AWD #110: Mud Bath
Mud Bath
Summary: Augie and Maia go fishing, it's fun. It is!
Date: 26/April/2013 (OOC Date)
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Augie Maia 
Piraeus Pond
It's a pond. On Piraeus.
AWD #110

There's a small lake near Sheridan. Out of the way and off the beaten path, Augie had discovered it with Ceres during one of the many visits they had made down here. "Watch yer step." he warns over his shoulder to the beautiful blonde with him. "I ain't tromped down here in a while." he says cautiously. Over his shoulder is slung a fishing pole and he carries a tackle box. An extra fishing pole - the one that Ceres had used was also on hand for Maia as he finally comes out of the woods and into the clearing that leads to the pond. Maia can tell that the couple must have spent time here, there's a makeshift campsite cleared out and a small pier that's been built by the engineer to fish off of.

Tromping along beside him… or more behind him than anything else, Maia steps where he has stepped since she's not wearing boots or anything as good as protective footwear. Instead, she's wearing shorts, a tanktop and flip flops. Not so original. As they walk she does watch her step at the warning. "It's a nice walk, I haven't been away from Orion and Charlie's this far yet. Once they reach the clearing, she steps up beside him and gasps. "So pretty.." she says softly, the small lake shimmering.

"Ain't it though?" Augie offers that ghost of a smile as he sets down the tackle box and pole on the pier before he moves to head to the line of the lake, where the soil is still moist and he starts to dig his hands into the mud with a grin. "Gotta rustle us up some bait." After a few moments, he plucks out a worm and drops it into an empty ration can. "Ya wanna help?"

Walking over with him, she squats down beside him, looking interested, but not dipping her hands into the mud yet. Tilting her head to the side, she debates and then finally offers a deal. "If I help find the bait, will you put it on the hook for me?" Offering up a hopeful look before peering warily into the empty ration can at the squiggling worm inside.

"Yer a girlie girl? I thought with adventuring, ya'd be used to thinks like this." Augie glances over at her and reaches over, rubbing a little mud on her petite nose and for a moment…

He smiles.

And just like that, as quick as a blink, it's gone as he returns his attention to the worm-hunt. "Sure, Maia, I can do that fer ya." he says as he finds a wiggler and holds up the handful of mud to her. "Quick, grab it!"

Oh sure, she'll jump off cliffs and buildings and anything high enough, but when it comes to putting a worm on a hook she's a wimp. Completely. At least he has managed to take her mind off her problems! Laughing when he smudges her nose with mud, she reaches up with the back of her hand and wipes it off… well thinking she did, in essence she succeeds in smearing it to her cheek too. When he picks up the mud she hurriedly reaches for it, grabbing the end and holding it in the air. It gets longer and longer and longer.. With a laughing squeal she drops it into the can. "Eww!" But she's having fun and now she's digging in the mud too, both hands plunging into the soft earth, lifting out handfuls.

Amusement flashes in the DCO's eyes before Augustus returns to his quest for looking for worms, and certainetly not trying to notice the way Maia's shorts stretch over her just so as she plays in the mud. "Ya wanna get the good and long ones. But not too long, cause then the fish'll just bite them in half. Ya know, ya don't want to give someone a taste, ya need to make sure they want it all." His eyes cut over to her, perhaps dispensing a hint of advice as he drops a few more worms into the can.

Taking his advice to heart, Maia continues digging in the mud and finally when she lifts her hands she sees a worm squiggling around trying to burrow back inside. Dropping one handful she grabs one end and tugs the worm back out but it snaps in half. Looking at the half in her hand in horror, she makes a small sound of distress in her throat. "I.. broke it.." Meaning half a worm was burrowing closer to her hand through the mud. "AHH!" Throwing the mud down and dropping the half, the quick movement makes her fall back on her rear on the soft ground. Finally, she just laughs. "I swear to you, I'm not usually this clumsy." But she can't stop laughing. "Oh Augie.. I'm not much of a fisherman am I?"

Augustus' laugh is a strange sound. Almost a guffaw, in fact, as if he had forgotten how to laugh. He watches her flail around in the mud. "Yer a damn pretty bait." he says, a hint of a wink as he comes over to her and kneels down in the mud to consider her. "I was five when I first went fishing. A group of boys made me eat a worm. That was gross." he says with a grin. "I think ya even make mud look better." Finally commented, his hand reaches to touch her arm, supposedly to help pull her up - or closer to him, depending on how she reacts.

