Mother is a ship that is in an alliance with the Colonial Fleet. Aside from NPCs, all Mother related pages are written in the 'mother' category, meaning the pages all are prefixed with 'mother:'


Mother is a large ship that is all civilian and has joined in an alliance1 with the Colonial Fleet at the Admiralty's invitation while Colonial citizens were/are under martial law. Their leader is the charismatic and eccentric Captain/Master Matthias Errol. While not much is yet known about Mother, there are a few things that are obvious right off. The ship is larger than the Orion, the citizens all live under a sophisticated barter system, and they really like their food and drink. To find out more about Mother, explore the grid and check out some of the pages below! If you're looking for a specific Mother theme page and don't know where it is, check out Mother's Theme Repository page below.

Main Pages

Anatomy — Find out what Mother ship looks like and where things are located spatially

CG — So you want to make a character from Mother…

Culture — A topically organized portal to Mother's theme related pages

NPCs — An index of all Mother NPCs

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Theme Repository — An index for Mother's theme pages

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