Find out what Mother ship looks like and where things are located spatially

Physical Map

Start here to figure out shorthand for different parts of the ship, where they are located, and general structural information.


(TBD - Picture of exterior annotated with part names and direction such as aft, bow, starboard, and port.)

General Modifications

The largest structural modification is the armor plating added on after the fact from cannibalized orbit-bound wreckage around Caprica on the central stalk of the ship. The second largest modification would be the addition of a few point defense mounts for minimal protection capability.

Functional Map

This shows where the functional portions of the ship are.

(TBD - Picture of ship with annotated sections showing things like the market, the arboretum, general medical facilities, engineering, the bridge, etc)

(TBD - Break down interesting sections in terms of their function)

Socio-economic Map

This shows the different class information in regards to location in the ship.

(TBD - Picture of ship showing upper, middle, and lower class areas and provides POIs to show where things they know exist on grid lie in the socio-economic slice.)

(TBD - Break down lower, middle, and upper class sections and what they are like)

Mother Fleet


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