Hearing him laugh draws an enchanted smile from Maia and she can't help but to laugh with him. "You're definitely not putting me on one of those hooks," she teases him as he kneels beside her. Blue eyes widen considerably as he speaks about bullies making him eat a worm and she actually almost gags, a hand hurriedly covering her mouth.. which she only just then remembers was covered in mud. So, she's a mud cake, basically. When he touches her arm, she leans forward, expecting his help to pull her up, a smile still playing over her muddy features.

He's so tantalizingly close, nose nearly touching hers, but Augie rises, pulling the young woman up with him as he rises and there's a small chuckle. "Ain't the hook I was thinkin about." he says in an honest to goodness tease as he gets her back to her feet and looks her over. "Oh yeah, yer definetly gonna need to hit the showers in Sheridan before he head back he says to her and a smile briefly touches on his features.

The mud only makes her blue eyes appear even bluer as they peer out at him so near to her. Her breath hitches suddenly and her gaze lowers for just a moment. "I wonder if the water is safe to swim in.." Maia muses softly as he helps her to her feet, feeling so small next to him, she tips her head back and regards him a moment. "I hope I haven't ruined your fishing trip."

Reaching down, Augie taps her chin. "Don't ya start that with me." he says to her firmly as he wraps her up in another protective hug and his heart seems to jump in his chest for a moment at her closeness as he looks down at her in return. "Ya can't ruin anything, Maia. Ya need to get that through yer thick skull. Ya ain't the source of everyone else's problems and yer the worst enemy of yerself and I wish there was some way I could prove that to you." he says, voice quiet as he studies her.

Refusing to fall into the same self pity party she was in earlier, Maia smiles when he taps her chin and wraps her in another hug, with those strong arms that feel like they could keep an army of Cylons away. "You're right.." she says hesitantly, but disagrees. She could single handedly ruin something and she had. With a single question, she had ruined everything. So when he mentions there being some way to prove it to her, she shakes her head and smiles ruefully. "There's no need, really."

"You're frakking silly, Maiabear." Augie says and kisses her unmuddied cheek and then turns for a moment, only to grab her hand in his. "So, ya wanna fish or swim?" he asks her finally.

Hearing the nickname makes her smile, giving him a look of chagrin, "Silly?" Maia counters. "I aim to please." When he leans in to kiss her cheek she turns it so that he does indeed get the cleaner of the two. As soon as he grabs her hand, she holds his loosely as she looks out at the water. "If there are big fish in there, there's no way I am swimming in it." Her shoulders shake with laughter, "But if you can promise I won't get bit by anything then I'll give it a shot."

"I wouldn't know about yer aim, Maia." Augusts says with a shake of his head, apparently still amused as he gathers up the can of worms to wander towards the pier, assuming that she's talking about going into fishing, right?

Walking with him to the pier, she gets on her knees and after peering into the water to make sure it was safe, she dips her hands into it to wash them off, using the water on her face also, pausing to look at her reflection to make sure all the mud was off her.. as good as she could get it. "What do you do with the fish that you catch?" Maia looks up at him from kneeling.

"If they're too small, toss em back, give them a second chance." Augie says, watching her wash off for a moment before he returns his attention to hooking and baiting their lines. "If they're big enough? I clean them, cook them and eat them. But that's usually for when I was spending the night. I doubt ya want to do that."

Maia shakes her hands rid them of the excess water then rises once again to stand beside him and watch him hook and bait the lines. "I'd camp out here if I could, but I have work tomorrow and all that training for the cross qual and stuff. I wish I could though. I'd love to not go back there at all tonight." And she means that.. very much.

After he baits the hooks, he sets aside his pole, handing the extra pole to Maia as Augustus removes his boots and socks, he rolls up his pants legs to his knees and takes a seat at the end of the pier and rests his feet in the water as he grabs the pole and turns to cast the line out. "Well, good thing we ain't staying, I didn't bring the tent or sleeping bag or anythin like that." he says as he glances up towards her and there's a moment of fondness there before he tries to erase it with a nod. "So, here's how to cast yer line." And he walks her through the motion of a cast.

Maia kicks off her own flip flops, taking the pole he offers her before she moves to sit beside him, watching him demonstrate the casting of the line. "Maybe another time. I'd like to go camping. I still want a beach with sand, blue water and a hammock." Pulling the pole back as he showed her, she holds the button until the worm laden hook goes sailing out… but the worm has somehow got loose from the hook and goes sailing in a different direction. Too bad she didn't notice. So she's beaming proudly as the hook disappears under the water and she holds the pole.

