AWD #311: Mother Goose
Mother Goose
Summary: Petra officially saddles Epiphany with the CAG spot.
Date: 28/04/2016 (OOC Date)
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Epiphany Petra 
Ready Room
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The head of the room has a small dais with a podium for the briefer and on the wall behind it are a pair of large LCD screens. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress.
Sun Nov 13 2005 (AWD #311)

During her shift, if she's not on Alert or Cap, Epiphany can generally be found one of two places. Heck, she can often be found at said locations even if she's not on duty. The woman is a workaholic, plain and simple. There's another squadron making use of the simulators, so the Captain currently sits at the end of the second row of the Ready Room. There's a binder laid open close at hand, a clipboard, and the ever-present coffee just within reach. The lights are dim, but not so low as to impede working conditions. She's currently flipping through the binder with her left hand; right held at ready to make notes once she finds what she's looking for.

Petra has his clipboard tucked in against his side and he's been prowling. Today is not a day for him to be camped out in the Map room with Elias and Skyler, apparently. No, today he appears to be on a mission of his own. Nudging the hatch open, he leans in to look as if to just confirm that the person he is looking for is not in here, then performs a light double-take when indeed she is. Stepping the rest of the way through, he lightly kicks the hatch closed behind him and starts towards her with a clearing of his throat, "Captain. Am I catching you at a poor time?"

Every once in a great rare while, Epiphany might take her work to the mess or even the Obs Deck. Yet those seem to be only when she's technically off-duty. Arrington has done a good job of making herself available. She'll learn better, later on. There's a glance up as the hatch opens and she blinks, slowly registering who has just stepped in. It leads to the chair she's in rolling back on its castors as she gets to her feet. "Sir." Greeting. "No, sir." Answer. Even if it was a poor time, would she tell the Colonel as much? Likely not. "What can I help you with?"

Petra slows his step enough to reach out with a foot and hook a chair, dragging it over closer to the Captain. He sinks into it heavily and sets his clipboard on his lap, "So the Admiral and the Major and I have been discussing our strategy and we've developed a couple of plans, and frankly, we've been shuffling headcount around for long enough, its time to get back to this war. I hope you're ready to get back to work. Effective as of now, you're my Commander, Air Group. Butch can take care of the Raptors for you, s'up to you to designate a lead stick for the Vipers. Promotions above Lieutenant JG need to get approval from me or the Admiral first, promotions to JG, just let us know. Clear so far?"

When Petra sits, Epiphany soon follows suit. Something tells her she may have an easier time of it if she's seated. Considering how their last meeting went. Having remained holding her pen, she sets it down and reaches for the coffee instead. Which might prove to be a mistake, except she keeps a hold on it. "I see." Well, it's better than 'What' with a stare. Previously it was 'considering,' now it's done been considered. Arrington takes a moment to process before finally dipping her chin in a very narrow nod. "Yes, sir. Crystal."

Petra nods once, as if they had just agreed on what they are ordering for lunch, "You'll probably need to blow the dust out the CAG's office, but it's yours now…and you'll probably need the space. BECAUSE…" he flips a page, "Our first order of business is Ragnar Anchorage. We need two teams to check it out. One is going to be the lookout, so just a basic team of pilot and ECO to sit on station and make sure the other team gets in and out with no problems. The other team will need a full flight crew, a couple of marines, a corpsman, and preferably someone from Deck or Engineering. We need to know the status of the Anchorage and what is inside it, if anything." He pauses, then takes out a photo and hands it over, showing a particular coffin-shaped object bearing a colonial marine ID number, "This thing is floating around by the Anchorage, and right now, we don't know if its inert or a trap, which is why we made the decision to go with two teams. Don't mess with it, and if it starts to…do something, then we recommend aborting the mission and getting the hell home."

Accepting the photo that's handed over, Epiphany frowns as she looks it over. "I'm assuming this is one of those calls for volunteers I've heard issued out recently." The image is rotated, as she tries to pick out what it might be… to no avail. So it's handed back. "So a pilot and ECO to play lookout, then a full team to actually go in there. I'll talk to the marine XO and find out who they plan to send." There's a sort of frustration to her voice and it bubbles up in the next moment: "So, the first thing I'm doing as CAG, is sending people into what it seems command is assuming is dangerous… blind. I barely know most of these people, Colonel. Volunteers are volunteers, but something of this scale… I don't want to run the risk of sending kids in there because they're the only ones who volunteered, but I'm also not going to order people into something blind."

She seems to realize, then, that she's venting at her boss. Free hand lifts to pinch at the bridge of her nose. "Sorry, sir. That was out of line. I've never before wished I were a Raptor pilot-" One of those 'rather go herself than risk someone else' apparently. "Is there anyone you know who should definitely not go, even if they volunteer?"

