his shoulder. Both look as alive, but for the pale and light blue tint of having been subjected to temperatures below freezing. A heavy blanket pulled over them both, the arm around the woman's back appears to be held there in comfort of the woman. Into their 40's, this is very likely the Commanding and Executive Officers of the Trident in their last moments before death took them. Their last report lays on the desk.

When he's opened the door and gone in ahead to check that it's safe, Lleufer stops dead in his tracks when he sees the two in the bed. No touching that binder, that's not for him to do. Quietly as the others are coming in behind him, he breathes over his mike, "Son of a bitch."

Kale is in right behind the Sergeant. He eyes the scene with a quick scan and then he nearly gags. He's an ECO. Not a coroner. He takes a moment to collect himself, back his hand covering his mouth, "Doc's, we've got something for ya." And then he moves to the desk, looking at the binders, and then the note. He takes a moment to read it, then lays it out for the others to look at, "Come read this when you get a chance. Corporal, you're on door guard."

Trident Note

Mahasti takes a moment to tuck her gun away and take a photograph of the couple. Without so much as a word, with cautious movements the blanket is removed and a visual inspection is given a head shake "They've been gone far too long for me to do any tests." she does however quietly replace the sheets, tucking the couple back in with the utmost respect for what is left of them, before sliding in to take a chance to read the letter, the dogtags are taken and put in a biohazard bag, stowed in a pocket with the same respect as she had given the corpses themselves.

Lleufer stands there and stares at the couple for a few breathes, then likely a silent prayer - to whom or what, he keeps to himself. A thinning of his mouth and he quietly turns away to make room for the medical officers. The Marine Sergeant takes up a position next to Kale to read the letter. Very quiet. A glance to make sure somebody's watching the door, his fellow Marine noted. A glance then to Kale and then he walks over to join his fellow Jarhead without saying a word.

Being the last one in, Fischer grimaces a bit as he sees the two on the bed, muttering something quietly to himself as he bows his head a little. He then urns to look to the outside again now, looking to Lleufer as the man arrives at the door, before he looks out there again.

The deckhand doesn't say anything — not a single word. She simply stops, just inside the doorway, and watches the others in silence. Her lips press into a thin line, slowly draining of their color, until they go from pink to a shade of creamy, fleshy white. There's no attempt to conceal her grimace. None at all. After a few seconds, she moves to read over Kale's shoulder.

"Alright, did they want the bodies, or just the tags?" Kale asks, looking over at the Doctor's. "Let's get this wrapped up ASAP." He takes the binders and fishes out a folded bag. He unfolds it and slips the binders inside, then straps it over his shoulders with a set of cord. So basically it's a cloth sack backpack. Now filled with nuclear launch codes.

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