"Ain't seen an ocean nearby yet. Saw it from orbit a couple of times, but nothing from Sheridan. Maybe ya can take a Raptor there some time, claim it's fer trainin." Augie suggestts with a light smile as he watches her cast and follows with his own. "Though yer missing the beer in that fantasy of yers." Fortunately.. he lifts the tools off of the tackle box and beneath is several beers on ice. "Like these."

Sitting there, Maia gets no nibbles and she doesn't know why. So she just lets her feet dangle in the water, contentment spreading through her she she takes a deep breath of fresh air. "This feels nice. Peaceful." When he exposes the beers, she grins. "Beers.. You think of everything!"

"I just know what a relaxin day calls for, Maia." Augie says as he feels a tug on his line. "Oh!" he says, and starts to reel in his line. "C'mon, c'mon.." he comments, a growl between his teeth as he gives a last pull and.. the line goes slack and an empty line comes up. "Frak." he mutters as he finishes reeling in his line as he goes to rebait his hook.

Just sitting there, Maia watches what he does when he actually gets a bite on his hook. Cheering him on, she's got a big silly grin on her face. "Awww, you didn't get it?" She continues watching him though, to learn exactly how to fish.

Augustus goes slow enough so that she can observe everything that he does as he works on pushing the worm down on the hook, the poor squiggly critter trying to wrap around the hook as Augie hooks the thing and then casts his line again.

Maia wrinkles her nose as she watches him place the worm on the hook, but leans in as if truly interested in the process. She lifts her pole and begins reeling it in, it doesn't take long to notice the hook is empty. She reaches for a worm and goes for it… threading it on her hook, biting her lip and jerking. "I think it just… screamed." But this time she's joking and she looks up at him, laughing. "See?" She beams. "I did it!"

"Good job!" Augustus says with a grin towards Maia and he almost misses the tug on his line. "Oh! Here we go again!" he says with a grimming expression as he turns his attention to the line and starts to reel it in, hoping to capture the fish he went after this time.

This time when she casts her line the worm remains on the hook and she sits there, proud of her accomplishment. Maia grins at the compliment and when he gets another one, she watches him all over again. "You can do it Augie!" Her attention rapt, never having actually seen someone catch a fish before.

Augie works on the line and reels and loosens it, his expression a flat stare as he concentrates, the line tightening and pulling as he reels in the fish. Finally, the bass breaks the water and flops around as it drops back in with a splash, fighting Augustus all the way up when he reaches out and grabs the fish and glances towards Maia and notices the twitching on her line. "Hey! Ya got action, Maia!"

Watching him, Maia hadn't even noticed and she begins trying to bring it in like he did, jerking the line first before reeling it in. And reel it in she does. Except when she lifts it and it's there dangling from the line and swinging towards her, she tries to scoot back, but her leg catches on the pier and she scrapes it as she clings to the pole, watching the fish get closer and closer before landing smack on her lap. "GET IT!"

Augie busily removing the fish from his line when he hears the cry of cheer turn panic as Maia gets to cozy up a fish. His own fish is forgotten about as he laughs so hard and goes to pull the fish out of her lap and holds it up for her to remove the hook and grins at her, showing her the floundering fish. "Not bad, Maiabear." he says with an amused smile. He looks so different when he actually has a little life to him, life that she's actually sparking in him, as he settles down next to the woman, his body right next to hers.

Uh-uh. Maia's having no part in removing the hook, that wasn't part of the deal, but his laughter is contagious and she doubles over laughing with him, seeing the humor in it now that the danger of having a live fish on her lap is over. Such a tiny lil thing it was too. Rescued again! "Thank you, Augie." Happy he seems to be smiling and he seems to have brought her to doing so too. When he settles next to her, she looks up and grins. "That was fun." Fishing.

Tossing the poor Maia-terrorized fish back into the pond, Augie shakes his head. "I think that's enough fishing for the day." he says with an amused look and reaches up to ruffle her blonde hair fondly before moving to get a pair of beers, handing her one before he cracks open his. "How long ya have before ya have to head back?"

Watching as her little fish is released into the water, Maia grins. "I could have kept him as a pet and named him." Those words are definite jest and she laughs again. "I agree, enough fishing." Grinning when he ruffles her hair. Reaching for the beer he offers, she opens it. "Oh it shouldn't be too terribly much longer. I had a good time. Thanks for bringing me out here and distracting me."

"Sure thing, Maia." Augie says with a nod. "I'll walk ya back. The wolves ain't too bad in this area, but I don't want ya to be alone in the woods, either." he admits as he looks towards her and takes a draw off of his beer.