Petra takes in a deep breath, pursing his lips for a moment, then shakes his head, "Captain, this isn't a volunteer issue. This is a mission. Choose a team and assign them. This is a ship of the line…for frak's sake, the only Battlestar we know is still in operation. Being on deck is dangerous. We take volunteers for suicide missions…and this is not a suicide mission. We need to know the status of that anchorage. We highly doubt it has been left completely alone, but if there is anything left to scavenge, we cannot afford to let it go untouched because of an anomaly. After we've assessed the Anchorage, that leads to step two, which is going to be more Marines and less Air Wing…we're going to send a cargo hauler to capture that thing, and quarantine it in dead space while we let Sciences go to town on it."

"I see." Epiphany still doesn't look entirely pleased, but then… Going into an unknown is vastly different than 'Here's the target. There may be SAMs.' Oh, you can prepare for that. Combat is easy to prepare for. "I'll see if the marines have chosen their men yet, then decide who I'm sending." Because rank can come into consideration. Will it be a handful of enlistees, requiring someone she can trust to keep a cool head and lead? Or will there be a marine Officer present that command can be handed fully over to? It's a lot more than Arrington is used to considering and she's just quiet for a time as she drinks her coffee. "I understand the need for it. I'll hunt down the marine XO later and find out what he's thinking."

Petra nods again, just once, "Marine Command is my next stop on this little trip, so I can get their brains working on that so they are ready for you when you arrive. Next order of business: We acknowledge that we've had an influx of a large amount of personnel that are accustomed to fighting on Picon, and as much as Spree will disagree with me on this point, Picon is not where we are going to be doing our fighting, moving forward. Simulations help, but as I am sure you are aware, the real thing adds something to it that can be a bit of a shock the first time it happens. Therefore, we're talking to Spree and are going to be assisting the resistance on Aerilon, both on the ground and in the sky. From Air wing, we're going to need combat drops for the Marines and close air support, and then air support in orbit. I suspect we'll be starting out with a nuclear strike against the basestar in orbit, then providing periodic air superiority missions to knock down their raiders and support craft."

The second piece of business, well. That's easier for Epiphany to digest. It's the sort of thing one (theoretically) trained people for in flight school. It's the sort of thing they dealt with on Picon. Except this time, instead of trying to build strike teams out of barely functional birds, she's on a ship with its own viper factory. "Alright. I'll talk to Bennett about finding a team that has experience in dropping nukes." Or who can at least not wet themselves getting up-close-and-personal with a basestar. "And make sure the ECOs are brushed up on their Predators. I'm going to say, in-atmo, we're looking at a few Raptor teams for the drops, with Predator overlook. We'll have Vipers in orbit to deal with the Raiders."

Petra mms, "Whatever best works for you. We'll need to begin operations within the week. And then the third order of business. Next week, we're going to need two remote contact recon teams, that are going to different locations. Two /different/ teams. Raptor pilot, ECO, and a couple of marines, maybe a copilot if we have enough. The exact location they'll be going to, we're going to withhold until the briefing, but just to quell any rumors, neither is a suicide run." There, he finally flips the papers back, "Any questions on all of that?"

Setting aside her coffee, Epiphany reaches for her clipboard. She has to shuffle for a bit before she finds a blank sheet. The pen is recovered and she quickly jots down a few notes. Making sure she has the relevant details taken down. There's a glance up to the Colonel as he details the next bit of business. The fun never ends, does it? "Which is happening first, sir? These two recon teams or Aerilon? Because anyone I send for recon may very well be vital for Aerilon as well." There's a slight hesitancy, as if she's uncertain of saying it aloud. But after a moment, the woman draws a breath and does: "If it's after the operations, I may have to provide you with backup names as well."

Petra nods, "Aerilon is first up. We will work on the timing so that when a team is free, we'll use them for the recon runs, but when the two are in conflict, at least for now, Aerilon is the priority. You dont need to provide the names ahead of time. If we didn't trust your judgement, you wouldn't have been given the CAG office." He pauses for a moment, then offers, "I don't micromanage. Your job is to run my air wing. Occasionally you and I will sit down and review what is on your plate, but in general, I don't need to hear about it unless you need my help. We good with that?"

"Good. I don't want to have to set anyone aside. Anyone who can handle a remote recon should be providing air support." Or at the very least, on call for medevac. Epiphany makes a few more notes. A sort of shuffle to notate the recon as a lower priority, as it were. At least in the face of what is coming immediately down the line. When he speaks of trusting her judgement, the Captain's lips pull into a slight line. Just a small one. It's a compliment, but still. She's still reflecting on the nice, comfortable line of promotion and eventual retirement that the Cylons utterly ruined. CAG on a Battlestar was never part of that arrangement. "Yes, sir. No need to add more to your plate if we can help it."

Petra slowly rises to his feet as he nods, "Think of me as your project coordinator. My job is to make sure the boat runs smoothly and we get things done. You need something to do your job well, you let me know, and we'll work on getting it for you. Good to hear, Captain. In that case, I have some Marines to harass. Good luck." He even offers a faint smile at that before nudging his chair back and turning to head back out to the corridor.

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