AAR: Munitions Depot Bombing

SF Marines and EOD Marines join forces to blow up a bomb manufacturing facility at Crossroads while SF does their thing.



29/12/2006 (AWD #357)

FR: SGT Randolph Flynn
TO: RADM Louis G. Jameson, CMDR Gillian K. Faulkner
CC: MJR Fairfax, CMDR Carolyn Spree
RE: Munitions Depot Bombing


Our Raptor entered Aerilon airspace and touched down down river without incident. SF escorted us up river by raft to the southern embankment. The area around the munitions depot was well lit and trimmed. SF Marine Rivoli breached the fence and we waited for a break in the Centurion patrols to get through. Once on the interior we were on our own. we proceeded to the South end of the building and picked the first door. Through inspection, Corporal Kapali and I noticed the door had been rigged with a motion detector. I hopped the sensor but triggered it when I turned to kneel and disable the sensor.

I quickly disabled the power to the unit and we entered the warehouse. No apparent alarms sounded. Corporal Kapali assessed and planted explosives on key structural targets, using some of the weapons grade explosives found on hand. I targeted the assembly line machinery, a structural beam, and the a bomb above the door of an office at the north end. Although we laid only seven charges in total, most of the explosive charge was achieved through Corporal Kapali's placement of materials to achieve a chain reaction. We were also able to fit them with clocks as well as remote hand detonation in case something went wrong. Clocks were set for ten minutes. Near the end of setting our charges, two Centurions entered through the North entrance. We managed to slip to the South exit undetected, but discovered two patrols of Centurions outside investigating.

With only five minutes left to get down to the embankment for our rendezvous, and the two Centurions inside the warehouse about to discover us and the payload, I made the decision for us to try and sneak past the patrols. I was approximately ten yards from the fence when the enemy patrols open fired, wounding Sergeant Kapali in the hand. I was hit in the chest while opening the gate though we both made it through. We made a run for the treeline to provide more cover on our way to the embankment and out of the blast radius. It was at this point that I was hit in the head the incoming machine gun fire and fell. Corporal Kapali helped steer us towards the embankment where SF was waiting for the rendezvous. SF Marines got Corporal Kapali and I to safety under the camouflaged raft just before the detonations. SF Marines were able to provide visual confirmation of the success of the mission. Afterwards, we swam enough until it was safe to use the raft and rendezvoused with the Raptor crew to jump back to the Orion.



Corporal Penelope Kapali, EOD, CMF
Sergeant Randolph Flynn, EOD, CMF


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