"Wolves.." Right. Someone had mentioned that to her. Ohwow. "Ah, maybe we should get back before it gets too late." Maia takes a long drink herself, savoring an ice cold beer, the smell of nature, her feet dangling in water. "I'd really like for you to walk me back.. thank you."

"Sure. Don't thank me for what I'd do naturally. I came out here and sat alone for a long time, Maia. I don't know if I want to be alone here again." Augustus finally admits as he finishes off his beer and tosses the empty bottle in the tackle box as he moves to rise from the water and start to pull on his socks and boots.

Maia remains there a little longer, sipping her beer, finishing about half before offering the remainder of the bottle to him. "I better stop there, duty tomorrow." Rising as well now, she feels the sting on the back of her leg from the minor scrape, but just runs her hand over it before slipping her feet into her flip flops, her clothing all the worse for wear now after her mud bath. "I don't blame you for not wanting to come alone."

Taking her beer, Augie finishes it off for her instead of allowing it to go to waste as he grins at her for a moment. "Ya know, fer a city girl, ya dirty up just right." he says, a certain fondness in his voice as he gathers up the gear and tackle and looks ready to escort her back through the woods.

"Do I?" Maia looks down at her clothing then back at him, chuckling. "Good. I had a good time. I guess it's not so bad getting my feet wet, getting a little muddy and digging for worms." Watching him gather things, she grins. "Want me to carry anything?" Following along again as he leads her back through the woods.

"Naw, I got it." A tacklebox and two poles doesn't give him any free hands, unfortunately as Augie walks along with the gear and leads the way through the woods. "I really apprecited the company. Ya ever want to do it again, let me know. But now, ya owe me one of yer hobbies." he points out with a wink over his shoulder to her.

When he declines, Maia continues walking beside him when able behind him when she has to. "I want to do it again soon. This was so fun." Thinking of her hobbies, she gives him a sly look. "Good, then you get to choose. Legos or jumping off a cliff?"

"Do I look like a man that plays with legos?" Augie asks as he looks towards her and lifts his brow as he gives her a slow smile and considers. He actually pauses and looks lost for a moment. "…you know.." he says quietly. "Ceres and I.. we were gonna go cliff-climbing.. we had it planned originally for a few days after it turned out she was discovered.." the look on his face is pained and hurt. The large DCO actually has a shudder that rolls through his whole frame as his eyes close tightly for a moment and then he shakes it off. "Cliff jumpin sounds fine." he manages, as he starts to walk again.

"Maybe you don't look into legos so much.." Maia says somewhat somberly. It was one of her favorite past times. When his whole countenance changes, she gives him an understanding look. "How about we just wait a little longer and then when you feel like it.. well, I don't really have the equipment with me to go BASE jumping, but we could go rock climbing if you'd like?" After another moment, she looks back at him. "Are you okay, Augie?"

"Maia. I was teasing ya about the building blocks. I'm an engineer. What do ya think I played with as a kid." Setting down the gear, he turns to her and rests his hands on her shoulders, Augustus frowns at her. "I appreciate ya doin this fer me. I really do." he says quietly and honestly. And there's no 'but' with it this time.

"I remember you being there for me when I needed you, right after Luc cause the divorce to be postponed for another week. I'm glad I can be here for you and if you ever need to talk or anything, just find me, I'll always have time for you." Maia says softly, smiling at his mention of his being an engineer. She'd forgotten that for some reason.

"We always seem to find each other at the worst of times to help the other, Maia. Maybe the gods are trying to tell us something." Augie says with a shrug of his shoulders, as he considers her again. Even with the splatter of mud and the ruination of her clothes, she's still gorgeous.

"Yeah, we do." Maia agrees, nodding at the rest. "I've never been real religious, but it does seem as if whenever we're at our lowerst we find each other. Thanks for helping me put things into perspective and taking me fishing. Will I see you tomorrow?"

"Ya should. If not, come looking for me in the bowels of the ship. It's where I usually work." Augustus says as he considers her, and steps up for a moment. He leans down and there is just the slightest brush of his lip to hers. "Promise." he says to her quietly, not stepping back just yet. She will need to leave first for once.

For a moment, Maia just stands looking at him even after his lips brush over hers. Finally, she gives him a crooked smile. "I know you've got a lot to work through with what happened with Ceres and I'm just bad at relationships all around, but I'll definitely see you tomorrow, okay?"

"Yeah. Tomorrow." Augie nods. "Sorry." he finally manages as he offers a smile back and this time he steps back, as he lets out a breath and then goes to gather the supplies. "Sleep tight, Maiabear."

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